SH: Six Dates with 19yr Old Virgin “Baby Dragon,” +0

I tag my posts “+0” when I have a “sexual” story worth telling, but one that didn’t end in sex. This story is full of sexuality… but doesn’t end with me claiming a new notch. To the best of my knowledge, this girl is virgin. And I would have loved to have deflowered her. If I had another week or so, I am convinced… it would have happened. But as it was, this is the story of a fantastic little “love affair” with a teenage girl… a girl that is 26 years younger than me.

I met her while doing some daygame in China. We had six dates over two weeks. And hundreds of messages on WeChat. I am breaking this story up into more than one post, and even so… I have too much to say about her. And too many examples from our WeChat exchanges. Writing this post brought so much of the feeling of her back to me… I miss that little thing.

She was an incredible challenge, and at times… a wonderful reward.

Before I go into the details… I’ll say this:

The biggest gains here for me were from the REFERENCE EXPERIENCES.

“This seems like too much texting to me. Every guy has to decide where to cut it off… but I think I would’ve done less texting in a similar situation.”

That comment ^ is from my friend TheRedQuest (a smart and fascinating dude). And while I appreciate him very much, I think he is missing the bigger opportunity when he leans on that line:

“I learned a lot from this girl. ‘ROI’ isn’t measured in sex alone… not when you value your education… and I most definitely do.”

“This line of thought is particularly clear to me in my next story from Shanghai… about Baby Dragon. I put in an extraordinary amount of work with her… off the scale… few would work as hard as I did there… and I earned extraordinary reference experiences.”

This ^ was part of my response.

He and I had this exchange after I posted about a different girl, about Pixie Girl – another 19 year old I dated on this trip. The experiences with the two girls happened concurrently. And the “skills” I was practicing in these “case studies,” I was able to practice with both girls… often in the same day.

I did get laid in Shanghai, but not with either of those girls. The “ROI” with these particular young ones was in the lessons I took away in female psychology and seduction.

Lays “come and go” (so to speak). But reference experiences are yours to keep.

“I am dedicated to some level of mastery here as a seducer. And ‘long term,’ ‘wolf’ thinking is going to be about the lessons… about the reference experiences. Each solid reference experience is a type of ‘KEY’ that will unlock many sexual/seduction situations. This will accelerate my future success. And or get me success where other men can’t ‘penetrate’ the situation.”

Yeah. That is still how I feel.

I had some short-term gratification with the girl in this story. Even the back and forth via messaging was fun and (at times) validating. And there were certainly sexual moments with her (even if I didn’t seal the deal). But the real value for me in this particular adventure was the education.

Let’s dive in.

I met her on Oct30, via an “incidental pickup,” on my way back to my apartment after lunch:

“1. Big IOI on my way back to my place. She liked it, but was in a rush… And she WeChat closed me. She added me quick and sent the first message.”

My notes ^ from that pickup.

It was a big IOI. I was moving down the sidewalk. In a good mood. I was scanning the crowd, but not hunting. She and I connected with a look and her eyes sparkled. She was young and cute, and that eye contact was solid. I ran back and opened her. She barely spoke English, but we “spoke the oldest language” as we looked at each other. She was interested.

But she had to go… so she suggested the close and ran off to her appointment. 19 years old. I opened her… but she closed a 45 year old man that day.

She sent the first message:

HER: I am going to teach a kid.
HER: And I am going to be late so I can’t talk more. Sorry.
NASH: : ]
NASH: We’ll talk more later

A few hours after we met, I messaged her some more… my usually opening lines, and then:

NASH: You’re a teacher and a student?
HER: freshman
NASH: 18 years old???
HER: 19
HER: And you [sly emoji]
NASH: Older than you
NASH: But maybe you are mature for your age
HER: I know

Lots of back and forth. She would often send me voice clips via WeChat… her cute voice, saying cute things. I liked her, so I asked her out.

NASH: Meet me for something to drink
NASH: Tomorrow. Or Thursday.
HER: Why
NASH: Why?!
NASH: Because… we are a little bit interested in each other.
HER: Do you want to learn speak Chinese?
NASH: I am learning… but that is not why I want to see you
HER: [happy]
HER: You have a girlfriend?
NASH: You just met me, and already you want to be my girlfriend? Wow.

