Sex With The Siren.

We had sex last night. The sex, and the night, were remarkable. This girl is amazing.

I posted about her a few times now. How we met, and then met again. Our first date. Our second date was Tuesday, I didn’t write about it…. here are some notes.

I messaged her Monday (two days after our first date):

NASH: Beautiful.
NASH: I want to hear your voice.
NASH: I have some time tmrw night…
NASH: If you need more time, pick Friday or Saturday night.
NASH: I already have ideas for us.
HER: All right~, I have dinner with my friends on Friday, and have a little travel…
HER: Let’s meet tomorrow~

Hmmm, cool. I really didn’t expect her to pick Tuesday. But as I am spinning several plates this week (6 dates in 5 days, 7 for the week), and she is my top choice in terms of girls, by far, so I wanted give her a chance to fit into my week. Get that blocked out. Spinning plates means lots of options… but it also means you have very few spots for girls you like, or new girls that come along. The scheduling takes work. She was top priority.

For the second date, I had her come to my house, with the plan to take a drive across the bridge to one of my favorite places, where the food is simple, but special and delicious and I have great social proof there. The idea was to get her back to my place after for “cats and cheesecake.”

I picked this date because “quiet” is her thing. She has a quiet voice (unless she is talking about art/music, then she heats up). She doesn’t like loud places or people. The car ride would be quiet and beautiful. The restaurant is small and quiet, we could sit side by side. We did. I touched her a lot. She ate so slow… the owner closed up, and left us with the cleaning crew so we could finish on our own – he likes me.

I said this on my notes in the comments from the last date:

I am also doubling-down on “silence” when we’re together. It’s working awesome. She’ll comment… and I’ll just stare, and not saying anything. And she lights up. Or I’ll make a point, she’ll stare, and we’ll both go quiet for 2 minutes. She loves it.
— Nash

As we drove back to the city, I said, “we have a decision to make… I can 1. Take you home, or 2. Bring you back to my place for desert.” She looked at me with her deep softness, and said, it was late… full of emotion and grace, like always.

As we drove to her apartment, we danced around the logistics for her and I.

She just finished her term at art school, and is going on a trip, including back to China for a few weeks. I am leaving for Japan for 5 weeks after the new year, while she is gone. I wanted more of her before we both split town.

I confirmed her plans to leave. Over dinner she told me that Saturday was actually an open night now (I don’t think she was hinting at me), so I brought that up, told her we don’t have much time until we both leave, and I wanted to see her on Saturday. She said, “I don’t know.” I said, “You know how offers work,” (which is callback to the pickup), and that if she wants that time, she should let me know. She stared.

I drove her to her place, parked out front of her building, and said “come here,” leaned over and kissed her. Small kiss, I almost assumed she was resisting… but she was not, just surprised. I kissed her again, also small, but she was taking it. One more time, slower, but still a simple, light kiss.

I leaned back and smiled. And she said, “Oh… my god.” A long pause, and then, “I didn’t think this would happen…” And she pulled her hand to her chest and her mind went “outer worldly” (credit: Yohami) again. She looked at me as I stared at her and said, “are you alright?,” and I said “I’m great,” and stared back at her with confidence. And her eyes got bigger and she smiled, and melted a bit, and climbed out.

I love this girl. What a spell she has on me.

The day after we texted a few niceties and then:

NASH: Do you remember my last offer?
HER: Yes lol
NASH: Okay, good. : ]

I left it there.

The week went by. She had a holiday party at her exboyfriends on Friday. Saturday AM I sent her a picture of my cats putting on the mornings “cute show.” (I sent that same pic/comment to four girls I’m dating).

HER: Oh~
HER: I like them!
NASH: If I didn’t have plans, I’d invite you over now

I did have plans… a date with Miss Sincere for lunch. So I went on:

NASH: Speaking of offers…
NASH: What if I told you I had a reservation for dinner tonight?

I like dinner with dates. I made that reservation early in the week, so I’d have it in case she was available. I could always cancel…

HER: I am glad to meet you tonight…

Did I play that right? It worked, but if I hadn’t contacted her, would she have spoken up? I don’t know. There is a fine line between chasing and leading.

She shows up, right on time… she was dropped off down the street a bit, and I could see her silhouette in the dark… that’s her. She is skinny-hot. Amazing body. Long legs and she moves in this uniquely charming way. Her dark hair tossing around as she moves.

She came in and met the cats… they were amazing. She was treating them like they are made of glass. I treat them like little brothers, toss them around, chase them, clap at them… they love it. They are close to dog-like, which is the only kind of cat I would want. They are great cats… and clearly great for comfort with the Asian girls.

I didn’t kiss her. I wanted to. I should have.

Dinner, was long, and slow, and charming. Great place. We had to sit across from each other, which became a topic of conversation as I kept saying I didn’t like the table as I couldn’t touch her and she would use that to tease me a bit. She would reach across the table and hold my hand. A couple times I stopped her, mid-sentence and told her I would kiss her right now if the table wasn’t there. She would go deep and dreamed-out each time. It was on.

I offered desert (cheesecake trap was set) and cats. She said, a bit reluctantly, “I like talking with you…,” dripping with emotion. I said “I have some non-caffeine tea” and she was a full yes and we left.

