SH: Part III – Baby Dragon the Virgin Gets Naked

This is the final part of my story about the 19yr old Chinese girl I picked up while running daygame in Shanghai, China. In Part I, I described how a moment of eye contact on the street led me to stop her – and how she took my number. And then I took her on three dates, had her in my apartment, and sucked on her pretty neck while she threatened to leave over and over (but would mostly stay). In Part II, I shared some notes on her virginity and how that impacted the seduction. In part III, I am pleased to say… I got the little thing naked.

I had just 30 hours left as we set up the 4th date… a lunch date.

I wanted to track this ^ Tweet down to use in this post… and when I look at the date, it was probably five days before I got Baby Dragon’s clothes off… in the afternoon… dead sober.

I never closed this girl, but the rest of the details are below. Including (at the end of this post) some great back and forth with her about her virginity once I got home.

Here are three more dates with her in 30 hours.

Three different girls fucked me in China, but not this one. We got close. Closer than I thought I would get. And while she remained unbroken when I left… as you might be able to tell, this girl was my favorite part of the trip.

At this point in the Epic of Baby Dragon, I had very little time left in Shanghai.

HER: You will leave for your city tomorrow

She was off by a day… but yeah, my adventures as daygamer in China were just about over.

HER: Nash…
NASH: Can you see me tonight?
NASH: Or tomorrow??
HER: I won’t see you tonight
NASH: Okay
NASH: I have time tomorrow
HER: [happy emoji]
NASH: Have a nice night

This ^ is a push from me. She had been a total pain in the ass for much of our affair. And I had tightened up my boundaries with her, particularly at night over WeChat… where she would like to fight and tell me “no” over and over.

I wasn’t having it by this point.

HER: Is that bye-bye?
NASH: If you want to see me
NASH: Come tomorrow
HER: Not tomorrow
NASH: Okay, that is too bad
NASH: Not tonight, not tomorrow
NASH: You have time if you want
NASH: If you change your mind, come see me
NASH: But I don’t want to argue about it
NASH: Sleep good
HER: [happy emoji]
HER: To have a pleasant journey

This ^ is her bluffing. Pretending she doesn’t care. Play-acting that she would let me go so easily. It was too late for me to believe any of that. We were both too invested and I knew her too well.

Some delay and then…

HER: If weather permits, let us eat lunch together. Our last meeting
HER: Please give me a reply when you see this

I let her sit and she came through. She liked me… that’s why a bit of “vacuum” would work. Letting this girl sit, with no response, would often get her coming forward again… she is just a like a cat, this one.

I said nothing and it worked again. Here is more from her, an hour later:

HER: Lets return to the feeling of first meeting
HER: It’s the last time to feel the time between you and me
HER: I want to show you the best [happy][happy]
HER: But I will not go to your house

Okay, that’s better. And look at her… she is being cute. She really is.

And even in that comment, the “shit test” about not coming to my house. She had been in my house three times already… under sexual threat from me every time. If anything was clear about this girl… it was that she would definitely come back to my house.

An hour later from me (1 AM):

NASH: I will go workout in the morning
NASH: [pic of superman holding up a meteor]
NASH: And then… maybe you can see me
HER: Evening person Nash [happy][happy]

The date was set.


She messaged me again pretty early that next morning:

HER: Have you got up?
NASH: You just wake up… and you’re already thinking about me?
NASH: I like it.

I went to the gym and lifted heavy things. I was texting her in between sets, talking about muscles and working out… she likes the idea of “masculine power,” very much. I milked it throughout the seduction.

We arranged a date for later that afternoon. I was taking her to lunch. It would be our first meal together.

We met on a corner near her school. She was well dressed… stylish and conservative and lovely (as always). A camel-colored soft, minimal coat. Black fitted knit shirt. A grey skirt, frayed at the edges. Black tights, and nice, short black boots. She was slowly rubbing her hands together as she arrived. I could smell flowers and asked if she had just put some lotion on her hands. She confirmed.

I didn’t hug her… we were on the street and I knew by now that our relationship was not for her classmates to see.

