Sex with a Married Woman | Miss Luxury, +1 Daygame

35 days. I didn’t think it would take this long. And when I started my daygame streak, I didn’t even intend to have a streak. It was three days. Then five. Then a week, straight – which was a record at the time. Then I was saying, “I’m going to game every day until I get laid.” And a few weeks went by. Dated several girls. A few in my apartment. One in my bed. More days of game on the street. 20 days. Then 30. I met her on day 33. I had her back to my house that night. And again last night. And tonight, on our third date… I fucked her.

35 days.

I was out this afternoon with Sundance (welcome back, man) and the mighty YoungGuns. Sundance had been sick for a week, so it’d been a while since my gang was in full force. And we were chatting. And I talked about last night, which was my second night with this girl — which was hot, and juicy, and rich, and wonderous. And I said it was all because I “double stopped” this girl two days ago.

I don’t double stop often, less than 20 times in almost 5000 approaches. When I did the first half of that stop, and I watched the crowd part around her and me, it was unusually vivid, and it was instantly a solid reference experience for me (who knows why, but I can see it all perfectly, even now). Then the double stop itself was another reference experience. The smoothness of our initial chat in Uniqlo was yet another reference experience. The cooperation between she and I as we negotiated her confession over text that she is married. The first dinner, the first kiss. Then another date yesterday.

I told the guys that I had scrapped together enough new reference experiences to fill a small book with stories. And all because of that double stop… a “second bite at the apple.” That decision turned an ordinary approach into a stash of memories.

As we left off on the first date, she and I had plans to see each other on Monday night (her last night in the city). But…

“If my date finishes early tomorrow, I may try to surprise her and get her out again before Monday. She’s hot. Sexy vibe for her and I. I want to get her little body naked.”
— Nash

I wrote that ^ at the end of my first post about this girl. And I wasn’t over-confident that I would see her again. “Same-day action” with a tourist is typically more likely (in my experience) than trying to date her a day or two after the pickup.

I originally picked up Miss Luxury on Saturday. And then I had a date with a wonderful little Chinese grad student on Sunday afternoon (yesterday). And as I said in that quote above, my plan was to ping Miss Luxury if my date with the grad student ended early…

About 5 PM on Sunday, in the middle of my afternoon date, she pinged me all on her own:

HER: Today weather is so good

See? That ^ is all it takes for a girl to run game. Literally talking about the weather… and then it’s up to us to take over. I can handle that. Girls always have, at best, half a plan… because that’s all they need.

She and I went back and forth about the weather (which was unusually nice, she was right) and then I tried to take a run at setting up another date:

NASH: If you’re free now, let’s get together
NASH: Or make a plan for tomorrow night???

I like giving girls two options ^ to get together.

It’s my favorite way to pitch a date. This structure has me leading, minimizing her work, but I am also giving her multiple options so I don’t set up a “wall” (to use some Yohami terminology) to crash into if she says “no” to the first options and has no other place to go. Two options not only decreases the possibility of hearing “no” due to a schedule conflict, but it also sets up a semi-open frame of “planning,” from which you can bounce to a third option somewhat fluidly… that’s my theory anyway. I like it.

HER: I am having dinner in a Chinese restaurant
HER: Did you eat?
NASH: Not yet
NASH: Is it tasty?
HER: Well
HER: It’s ok
HER: Maybe tmr?

We are mixing food critique and date logistics here ^. I’ll point out the “maybe,” once again. Always maybe. Girls… live in the Land of Maybe.

HER: I am free though

Ahhh, there ^. She gave me a soft “no” for the night, but then opened it up… inviting me to pursue (if I wanted her bad enough). That is a pretty strong “yes” actually. That is a fem-speak (as Pook would say).

HER: [Link to her Chinese restaurant]
HER: I am here
HER: See if you are into Chinese food
NASH: I hear the food is just okay : ]
NASH: How about a drink after dinner??
HER: Hahha ok for Chinese but good for you
HER: Yeah we can grab a drink

She is a little funny here… that little dig at me implying that because I am a dumb American I wouldn’t even notice the Chinese food was so/so. I like it. Funny almost always equals smart… and she is a smart girl. And the smart girl gave me a solid “yes” after all.

