TYO: A Day In The Life Of A Daygamer | Lay Report +1 Tokyo

I woke up on a Saturday morning in Tokyo with not quite enough sleep. While it was morning for me, it was late Friday afternoon California time and I was up early for a quick call with a business associate back at home. I was looking forward to a lunch date (2nd date) with a new daygame girl. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I would have yet another date with a different girl that night. And somewhere in the midst of an intense and moody midnight, with the sounds of trains running in the background, I would fuck that second one… and have my first new daygame lay of the year.

Of the two girls I mentioned above, let’s start with the second one. We’ll call her Miss Serious.

I met her almost a year ago. On daygame trips like this one, I take notes for almost every set, and in this case, I have my notes from last year:

“*5. MISS SERIOUS, athletic, tall, great ass, LINE.”
— Nash’s notes, Feb15, 2018

I think she was 21-22 when I met her. I’m not certain. Maybe she is 22 or 23 now? I don’t know. I never asked.

From last year:

NASH: Can you ask what? : ]
MISS SERIOUS: Y did you said hi to me?
NASH: Now? Or the first time?
NASH: First time… I think I told you that I noticed you
NASH: That you had a great walk
MISS SERIOUS: U r always talked to girls?
MISS SERIOUS: I am actual have a boyfriend
NASH: Okay, I hear you

There ^ are some early messages from when I met her, almost exactly a year ago. She gives me two shit-tests in that exchange, but she is playing along.

But I did get her out on a date. It wasn’t easy. She gave me a few “maybes,” but each time backed off, saying she had to work, etc. Eventually I baited her with an invitation to “a cool art event”… and she was interested.

I remember that day well. I was in a ridiculous Girl Tornado at the time (so much daygame, so many leads, so many dates… fucked a lot of girls on that trip). I had baited about 20 girls with the same event invitation. I kept it mysterious. I sent the canned message to all my fresh leads, and many stale ones, and I got several girls nibbling at my tease.

I don’t do this kind of thing often (tease multiple girls for the same night), but I was in a moment of tremendous game that week and was doing things I wouldn’t normally do…. the mass-baiting was just such an example.

Of all the girls that stepped forward… Miss Serious was the hottest. I blew off a couple of other strong takers and committed to the shallow desirability of this girl.

She showed up for the date and she looked hot, but the vibe was cold. She is kind of cold girl (on the outside), but a fantastic looking one.

He hair is short, almost 80’s style, but luxe and beautiful. She wore a mix of black and purple, with a fur-lined coat of some kind. Not super high-end, but glamorous and young and I was proud of the action I had stirred up. It was time for me to take this girl on an adventure for the night.

The event was totally cool, but as she wasn’t the most charming date and I wasn’t having a particularly good time. She was a bit aloof. I ran a colder version of game than I normally would (I like romance, but not on this night), as I tried keep the seduction balanced. She was happy to drink and killed two cocktails pretty fast. I wanted to isolate her, so I took her across the street to a really great lounge. We had another drink.

This is the same girl that told me early on she had a boyfriend, right? But despite that, she let me lead her around and isolate her in a lounge. I did what a man like me does in a situation like that and I kissed her. Several times. None of the kisses were that hot… but she took them.

She wouldn’t come home with me… I tried. But I was spinning more plates than a dishwasher so I sent her off in a cab and didn’t look back.

In the final days before I wrapped up that trip I tried again:

HER: Nash hi there
HER: I can’t meet u as a date
HER: You know I have BF
HER: I felt like a sorry for him


NASH: Hey, I hear you
NASH: I don’t want to keep you two apart
NASH: But I would like to see you
NASH: I had a very strong feeling when I was with you
HER: Just hang out is fine
NASH: It is hard for me to promise
NASH: And I think you want to see me to
NASH: Tonight… late dinner
HER: …

That “…” was her last message. That was how we left it. And I didn’t talk to her at all once I was back in America.

As it was, 15 minutes after that conversation above, I pulled a girl off the street for a SDL (my 2nd of my life). I never wrote about it. But that was where I was at in game when I met Miss Serious.

Now for a little more background on the other girl in this story… a bright-eyed, little Chinese girl I met about 10 days ago. We’ll call her Miss Compliant.

She is not totally compliant, actually… but she likes me. She is a very lovely girl and (unlike Miss Serious) she isn’t gamey at all. I don’t think she has dated many men like me, so everything with her is relatively easy in terms of getting us pointed in the right direction. It isn’t always like this… she is a type of “yes” girl.