On the walk to lunch, it was clear again that she can only understand about 50% of what I was saying. She didn’t respond to everything I said, but I kept leading. Leading to lunch. Leading the conversation. Leading the relationship.

Over our delicious lunch she dropped not-so-subtle hints that she needed to get back to school. She had a term paper due the next day.

I told her I wanted a cookie after lunch, and she said she didn’t want one, and started to whine and resist. I told her to be quiet. That the cookie store was on the way back toward her school (and also… on the way back to my place). Her sense of direction is terrible, but she followed. She refused the cookie, but her childish side showed as she looked at the sweets. I bought my cookie and led her toward the intersection that would either send her off to school… or she could decide she wanted one more molestation session with me.

She does like to be molested. It’s quite obvious.

I said:

NASH: Okay… your school is that way. I know you know where you are now.
NASH: You can go…
NASH: Or, you can come to my place for 10 minutes… to say goodbye

No hesitation or debate…

HER: Okay. 10 minutes.

And we were inside. And I waited a proper, respectful, 3.5 seconds before I took her purse and set it on the couch. Then took her coat off. And put my arm around her narrow waist and pulled her in to me.

The theme of POWER has been consistent with this girl. So when I grabbed her, I put a little extra muscle into it. Again, I milked the “big muscles” thing with her (it is a very effective role). She immediately put her head back, exposing her neck… and I sucked it. And wasting no time, I put my arms around her, pinning her arms to her side, and used my hips to thrust her toward my bedroom. She resisted, but so mildly… this was clearly what she wanted.

This was the second time in my bed. I dragged her around. And pinned her down. And finally forced a kiss on her. And she took it. She didn’t kiss me back, but she passively took it, and meekly complied with parting her lips… giving me an open mouth, the awkwardness of her teeth, but no tongue. It was faux-rapey, classic “taking her,” her giving me “bad acting” level resistance, and the turn-on… so obvious in her eyes.

She also obviously has very little experience making out.

Maybe four minutes had gone by since we’d walked through my door, and she was saying she wanted to stop, she wanted to go. My read was that she was 15% serious, 65% totally into everything I was doing, and 20% overwhelmed and unsure.

She got up off my bed… storming back into the living room while trying to tuck her shirt back into her skirt.

She went for her coat, picked it up… but I grabbed her, and she dropped it immediately, and gave me her neck again. I forced more kisses into her mouth. I was grabbing her ass, and pulling up her skirt, and rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her tights… telling her (while I stuck my tongue in her ear ) that I knew I was making her wet.

I told her, like I had so many other times, that I wanted to taste her. And I would rub her pussy over her clothes while I said it. And she would grab my wrist… and say, “noooo… Naassssshh… noooo…” but mostly… just take it.

We were at about 10 minutes. I told her I would keep my promise and let her go write her paper. I smiled at her and said, “You can go if you want.” She put on her coat, and slung her bag over her shoulder… this was almost goodbye.

But she was softening now… in the deepest way I’d seen from her yet. It was my last day in China. She was getting a little sentimental. She gave me a more generous hug. And we talked with our faces close.

And I told her to kiss me, and she was slow, and looked me in the eyes… and gave me a willing kiss.

“The ‘no’, the LMR, can sometimes be a test to see if you can get her to surrender. Not a deliberate test, but a functional one. She doesn’t necessarily know in advance, or even moment to moment, what the outcome of the dance will be. And she won’t always make that easy for you to navigate.”
— From my post on Last Minute Resistance

It was the first real surrender I had seen from her.

And I told her I wanted her tongue. And she gave it to me… a tiny dose of a 19 year old tongue. And she backed slowly out into the little yard-space outside my apartment, and opened up the gate.. and gave me a long glance that showed respect for the weird, turbulent relationship we’d built… and she was about to turn and go, but…

She’d forgotten her glasses. So she came back inside.

So… we did the dance again. And I told her… “with five more minutes” she could have the experience of me tasting her. It would not be sex. She would still be a virgin. But she could “feel that pleasure.” And that I wanted to taste how wet I had made her. Her resistance was buckling… so… I dragged her back to the room, one last time.

