SH: Long Game and Miss Bangs, +1 Shanghai

I am wrapping up the first week of my trip to daygame in Shanghai, China. I have hit the streets. I have talked to a lot of beautiful Chinese girls. I have taken a bunch of numbers. I scored a grotty nightgame lay (which was a surprise, but it happened). And now a daygame lay… but I didn’t meet her on this trip and she isn’t a “new” girl. She is +1 for daygame, but she’s a long lead… a girl I met, and dated (but never closed) back in my home city in April of this year.

The weekend was another great experience in the Days of Game. And another chapter in my exploration of the minds and bodies of these many lovely girls.

We’ll call this one Miss Bangs.

When I got back from Japan this year, I took a break for a week or two, then I started a 60-day streak where I hit the streets to daygame every day. At first, I was going to do 30 days… or until I got laid… whatever happened first. I didn’t get laid until I was 35 days into that experiment (she was also a Chinese girl)… and once I’d hit 35 days, I wanted to see how long I could keep up my “daygame streak.”

Once I’d gotten through that first 30+ days, my “luck” improved. I fucked three other girls in the next month, all from that streak. My affair with Smart girl was part of that bounty. As was my very patient close of Miss Slow. And then… a delayed close with The Assistant.

Along with the lays from that cluster of activity, I’d had (of course) several other dates and (a couple of near misses).

One of my favorite near misses was Miss Bangs.

At first I thought she might be Japanese.

At about 5’3″, she is not short, but she was somehow tiny. Very petite, with surprising curves. And her legs (wrapped in tight, stretchy fabric) were extraordinary. She had a huge smile on her face as I passed her (and that alone would have been enough to get me to approach). And her hair…

She has perfect hair. It’s thick as an oil slick and twice as shiny. Not super long, but it passes into the length that starts to register as “special,” and certainly feminine. So healthy. And the impact of the long, vertical strands are aided by the abrupt crop of her bangs above her pretty eyes.

She is near 30 years old… not a teenager, but her own kind of stunning. For me, she is high 7. And if I had met her 10 years ago, I bet I would have been looking at a solid 8.

I have been with her all weekend. And while we are a conspicuous couple (a lovely Chinese girl with a older American man) and have attracted a lot of attention… all on her own she gets checked out a lot. By guys and girls.

She was hot, and with a mix of intimidation and sexual excitement, I stopped the pretty girl from China.

While the dazzling smile that had first caught my eye persisted, the first thing I noticed about her was the playful tilt of her head and the sparkle in her eye. She liked being picked up.

We had a pleasant chat. And I remember having that feeling of being perhaps a little bit “lucky” that I was in the company of such a high-quality woman. Not “lucky” in the sense that I put her on a pedestal (and myself, beneath her). But “lucky” in the sense of gratitude. Like the way you feel “lucky” when the weather is especially beautiful.

I took her contact details.

And perhaps the next day… I took her on my classic museum date. We strolled through the space of white walls and modern masterpieces. We chatted. The art was inspiring, but the venue was an excuse to enjoy each other’s company for a while.

When the museum closed at 5 PM, I took her to my neighborhood for tea. We collected our warm beverages. And then I walked her around the corner to my place. We said hello to my little beasts. It was in my kitchen (as always) that I kissed her for the first time… and she took it. And I wondered then if I should try to get her clothes off (which is something I dearly wanted to do), or take her to dinner, and bring her back afterwards for another makeout and perhaps more.

To act immediately? Or to relax and let it unfold?

I took her across the bridge to one of the places I always take dates. And then…

She was oddly quiet on the way back to my place. Her English isn’t perfect, but we had been chatting fine. Suddenly, as we rode in my truck back to my place, I had to put more energy into the conversation to keep it flowing.

When we arrived back at my apartment… she still had that odd “uptight” quality. I didn’t know what to make of it. (While I assumed she knew I was going to try to fuck her, I wasn’t at all over-eager.) She was speaking more quickly and there was none of the romantic languor there might be in a situation like this one.