She dodged the invite. You might also notice the “why,” which is her challenging me. She may be the most challenging girl I have ever overcome. And this flavor of conversation went on forever.

The “lessons” I would learn from her had already begun. She was not what we would call a “yes girl.” She was screening me. She was “working me over,” but mostly so, as I had to learn how to handle her. Over the next few days and dates with her… her challenges would help me grow as a man.

In this exchange you can see me begin to take control, as I turned her questions around on her, and took the frame:

HER: I still want to know…
HER: How many girls did you invite in Shanghai
NASH: I had lunch with a girl. A law student.
NASH: Now…
NASH: You answer a question:
NASH: When was the last time you kissed a boy
NASH: If we are playing “the question game,” we both get to play
HER: Half past one years
HER: Boyfriend
NASH: Okay. Was it a good kiss?
HER: yes
HER: ex-boyfriend

She is asking about other girls. She did this constantly, endlessly. And it was never helpful to the seduction. So I switched into “offensive” (in this instance) and asked my own question. That was a way to interrupt her momentum, to keep her from derailed our chemistry.

She was putting a lot into our exchanges, but if I had let her lead… we would have gone nowhere. This was a theme with her, and I got to practice over and over… killing her noisy chaos, and forcing us together in real life, where I could escalate… and she loved it every time.

She is a very strong-willed little thing. Young. Inexperienced. But high self esteem. And bold.

Here is a long exchange where you can see her: 1.) Being a wild little princess, 2.) Telling me “no,” 3.) Resisting my leadership, 4.) Capitulating, and finally 5.) Totally conceding.

I want to stress two things here. First, I was running good game. She was so smart and difficult… I think this is some of the best game I have ever run. She was a little monster, hard to seduce (she threw traps at me constantly), but I broke through over and over again. And secondly, I had a lot of value to this girl… or the “techniques” would not have worked.

It’s not what I said. It was the value she saw in me (and my game). From the value I had in that first eye contact on the street (shallow, surface attraction), and continuing to build as I handled her and crushed her tests. I was proving something to her… that is why I got as far as I did.

HER: bye
HER: hate you
HER: we won’t meet

She would throw tantrums like this one ^ quite often. She would be charming one minute and then flash her teeth at me. After we’d known each other for a little while and I was beginning to figure her out, this is an example of how I worked to smash that kind of thing down.

NASH: A girl like you sometimes has a problem letting a man do his job
NASH: Even a smart, successful man. You won’t let him lead.

This is me beginning to try to train her. And to set a frame (for myself, as well). I was being explicit. I did this with several girls on this trip.

HER: wrong
HER: wrong
NASH: You will do as you wish… of course
NASH: Be careful
HER: On the contrary
NASH: I am deciding if I will stop talking to you right now
NASH: You won’t accept leadership
NASH: I don’t like it
HER: Suit yourself
NASH: I am about to walk away from you
NASH: I have told you why I want to see you
NASH: You are interested
NASH: But you won’t follow my lead
NASH: Only a weak man likes this
NASH: Strong men don’t
NASH: I like you
NASH: But you need to follow my lead
NASH: If you want my attention
HER: I just accept my boyfriends leadership
HER: I know what you want
HER: I can’t give you those. Got it? : )

I gave her a heavy speech in this exchange. And it wasn’t a “technique.” I meant it… I was trying to decide if she had any promise, or if I should cut her off. And I was showing her my standards, and making sure I had set clear boundaries. In times like this, I was coaching myself as much as anything else.

And I vacuumed in this instance… cutting off the thread and not responding to her. In part to test her. But also… as I had other thing to do. I had a full day of daygame after this exchange. I was dating other girls and working several options.

We test the girl.. but we also test ourselves. Go get more leads. Make her less important. Options and discipline are a source of the strength in our frame.

HER: Don’t be upset
HER: You are charming

The combination of a show of force and my vacuum was working. Here she is… coming back. And still, pretty strong frame from this girl. She is giving in, but even then… from a very confident POV, framing me as “upset.” And then, using flattery as bait.

I let her sit…

HER: Hello?

I let more time go by.

She was still coming forward, even as I ignored her, because she liked me. We have all seen girls lose interest and disappear in situations like this one. Most girls won’t work this hard. I had value or she would have wandered off.

