Thai Girl In My Apartment, Sweet Jesus

Uhhh… she just left. I’m drunk on love-chemicals. No sex tonight, but when I say I am in daygame for experiences, this is what I’m talking about.

I picked her up on Thursday (I haven’t posted about that day, but it was a good one). I got 5 numbers that day. She was one of them.

She is… 23? 24? 25? I don’t know. I didn’t ask, she didn’t ask my age either. They never do… I love that. I don’t know what she’d do if I told her I’m 43.

She’s here studying English. She’s about 5’5″. She has… braces. I think that would probably cost her a point for most guys, but for me… is like an extra point. And she’s Thai, so she already has an extra point for being Asian… so with both those extra points… she’s a “9.” Tonight, my cock thinks she’s a “13.”

I haven’t had an orgasm in over a week, and I’m dangerously horny… doing this on purpose to make myself more aggressive, and it is working.

I texted her yesterday. I said it was nice to meet her. And that is was a beautiful day. She replied saying she was going to a birthday party. I asked if she had plans for Saturday (tonight), and she said, no plans. I told her we should meet for a drink, and if we were having fun, I would take her to dinner.

We trade texts… she responds every 3-4 hours. This morning she confirmed for 8. I have been cancelled on a lot over the last year (including for a sex date for last night), and each text from her today I was half-thinking she’d cancel. At one point, she changed the plan to 9. Cool, I said. Just don’t fucking cancel. That’s too late for dinner, I said, so eat first, and meet me at the bar at 9. Ok, she said.

She shows up… and she is skinny, creamy legs for days. Her looks is near pornographic, by my standards. She’s not that tall, but she’s so thin, that her proportions are out of this world. She’s wearing what looks like a very short skirt, but is actually this shorts-top-combo thing. I’m sure there is a name for it, but as I am a proud man, I have no idea what you call it. But when she bent over to pet my cats tonight… I could see a tiny bit of underwear between her legs… and so much skin. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I know nothing about this girl. I picked her up, and she was near the bottom of my list for girls I met that day. In classic daygame style, she shows up to the date much more attractive than she was on Thu when we met. She was 20 mins late. I took her to a bar that is 1/2 gay, 1/2 straight. Not fancy, but not divey, and one of the only bars in the city with no TVs. Great date bar. I’ve taken 1/2 my daygame dates here.

Drinks, we sit side by side. She is easy to touch. Her skin is so buttery. Cool, moist, and buttery. Almost translucent. Thin hands. She’s spunky, and is touching me a lot too. Laughing and touching me a lot. She’s not trying to milk the sexuality, but I am talking sex almost the whole time.

She had her first BF at university at 19. She had sex with the next BF, also at university. She wouldn’t tell me if the sex was good or bad. No, she has never kissed a girl (I believe her, very straight, this one). She also wouldn’t tell me how she likes to come. She kept telling me that in Thailand, they don’t talk about sex. And that she’s a conservative girl. And that I probably don’t like conservative girls. And I keep telling her, that people are the same all over the world… that of course, some Thai folks have sex quickly. We talk about how a “lover” is different than a BF. I explain “discretion” to her. Of course she knows, but I’ll play the game anyway.

I ask if she’s a good kisser. She says she doesn’t know. She’s not shy, but she’s playing “good girl” all night. She says maybe she isn’t a good kisser, because of the braces.

I am role playing what the morning will be like after she sleeps over and we have sex for the first time. About how the sex will be great and how I’ll do her again in the morning. She’s laughing, fine with this whole frame. How she’ll wake up in my bed, with the cats. How I’ll get us coffee — she likes iced lattes, I’ll have to remember that. All of this is almost exactly what I actually did w/ the Taiwanese girl, two weeks ago. I tell her she’ll be naked, but I’ll give her a tshirt to wear when I take her to the kitchen. How I’ll make her chop strawberries while I get the batter ready for pancakes. About how she’ll love breakfast… and how I’ll take her back to bed again for more sex afterwards. More laughter.

I tell her, “kiss me”… but I look toward the bar, and she gives me warm peck on the cheek. I tell her, “not bad.” She laughs. She says she can’t kiss me in front of the whole bar. I tell her that next time I see her, I’ll kiss her for sure, and probably will tonight. She’s basically accepting that frame.

So… I have 2 drinks, she has one. It’s after midnight. I say I’m going home. I tell her I’m happy to take her back to my house to have sex with her… and she laughs again. I tell her to call herself an Uber, and she gets a little more serious. I think she might be game? I can tell she doesn’t want the date to be over.

I ask if she likes cheesecake? She says yes. I ask if she wants to meet my cats, and she very much does. I tell her she can come back to my place, and that I promise I won’t try to have sex with her, but she will definitely get kissed. She says, “just kissing?” I say, “I promise I won’t put my cock inside you unless you ask for it.” She laughs. I call an Uber and we’re off.

Watching her climb into the car, I am getting a view of her body I couldn’t see as I sat next to her in the bar. She is so fucking hot. I am caught in a tsunami of horniness.

Cats meet us at the door. She’s in love. She takes off her highheels, pets the cats, and they follow us up the stairs.

She is… an immature goofball for the next 20 minutes. Running around, squealing, playing w/ the cats. They are not 100% sure of her, but they are doing a good job of winging me all the same. Thank you, cats.

Periodically, she pauses to admire my place… which is clean and ready for sex, as this daygamer likes to be prepared. She likes the place, and is impressed. It will be… fucking easy to get her back here next time. She’s ready.

Kitchen. She’s looking at the view. I kiss her. She is… a fantastic kisser. Best kiss I’ve had all year. Passionate, lots of tongue. No, I don’t notice the braces at all. She’s delicious. Wow.

More spazy teenager shit from her. I feed her some cheesecake. She thanks me after every bite. We kiss some more. She sucks on my neck.

It’s about 1 AM now. I’m tired, and I really don’t think sex is on the table. I tell her I’m going to bed, and she is welcome to stay over. I tell her I will take her clothes off, and touch her everywhere, but — again — I won’t put my cock in her unless she begs for it. She thinks about it, and declines. She wants to go home and shower. She tells me she is spending the night next time. I believe her.

I kiss her again… and kick her out.

Viva daygame. Wooo. Viva fucking daygame.