She asked if we could “look at pictures.” I laughed. I knew it was an attempt to slow (or neutralize) the seduction. But I was okay with that. I showed her some photos. We chatted. I was sitting close to her and touching her often, and in a familiar way. And after a bit we were standing up… and as that is a great position to kiss a girl, I went in again and she took it with warmth.

I felt her getting more and more heated up, more and more into it, the resistance was gone and she was showing me passion. It felt on. And then… she stopped.

And she looked at me in an adoring way. And she told me how happy she was. And I believed her. It was great, but there was something a bit out of place. She smiled, gave me a big enthusiastic hug, and said she had to go.

What? Really?

I questioned her briefly and the smile never left her face. It was this incongruent combination of genuinely having an exciting and romantic time, mixed with verbals that said she would leave. I said, “are you sure?” I wasn’t at all upset, but I was confused. She gave me an award-winning smile and said yes, she was going to go. Incongruently happy, but determined to leave. I told her that was fine. I could send her home in a car… but “what I really wanted to do is take you down the hall and ‘kiss you all over.'”

I told her she was welcome to spend the night. And she loved all this, but cheerfully and energetically gave me the warmest rejection of my life.

I sent her home. After she was gone, I had no wisdom that could help me make sense of it. So I had a beer. I laughed. I chalked it up to another odd moment in “the adventures of a daygamer.”

NASH: I can still taste your mouth on my lips
NASH: You are delicious
HER: you are gentle
HER: and attentive to me

We sent these messages after she left that night. I laugh about them here, as this in not the kind of thing a man usually shows other men when he wants to brag. But I think knowing that this is how she and I left things helps explain the rest of the story.

We exchanged several more messages as she finished her tour of the US, including this one:

HER: hi beast, I do not know why that I start to miss you
HER: hope someday we can have vacation only us

And she sent me this ^ Beauty and the Beast image via WeChat. That is a perfect frame for seduction, in my view. And it would become a theme for us, but I didn’t know it then.

I assumed my brief romance with her – like so many nights with lovely tourist girls – was over. Like a shooting star. Remarkable. Memorable. But as random as it was wonderful. And…gone in a flash.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

She returned to China, and the messages from her continued.

What a great ^ line. Wow.

This came out of nowhere that day in August. Of course it made my day… particularly as it happened to land in my life in the middle of a Summer Famine.

And then, a week later:

HER: hi,beast how are you?
HER: i really hope can be together with you?.
HER: Do you wish to see me again in your city or somewhere?
HER: i miss you so much after i back to China
HER: as i know you are really a nice guy and who has interesting soul
HER: You are a surprise to me,as sometimes some strangers will try to talk to me and i will say “i am just a visitor ”politely then a smile conversation over
HER: but you are different
HER: The night together with you,i am happy you tell me much interesting things
HER: drive me through the bridge,take me to delicious indian dinner but you eat little?
HER: and you are so humours and so care about me
HER: while i am also a little frightened and in period by coincidence?
HER: by now,i can tell that you are good enough
HER: i wish more time together with you.

That ^ came mostly out of the blue after I posted some travel pics on WeChat (it has a social media function, a bit like Facebook).

And “good enough.” That makes me laugh. I take that is a real compliment… filtered through imperfect English.

But notice this:

HER: while i am also a little frightened and in period by coincidence?

That ^ explains the end of our first date.

She was a yes girl (or at least fully seduced). Seemingly “yes” to sex, even if she was “a little frightened.” But it was the anticipation of me potentially trying to fuck her while she was on her period that made the drive home so awkward. It explains why I had her so happy that night, but she took off anyway.

Sometimes you wonder forever what a girl was thinking in a particular situation. Other times… with a message like the one above… she tells you everything you need to know.

Meanwhile, I had been planning this trip to Shanghai… to explore… and to try my game in a place even more “unknown” than Japan. And I had been practicing Mandarin. And I booked my flight and an AirBnB apartment. And then, with travel arranged, I secured my Visa.

