Sex with Another Married Woman | Smart Girl, +1 Daygame

For the second time in two weeks, I claim a notch from a married woman. This is the one I am calling Smart Girl… and I already posted about her, and the circumstances around when I first kissed her. Here is the lay report for this girl. And I hope to have to more to say… as I’m trying to set up an ongoing thing with her (which looks very possible, at this stage).

I like her. She’s a sexy, young little thing. This is a messy position to be in, I realize that. And while I have done it before, I don’t recommend hooking up with married women.

However, a long standing claim of mine about WHY I am interested in game, is to learn how things “really are.” And married women DO fuck other men, and they do so for a host of reasons. I have said many times that I don’t want to be a spectator in this game. I want “skin in the game,” as Taleb would say.

I want to be credible. I want my knowledge to be credible. I want to personally test well-worn assumptions with my heart and my cock. And that means being a “first hander.” I am doing this for the sex. And I am doing this for first-hand knowledge. Because I want to be a man who really knows.

And with that said… I think this is one of the best “seductions” I’ve ever been a part of. By that I mean that while she was a curious girl, she wasn’t a typical “yes” girl. And she and I have a lot of “friction” in terms of our compatibility (compatibility is mostly bullshit… that’s bluepill talk, but I’ll give it some credence here)… in that she is less than half my age… from another country… and married. That’s a reasonably high degree of challenge, by traditional standards.

The Daygame Gods were clearly with me on this one. No Daygamer gets laid without their blessing (all hail the Daygame Gods!). But either in addition to that blessing, or as a result of it, I had some “seducing” to do. Some of that was “convincing” her (aka “showing value”)… getting her over the fence in terms of attraction. And also some work to do in terms of “clarifying the game” and nailing down the logistics to get this (love-) affair started.


As we left off on my last post about this girl… I had her at my house, she had both refused my physical escalation (several times) and even verbally told me she didn’t think she as into me, in terms of physical attraction. We had something like a frame battle that day… and I won.

But perhaps “frame battle” is the “tussle-like” POV… perhaps it wasn’t like that all.

Maybe I “crushed her frame”… or maybe each “test” was a chance for me to show her my sex-worthiness (aka “value”) in a new context. And perhaps I now have enough experience to both SEE those points of view AND to act on them in ways that enhance my appeal. I make no claims to having been born with natural skills with woman, but I do make claims about working harder than most men are willing to work. And I keep racking up reference experiences. And perhaps those reference experiences are starting to pay off.

I think I have won this girl over. I think this story is a good example of “game,” in the sense where “game is turning ‘maybes’ into ‘yeses'” I think this story is culmination of something very much like that.


I said in the previous post that this seduction has given me a chance to practice being “discreet.” Smart Girl is local. She lives with her husband in my city. She is a very young girl, just 23, but she has fooled around to some degree before. Despite that history, her relationship with her husband is “traditional,” they have no agreement about open-access to other people.

I don’t want to fuck up her life by doing anything that would expose this to her husband. I bet her marriage serves her (probably in many ways), and I’d like to help her preserve all that… while she and I have something juicy and ephemeral on the side.

It’s true.

So… we met (via daygame, of course). And then we met again… I insta-dated her the second time I opened her (which we can call the “first date”), took her for a drink. And then we had a proper date (also a drink) another night a week later.

At that point, I knew I had to 1.) Get her alone soon and 2.) Make something physical happen. You don’t get a million dates to kiss a girl (I think you get two… maybe three, max). She is no “child.” She is racy and an “adult pace” was appropriate. And I got all that done. Got her back at my place on our third date, got us alone, got us away from the public eye… and I got my tongue in her mouth.

It was complicated, but it happened. I am proud of my skill in handling those objectives. That was last Sunday.


On Monday, I said hello… and that I wanted to meet again “to say hi.” The point of that was to talk face to face (I’m trying to keep evidence off her phone). I wanted a quick meeting to tell her that I wanted to to cut back on “public dates” with her, as they increase the chance she’ll get caught… and I’d like to be the kind of man that can lead in ways where that doesn’t happen.