It was the coldest night of the year. My heat was on, but we were cold from the short trip from the car to my door. I sat her on the table, wrapped a blanket around her, and made us tea. We sat next to each other, feet on the bench seat, cats swirling around us, holding warm cups of tea, and I kissed her…

She almost collapsed. She was this unbelievably sexy version of helpless… something like that. She was moaning. Two more kisses and I said, “come on.”

I wrapped my arms around her, kept telling her “you’re alright,” as we slowly walked down the long hallway to my bedroom. I almost carried her. It was like she might faint.

I laid her down, and switched to a very physical, but kind of goofy vibe. She looked overwhelmed. Like she might break. I played with her, straddling her hips, pinching them between my thighs, and I rocked her back and forth, laughing at her, kissing her playfully, running my hands over her body, telling her we were going to have “highschool” sex and she laughed and started to relax.

She told me again, “you make me nervous.” I said, “good.” She smiled.

Meanwhile… my cold was kind of raging. I got thru dates the previous two days when I was worse (with girls I liked much less), but I was still pretty sick. It was the last day of the worst of it, but it was very hard to breathe. I noticed it was hard to get aggressive when you’re struggling for air. I told her so. But she was loving it. I was kissing her, touching her over/under her clothes, pulled up her shirt and sucked her hip bones. She was telling me she was “very excited.”

I didn’t think I was going to fuck her. I knew I “could,” but I felt terrible and I didn’t want to make it a chore. Some small part of me wanted the “notch,” but I knew I could have her at this point… if not now, maybe in the morning, or another day. She was closed.

At one point, I pulled her onto me, she was still fully clothed. I reached down, undid her pants, then reached around from behind and put my hand on her ass… or tried to. She has a lovely, but tiny little ass, very low-cut velvet pants, and I reached right past it, and found my hand in the most soaking panties I’d ever felt. She moaned as my fingers hit her wet spot. It was time to get busy, sick or not.

I took her clothes off, very slowly. She was exactly as I imagined… but better. Very small boobs, thin long limbs, hairless, except for her pussy — I loved that.

I love that many girls from Asia don’t shave their pussies. On an white girl, I’d want her well-trimmed at least, but on an almost hairless Asian girl, I think all that is sexy, just as it is. I really love it. I ate her pussy and played with her, fighting for air here/there because of the cold, but she loved it. Getting after her ass a bit as well.

I’ll stop here and say that I did pedestalize this girl. I even called myself out on my first post about her.

Yohami was asking why I didn’t try to isolate her on our first date… why I didn’t go more sexual… and the answer is, I was pedestalizing her. That is true. As if she was too “high end.” She is high-end, but of course that has nothing to do with sex drive. This girl was very ready. That’s why I went down on her, even though I didn’t think I was going to fuck her that night.

She decides to sleep over, and I shut off the lights in the house, and get naked and we sleep wrapped up together — me coughing uncomfortably from time to time.

But… it has long been true that my body “gets into it” as I actually sleep next to a girl. My mind shuts off, and my body can “think” clearly.

As we woke up briefly in the middle of the night, I was super hard, and I put her hand on my cock and put my hand between her long, milky legs. It was time. I knew this was going to happen. I teased her a bit more (and very nearly came, pre-come everywhere), got up, put on the world’s best condom, and slide inside her.

Wow. She is a very hot girl. Delicious.

I have been linking from this blog to this guy’s Tumblr porn… This guy “Paul” and similar Tumblr sites helped convert me to Chinese girls. I have always loved Japanese and Korean girls, but China was too “different” in some way. Not “Western” like Korea and Japan. But the girls in Paul’s photos, those bodies, taught me a real lust for Chinese women. This one.. The Siren… met all those expectations. She, is one of those girls, in terms of the perfect body.

To be with a girl of this quality — as I wandered the streets out hunting — has been a goal of mine, for months. Miss NYC is a racecar, but I didn’t fuck her. Firecracker is very close, delicious, but not quite the same quality. The Siren is exactly what I wanted.

As she went to the bathroom at one point, I encouraged her, telling her I wanted to see her walk across the room naked. Wow. And when she got back… I made her stop, in the cold room, on the hardwood floors, and do a 360 for me so I could see her top to bottom. 2-3 inch thigh gap between those legs, wonderful hourglass shape, translucent white skin, dark nipples, long black hair rolling off her shoulders, lips reddened from the kissing… a goddamn vision of Asian beauty.

We slept in. Cats waking us up, as they wanted their breakfast.

Last night at dinner she told me I am the first boy she has ever talked to on the street (she has had some bad experiences from other men). She also told me she is the first boy she has ever “texted first” (she is talking about how I told her via email to text me, and say “I’d love to” for our first date, which she did). I believe her.

She is the harp player. The film composer. I still feel something like “danger” around her. I’ve told her I can feel her magic. She makes me want to say “I love you,” even though I know that’s absurd. I felt that so much last night.

I offered to get us tea and bagels. Her face narrowed. She said she wasn’t expecting all this. That she had to go home, “think about it all.” She stoked my face, and slept a bit more.

Eventually, I said, “Okay… I want to be the man that pins your down, that kisses you, that fucks you… but I also want you to be free.” And she smiled and nodded. “Freedom” is one her trance words. I made her get up. I helped her dress and walked her downstairs.

It’s like a “dream,” she said. It has been “like a dream for me” since the first moment I laid eyes on her. Wow.

Viva daygame.