Just as I had these travel aspects completed, she sent me this:

HER: Today i talked you to my best friend that the nice guy i met in America and i feel happy when i thinking about you
HER I wish to see you in October (the begining of October we have several days holiday)
HER: if you are not in China then (from tianjin to shanghai about 5 hours by fast train),i can go to your city to see you-my love beast❤️

Over the last few months, she has sent me notes like this (always initiating) about once every week or so. I wake up on those mornings and they are the first thing I see on my phone (as her day is ahead of mine, due to time zones). So cute, and nothing needy about this girl’s vibe at all. This flavor of “openhearted” romance… was so unguarded… so charming.

At this point she had mentioned seeing me again several times. While I took it mostly as playful fantasy (for both of us), I was beginning to seriously consider it.

I would be in her country. She doesn’t live in Shanghai, she lives in Tianjin (700 miles away). But as she messaged me all summer, the possibility of having her join me in Shanghai sounded better and better.

NASH: When my trip gets closer, let’s talk about flying you to Shanghai…
NASH: Maybe the train takes too long. We can fly you in for a weekend maybe???

Other than when I molested her in my apartment a bit on our first date, we hadn’t been explicitly sexual. Did she know what she was in for?

I don’t like the idea of visiting a girl for sex… not unless it is super on, preferably when you’ve already fucked her and more sex is explicit. This relationship hadn’t met that standard. Without being overly crude, I wanted to make my sexual intent clear and out in the open.

This wasn’t a “transaction.” It wasn’t as if I was “paying for her to come to Shanghai” and she was agreeing to fuck me as a consequence. I assumed the passion was mutual. But I wanted to hear her say it.

NASH: That is IF… You’re not afraid to stay with a DANGEROUS MAN!!

I figured that ^ would do it. And it did:

HER: i miss this DANGEROUS MAN so much,strongly wish to stay with him

Okay. That’s pretty clear.

Here is some of what was on my mind as I coordinated with her to book the trip:

This ^ was my rationale as I weighed the plan.

I loved the vibe with this girl, but this is a complicated thing… hosting a girl you don’t know very well for a weekend, trying to fuck her, and to manage the emotions (hers and your own) over several days.

Was this a good idea?

And if I, as a man, want to assume responsibility for everything that happens in my life… was I up to this challenge? Could I lead her all weekend? Could I pull it off in a city I barely knew?

HER: When you arrived I wish to be your side in a second
HER: I miss this DANGEROUS MAN so much, strongly wish to stay with him
NASH: First I have to get settled and learn my neighborhood
NASH: Then…
NASH: The Beauty can arrive, and I can take care of us.

Me ^… coaching myself.

HER: Yeah, you will be a good learner to adapt to life in China

Her… supporting her man. So feminine. That is perfect.

HER: miss your holding , touching and kiss , and I am ready for your eating?
NASH: Ahhh! Haha
NASH: I think you are ready
HER: sure!

Looking good.

When she arrived she looked… amazing.

I’m on “no fap” on this trip, but I had just gotten off inside the nightgame ONS two nights earlier. I was not pent up, but I was feeling good. I had been working out. I was sexually charged. And she had been sending me tame (but enticing) pics of her (from the shoulder up), as she laid in bed in her “sleeping dress.”

The night before she arrived, I dreamt of her, hard as marble all night in anticipation.

As she arrived, I brought her into my place. We dropped off her bag and I kissed her. Then I took her out of the place immediately… to take a walk, and catch up, and connect a bit. We sipped Chinese fruit drinks. The vibe was good. And she wanted to hold my hand.

After our walk I took her home. I pulled her into the bedroom… and we made out for an hour or two. This was all purposeful.

I wanted to fuck her, but I was in no hurry. I knew I could do it at any time, she would follow my lead, but I also knew I had all weekend. We rolled around together on my rented bed. Talking. Kissing. My hands were all over her, but I kept her clothes on… I told her I would fuck her after dinner. And she smiled.

We had a delicious Japanese dinner that night. The place was so close to my house that we could walk to and from. She doesn’t really drink at all, so she sipped half a glass of plum wine through the meal. I had a whiskey. The food… was extraordinary. Great experience.

When we got home… she wanted to shower. In my experience, girls in Asia always take a shower before bed… and she did. She didn’t want to shower with me, and I laughed at her about that. And she emerged from the bathroom in a long, somewhat conservative nightgown. She looked beautiful. I walked her into the bedroom.