There is dangerous and then there is stupid. I’d like to avoid the latter.

We met on Tuesday. I watched her walk up the street toward our meeting spot… and she looked hot. She has nice hips. She isn’t the kind of girl that most guys would lust after, but she checks all my boxes and I am very into her (the fact that she is 22 years younger than me helps).

And as I said in my last post about her… she was vulnerable with me on Sunday. And that “realness” was charming, and it made us genuinely more intimate. So as we saw each other again on Tuesday, I felt an even stronger draw to her.

It was very hard not to touch her. I’m a brazen and proud seducer… I’m not used to this “being careful” or secretive.

As we met, I explained to her that I want to cut back the “public dates,” because I want to help protect her reputation with her husband. And I told her I was going to be less explicit via message as well. She was very warm in this meeting… less “severe” in her smartness, she was softer. Very charming.

As we stood face to face on the sidewalk, not touching, I I told her this:

NASH: If I can find a place for us to meet around here… someplace private… where we can be alone… would you like that?

I said something like that and she looked at me, and she softened again, and she said, “yes.” No challenge. No shit-test. Just the beginnings of our cooperation as lovers… secret lovers.

We wrapped up our mini-date quickly. I told her:

NASH: Okay…
NASH: We’ll talk and I’ll set something up for next week

And then we walked away without so much as a hug.


That “next week” part from that line above is also an element of “good game,” as I see it.

Earlier in my education as a seducer, I might have been too horny, too over eager… I would have rushed it. As it was… I’ve had dates almost everyday for weeks. Lots of girls. So I’m genuinely a little bit “abundant.”

That is not a “strategy” (it doesn’t work that way). My lack of eagerness was a genuine BYPRODUCT of me running so much daygame. I’m doing a lot of work, I am talking to a lot of girls, they are talking back. You can’t fake this stuff. You do the work. And then the “results” tell a story that’s beyond words or technique.

So on Wednesday, she said:

HER: I kinda wanna see you before next week… is that bad?

I love this ^. We all like validation (nod to Sundance), even if that’s only to help her scratch a sexual itch. Win-win, as I see it.

And I like that comment from her even more, as she was cooperating with the seduction. This isn’t a game of me chasing her, her soaking up validation, etc. She is leaning into it. It’s mutual. And while that seems like a requirement for a good thing with a girl (and it is), we have all been in situations like this where we get tooled for chasing something that was never ours. This scenario was more promising than that.

So I responded:

NASH: It is bad…
NASH: But I like it.

I had planned to wait a few days to set up a sex date… but with her leaning in, I was happy to go for the close.

NASH: If I can find a place to meet tmrw afternoon, do you have an hour or so?
HER: Yes tomorrow sounds good

And it was on… or at least it was “on the calendar.”

Felt pretty good, but who knows… girls live in a “land of maybe.” And they never make “contracts” in matters of the heart or the bed. It is always “well see.”

We’ll see… is where I left it yesterday.


Today is Thursday. As I awoke and let the daylight find its way into my eyes, I considered all that I had to do today… and I remembered that, yes… I might have a date with a married woman. And that we might meet at a hotel. And I might fuck her.

I was excited. And a little nervous.


I had actually done this before… the “hotel sex” part. It was with Miss Tease last summer. But in that case… she and I had made out a few times. She had sent me a bunch of nudes via SnapChat. She wasn’t married, but her logistics made it hard to get her alone as well (she lives with strict, Christian parents that won’t let her date), so we did the hotel thing. It was an unusual and very sexy time.

But I didn’t take her quite as seriously as I take Smart Girl.

And I still wasn’t sure if Smart Girl would actually commit, if she’d show up, if she’d let herself be fucked… or even if she properly understood where I was taking this thing between her and me.

Girls “know,” and yet even after all this education I still wonder if they “gets it” in situations like this.