And in this way, you could see how she would provide amazing contrast to Miss Serious. To date them both in the same day was to truly taste from both ends of the rainbow of girls’ psychologies.

I mentioned she is Chinese. While I have been into Asian girls for a long time, it started with Japanese and Korean girls. In my home city we have all these Chinese tourists and students. As I got into daygame, I was approaching them… even if the vibe from China was alien to my experience.

I showed my initial willingness to try to game Chinese girls a long time ago. Since then, I have fucked a lot girls from China and I have learned to really love them.

I find myself missing Chinese girls when I am away from home. I open almost every Chinese girl I can find in Japan (assuming she gives me a rumble in my trousers). My first lead of this trip was a tall Chinese tourist. And my single favorite approach of the year was a singing teacher from Shanghai I opened last week (she was a beautiful, charming, interesting one). I fucked Miss Surprise last year while I was in Tokyo. And on this trip, I have dated a Chinese art girl twice already (I picked her up two trips ago), kissed her, but can’t get her back to my place (who knows if I will ever get to fuck that girl).

Miss Compliant is the latest good fit in my now well established habit of picking up Chinese girls in Japan.

Here are the notes from my log:

“*6. Miss Compliant, from Chonqing. Glasses. Eng is not bad. Studies Japanese. Works on Wed and Fri. Very good conversation. Great lips. WeChat.”
— Nash’s notes, Jan31, 2019

She was wearing glasses when I met her, and telling her she looked cute in those glasses was my opening line. She was a mix of shocked and interested. She is here learning Japanese, but she also speaks pretty good English. She has a funny habit of looking up and to the left as she translates in her head… which I initially took as her not really engaging with me.

But the pickup went well and as the notes say, I took her contact info. She was unguarded and sweet to message with online. We set up a date for tea after she finished language school one day… that was last week.

She showed up for the date dressed exactly like the Chinese girls from back at home (almost identical to how Miss Thick would dress). She was conservative, but a bit fancy. Covered from neck to wrist to ankle, not a drop of skin showing, with an understated Burberry handbag.

The date was… fantastic. Simple… but wonderful.

She is introverted, but funny and very smart. And we got along well as I pushed her as much as I could in a sexual direction. She blushed and defended herself with grace.

She was a nice girl having a fun time with a dangerous man.

Toward the end of the date I asked if she wanted to see my apartment and (to my surprise) she agreed. I walked her there, but she gave me a firm “no” when I tried to sweep her inside. She blushed again with the thought of it. And she looked beautiful, in a slightly nerdy way, as the wind tussled her hair and the afternoon sun lit up the pinkness of her cheeks.

I liked her. I like her. She is a great girl.

I made a light pass at kissing her as we continued our walk away from my place. She declined but it wound her up in excitement all over again. She was adorable.

I walked her to the train. And I was very much looking forward to our next date.

A momentary diversion:

When I arrived in Tokyo this time, I didn’t ping any of my old leads at first. I may post someday about my overarching texting strategy, but for now I will say a wise player knows that action works best when he already has action.

It’s the Mathew Effect (a very hot concept).

If I showed up, pinged all my leads, and nothing came of it (which happens when you are not “warmed up”)… I would have burned those leads and I would have started my trip off on a downward slope. I didn’t want that to happen… so I waited to contact those girls.

Your game (which does come through in the “confidence” behind even simple ping texts) is based in part on your serotonin levels (I learned this from JBP’s Lobster/Hierarchy Theory). If you’re needy, or unsure, it’ll show in your texts. That’ll equate to lower/no response rate from the girls. That is “negative feedback” and it will deplete your serotonin. Lower serotonin would then make you less likely to want to approach, and less successful when you do. Any additional rejection will sap your serotonin again. Downward spiral.

While some measure of rejection is unavoidable, you can manage the potential if you understand this serotonin process. Internalizing all this was a big win for me in 2018 – both analytically and in terms of managing my vibe.

I intentionally sat on my old leads when I arrived in Tokyo.

My plan was hit the street and start from scratch. If you’re a solid daygamer, “number farming” and talking to girls is bread and butter to your game. I would hunt, battle through any rustiness, find my feet. I’d start dumping leads into my date funnel, and wait to see things spiral up. I have done this enough that I know (unless the Gods are testing me, which they sometimes do) it will happen if I worked hard enough.