Pinned her down. Kiss her. Rubbed her pussy… and she was almost ready. So I took off her boots… and I knew her resistance was gone. Then started to peel her tights off her hips. She resisted, mildly, for three rounds. Then I pulled them down and she let it happen… and then… she helped me take off her tights.

Of all of the REFERENCE EXPERIENCES with this girl… this was one of my favorites. I was very confident with her by now. I wasn’t worried at all. But that didn’t mean I believed all her barriers were gone.

When she reached down and helped pull the tights past her ankles… I knew she wanted it. That was something I will never forget. This was more genuine surrender from her as she helped me pull the tights off. And I was “awake” enough in that situation to notice. And to understand that this was her telling me to keep going. She was telling me, non-verbally, “go ahead… do what you want… I am ready.”

I ran my hands over her legs. She was wearing really nice underwear and I am confident she had considered I would see them. And then they were off…

And her skin was beautiful. And for the first time on this trip, I had an unshaven pussy in front of me. And it was beautiful too.

I didn’t jump in. I did what I am doing more and more in bed recently… I made her connect. I made her look at me. I made her see that I wasn’t going to “take” her body. That this was about me having that wet teenage pussy, but that I wasn’t going to “drop her.” I was still “with her.”

Over and over I made her look at me… and she would try to break the tension and look away. That is a type of de-escalation and I wouldn’t let her do it. We had built up an amazing sexual tension between us. I wanted her to look me in the eyes as we moved forward together.

This was another very big REFERENCE EXPERIENCE for me on this trip. In my post about Miss Bangs I wrote about the role of eye contact as we fucked… and it made all of the sex so much richer. I really learned something there. I was bringing Baby Dragon down that same path… with similar results. Deeper. Hotter. Better sexual vibe.

And I would run my hand over her belly (all that teenage skin), and when she would start to resist I would tell her to stop… this was about her pleasure. I wasn’t going to try to fuck her. I made her look at me. I told her to relax. And she did. And she calmed down… and took my gaze. And she would “drop in,” go deeper with me. And even show some confidence, from her vulnerable position, on her back, with her legs spread. She took the pleasure of my gym-calloused hands on her milky skin. And I knew she was ready.

I dragged her to the edge of the bed, spread her legs… and her thighs had strings of girl-goo between them as I parted them. What a reward that was… evidence of the quality of the work I had done. She had a sticky web of her turn-on spanning the crease between her legs… and the slimy, girl-come snapped back to the interior of her pussy as I got her wide open.

I took my time… biting her thighs lightly… emphasizing the pleasure. Stopping, every 30 seconds, making her lift her head off the bed and make eye contact with me again. She was getting it. We were connecting. Her eyes would flair as she locked onto my gaze. She would smile. She was feeling some care in the middle of wolfishness… I want to give girls both.

And then… my mouth was on her. And she was thick, and gelatinous, and delicious. I licked her clit. And lapped all that gooey come from her hole. And licked her ass as well.

Eating a teenager’s ass is a perfect, filthy pleasure for a man of my tastes.

I could feel her getting worked up. And the pressure building, but she made me stop. I came up and sucked her neck. Stroked her body. Kissed her, letting her taste herself. Her skirt, and bra, and shirt were still on… but I ran my hands over her legs and belly. And then… back down again. Another few laps through her youthful sexuality. Beautiful. Magnificent. Amazing.

And then she had had enough… I had stretched her as far as she would go that afternoon.

She made me leave the room while she put her panties and tights back on. Then her coat. Then another long hug. And a stare. And she had her glasses this time. And she backed out of my apartment, slowly, staring at me… that perfect mix of the borderline between girl and woman (she is exactly that). And she lingered… blushing slightly as she almost ran into one of my neighbors. Her hips made it passed my gate and into the courtyard… and one last look…

And she was gone.

And once again, I assumed it was the last time I would see her. But it was not.

I wrote this ^ section above that day… right after it happened.

