The Assistant, Kiss Close | Masculine/Feminine Polarity

Another “single serving” connection. Chinese. Tourist. I picked her up on Tuesday… after I met Miss Tease (for our 2nd episode of afternoon sex in hotel). I was only out running game because I wanted to continue my “streak.”

Let’s call her The Assistant.

She was the 5th of five girls that I approached that day. Slow walk, nice hips. Stopped easily. She had arrived in my city that day. Good chat about travel and China. Tried to close her via WeChat.

Her phone was out of juice, so she wrote down my ID… but she did add me later. Green light. Three pings later we had a daytime date set up.

Met her downtown. Got tea. Took her to the park… Right away it felt a bit “on.” She asked me lots of questions… that is very rare, in my experience. On dates… I lead almost all the conversation. We were 15 minutes into the date, it was broad daylight, but I was already touching her a lot.

Then… the art museum. I told her they will only give us free tickets (I am a member) if she is “cool enough.” I teased her that they would test her… She pinched my arm. We were heating up.

I think she was just barely into the art… more so into the date. And I wanted to kiss her right away. At this video exhibit I took her hand and played with her fingers. Pressed my palm to hers. Soft hands and strong chemistry in the dark.

Another video exhibit… She was taking my touch so well. I asked if she was wearing perfume, she said yes. I smelled her neck, she took it all. Urgent need to kiss her… So I did.

We looked at more art… But the vibe was in the air. As we left, I put us in an under-used elevator and gave her a solid, deep, proper kiss. All the lights on my dashboard were flashing… so on.

It was 6 PM. I asked, did she “want to meet my cats?” She smiled and shook her head. I took her for a drink at the fancy hotel bar. Big kiss in the elevator on the way up to the bar. Drinks on the couch, lots of touching, very close.

And she told me some stories about getting picked up:

In Vancouver once… a guy approached her at Starbucks. Told her he thought she was beautiful, wanted her “mobile number.” She gave it to him because she thought he wouldn’t go away without it. He wanted to date her. She wouldn’t do it. (Or so she said.)

Another time in Vancouver… some guy was on a date with a different Chinese girl… “but she wasn’t too pretty.” As that girl went to the “washroom,” the guy approached, said he thought she was very beautiful, wanted her number. She declined.

Yet another time in BC… a guy approached her on the street. “He ran and stopped me, just like you did.” “He said I am very beautiful and he want to take me to dinner. He wanted to date me, but I say no.”

I asked if guys in China stop her… and she said no. But then she said, “I don’t really like Chinese boys.” I asked again. She said, “they are a little shy… and when they try, I am not interested.” But of course there are daygamers in China… all countries have their share of cool men.

As she finished those stories she said, “you are very lucky,” implying she had choosen me from the crowd of suitors. I shook my head. I told her I liked her, that I was obviously having a great time with her, but that it wasn’t luck.

I told her I could tell she really liked me… that too was obvious. And that she was the lucky one… Not because I am “so cool,” but because she was so happy. And it is lucky to have this kind of experience.

She went doe-eyed. She was “all in” at the level of her heart. I told her I wanted to get her alone. That it was so difficult not to kiss her… that we needed to be alone. We were both aching for it.

She said no to my place. I said, “let’s go to your hotel.” She said I would lose control. I told her I would not… That I would kiss her, hard. That it is true, I wanted to take her clothes off, but that I would be fine… Unless we wanted to go further. I told her “you will lose control.” She agreed.

Her eyes were desperate at this point. She was having a “movie like” romance with an experienced man… And she was loving it. She said, “I want to… but I will lose control. We need to wait.” I said, “I understand.”

HER: I don’t want it come fast go fast…

As we left… I hoped that we would be alone in the elevator, and we were. I held her head and tasted her mouth. As we hit the ground floor, no one was there… I made her wait… the door closed on us and I sent us back up. Another long kiss. No one. Back down… our mouths met yet again. My cock was hard. I put her hand on it.

“Let’s go,” I said. She told me she could find her way back to her hotel on her own. I said I would walk her. She said… “can we go back to the park?” I said I’d take her to the Square.

In the Square, we sat side by side on a bench. We held hands. She was completely “floppy” (as Krauser would say). She was campaigning for me to visit Beijing (instead of Shanghai) if I go to China this year. She said… “we need to wait.” And her eyes were tortured with the want to move forward and the competing feeling that we needed to slow down.

I didn’t push at all. I didn’t need to… She was more than attracted, but she was resisting the reality of fucking a man she had only spent about three hours with in total. I walked her back to her hotel.

At the hotel, she was in a mild sexual panic. I could see her mind racing. She wanted it, badly. In between the kissing I would ask her, again, if she wanted me to come up to her room. It was a simple, confident offer. I fucked two girls in the two days before this date… I was not at all over-eager. I made my offer. And stared at her.

She led me around the corner… I wasn’t sure why. She said, “too many people can see us.” She wanted to extend our goodbye… and to kiss some more. The sun hadn’t set yet. Her tongue in my mouth. Up to her room, I asked? Her eyes were tormented by the hindbrain/forebrain conflict. This was ASD, not LMR, but result was the same.

HER: You know, when I really like someone, I don’t hope things come fast go fast. Many beautiful things last an instant. But, I hope some beautiful things are long lasting in my life.

From later ^, via WeChat. This is her… explaining ASD to a daygamer. And this is also her, positioning herself as “K selected.”

She asked if I would forget her? She pushed me again to come to Beijing. She said we had to wait until… until she could come back to my city and we could be together again.

I kissed her again. She went inside.

This ^ is from a different girl… a Japanese tourist from two weeks ago. Also “single serving.” Also… great connection. Sexy, comfortable, romantic… all this in the space of a few hours. How does it happen so fast? So easily? So often?

With The Assistant… here it was again. Nearly desperately strong connection (from a dead start) between… complete strangers. We had one drink on this date, but we were locked on each other before the alcohol hit our lips. How does it happen like this… So intense, so fast?

It’s me… that is part of it, of course… it’s what I’ve worked to learn… it’s all the dates, all the practice. It’s the art of charm. It’s game. It’s learning how to be the masculine version of “geisha.” To use our skill to please girl after girl. For her pleasure… and most certainly for our own.

But more so… it’s the masculine/feminine dance. My ever-increasing experience might explain why she hooks… But does not explain why I hook in these moments. I hook… because I am playing my role well, and the rhythm of the dance is intoxicating. That is all masculine/feminine polarity.

That dance… is greater than the dancers themselves. And the power of masculine/feminine polarity is the best explanation I have for how I could wander into a date, on a week when I am exhausted, and yet… BOOM, connection. When the opportunities are there… this happens again and again.

Viva Daygame.

PS: And for the record… I did three approaches before this date… which means 53 Days of Game in a row.