So that is what I did.

My game didn’t take off right away, but soon I was in the groove, and I had several days in a row where I took two to four leads per day. My phone was starting to buzz with replies. I was replacing leads faster than they could flake or flitter way (this is key) and I was spiraling up based on competency and work rate. And… the primitive “lobster-like animal” in me could feel it… serotonin started coming up as well.

I started to have the sense of entitlement that a lobster man at the top of a (sexual) hierarchy will naturally feel (based on all that positive feedback from the environment). And a sense of entitlement… is very, very good for your vibe (and by extension, your game).

I was kicking ass on the street, taking leads and dating. My serotonin/vibe/game was rising with each new bit of positive feedback, and I was ready to run better game on those leads. This is part of how you manufacture “Top Guy” results – you play, when you have the best chance of winning. I have more and more of this figured out.

It was time to wake up some of those old, sleepy leads. The elevated serotonin that comes with success… leads to more success.

“For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.”
— The Matthew Effect

Once you “hath” girls… ye shall have more abundance. We see this in the sexual marketplace (and the rest of life – “it takes money to make money”) all the time. And it is fascinating to me that “truism” goes back to the Bible and beyond. I was putting this into practice in game. It’s a highly relevant concept.

As for the leads… a few got back to me right away.

One of those old leads from last year’s list of girls was Miss Serious. I gave her a very light ping, asking if she was still in Tokyo.

MISS SERIOUS: I am living in Tokyo

There ^ was some interest and excitement. I got into a thread with her. While it had a fun, friendly start, she quickly returned to a similar flavor of “difficult” that she showed last year.

MISS SERIOUS: You looking for something casual right?

This came out of nowhere. I was flirting with her, calling her “spicy,” but that was it. Nothing explicit.

NASH: If you mean sexually… I don’t think sex is casual.

I’m playing with words here, but in a way I mean that very much. More and more so. I am a player, I’m non-monogamous, but I am rarely looking to be “one and done”… I like to connect with the girls I am having sex with.


NASH: You’re thinking of seeing me.
NASH: Good
NASH: I would like to see you again
MISS SERIOUS: I am not looking for that
NASH: If we see each other again… it won’t be casual
NASH: It will be deep

More playing with words… but again, I mean it. And I make myself clear in the next line:

NASH: I can’t be your boyfriend, I don’t live in Japan
NASH: But we can spend some time. See if we like it.

Yes, I am running game here, but it is true: I do want “depth” even in my “casual” relationships. I say it explicitly here on this blog and with the girls. And I was clear this is not a boyfriend/resources/long-term thing. She knows I am a lover or I am nothing. Those are my terms.

Meanwhile I wasn’t overly focused on her… I dated five girls that week, seven or eight since I started winding up my game. I was interested in this one, but very diversified in terms of my face-time with the girls on the street and on dates.

Here she is coming back for more:

MISS SERIOUS: But I don’t need long distance relationship…
NASH: I am not offering you a long distance relationship
NASH: I am offering you dinner
NASH: Come have dinner
NASH: We’ll smile and talk
MISS SERIOUS: Let me think

She tested me in the first section (“I have a boyfriend”) and here now we have several more tests from her (“casual sex,” “long distance relationship”). The pattern seems clear.

But what is she really saying? What does she really want? My wing Sundance and I have been chatting about this theme via WhatsApp this week.

Tests can be seen on at least two “levels.” There is the content of the test (“HER: how old are you?”). And the underlying frame (“he is older than me, let’s see how he behaves if I challenge him about his age”). The test operate at both levels. I am working on getting better at both, but it’s the latter – the underlying frame – that really intrigues me at this stage of my game.

With Miss Serious, what was happening over and over, was she was seeing me come back confident and strong. I never backed down. This was a chance to demonstrate my strength and solidity as a man.

If she needed me to address the content of her comments, I could do that (quickly and cleverly). But if WHAT SHE REALLY WANTED was to be with a strong man, I was doing that as well… and that was really a much more important demonstration.

After a little more dialog, she had one more test for me:

NASH: I want to see you… Interesting Girl
MISS SERIOUS: I don’t like you call me girl

More trouble here. More tussle and “puzzles.”

This particular challenge is a popular Leftist meme in the West… feminist-type rhetoric about calling a woman a “girl.” So boring. I get into this rather often, so I am more than ready with the content of this test. And much more so… I want to go “up a level” and address what I think is really going on with her.

