Sick Dating / Highlights Date #3

I was rather sick this week, but still went on 2 of 3 dates I had scheduled… 3rd one, may still happen, standing by for tonight w/ the Little Korean.

Before I drop some notes on Date #3 w/ the painter, I’ll comment about the idea of dating when you’re sick…

Baby Jesus, sweet, wonderful Baby Jesus that he is… likes to fuck w/ me. And getting me nice and sick when I’m on a roll w/ girl is one way the Son of God likes to shit test me. This has happened to me before. I ran no daygame this week at all, as I’m crushed w/ new clients and have been nursing this cold.

So you’re sick? So what. Date anyway. Why? Because… if you cancel it fucks up the momentum. Momentum is everything, and cancelling/postponing will kill the vibe. And… many girls don’t seem to care, in my experience. The little Japanese girl I dated last summer was sick on 2 of the early dates, I was glad she didn’t cancel, as I would have wondered if she was actually sick, or if she was flaking. If you show up, she can keep her distance, but you’re in her life.

This week was my turn – pretty sure I got sick making out w/ random girls at a festival I was at on Sunday (I think I kissed at least two, but I was bedrunken – ha!). Got sick on Monday, dated the Super Gorgeous one anyway… went okay. And then this Wednesday night, had the Painter over for dinner for my place, as planned. No fever, no horribly drippy nose, but a nagging cough that made it clear I was sick… worked out pretty good anyway.

Now, here are the highlights:

*) Since the 2nd date, she pinged me twice via text to make plans. I was busy once, and wanted to be free the second time, so I stuck to my plan. That was probably good “push”, and certainly non-needy. I actually had lots of other girl-game happening, so I was being genuine. Often she’d ask for plans, I’d decline, and she’d go silent for a few days. I’d wait her out. Really trying to act like the “hot girl” would these days. Silence is my friend.

*) I set the date up via Facebook msg. Dinner at my place, I was hoping for the sexxx! Told her I’d cook her a “raw onion salad,” which was a bit of callback humor (and a decent push) as I know she won’t eat raw onions. She said that sounds “horrible,” and she agreed. I asked her if she remembered “my request,” and reminded her to “wear perfume” (she did, investing). She asked what to bring, and I remember she talked about brewing ginger tea, so I suggested she bring that, and she did that as well.

*) I knew I need to escalate tonight… 3rd date, still hadn’t kissed her. As she walked in the door, I teased her, grabbed her by the wrist (which I love to do) to set a little dominant/sexy vibe. She was cold at some point, so I got her some ugly socks, and put them on myself to get a little more physicality – saying I just wanted an excuse to check out her feet and stare up her dress. At one point I told her I wanted to “confess” that when I first met her, I had the instinct to pull her hair (which was true), and I demo’d on her a bit before dinner. After dinner, she suggested a movie (which isn’t really my move). I went for the kiss as we settled in, rejected, she said that’s “very intimate,” but that we should snuggle. Mid-snuggle, I tried again, and she said she didn’t want to kiss me as I was sick! Ha, fine, I can live w/ that… but I was well out of “gay best friend” territory, which was the objective. I sucked her ear a bit as we watched the movie… she has juicy ears, I told her so, she laughed. As we snuggled, I went in super close, brushed my lips to hers, just teased her and stopped, she smiled and pushed her ass into me, and as I was very hard… intentions were more than known! Touched every part of her, over her clothes, played with her belly ring, hand on her throat, etc, as the movie played. Not bad.

*) She liked my house, my paintings, my cat, my cooking… a little worried about looking like boyfriend material. My world is pretty comfortable. I’m not super “sport fuck” type, but don’t want anything too seriously either. I hope the sexuality put me somewhere in the middle, which is where I want to be.

*) I’m meditating heavily on Tom Torero’s favorite line about how “attraction is in the push.” I pushed her endlessly over the date. Called her crazy. Made fun of her, including imitating how she gesticulates when she talks. Did some anti-future projections about how “we’ll probably never see each other again, but…” comments. Responded with “I don’t care” to some of her suggestions to me. As she left, she kissed my cheek and I said, “Get out of here” (which is a line I use in daygame sets all the time, and feels great to say). Definitely think I avoided looking needy.

*) She texted that night, soon after she left:

HER: I like your paintings and your temperature… : )

ME: Good night… Miss Juicy Ear

HER: I know all you want is my perfume and my ear


Now… I was reading Riv’s Diary, and he is talking about the “Purity Fantasy.” This is in the same lines as the Virgin/Whore polemics (his thread is beyond that, but anyway…).

So it’s definitely not that I want the Virgin (even though I LOVE young, inexperienced girls). But this one has been to several sex parties, and to be straightforward here… I’m intimidated. I know the community has a lot of guys that think the ultimate pull is a stripper, etc., but that’s not me. Strippers are gross, IMHO. This girl is no stripper, but she’s dabbled in the fetish scene (I mentioned that in the notes on our 1st date). She’s also likely seeing other guys. I think she’s “moderate risk.” I’m not afraid of her experience, and I’m confident I’ll sex her properly… I just don’t want herpes. There, I said it. Herpes… fuck that. Sweet Baby Jesus, keep the herpes away!

So… been thinking about it all week. I think I’ll have sex with her despite my fears. My first legit comment on this blog is from Mr BodiPUA (thanks man!), and he accused me of pussyfooting around (with this same girl, actually). I did okay escalating on her on this date, well on track for sex next date, but he’s right… I pussyfoot.

I would have had 3X the lays I have by now (girls I’ve had in my bed, but didn’t fuck), but I am slow to close sometimes… even when she’s mine for the taking. My friend The Professor thinks my sexual non-neediness is “genius,” but it’s not a tactic for me… I’m just not that maniacal about closing unless I really feel like it. I know that doesn’t sound cool, but I don’t care. But… I want to test those boundaries more. I want to push my comfort. Plenty of girls right now…. good time to experiment. I’m not trying to just entertain girls w/ all this work. There’s sex to be had.

She texted me again today, asking me out for next weekend to go dancing. I think I’ll preempt her date, and try to see her this week instead – steal her frame again. I may be a little intimidated, but I want this girl in a dirty way, and I bet it happens soon. She’s not a daygame girl… but she’s great experience all the same. I’m running decent game here.