NASH: Okay
NASH: [Link to a bar that I knew would be dead-empty and comfortable]
NASH: Maybe 9.
HER: Ok I’ll see you there

She showed up in a much different outfit than the previous day.

High heels with studs on the straps. Loose fitting, high-waisted pants. A logoed t-shirt from a high-end brand. And an equally high-end jacket from a famous designer. As she slipped off her coat, the tattoos I heard about on our first date were in full view. Again, I’m not that into tattoos on girls… but they managed to make her more tempting. They helped bring her look together. She was no longer the “prudish conservative girl” I had first assumed she might be (which is already a look that turns me on). She was now a colder, almost bitchy looking “hot girl” (which is a different type of sexy). Big dollar clothes and rebellious markings… but with a very warm eyes and a mischievous smile.

The “prudish-conservative,” tatted Married woman, with stud-covered heels had come to meet me a second time… and she was into it.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

She is one of the few girls I have dated lately that drinks. We had a drink, sitting side by side on a padded lounge area in the bar. After an hour I was talking about my interest in street art and I said, “come back to my place, I’ll show you.” She gave me another big, knowing look and agreed.

We bounced to my place. She reunited with the cats. I showed her some art and then… I started escalating. Standing in the kitchen again (shout out to Flat Lander… this is just how I do it, man). Making out. I grabbed that tiny-tiny wrist (like Siren, about the size of a golf ball), and led her to my room.

The sheets were fresh, but not for this girl… I changed them for the girl I dated earlier that day (the grad student). I also had the student in my house on this same day, just three hours earlier. I tried to kiss that girl over and over and over and she ran the most flirty defense I have ever seen… it was excruciatingly cute, and so much fun, but she wouldn’t kiss me… and after a while I walked her to the train so she could head home.

It was after walking the student to the train that I returned Miss Luxury’s “nice weather” text… and now… three hours later, Miss Luxury was warmed up and back in my room. I like both of the girls I dated that day, very much, and Miss Luxury is older… but she is also much sexier… more of a “race car” in terms of her sexual psychology.

As we ended our first date the night before, Miss Luxury wouldn’t let me bring her into my room. This time… no problem at all, she walked in smiling and happy to be there. I pushed her back against the white expanse of my bed, rolled her onto her side, and slid a knee between her thighs from behind, physically dominating her. And then…

We had an epic makeout. It was so hot. So deeply “personal.” It was exceptional.

I took her shirt off… and I spread her out like a crucifix across my sheets. I had my big-solid hands pinning her tiny-thin arms to the bed and out to her sides. She was “on the cross.” And I leaned back and stared… for a man like me, she was a vision. Tiny. Naked from the waste up. Helplessly spread across the bed. And she stared at me with an openness that captured my emotions.

This is where I really hooked with this girl. And I did… I really hooked. It was dreamy.

In retrospect… I was probably a little love-starved. I don’t mean sex (but that too), but more so I mean that I hadn’t been this close to a woman in a while. I had had some makeouts, and gotten the consultant naked (two seperate times) in this same bad not that long before…

But Miss Luxury was both physically AND emotionally open to me. Those are separate things… and each of those surrenders can be glorious to command. I’m not trying to make this “hook up” extra significant (it IS a hook up), but in that moment… the openness we had for each other, led to a closeness I hadn’t felt in a while. And it was savory in a full-spectrum way that I think I “needed.”

I sucked at her nipples and bit her neck and dominated her little body. She climbed on top of me, kissed me, biting at my chest.

I tried to undo her pants several times… and she resisted that part. She said she was on her period. I actually asked her if she was really on her period, or if that was just a way to keep me from fucking her? It was a friendly question and she took it that way. I told her I knew that girls sometimes communicated in “mysterious ways.” She smiled and said “I swear.”

Despite her putting the brakes on sex that night, I was quite happy with all this… with the seduction, as it was, even without getting to fuck her. The whole experience was wonderful for me. I was very turned on. But I was also having such an unexpectedly rich time, I was getting that heavy emotional exchange. I felt “taken care of,” in a way. I didn’t feel demanding or impatient or undernourished. Not at all.

We let things cool off. We collected her bag, her coat, her phone… and we sent her off to her hotel once again. As she left, I told her I still wanted to see her “tomorrow” (which would be today)… her last night in the city.