I know this was an exciting thing for this little girl, and I was excited too. She really did have a delicious little pussy. And while I knew I was showing some control with her, I hadn’t really been convinced I would bring her this far along. I was surprised. And proud.

It was my last day in Shanghai. What a great trip.

Earlier in the week, I had fucked Miss Soft (the art teacher) on an afternoon date. And the sex with her had been fantastic. I wanted to see her again. And I had been pinging her, but she wasn’t jumping on my offer… then she said a friend was in town… it wasn’t happened.

I fished for a date with a different girl… a very cute, young girl (maybe 22?) that I had dated (and made out with) earlier that week… she was busy too. Dammit.

I was out of options for existing girls. And while I sincerely wanted another proper round of sex with Miss Soft, my trip had more than surpassed my expectations at this point.

As I headed into my last night in China… my plan was to daygame. Maybe talk to 20 girls or so that night. Maybe an instant date. Maybe a SDL (if I had the favor of the Gods).

And if not… cool. It had been such a wild week. Dates every day for over a week (often twice a day). I was happy to daygame a bit for fun… and then have a quiet meal by myself. Maybe have a few drinks and “numb it out. Then, call it a night.

But that’s not what happened.

That afternoon as I worked in the cafe, she was messaging me the whole time:

NASH: You, are so delicious

Giving ^ her some post-sexual validation.

HER: : ) [smile, the one with hearts in the eyes]
HER: The first time
NASH: I loved it
HER: strong man
NASH: I told you I wanted to give you pleasure
NASH: And you trusted me
NASH: And we did it
NASH: We gave you a good experience
NASH: And you’re still a virgin
HER: You kissed me
NASH: And you kissed me back
NASH: Hey…
NASH: I am working.
NASH: If you have time… come see me tonight
HER: I want to be held by you to sleep, but you can’t touch me
NASH: We can try… : ]
NASH: Are you free tonight?
HER: Eat dinner together
NASH: Okay
NASH: I’ll take you to a nice place for Chinese
NASH: 7?

Date number five was set up.


That evening when I finished my work, I cleaned up… and pinged Baby Dragon.

NASH: Hello Lovely Girl
NASH: You ready?
HER: Where do we meet
NASH: My house
HER: Hate you
HER: Without me, I went out to dinner with someone else

More bullshit. Even this late in the affair… she was still flinging tests against the wall to see if they’d stick.

NASH: ???
NASH: Hey, be nice… sweet girl
NASH: I thought we had a plan
NASH: I said 7

I let it breathe for a second and then I said:

NASH: Tell me you want to see the strong man
NASH: Or I will go explore Shanghai instead
NASH: I want to see you
NASH: But I don’t want to argue
NASH: Come see me

Very good boundaries. I was really learning here too. I made a lot of progress at this level in the last year.

And I would be quite happy to see her again… but otherwise, I could go daygame and fool around and that sounded good too. Win/win for me… either way. I had a great trip. Everything at this stage was pure bonus.

But she came through… she dropped her bluff and complied.

HER: Wait
HER: Explore together
NASH: Okay
NASH: Come here

Despite the tests… I think she had basically accepted my leadership at this stage. I had slowly broken her in over all these dates. She was a still a wild, little pain in the ass. But I think she knew she was going to give into me at this point.

“It’s just like horses, you gotta break ’em. In other words, you gotta break the girl, and tame her. Then you can be nice, and do nice stuff. But that dynamic has to be established right away, if there’s going to be any polarity, and any sex.”
— Paul Janka

That ^ is a hot quote.

And she showed up. And she looked cute.

And I walked her off to dinner. Me and the 19 year old. I had taken several girls to dinner there that week… three other girls… and this was the third night in a row. The wait staff smiling more and more each time I would bring in a new girl.

And after dinner… a nice walk home. It was finally cool in Shanghai. And I put her little hand in the pocket of my vest to keep her warm. And she freaked out a little as we passed a classmate on the street that night… back to keeping our distance. And I took her to the cookie store again… and then… back to my house.