The mood was anticipatory, but light. I was happy. So was she. I asked if she was nervous and she said no, and I believe her. And after a whole afternoon of making out, we were super comfortable together. We made out some more, the tension built. I got that dress off right away… I started to enjoy her body.

While everything about this girl is explicitly “natural” (that is a theme in her life), she shaves her pussy. Which was a surprise. I know most guys would prefer that, but I am happy with Asian girls in their “natural state.”

After I ate that recently shaved pussy (which I love to do), and listened to the soft noises she made as she squirmed beneath my face, I got up and grabbed one of the world’s best condoms

As I went to put my cock inside her… it was a bit of a challenge. I am not a super big guy, but trying to fuck this girl gave me the experience of having a bigger cock than I actually have. And she showed some alert as she lay on her back, and as I, on my knees, went to split her open. And she put her hands on my arms and told me “go slow” (which was the only way I could go). And it took about 5 minutes to slowly work myself in… a bit at a time… her pretty face showing some alarm with each additional bit of depth… kissing her… pausing to let her breathe… until…

+1 daygame.

My first notch from a long lead. A delicious girl. And the sex was… extraordinary.

I can’t be certain why she likes me as much as she does.

I have a decent sized ego. I have earned my experience as a seducer and I know what I am doing at this stage of my game. I know I took particularly good care of this girl and I gave her a solid performance as a man… not only sexually, but in general… from the pickup… to that first date… to the long-distance romance via WeChat messages… to the moment I came inside her.

But she is unique in that she “reaches back” at me. She doesn’t lead, but she plays her role as the other half of our momentum. She is so feminine. So charming. And so much a co-conspirator in the seduction. It’s not that she is “nasty” about it (which I also like, but that is not really her). It is that openhearted quality in her. And she wanted this as much as I did.

We fucked slow. And we stared into each other’s eyes. And I pinned her arms over her head. And I matched my breathing to hers, and my thrusts to our breath.

And she is so off-the-scale tight that it’s not easy to pound into her… but we did some of that. And mostly focused on going deep.. physically, yes, but even more so emotionally. And her mouth would pop open as I went as deep as I could. And after several rounds of this… building toward my orgasm… than backing off… kissing… more deep thrusting… backing off… after 20 minutes or so… as connected with our eyes as we were with our bodies… I came inside her.

“We should see VIRTUOUS DESIRE.. as a process, in which each party brings… the other to the surface of his body, so as to unite with him there.”
— Roger Scruton

We had most definitely “united” and it was marvelous. Not the most hard core sex of my life, but certainly some of the best “first time” sex I have ever had.

That two hours before dinner… where I intentionally didn’t fuck her… was such a good idea. That was maybe my biggest reference experience of this seduction. That intentionally drawn out pre-sexual orientation. Learning more about each others bodies. About the pace in which we would meet. That was the basis for the “emotionally rich sex.”

This “connection sex” (what Deida might call “sexual yoga”) is the most exciting part of game for me right now. It was why Miss Thick and I were such an epic “thing.” And it was part of what made my time with the Japanese Mormon Virgin so unforgettable (the way I handled her when she freaked out when I tried to fuck her in the middle of the night). And then again when I used connection to patiently “open” Miss Slow the first time I got my cock inside her. And it was this same “connection” that made my last time with Smart Girl so “deep” and naggingly powerful (she has been on my mind this whole trip).

I am still into notches (very much so). And I like the surface/physical part of sex very much. And I have no judgment for anyone here (ONS, pump and dump, it’s all valid)… but this “connected sex” is increasingly a primary goal of my efforts in game.

Sex. Yes. With multiple girls per year.

But along with the other parts I am trying to master… I very much want to master this “soul fuck” thing, the deep eye contact, the connection.

Miss Bangs gave me all that… our very first time. Amazing.

We slept very close all night… better, and more intimate than I could have expected. And then had coffee. And I took her to lunch. And we took Shanghai trains to Shanhai places. And bummed around.