After she left, I went online and booked two seats at the chef’s counter at an exceptional Japanese place. It’s about 40% more expensive than I typically like, but it’s very “authentic Japanese” and in this case… I wanted to “complete the fantasy” for both of us.

I believed her about her period. And there was that little problem of her being married. And I knew she had a somewhat early flight to another city the next day. I wasn’t sure I’d even get her back to my place… but I didn’t care. In this case, I was in full “romance mode,” and I wanted this accent to an otherwise fantastic few days of serendipitous daygame joy and short-term connection.

This morning I pinged her:

NASH: Good morning, Lady
NASH: If you’re available, I’d like to take you to dinner tonight…
HER: Sure

That doesn’t look like much… but it was on.

We met at the restaurant today. It was a cool night and I was surprised to see her in tiny little shorts. I reminded myself she was on her period, but wow… great legs. And I tried to block out that increasingly nagging thought as I imagined what it would be like to get her fully naked… which I still assumed was not going to happen.

Dinner was amazing. We were very comfortable and familiar with each other right away. The makeout the night before was remarkably intimate (not all makeouts are), and it did a lot to bring us closer together. It was easy to notice that closeness as we ate that night. Even without fucking her, she had somehow become a “lover” after that time in my bed the previous night. This last meal together was a seamless, comfortable date… with a lover.

As we finished eating, I said… “so, you have an early flight, and you have to pack, I’m sure… but come back to my place for an hour.” She gave me a beautiful smile. 30% little girl, 40% happy grown woman, and that final 30% was sexy and bad and wanted to fool around as much as I did.

My place. Kissed her a tiny bit and then led her down the hall and dumped her back into the sheets she had been in the night before.

She was perfectly comfortable. She climbed on top of me, and I took her shirt off. Then her bra. Put her nipples back in my mouth. She is very sexy girl. So skinny, but she has some of the best boobs I have ever seen. Not objectively “large,” but full and perfect for her tiny 90 lb frame. A gorgeous girl… in miniature.

She wouldn’t let me take her shorts off. I tried. And despite the mild resistance she offered, her mouth was twisting up in agony as I worked to raise her temperature. She made some foreboding comments about how, “you know, this time, a girl’s period, some girls can be very horny.” That is not what we commonly say, but here she was… selling that idea. That was a big clear sign I had room to go further.

Mr Rivelino is an advocate of PYCO Game (Pull Your Cock Out). That move is not part of my traditional seduction. I like to eat pussy. And then, after “an hour” of that (I really do like to eat pussy for an hour), I get a condom and fuck the girl. But the period thing put that plan on ice… so I undid my belt and she raised no objections. I put her had on my cock and she eagerly touched me… pushing the urgency of the night further toward “no return.”

So then… I was all in. I took off my pants, pushed her back onto the bed, crawled up her chest and stuffed my cock in her mouth. Last year, that was something I had only really done with long term lovers like Siren and the amazing Miss Thick. But in Japan, it became a more standard move. It’s dominant and nasty and hot and it sort of surprises me, but… girls seems very into it. I pinned her wrists down, and let her get me harder and harder until I was close to coming.

Earlier today I had a fantasy of a moment just like this one:

Her sucking my cock. But at the time I assumed I wouldn’t fuck her (period, husband, all that). And I had the insane-but-normal inner dialog of imagining telling my wings that I got a blowjob, but no sex, so “we all know that doesn’t count as a notch.” And I imagined writing a post (similar to this one) where I would talk about getting a blowjob from a married woman, but couldn’t claim to have fucked her… and how the Daygamers’ Notch Lobbying Association had taken my case and was fighting to make this one count.

A little absurd humor ^ in the bureaucracy of seduction community notch-ranking technicalities.

As it was… letting this tiny-hot Chinese girl touch me and suck me took HER over the edge. She was now all in, as well. After she sucked my cock I moved back onto her chest… and I kissed her and rubbed my cock between her perfect tits, and it was obvious she was ready.

So I stood up, told her I was going to get a towel and we were going to “play” with her.