We did some soft confirmations via WeChat. I tried to avoid being too specific via message, but she’s very sharp, and I assumed she understood what I meant. I told her I’d “find us a meeting spot.” And when she asked questions, I told her I wouldn’t know the location until later… Recharge App allows you to rent high-quality hotel rooms by the hour. I had to wait until I was sure she was going to meet me before I booked the room… so this was all “down to the last minute,” in terms of planning. I wasn’t even sure there would be rooms available as the time approached…

There was a lot of uncertainty. And that uncertainty meant I was burning extra emotional calories all day.

She gets off work around the normal time for a girl with a career. So around 4 PM I went downtown. I wanted to check out the hotel in advance, and…

I needed to run an approach or two to keep my daygame streak alive:

So, with everything else in the mix… I still took a new contact today. And I completed day 46 of my daygame streak… I’m not even sharing half the stories from this work. I’ll write about my “daygame everyday” commitment soon, but I have too many good stories right now. It’s been an amazing run of game.


A little before 5:30 I ended up in the lobby of the hotel. And I pinged her:

NASH: What’s your ETA?

My plan was laid out and I was where I needed to be, but I still wasn’t sure she would do it. We have all been flaked on in situations much less complicated than this one, so I wasn’t convinced it would happen…

But she is a bold girl and she replied and said she was on her way. I booked the room. And I walked 15 feet to the front desk, processed my check-in, got my key, and went to the room… it was very nice. I turned the air conditioning up so it would be cool in the room as things heated up.

an affair with a married woman

The key ^ to that room.

And then I messaged her:

NASH: Room #313

And I was pretty damn nervous.

This wasn’t going to be a normal date. No “drink” first (not even a cup of tea). No dinner. No little errand or experience to let us tune into each other. It was a sex date. Only sex. And with a girl I barely knew and had also barely ever touched. With a normal girl on a dinner date, I would have around two hours to tell stories and also to touch her all over and everywhere. That is “bonding time.” This date had none of that.

And as I sat in the room waiting for her to come up… the lack of familiarity was obvious. I was more nervous than I have been for any date in years. It was all rather unusual. And I didn’t have much in the way of reference experiences to prepare me for this kind of meeting.


There was a knock at the door, I opened it, it was her… and she looked great.

She was dressed in all black. She doesn’t wear much makeup, but she was wearing some on her eyes. And her long, beautiful black hair was shiny and inspiring.

I said hello. I really looked into her eyes to start the bonding process. I stood very, very close to her… because my strategy was to let the physicality of the sex cut through my nerves and “bring me down to earth.” I may not have a lot of experience fucking young married girls in hotel rooms from a dead-start, but I do have a lot of experience fucking girls. I wanted to rely on the part I knew best… and to build from there.

We moved across the spotless room together. I pulled her body to me slowly, held her close and in a moment that was almost (but not quite) “calm” I told her I was… nervous. She said she could tell. And she smiled, in a slightly muted version of her usual confident, whip-smart kind of way.

I said this to her so I could be authentic. I was calling out an elephant in the room, but I was also being real in real moment. When I am authentic she can trust me… and I can trust myself.

I recapped our meetup from Tuesday. And I told her how hard it was not to touch her. She said she was surprised and impressed I was able to play it so cool. I stepped in again to lay my hands on her as I said all this, and her arms came up over my shoulders. She was warm and affectionate. We drew each other in close. We kissed. And it was underway.

I was still not “in my body” yet. But I knew what to do next.

I put her on the bed. Kissed her some. And then started undressing her. The carnal qualities of her body were just what I needed to begin to feel grounded. And soon I had her naked. And I was kissing her again. Feeling her warm, soft, creamy skin. Tasting her mouth. And I could feel the sex starting to take hold of me… making everything more “real.” And her smell… that pheromone smell I love… was now in the air. And that also helped bring my attention from my nerves, and my head, down through my body, and into my guts and my cock.

