SH: Part II – Baby Dragon’s Virginity

This is PART II of my story about a girl I call Baby Dragon. She is a 19 year old firecracker I met while on a daygame trip to Shanghai, China. In the first part of this story, I talked about meeting her, all the WeChat messaging it took to get her out, our first three dates, and how I was making (slow) progress toward getting a taste of this girl.

While she is a strong-willed little monster, she had only turned 19 a week or so before I met her. Quite young. While the Baby Dragon was an incredible match for me in terms of our battle to control the frame of what went on between us… and while it was clear she is a commanding and bold little thing…

She was still a little girl.

Did she have any sexual experience?

I was to find out that she was not only young, but also a virgin. I never fucked this girl, but her virginity was a part of the story that unfolded between us. I’ll wrap up Part III (coming soon) with more on this topic, but for now I lay out some notes of an older man exploring – and influencing – a younger woman’s sexual development.

She had mentioned a boyfriend several times (I include some of that in the dialog in Part I)… mostly in the context of “I can’t date you if you’re not my boyfriend” kind of talk. I never took any of that seriously, but the boyfriend theme came up a couple of times.

I asked more about the boyfriend early in our affair. And she gave me some details. When I asked if they had kissed, she said yes. I asked if they had had sex, and I swear she said yes to that as well. Her English was marginal at best… maybe she didn’t understand me.

The idea that she had at least some experience with sex was a kind of relief for me. I would love to deflower a girl (I am long overdue for that honor), but as I assumed she had already had sex, being the next guy to fuck her seemed less complicated than being the first guy slip past her gates.

But one day over chat:

HER: Try not to kiss me : )
NASH: Oh, it’s very hard
NASH: You have done a very good job of making me like you
NASH: I have a fever for you now
NASH: You will see it in my eyes when we meet
HER: Just 10 days

This ^ is “classic” Octopus Game. It looks like a lot of pull (signature “Octopus”)… and it is. The “push” is in the sexual threat and the escalation. At this point in the story, I had mauled her every time I had her alone. She knew I was “dangerous.” She had proof.

When she mentions “10 days,” that is her referencing me leaving when my trip was over… I had 10 days left. She would try to disqualify me because of my temporary status all the time. Ultimately, I think me leaving is why I didn’t have a chance to fuck this girl. But in terms of moving down that path… this was “token resistance” of the verbal kind.

We continued our talk that day:

NASH: Come live with me : ]

Here ^ I was just being outrageous. She had been in my apartment several times. I knew she liked it. I was trying to put ideas in her head. (And I didn’t realize she isn’t allowed to be out past 11 PM – her dormitory has rules). I was trying to set up a “fantasy” of her spending the night in my bed.

HER: Impossible
HER: I am a virgin

I was surprised. I thought we had already covered this.

NASH: You already told me you had sex
NASH: You lied???
HER: Never
HER: Never

Hmmm. Okay. I wasn’t sure, but I was inclined to believed her. I always believe them when they tell me that. I am a fool, true. But some of them have to be telling the truth.

I am sure “the fact” that she is a virgin influenced what I could get done with her on this trip. But in terms of how I played out the rest of dance… it was both a turn-on and a point of negotiation.

And I used that negotiation piece over and over… “trading” with her. She could “keep” her virginity, but I would get everything else I wanted. Something like that. It was part of “the game” between us.

HER: So you will force me next time?
HER: Am I gonna lose my virginity?
NASH: If that’s what you want, I will give it to you
NASH: But…
NASH: Have I forced you to kiss me?
NASH: Or..
NASH: Do I wait for you to give it to me?
HER: Okay, yeah

It was true. And this is part of the type of escalation I did with her. I was forceful. But there were lines of hers I wouldn’t cross. And this is how she could trust me to take so many liberties, to excite her, but not so much that she would run off forever (despite her threats).

From another exchange:

NASH: I liked it when you said you are thinking of me taking your virginity
NASH: I don’t care if I do

This was almost true.

I wanted to. I still do. But all of this time with her was a surprise to me. She was wild and volatile. I was doing well… fucking her would be a coup… but I was happy to take battle after battle, even if I would never split her open and “win the war.”

NASH: I like to hear you say it
NASH: The thought is sexy
NASH: To see your face
NASH: When I enter you
HER: bad boy
NASH: You are a good girl…
NASH: But you want to be bad…
NASH: With a strong man
HER: You’re like a fierce wolf

And later, once again:

HER: Would you deprive me of my virginity?

She actually sent this ^ in Chinese. I would use WeChat’s translator function to read it in English. Half of her messages to me where in Mandarin.

NASH: I would fuck your beautiful body…
NASH: If you were ready for that
NASH: But it’s not important

“Not important.” This was how I kept presenting it to her.

This was real for me, so it was very congruent each time. I wanted to fuck her… but not unless she was really ready. I was dating every day at this point in my daygame jaunt to China. I’d fucked two other girls in the previous two weeks (and would close a third right around this time in the trip). I wanted many things from her in an insistent way… but I was okay with her retaining control of her V-Card.

NASH: Only pleasure
NASH: And we can have many kinds of pleasure
NASH: I will fuck your beautiful body
NASH: But I think you should try other pleasure first

I meant all this.

I do think that is how I would do it. And since it was up to me… this is how I was leading the dance. Making it very clear I would fuck her, but also genuinely wanting her to have a good experience. And it is true… I could show her a lot of sex before we popped her cherry. I haven’t fucked a virgin since I was 21, but I think what I was presenting to her was probably a perfect sequence for a girl at this stage of her sexuality.

A proper strong man. Some surface pleasure. Some strength and dominance. And also some care. Some connection. And then deeper pleasure. Nakedness. Letting her enjoy sex in a real way… remaining a virgin as long as she wanted. And then, upping the circumstances. More arousal. Orgasms for me… blowjobs or whatever. And when she could really feel the rewards of sex in a visceral way… when she couldn’t stand the wait any more… when she really wanted it… only then… take her.

HER: But is hurts the first time
NASH: Yeah… it does. But it’s the doorway to womanhood
NASH: You don’t have to do it
NASH: Maybe pleasure first
NASH: So you know sex can be full of pleasure
NASH: Then you can think of losing your virginity
NASH: For now…
NASH: Come over

So many conversations like this.

I left China weeks ago, but she is still messaging me. We still talk about her unbroken pussy… and if “I would”… and if she was ready.

This story isn’t over yet… but I have already confessed she remained unfucked. Someone could have taken her, I have no illusions about that. There is always a way. Lots of guys are much better at the game than me.

But I am quite happy with the way this story transpired. In the later “chapters” of this tale… you’ll see she had a very good time. And so did I… even without the lay.

And I racked up so many REFERENCE EXPERIENCES. These kinds of exchanges with her included.

Yes. Reference experiences.

The next time I run into a virgin… all this “material” will be available to me… to spit on the fly. Even more congruent. I was very comfortable with this girl. Not the slightest bit needy (she would have eaten me up if she saw neediness)… but with the next one… these lessons will move me another step closer to “mastery.”

That’s it for this post.

She mentioned “10 days” in the WeChat messages I included here, but… as we pick up the next part of the story, I had just 30 hours left. Our Lover’s Brawl had challenged us both… and brought us closer together. She was not easy… but I was penetrating her situation, and she was liking it. So was I.

Great experience with this girl.

In Part III of the Chronicle of Baby Dragon, we’ll see how it wraps up.

Viva Daygame.