I assumed it would be messy because of the period, but I didn’t care. Last Fall I had invested in some dark colored towels specifically for messy sexual moments. I slipped off her tiny shorts, her underwear came off as well, and there she was… completely naked. I had fantasized about seeing her like this several times. In reality (very much like my day dreams) she was fucking crazy hot naked. Tiny, smooth, perfect skin. The tattoos fit her (and her mood) very well.

I crawled up between her legs and rubbed my cock on her clit and she purred and said “ahh fuck, ahh fuck” over and over.

I put my fingers inside her, and she was very responsive, twisting on my hand. She was especially into me playing with her clit, but this girl seems to like it all very much. She is a passionate, hot girl, with a very sensitive body. She likes me. She was completely turned on… a girl in full bloom.

I was so wrong about this girl being conservative. And I was so right that she was my type.

I walked to that cupboard near my bed, grabbed one of the world’s best condoms… I took one more ride on her face, getting me nice and hard… and then… I fucked her.

+1 daygame.

The sex was excellent. Not epic, but I never expect first time sex to be epic. It’s often too surreal. In this case, definitely so.

It was a short session, as she kept claiming she was about to come. And I was very turned on, and I wouldn’t fuck her for long without pausing or changing position to keep me from popping before I was ready. She wanted to ride me… which is something I don’t usually do (nor especially like). She climbed on top. She moved her tiny hips against mine… grinding her clit into me as she fucked me. She looked me deep in the eyes and said she was coming and I climaxed inside her.

As far as I know… we came together. If that was true, it’s the first time in a long time that that has happened.

Fucking awesome. And not the slightest bit messy, actually.

I’m not entirely sure she was even on her period. I am pretty sure I felt a pad as I felt her up earlier in the night… but who knows. When I took off her shorts, her underwear came off too… there was nothing to see. Not even a spot of blood. And nothing of the smell… not on her breath or anywhere else.

We laid in bed for a few minutes. I held her. She is so small, and so soft, she felt ridiculous in my arms. I was in no hurry. I knew she would want to go home to pack up before she left the next morning. After sharing three nights in a row, she really did have proper lover credentials with me, and I was very into soaking up those last minutes together.

I stood up to walk around the corner into the master bath. I took of the rubber, wrapped it in tissue, and put it in the trash. When I came back to my bed, she was just slipping those thin, prefect legs into those tiny shorts. Then her bright-colored long-sleeve t shirt (cropped at the bottom, so you could see a few precious inches of her flat belly).

She looked like a teenager. I told her so. She called me a pedophile and kissed me. Good stuff.

She grabbed her things and called a car. I walked her out onto the sidewalk in front of my flat… kissed her again, held her, and she was gone.

Thank you, Miss Luxury for an amazing three-day affair. You are delicious, charming, and a very sexy little thing.

And thanks to Yad (oddly enough)… for teaching me that double stop. My game includes much more than that… but without that stop… I would not have had my cock inside a married woman tonight.

“If the Daygame Gods are generous, perhaps I will split her thighs later this week. ”
— Nash

From ^ my first post about her. I did not actually think that was going to happen. I was almost reluctant to write it at the time.

I cannot tell you how many times I have had fantasies of “part II” stories that never come true… quite often (fantasies aside), I never see the girl again. After my second date with this girl, and her mentioning her period, I was actually resigned that this story would end with a rich and romantic few dates, some moderate blue-balls, and a pile of reference experiences to add to my ever-expanding knowledge of the inner workings of girls.

That would have been a win for a man like me. But I was wrong again. The Gods WERE generous. I did manage to split her open and claim the notch.

My heart, more than satisfied. And the Lay Count Notch Hyena was happy as well. Victory all around.

She told me last night, on our second date, as we had our first makeout in my bed:

HER: You’re very good at this

Her eyes were wide and convincing as she gave me the kind of compliment that an aspiring Casanova wants to hear.

HER: You are very good at this… or I wouldn’t be here.

I know my game needs work. I confessed to Flat Lander today in the comments of my last post that I think the final parts of sexually closing a girl is an area where I clearly need to improve (good problem to have). But yet again tonight it all worked out. My balls are empty and the scoreboard shows a +1 for me. And while I know this is an area where I want to grow and improve as a seducer, tonight… I was good enough.

What a beautiful experience.

Viva daygame.