And I was efficient this time. Straight to the bedroom. And this time, unlike the last episode where her skirt and shirt were still on… I got her completely naked. And she was so lovely in the nude. Very nervous. Hiding under the blankets as much as I would let her.

And I licked her up and down again. She was juicy and precious, as before.

And this time… I wanted to come.

It was my last night, I would leave in the morning. I was sexually pent up from the session she and I had earlier that day. So after she had squirmed and twisted from me going down on her, I whipped it out again. She was very tense. And again, she wouldn’t even look at my cock. I tried to make her touch it and she wouldn’t comply at all… she hid under the blankets.

I was unzipped. With a little teenage girl, full nude, lying beside me, refusing to touch my cock. So I did what any self-respecting man would do in such a situation… I jerked off.

And it was odd. It probably sounds odd, and it was.

I lay on back, with one arm around her little shoulders and her head on my chest. And with my other hand I jerked off. And it turned her on. And I could feel her relax, and lean into me… and she was watching. Her interest intensified. Watching a grown man stroke his cock… she liked it.

It was definitely odd. But it was one more lesson in the education I gave this little girl. Despite the awkwardness (more for me than her), it felt good to get off. And I was walking her deeper into her own sexuality… one baby step at a time.

After I shot my load, I rolled over and kissed her. I cleaned up. I grabbed my computer and walked her back to her dorm… then went to an Irish pub and did some writing.

Wild last night.

But our story wasn’t quite over yet.

A few minutes later she was in her room in the dorms and I was a couple of blocks away, seated on a leather couch in the pub… drinking a beer, trying to knock down the emotion of the day. It was a completely wild day, and I needed that drink. And the next one.

She was messaging me.

HER: What will you do alone at bar
NASH: Hi Beautiful Girl
NASH: We had a crazy day together

We had. I eaten her sticky box twice that day… with my tongue in her ass both times. Even now, it is a completely vivid memory for me. Fantastic.

HER: You are lucky. My first time gave you
HER: You are the first person to see my body

I believe her. I think she had dozens of “firsts” with me.

NASH: You are lucky.
NASH: That a strong man will give you so much attention…
NASH: And pleasure.
NASH: We know you had so much pleasure…
NASH: Because your pussy was so wet.
HER: And you?
NASH: You made me hungry
NASH: And you laid with me while I had a great orgasm

It wasn’t that great… but I was still trying to weave the spell on this little one.

HER: You gave me orgasm
NASH: I did?
HER: You didn’t find it?
NASH: I gave you an orgasm?
NASH: Are you certain?
HER: Yep

Giving a teenager an orgasm… awesome. I still haven’t fucked a teenager (as a daygamer), but I am so damn close… the Daygame Gods will give one up soon. I’ve paid my dues.

HER: Do you like to taste my pussy?

I love this, too.

In part, to hear a little girl talk like this with me… but more so, as she is talking like this as I have trained her so well. She heard me say this so many times as I worked her toward actually doing it. She will say this to the next guy, and he’ll be surprised, and he’ll have me to thank for all this education.

NASH: I loved it
HER: How do you feel?

She is “making meaning” here. Wondering how to sort all this out. And I was happy to keep co-creating this fantasy with her.

HER: I like you hug me
NASH: Yeah
HER: Thank you
NASH: Thank you
NASH: For opening your heart

That sounds cheesy, but she did open her heart. She went from being a bratty, little tease to being a willing partner in bed. The sex came after she opened up… it’s often that way. It was a long journey for her. And hard work for me.

HER: I like your power
HER: I am a slow mover
HER: You know?
NASH: You’re young
NASH: And moving slowly gives us time to know each other

It does. Sex is better for me when I have more time together with a girl before we get naked. I’ll push it (I always do). Unlike her, I’m not slow. It is a good experience for girls to see a man act bold in his intentions. But…

I am increasingly convinced that the quality of the sex is better when she makes you wait. It’s not about her having control. It’s that her “waiting period” gives you a chance to “sink deeper” into each other. It’s more “real.”