And as I continued to ignore her, she begins to drop her bluff.

HER: Meet you at the school gate tomorrow. 15:00
HER: Just say yes [happy] [happy] [happy]

After all that… she offers up a date.

It’s on her terms, but this is a concession. And her ego is so big, by her suggesting the date she can feel like she still has some say in how things were rolling along. 19 years old… she would be impressive at any age.

I ignored it all. And while I would eventually go on this date… I needed her to sit it out some more.

I waited until the next morning before I would respond to her. She opened again.

HER: You got up?
NASH: Hello interesting girl
NASH: I had some business meetings this morning
NASH: If you are available at 15:00, let’s smile and talk.
HER: At my school gate

The first date was set.

It took several days of messaging and a lot of game to get this far. This girl really likes “tension” in the dance. If I had written her off as a “timewaster,” this story never would have had its start. And if I had been weak… she would have walked all over me.

I rode that line very well with Baby Dragon. She was no easy score. Definitely some of the toughest “game” of my life.

19 years old… and a nearly perfect match for a grown man with my background and level of experience. Little girls and their education. Amazing.

This was from before our first date:

HER: Why did you come here?
NASH: I wanted to visit China at least once in my life
NASH: So I have a nice little apartment
NASH: And I work a little bit everyday
HER: I want to see
HER: Your apartment

Huuuh. Interesting… she was volunteering interest in “the lion’s den.” Her eagerness about my apartment was a curious thing about her… an unusual pursuit for a young girl.

NASH: Now? You are a bold girl.
HER: Just house : )
NASH: You want to come over?
HER: no
NASH: Are you dangerous?
NASH: Should I be careful with a strong girl like you?
HER: Maybe
HER: I am dangerous, so keep away from me

More push-push from her. But all in a flirty way. She is a natural.


So, at 3 PM (15:00) on the day in question, I walked three blocks from my apartment to the gate of her school. And I stood there, as the security guards shot lasers at me from their eyes. Why is a middle aged American man camped out at the gate of a Chinese university? They assumed I was up to no good, no doubt. And they were right.

She was late, but she came out. And despite her strength she was nervous and cute. Much less confident than over the messaging. I walked her passed my apartment, and pointed to it… and then another block to a great cafe. We ordered tea and sat together.

After a while in the cafe, we decided I would walk her back to her school…

But as we passed my apartment, I offered to show it to her. I had already shown her pictures via WeChat.

And she walked right in. Happy and interested in the little row of apartments around mine. I left the big iron gate open… so she wouldn’t feel trapped.

The place was really small, so there wasn’t much of a tour. I might have put on some music… killed maybe five minutes, and then… I went in for the kiss.

Which she rejected. But if you know my game, you know that is perfectly fine with me. The attempted to kiss her is a type of communication. As long as I do it, we’re communicating, and the sexual frame is set. I did my job.

She wouldn’t let my lips connect, but she took my touch very well. She would resist, and complain, and push at me… but almost all of it token.

This is a good example of a REFERENCE EXPERIENCE with this girl: She would resist my lips, tell me “no,” push me away… but lean into me with her hips at the same. You see that? Her resistance was a test, but also a type of camouflage, to hide how much she was enjoying herself. Her words were a lie, but her “hips” told the truth. It took experience to see through the smokescreen… and more experience to see the positive signs beneath the bluster.

She told me she had to go 100 times… but would stay and let me pull her up against my body. And while I didn’t kiss her lips that day… we ended the date with me pulling her into me, her jerking her head to the side, and I gave her a slow, open-mouth kiss on the neck. And she melted a little (she liked it). And then I sucked her ear for a brief moment… and she moaned. Of course she did.

And then she committed to leaving and I walked her a couple of blocks to the train.

As she walked away from me to catch her train… I could see all the girly-teenage qualities to her. She is young, and in some ways… she is a “silly girl.” But in her hips… in her walk… real signs of a burgeoning womanhood.

I caught her in those last girlish days… as she was in transition to maturity. A beautiful time to know a girl.

She sent this as we messaged after our first date.

HER: My friends told me
HER: I was too bold
HER: Met you
HER: They said I was too naive

In many ways… her friends were right. I am always amazed at how girls will let me take them home. Such a vulnerable position for a woman.

