Tests… and Firecracker Becomes a Lover

Yesterday as I went thru my day, I had the strangest feeling. Took me a minute to figure out what is was… “Oh, I’m not horny, for a change.” Yeah, that was it. And I wasn’t horny because… because I had another round of great sex with Miss Firecracker to settle me down.

She still won’t kiss me… but even with that, she is one of the best lovers I’ve ever had at this point. She is so physically responsive. Gasping at every touch. She is multi-orgasmic. Very passionate girl with a beautiful, smooth, soft little body. An ass I could eat with a spoon. A delicious lover.

I was getting a lot of “no” from the girls in the tornado last week… including from Firecracker – who happens to be the girl I like the most. She is so sharp, so fresh, so quick, I am crushing on her pretty hard, despite all the other action and ups and downs in my life.

I hadn’t seen her for a week+, as she shut me down for a date last weekend. Saying she was exhausted from her school deadline… and that she wanted to “do nothing.” I made good use of my time with Miss NYC and Miss Sincere, time with several other girls, but I did miss her. She is my favorite right now.

As I go to set up this date, she shuts me down again… or at least properly tested me.

Here is that exchange:

NASH: Hey… Tell me when you’re free this weekend.
NASH: I want to see you.
HER: Never

I mentioned elsewhere I took the battle offline for a minute, and hit up Yohami for some advice. I told him I had a couple of ideas, one of which was to just plow over that objection, and give her the plan as if she said yes. Yohami cleaned that up some more and I took his advice.

Here’s how we came back at her:

NASH: “Never” means Friday.
NASH: Drink, dinner, chocolate.
NASH: Ummmm… Chocolate cake.
NASH: 7…

I have a tendency to “tussle.” Yohami is working to cure me of that, as it’s obviously not productive. I like this angle… no fighting, just leading toward a space that would make us both happy.

Her response was very interesting.

HER: It’s nice to hang out with you. But I feel like i am cheating on my bf
HER: Makes me can’t enjoy the chocolate cake session
HER: That’s why I can’t suck your dick.

This is not her being a pain in that ass… that is very different type of comment vs “never” above.

NASH: You’re being real with me right now… And I appreciate that.
NASH: Thank you.

I am trying to understand this “punish” vs “reward” thing. I think I am getting better at rewarding appropriately. I am also trying to use rewards to threadcut away from topics that won’t help the seduction. That’s what I was trying to do here.

NASH: Let’s meet at 7. We’ll have a good time together… We can talk more then.
HER: :)
HER: I don’t know. Being real is somehow a kind of respect

This… felt like her surrendering some. And I really appreciate this. There is no fight here… she’s being real. I alluded to all this in a previous post, but this is what I was talking about. There is some game going on in this exchange. And some romance.

HER: Okay
HER: Where.
HER: I don’t want to be late again
NASH: Okay, good.
NASH: Let me think about what might be fun to do and I’ll get back to you.

Wow. This… is nearly a best-case scenario for me. This girl has been testing me over several dates now. I have already fucked her twice, but she never makes it easy to see her again. That “never” was a test as well… one I would have failed at other times in my life. In this case… I passed, and it lead to “checkmate,” as Sensei Yohami would say.

Thank you, Yohami… for the help here. With the text, but more so with the larger aspects of seduction. I am grateful, man.

When I got a text from her later in the week I was wondering if she was canceling… but she just needed to move the date to Saturday, which was still open so that was no problem. She is graceful and sweet about it. No attitude. I was trying set something up w/ Thai girl, but she hadn’t responded, so I messaged her and told her Saturday was taken… tried to move her to Friday… but ended up moving her to Monday… which gave me time to meet/date Miss Korea on Friday… this is what spinning plates looks like.

At another time in the week, she was asking me for artistic advice. Went fine. She was cute. Felt great. I liked her more because of it.

Date night… she shows up at my house, gives me a great little hug. She marches up stairs and we say hi to the cats, drop off her stuff and I give her two choices for what we’ll do that night. She makes her choice, and we’re off across the bridge for dinner. She’s charming. We get along perfectly. She loves my plan.

Home… and we’re sober, and I’m not sure how to get her into bed. We split a shot of tequila, but that wasn’t necessary – I know that. I say, “come here,” take her by the wrist down the hall. Should have done that from the start. Push her onto the bed. She wants to wrestle, she’s done that before (right before I fucked her the second time)… it’s cute, her version of foreplay. I win. Which is exactly what she wants. Tokyo Queen used to want to do this too… they just wanted to lose a fight to a strong man before they get fucked… very animal.

We are all just simple animals.

Then we shower and… there is delicious sex for the next hour.

All her passion. Her flawless skin. I take my time. She is doing her little intense moans and gasps… she’s pliant. I’m not sure if she came from oral (who cares, that’s all for me), but she gets off again and again from my fingers. I put on a condom and fuck her how I want to – this part is for me also. I spank her, which she loves. Beautiful.

When I am more used to this girl and can fuck her hard enough and long enough… its clear she’ll come from that too. But for now, she is so delicious, I have to pause often, and fuck her slowly to keep from coming too quickly. Which is fine by me… it is amazing to fuck her, slowly, just like that. I milk it for pleasure. And come.

And we lay around, and then shower again, and then lay on the couch and fall sleep while a movie plays on TV. She stays the night, but it’s unplanned… unspoken… which is perfect. I wake up, curled around her. She had shut the TV off. I kiss her head (not her lips, right… this girl still won’t properly kiss me) and take her to bed.

It was very boyfriend/girlfriend. No… too good for that.

She was a lover that night. Maybe before she had been “a lay?” But on Saturday… she became a lover. And a very good one.

We wake up… a little too early. I leave her and get us morning drinks and snacks. When I get home, she is in the kitchen, playing w/ the cats, wearing the long yellow t-shirt I had given her, naked beneath it, with only her nerdy glasses to accessorize the shirt. She looks fucking hot.

We hang out, and chat, there’s no rush. And I tell her I am going to kick her out so I can start my day, and we go back to the bedroom to find her clothes… and I want her.

I push her down and start to molest her, but she doesn’t want sex. I’m turned on and make her touch me. And… she gives me an amazing handjob to finish off our morning.

I know I am the only one… but I love a good handjob. And she is generous about it, and loves the view. She says she is a very visual person… and getting to watch me come like that was hot for her.

She was very cute via text today… wishing me a good time on my trip to DC to see the Poet. She is excited about the big order of new stickers I placed this morning… I showed her the new ones… including the kinky ones, of the girl, legs spread, tied up in Japanese bondage. I can’t wait to have them in my hands… the Poet and I will cover DC with nonsensical, cool, artsy-sick stickers. It’ll be fun.

We end up talking about her ass a bit, and she turned it around talking about mine instead… I have a full ass for man, and she genuinely likes it.

She is a hot little lover. Fuck yeah. And so funny. The weird little karate gestures she makes with her hands to accentuates her points are… so fucking cute.

It feels on. It feels like we’ve both surrendered a bit. What a great pickup this turned out to be.

Believe me… I am not stopping here. But she is worth appreciating.

I don’t think I’ll blog about her much going fwd… I did here, mostly to showcase the text game, and to show some “lover” output from what was once a cold, street approach. It’s not just about the notch for me.

Thank you, Miss Firecracker. You’re a special girl.

Viva daygame.