This isn’t about morality for me. Not at all. I am not talking about “making love.” I am convinced that the physical sex – the raw carnal pleasure and intensity – is better once you’ve had time to connect.

HER: Tonight I opened myself actually
NASH: Yeah
NASH: I felt it

It was true. Earlier that day was the first time I had my head between her legs. And even though it was only a few hours later when we did it all again… she had time to process it, and make it the “new normal.” She was much more open. She was inviting.

This is kind of like the idea of taking a girl to three venues instead of just one… each venue is like “another date.” And by having our lunch hook up, a break from each other that afternoon, and then an after-dinner hook up… even though they were both in the same day… it felt like more time had passed than the calendar would show.

HER: The other day I am not relax
HER: So I didn’t talk more to you
NASH: Okay
HER: Tonight I obviously changed my attitude
NASH: It takes time, that is normal I think
HER: You are mature
HER: strong man
NASH: Your eyes tell the truth
HER: I believe you can feel the change in my heart

See all this?

I think I had really “broken the seal” of her sexuality at this point… and it came through time and connection with her. She had surrendered. Her virginity was still intact, but she was “mine.” Another week… I would have had her.

I have no bitterness or regret (at all) about not fucking her. I know how to fuck. And the story is here… in this stage. In her final comments.

She hammered me with messages for the rest of the night. Talking about possibly seeing me again. And random stuff… telling me how much she likes singing. She was “safe” with me now. I was “her man.” She was my little girl.

Surrendered. The “toughness” and quarrel was gone. It was beautiful.

And I would see her one more time.


It was my last morning in China. Which was cool with me… I had had a great adventure, but I was ready to go. My plane would leave at 5 PM that night. I would be in cab around 2 PM to head toward the airport.

But my Baby Dragon and I had a little more work to do.

HER: Have you got up?
NASH: Good morning, Beautiful Girl
NASH: Are you in class?
HER: I was absent from class

She ditched class to spend that last few hours with me. Fucking cute.

I took her to lunch. Then… the cookie store, of course. Then, my apartment once again.

And we know I didn’t fuck her. But she was wide open this time. Not only no LMR, but also very little nervousness.

In a little over a week, she had been in my apartment six times. This was her fourth time on my bed. She had had her ass eaten twice. She had seen me jerk off. I had plenty of time to impress her… and work past all her wild little games. And now… she could start to lean into it. She could justify a sense of trust. She could do more than let herself be taken… she could participate.

Totally naked. And no blankets in the way. I pulled her up next to my chest, holding her arm above her head, my face near her neck… my other hand sliding down through the hair on her mound, and digging my nails into her thigh… stretching her long, naked, teenage body out… and I made her lift her head and look. I made her look at how fucking sexy she was. And she kissed me. She loved it.

She likes feeling sexy. I gave her that gift over and over.

I licked her head to toe again. So beautiful. So tasty.

And this time, I got naked, and leaned over her…and made her look at me… and she did. She was nervous here, but less so, and also excited. And I put her hands on my balls. And I jerked off and she watched every move. She was into this time. Her touch was mostly clumsy (and unsexy), but this was as far as I could bring her in our brief time together. And I was enjoying her. It was time for me to go… so I shot my load all over her and the bedding. And kissed her again. And she was happy and excited.

And I cleaned up.

My bags were already packed. We chatted and laughed for a minute. Then I grabbed my bags and she walked me outside. I flagged a cab, and she helped me translate, making sure the cab driver knew I wanted to go to the airport.

I didn’t kiss her again. We were in public now, and I want her reputation to survive our little affair. But I gave her a very knowing look, and she returned it with a flash of those eyes that had first caught my attention on the sidewalk… where this all began.

I jumped in the cab… and I left Shanghai. My last few minutes in Communist China were spent jerking off in the company of a teenage girl. Unbelievable.

I had dated her three times in 30 hours. Wild. And I was exhausted.

I was ready to go home.


So, that is it. I didn’t fuck that little girl. I had a great time with her, despite the trouble. She had “softened” and given herself to me after all.