But if I think like a seducer… did she not see this as part of the Secret Society? Not explicitly, of course. She is a young girl. But I assumed this was relatively covert for her… not because she has so much experience in entanglements like the one we were beginning… but because she knew we were being “bad.”

I was surprised she told them.

On the other hand… if you were 19, and you had just been sexually groped by a grown, foreign man in his apartment… you’d want to talk about it also.

When I first got those messages… I assumed her friends’ opinions would be the end of her and I. I assumed she would need to “let them protect her,” so she could be “innocent” instead of a “slut” and a co-conspirator in our affair. I think we lose a lot of girls because their friends “veto” us.

I figured (at the time) that this was it… it was about to end… but it didn’t end.


It took a couple more days (and another 100+ messages) to get her out again. So many frame battles, but she was interested. And I wrangled her well… scoring points each day… building the fantasy of her and I.

And we met up.

This time she was vocal about not wanting her classmates to see us out together (it seemed she had found the Secret Society after all). I didn’t touch her much at all as we met. I would walk a little ahead of her… like I was showing my little sister’s friend around the city.

Of course I wanted a chance to escalate on her again. But I also wanted to build some comfort, to ground the experience of her and I spending time together. To make it more real… for both of us. And I liked her company. She is smart. A charming little thing.

I took her for a walk to the fruit drink store. Then, back through a neighborhood that was in the opposite direct of her school. She mentioned my apartment twice on that walk… both times caught my attention. So then… back to my place.

It was her second time in my lair, and since I had escalated in a real way the previous date… her coming back was a kind of passive acceptance that we would do all that again. And we did. I got after her right away.

It was a “hostile seduction,” in a way. She liked the “fight.” We need to be careful when we assume that, but again… it was her 2nd time in my place. She fought the first time. I took baby steps. I made her moan. And she left happy. That is positive feedback.

So this time… she chose to come back. And I pushed it a bit further (in terms of the absolute progress of the seduction), but with “wise limits”… for legal reasons… but much more so, as good seducers give girls good experiences.

This is one thing I like about dating, versus “fast seduction.” When you’re unsure how much of her resistance is real… the truth unfolds when she decides to come out again.

With that said, it was like this:

I would take one of her arms, hold her wrist behind her back, and pull her to me with that same arm. Face to face, her dodging my mouth, me sucking on her neck… and with my free hand… really pawing at her. Not particularly rough, but overall, a super dominant way to handle her.

And she loved it. She was a happy teenager.

I dragged her into my room (which wasn’t far away), and pushed her back onto the bed. This raised her alarm… so I’d measure out the tension by rolling off of her, making sure she could move toward the door if she wanted, reminding her “of course, you can leave anytime you want.” And she’d relax. But when she’d try to get up, I’d pull her back down, show some force and some passion.

And the calibration here… was watching for moments when she could leave, but clearly didn’t want to. Carefully watching in those times when I wasn’t putting pressure on her at all… and noticing that she would stay. Or encourage me (which she did a lot). And tease me. My knowing I should keep going was in those moments when I could see “past her acting,” to where she was really at in the seduction.

This is not easy territory to manage. And when in doubt, err toward making sure she knows she can leave anytime. Make it comically obvious. Giving girls bad experiences is NOT good game.

But as I have a lot of practice in situations like this, I knew keeping up the tension was part of the magic for her. We did several rounds of this… me showing her power and dominance… but also giving her “a way out.” And then… “cutting off her exit,” so she felt the dominance. Then… giving her some “love.” It was a dance.

This was our first extended “make out”, and eventually, she was on her feet. She moved through my tiny apartment, and then outside… ready to leave. I had the gate closed this time, so we were still isolated. I was pulling her in again (a move she loved every time), and tasting her neck, but I slipped my hand down to her ass… up under her skirt a little… and she was more than fine with that.


And that was a “micro” REFERENCE EXPERIENCE. Knowing her ass was very much “in play,” that she liked it. And that was where I would start, on my next date with her.

All this… and I still hadn’t properly kissed her.


I don’t really remember that much about the details of the third date. I know it meant something to me. I remember I wanted it to happen that morning, and a sense of pride that afternoon after the date was over.

I felt like if I had her back at my place a third time… it would be fun to play the “sexual threat” to her again… it would be hot to grab her, hold her, suck on her, get her turned on.