She was playful and confident. As I underdressed her for the first time, she was perhaps the most confident girl I’ve ever seen in this part of a seduction.

Yohami called her an “alpha chick.” I think that is an apt description. She is young… but she has plenty of power.

And then… I told her I was about to do “what I love to do.”

On our second date I told her that I love to eat pussy… and I assumed she remembered. So I slid down her body… and again the smell of her sex, that warm musk of her pussy, also helped bring me deeper into the scene. I was almost myself by now.

I hadn’t eaten any pussy in weeks… and she was creamy and wet and delicious. When I fucked the other married girl last week, she was on her period (if only barely), so I used my hands a bit, and then fucked her. With Smart Girl… I had a chance to really taste her. To take my time between her thighs, in the privacy of our rented room. And I love to do that. I’d been fantasizing about having my mouth on her all day.

And I looked up at her, from her between the softness of those thighs… and she was often looking back. She would occasionally smile, which is charming, but not the sexiest vibe. And then she would moan as I’d “strike gold” in her most pleasurable places. I don’t know if she came… but she was shaking when I was done. And I was happy. And I was proud.

I was still fully clothed… so I got naked. And I told her to suck my cock. And I wasn’t hard… I rarely am (at first) when I don’t know the girl well. She commented on it. She wasn’t mean, but I can see how another man would be bothered, by both his limp cock and the girl’s comments. In my case… I am 45. I know I’m not a teenager. And despite my confession that this date made me nervous… I’m not at all insecure about my cock or being hard or anything in this realm. It’s been a beautiful part of getting more action that I have almost completely relaxed in these moments.

I did my new favorite trick of climbing up on her chest and stuffing my cock in her mouth. And it was as magical as it sounds and I was hard at once. And I told her I was ready to fuck her… the condoms were on the nightstand… I leaned over to reach for one…

And she said “no.”

I was very surprised. We had had zero LMR up to this point, and now… it looked like I wouldn’t fuck her. She reminded me that she had told me that she has fooled around with several guys, but only fucked one man (her husband). She said, “I don’t think I want to do that today.” She seemed clear and confident about it. I backed up a little.

I talked about “trust.” I smiled and told her that she should fuck me… but that of course, she had a choice. I told her I want her and I to be good lovers to each other, and that that means we give each other pleasure. It was a cute little speech. And I believe all that.

But I also told her that I wanted to establish this affair as something that would happen again. I told her I was more interested in seeing her again than in pushing her too far this particular time.

In case it’s not obvious, my nervousness was long gone at this point. I was saying and doing some things I’ve never done… but I was in a space where I could let what mastery I have flow forth. And I was handling her well. She was having a great time. And she was listening to me, letting me lead her… which is not easy with this one… she’s bossy and powerful, when she wants to be.

I have really learned from Yohami that we “don’t push through resistance.” This was my major takeaway from my weeks in Japan (and that lesson alone was likely worth the challenge of that entire trip). All that practice focusing on getting her and I more aroused… instead of trying to “shove and coerce.” Those were great lessons and I am a better man now that I know them.

In this case… I made her suck my cock some more. And I got between her legs and rubbed my cock on her clit. I even put on a condom… but she was still a “no.”

I backed up… and ate her glistening little pussy one more time. More wonderful noises from her. Even more shaking as I pushed her deeper into pleasure. Her belly was a little moist with a thin layer of sweat as I finished. And I worked my fingers inside her tight little box… gently, slowly, just getting to know her body. Letting her body get to know me.

And I was hard by now, so I rubbed on her clit again. I put on another condom. She was still telling me “no.” But that grinding on her clit was getting to her… and I let my cock dip lower and lower between her thighs… and her eyes were closing now with the intensity of it all… and then… I was inside her.

I watched her eyes… and they were a mix of shock and something that looked emotional. I really didn’t know if I had broken her trust. Or if she was suddenly feeling some regrets at having crossed this line. I didn’t know.