I started the thread about this girl saying I was willing to do more work than other man would have. I know that is true. For me, it was all worth it. For the thrills, for the taste of her body, and again… for all those reference experiences. I am a stronger, better, more experienced man because of the time she and I spent together.

And yet… I have one nagging question:

Did she want me to push even harder? Did she want me to “take” her virginity. If she didn’t want it at the level of her “fore brain,” did she want it in an animal way… at the level of her “hind brain?”

I was very sexually aggressive with her. I don’t doubt myself there. But… could I have been somehow more effective? Pushed her harder? Faster? Taken more liberties?

Remember this line from the post about her virginity:

HER: So you will force me next time?

Hmmmm. That was a provocative thing for her to ask. And it turns me on to even read it. Is she just teasing me? Teasing herself? Is that what she wanted?

So… when I got home, I asked her:

NASH: And I have a question
NASH: Were you disappointed I didn’t hold you down…
NASH: And put my cock inside you?
HER: You think so?
NASH: It is only a question
NASH: If you told me “no”…
NASH: But I held you down
NASH: Spread your pretty legs…
NASH: And pushed my cock inside you
NASH: Is there a part of you that wishes I did that?
HER: I told you, thank you for letting me stay a virgin
HER: I certainly don’t wish it
HER: If you do that, I will be painful
HER: body and mind

Okay, there is a response.

If we can trust her words (which… many times we cannot), there is an answer. And when she says it would be “painful” at the level of her mind… I, personally, back off this inquiry. In that case, I feel like I paced it as well as I could.

I don’t pursue this question because I was over-eager for the lay. I still care about notches, and I still chase them… but that isn’t where it’s at for me in this story.

I am interested in female psychology. In the insights from particular girls, their unique stories… and for the greater patterns an experienced seducer can discern from the similarities between girls.

She liked “force.” She likes “power.” Me forcefully taking her virginity was on her mind.

But when I asked… she seemed clear.

And then… a couple of weeks later, she was still into me, and still hitting me up via WeChat… even though I was back in the US.

One night, this came up:

NASH: I know you like how strong I am
NASH: And you like it when you see my passion for you
HER: Yes
NASH: You like to know you are a sexy girl
NASH: And that a strong man like me…
NASH: Wants you
HER: haha
HER: You make me laugh
NASH: [bondage pic]
NASH: Don’t laugh
NASH: I’ll bite you and you’ll know I am serious
HER: I can struggle
HER: And run
NASH: You are strong… but I am much stronger
HER: You can’t grab me
NASH: I can hold you down… and do what I want to you
HER: If I say no
HER: Turn you down?
HER: Still do what you want?
NASH: I want you anyway
NASH: And I have many ways to show you so much pleasure
NASH: You will want it
HER: Wolf
HER: I like your “anyway”
NASH: The wolf knows what he wants
NASH: And I want YOU
HER: I like you conquer me
HER: Just a strong and wise man can make it
NASH: I know that is what you want


See that? She says, “If I say no… turn you down… still do what you want?” Even if she thinks it would be painful, she is still okay with flirting with the idea. She was still rolling the idea around on her tongue.

So I tell her “I will want you anyway.” Which isn’t to say I would force her… but that my passion remains. And then I turn it around on her, “you will want it.”

HER: I like your “anyway”
HER: I like you conquer me
HER: Just a strong and wise man can make it

Fuck. I don’t know, man.

We know she likes the “chase.” And that she responded very well to me ignoring some of the boundaries she threw in my face. And she likes my “power” and my physicality. And I dominated her psychologically as well. I was a “strong and wise man,” enough to get her as far as I did.

Should I have “pressed the point?” Should I have fucked her? Beyond my own satisfaction… would that have been better for her?

I’ll never know.

“I took tons of new, rare, interesting reference experiences from my times with Pixie Girl and Baby Dragon. I didn’t fuck either of them… but I took big leaps fwd in my education… at a stage in my game when ‘big leaps’ are rare.”

What a wild girl. What a great experience.

Viva Daygame.