But also… “three parts” made it more of a solid story for me. A solid story for the blog, sure. But more so, that she was choosing again and again to “dance” with me.

Each time a girl voluntarily comes back to you, especially when you’re overtly and physically sexual with her… she is “voting” for more of the same. She is choosing to step back into the claws of the bear. She wants those claws. It was edgy for me to push a young girl this hard… each time she chose to see me again, my confidence with her increased.

She was a total brat to me for most of this relationship. Not unenjoyable, but terribly bratty. So much struggle. Fighting with me over text (especially at night). She had blocked me on WeChat several times (which meant I had to “reapply” to be her “friend” – which she would allow each time… and then block me again). But she was also obviously very into it.

A drama queen. A teenager. A sexy, little teenage princess. It was quite a ride.

I was curious to see if she’d go another round with me… and she did. It was a few days after the last date. And we ended up back in my apartment for the third time.

And I went right after her. And if you remember that I was grabbing her ass on the 2nd date, I do too. And I stepped up the escalation on this date… that ass and more.

She wouldn’t get near my room this time… so we “made out” in my living room, mostly standing up. And she still wouldn’t actually kiss me. So I would maul her as best as I could. And it was hot.

A lot more of that “holding one hand behind her back” thing. And putting my tongue in her ear. And with my free hand… I was grabbing her ass.

She was in a skirt. It was cloudy, but even though it was early November now in Shanghai it was still warm, so she wore no tights that day. And I was grabbing smooth, raw, teenage skin. I was rubbing her pussy over her underwear… and working rouge fingers up into her panties while she struggled. I never hit her juiciness… but I was more than certain she was soaking wet. And I kept telling her that.

She threatened to leave every two minutes… but would always stay for another round.

When it seemed as if the session was wrapping up, and that she was about “overloaded” with the pressure I was putting her through… I pulled her hand down and put it on my cock, over my jeans. And she didn’t grab it. She seemed genuinely alarmed. No acting… this was new for her.

And then I pulled my cock out. And she wouldn’t look at it. She was suddenly very intense and “interested in my eyes.” She pretended to be offended. And I grabbed her hand and pulled it down, and she resisted… the back of her hand barely brushing against me.

And that was enough for the day… she bolted. I grabbed her one last time… one more taste of her ear… and she pushed me away, flinging the door open so hard she cracked one of the panes of glass. And she stormed off.

I smiled. I was proud. I knew she loved it. It was hot. I was very confident.

Yes. Baby Dragon. She earned that title. What a radical little thing. She will be a proper feminine daemon when she grows up. Her experiences with me showed her some pleasure… but also, I am sure, sharpened her teeth.

I had a date that night, but it was still early. I grabbed my bag and headed off to a coffee place to do some more work for the afternoon.

I didn’t know if I would ever see her again, but I had my story. Fishing around inside a teenager’s panties and putting her hand on my cock. Her fiery exit. I was fucking other girls on this trip (that was covered), so… this time with her… I was terribly proud.

I knew she loved it all. So did I. That is what good seduction is all about. And this all started with some daygame. Good times.

NASH: I made you wet today
HER: And you?
NASH: You made me want you
NASH: I told you what I want
NASH I showed you a little
NASH: Tell me how wet you were today?
HER: : )
NASH: I bet so wet
NASH: You know…
HER: Strong man
NASH: I really want to taste you
NASH: And give you that kind of pleasure
HER: Taste my neck?
NASH: Yes, but also…
NASH: Make you wet
NASH: And spread your legs
NASH: And then…
NASH: Taste you
NASH: Can you imagine it?
NASH: You can’t think of it?
NASH: You…
NASH: On your back…
NASH: On my bed…
NASH: Naked…
NASH: Kissing your everywhere
NASH: And then…
NASH: My warm mouth
NASH: On your pussy
NASH: I would taste you
NASH: And you would love it
HER: I am afraid of you
HER: Wild man

Wild Man Nash. I’ll take that. Yeah.

I had never even kissed this girl at this point… but we were well into our own version of a sexual relationship. And I was trying to get her to really visualize all this… so if I got close, she would be partially prepared.

That is all for PART I. I have the rest of this already written. PART II is coming soon…

Viva Daygame.