I assume I should not believe that she has only fucked one other guy… but as usual, I do believe it. Yohami will laugh (and he’s right to laugh), but it was the look in her eyes on my couch last Sunday that made that comment real for me.

It is not easy to get this girl into a position of vulnerability… but she was very raw and available after I lectured her on how she was (and was not) allowed to talk to me that day a week before. And she seemed real, and younger, and much softer in those moments… and softer still that afternoon as she told me she has only had one cock inside her.

And she was vulnerable in this moment.

I hadn’t gotten that “second pump” to hit the comically-specific standard of what counts as lay (The “Two Strokes” Rule)… but I stopped and looked at her. She and I have brilliant eye contact, it’s one of the things I love about her. And I stopped, and poured it on… and she gave it back, in a soft-slow way. I still wasn’t sure, but I pushed the rest of the way into her.

+1 daygame.

I fucked her slowly for a while. When I paused the first time, she asked if I had come, but I had not. I moved her around a bit. Fucking her softly and taking her through a couple of positions. I asked if she was ready, and she said she was… and she looked me dead in the eyes as I thrust into her soft body and came inside her.

It was hot. It was beautiful.

Then we lay around together. And it was very easy to be with her post-sex… and that is not always true. At this point, it was as if we’d done this several times. We chatted, and I stared into her eyes and stroked that long, beautiful hair back against her head. And my cock grew soft, still wrapped in the one of the world’s best condoms.

It was time to go.


As she was getting dressed, she sort of ordered me to hand her her pants. I say this to help fill in more of the qualities of her psychology. I felt the lack of softness (and respect), and I gave her a serious look and I said “say ‘please.'” And she got it right away. She gave me her ‘please,’ as I asked. And I softened, and I said, “it’s my pleasure, beautiful,” rewarding her for understand what I wanted from her in that moment.

She is a challenging girl. It’s a challenging situation. But I like her.

And it was a great time.


Last time I fucked in a Recharge situation, I remember the surreal feeling afterwards:

“I walked around in an amused daze. I felt like a serial killer. I looked normal on the outside. Walking along the sidewalk like anyone else. Only I had had a very unusual sex-capade with very young girl only minutes before. That’s not impossible, but I knew it wasn’t ‘normal.’ It was rare and wonderful.”
— Nash, from my post about Miss Tease

That’s ^ right. I felt like a “killer” that time. It was high energy, almost hyper… uncomfortably so.

This time I felt very different. I think being so nervous really drained me in a way I couldn’t feel completely until it was over.

I took myself to dinner and had a beer. I was daydreaming at my table, and my food was getting cold as I sipped my beer and did my own particular version of a “thousand yard stare.” I had to force myself to focus enough to eat and I posted this to twitter:

I had some work to do for a client, or I would have had several drinks to numb me back down to the normal vibrations of a less emotionally volatile day. Instead, I grabbed a cup of coffee (which I never drink), and walked home from the restaurant to try to spend and release some of the post-sex energy and thoughts from the experience.


This Saturday, I guy I barely know and I will meet up in real life to talk about game. He found me via this blog, and a few weeks ago, we had a call to talk about his game and some practical steps for him to move forward into a fruitful daygame practice.

As we were trading emails about logistics for Saturday, I said:

NASH: In other news… +1 again tonight. I haven’t posted about her yet, but you’re among the first to know.
NASH: It’s another interesting adventure, and I’m surprised again and again by all this. Some parts, are becoming routine and predictable. Other parts, endlessly new.
NASH: This is a great “game.” It’s rich, and fascinating.

True. True.

Another amazing adventure… one that started with approaching a girl on the street.

I love this game, so much. And I am so interested in these girls, in their bodies, in my reaction to them (which is also a never ending surprise), and in their motivations for why they do what they do with me.

Fascinating, indeed.

This is complicated and ill-advised… but I like her. I hope I see her again.

It was a great experience.

Viva daygame.