In the afternoon… I took her home. I wanted her. And I wasn’t sure if I would fuck her before or after dinner. She is not aggressive at all, and it would be whenever I wanted. She is bright, and quite confident, but endlessly feminine.

We laid on the bed, and rolled about and slowly heated up… and we did the “soul fuck” thing again. This time… she was 5% more confident. She also tried to get me put my cock inside her without a condom (which surprised me). I wore one like always (no surprise there). And I fucked her a little harder. And she would alternate between soft moans, intense eye contact… and occasionally giggles as I would slow us down… or shift positions.

We had dinner that night some place more casual. And then ice cream. All of this was on foot. I tried to take her for a drink… but she wasn’t that interested. She said she’d rather talk to me at home.

She fell asleep on my chest.

At one point she came out of the bathroom in a black bra and panties. She has an exceptional body. Small “b” boobs, which on her tiny frame look bigger than they are. They don’t have the bounce of a teenager, but they have a near perfect shape. She is thin, but with a ideal hip-to-waist ratio. And her legs… are exquisite. They are almost one-size bigger than the rest of her, which makes her seem a little more curvy than skinny… even as she is likely around 100 lbs.

As she came out of the bathroom in the bra and panties… she took my breath away. I had already fucked her. But that perfect black hair accenting her body… unforgettable.

I tell her things like I am saying here. And I did, at that moment. And each time I say something like this to her… she gives me that playful turn of her head, and says, “thank you!” The same vibe as that day when I first met her on the street. She can give you a look that would be heart-breakingly cute on a girl half as beautiful.

She is the essence of a modest, high self-esteem girl. She is a treasure.

This girl is actually wife material. Not for me (that’s not what I want). But so many men would be endlessly lucky to marry a girl like this one.

She leads a quiet life. If it’s not obvious… she is an introvert. She tried to argue with me about that a little, but everything she says tells me that it is true.

Last weekend, as I arrived in Shanghai… I pinged her. And she had just seen a movie. And told me she would spend the next day at home.

I asked about her sexual experience, wanting to know when she first kissed a boy… it was after she graduated from university. She had sex with the same boy. They had a one-year relationship.

She has a professional job. She eats at home most nights. She told me she has a “small life circle,” which I take to mean she doesn’t have that many friends or acquaintances. While I might wish for her to have all the attention in the world (she is worthy of that in my eyes), she is not sad about any of this. It’s just her way.

This is the kind of girl that is available, almost exclusively, to daygamers. She’s attentive and dead-sexy. And you won’t find her in a club or a bar.

She brought a dress to wear. She wouldn’t wear it out (it was only for me), and she put it on in the apartment the last night. It was black lace. It came up to her neck, but it was sleeveless, and there were some areas that were mostly transparent. If she wore that dress out for a drink, perhaps in the summer… men would break their own necks to turn at look at her. Hauntingly beautiful… and yet simple, and giggly, and playful.

She has never worn that dress in public. She says she doesn’t have enough courage. She tells me… I am the first person to see her in it. Perhaps I am a fool, but I believe her.

She is like a world class painting… on display in some private place. Exquisite. And rarely looked upon.

I don’t know what the rest of this trip to Shanghai will bring… but I am so glad I took the risk (and the responsibility) of hosting Miss Bangs on this visit.

She is a marvelous girl.

I increasingly call myself a “romantic.” And this was a deeply romantic episode in my “book of girls.” It was built on practical lessons, logistics, and hard work. But with that done… it was slow… and I gave that girl incredible, high-quality attention all weekend. And she gave it all back. And she gave me her body. And she did so with joy.

HER: dear beast, do not be sad
HER: i not away from you
HER: my heart open to you and left for you❤️
HER i am so happy this weekend with you
HER: thank you what you have done and care for me

I love to post lay reports. They are good for my ego. And they keep me relevant in terms of being an “active,” and successful, seducer.

But when I get a “review” like that… this whole stage of my life gets richer. I want to know myself. I want to know women. I want to know mating and dating at a level of “intimacy” only a “first hander” can know.

This is how I get there. One beautiful, romantic seduction at a time.

Viva daygame.