NASH: I hope I always make women feel like girls
NASH: That is a gift a strong man can give to a woman

There was more to my response than, but that is the gist of it. I have reframed the hell out of her challenge (implying women like to feel like girls). And I have framed myself (in a crude, but very effective way) as a “strong man.” This was something I did over and over in China. Seems simple (and a bit cheesy), but I am finding it to be a killer frame for the relationship. Archetypically powerful.

And then, I pushed it further… I wanted her in or out (in part to ensure I don’t waste a lot of time with a ultimately reluctant girl). Again, I drew on the REFERENCE EXPERIENCES from my time with Baby Dragon (and Pixie Girl) from my Shanghai trip.

NASH: You see this as a fight, when it’s really a dance
NASH: Can you only “fight?” And say “no?”
NASH: Is that all of you?
NASH: Not enough.
NASH: Can you dance as well as fight?
NASH: I think you can
NASH: The most interesting girls are not only spicy

Lots of push/pull ^ here.

I took a breath and then finished with my closing arguments.

NASH: But it is hard for you to trust a man
NASH: If you can relax a little…
NASH: I invite you again for a lovely dinner
NASH: Food and conversation
NASH: Come join me

I don’t know if this kind of exchange is entertaining or helpful to include in these stories… but this is essential to my game right now. This is everything I want to be doing in game.

That is a big speech to give a girl. If you’re a “less is more” guy you’ll think this is too much. From the standpoint of what I call Octopus Game, this is enveloping and powerful, it fits my style, and it has been working for me. I am “sexy Daddy” here, giving her a stern talking to, but from a place of love.

We have more to go with details here… but I have already said how this story ends. Despite all of her objections… I fuck this girl. And I am quite convinced this speech was the a key element in breaking her resistance.

More about Miss Serious in a minute.

Now we are back to the same “Saturday” where we started out on this post. As I woke up that day, I was about to have my second date with Miss Compliant.

We met at 12:30 as a light snow fell in the neighborhood by my house. She looked… cute.

She is a seven. Guys that don’t like Asian girls (or read her as too nerdy and “straight”) might call her a high six. But I love this girl. Great smile. Beautiful lips. Very nice skin. Here hair is just past her shoulders, but when it moves she almost goes up a point. She is conservative and feminine… in a modest, very pleasant way.

She is one of my favorite types… perfect for me.

We shared a satsuma on our way to lunch (I peeled it as we walked, handing her slices). Along the way, I would yank on the sleeve of her jacket. We’d joke. She’d smile.

Lunch was delicious. We sat side by side. And we talked about sex (of course). And for the second time, I asked her about her experience. The first time, she wouldn’t tell me (told me it was a secret). The second time, I assumed I knew why…

Yes… she is a virgin. Or so she says. Yes, I know I seem to date an awfully high percentage of virgins (more on that some other time).

After lunch, I took her to grab one of my favorite candy bars from Family Mart. I peeled the packaging back and fed it to her. And then… I pulled her back to my place.

And she was visibly alarmed by the idea. In a giddy, excited, inexperienced way… but genuinely alarmed. And she should be… as I have told her over and over… I am a “little bit dangerous.” She was big-eyed and on alert. “Oh, oh, oh!” No attempt to look cool… she is such a sincere girl.

But she came in. And I hammed up her safety, showed her how to work the door (so she could escape), I stood with my back to the wall (giving her a chance to run). She got the joke.

I made us some tea, we had a bit of chocolate, I put on some music and then… I started to escalate.

There I was, with another (real or imagined) “virgin” with me, on a date, dead sober, back in my place, giving her some Octopus physicality. I was loving it. It was a lot for her, but she was loving it too.

I still want notches, but increasingly… I want to play with LMR, and coax girls into “opening” up for me. It’s all the same stuff sexually, but pacing and leading her in a more expert way. It’s watching her facial expression and body language, noticing when she is “tight” and “closed,” communicating with her about all this, and using various benevolent techniques to open her before I proceed.

Perhaps most of all, I open up first. I want her to feel me at that level, moving along as slowly as I need to, letting her know I am feeling her… make sure she can see it… then she’ll open up too. This is my theory, anyway.

It was a beautiful afternoon with this girl. We made out a bunch. She wouldn’t let me drag her to my bed (“not today!!!”), but we moved this girl deeper into her own sexuality in a way that made me proud. Even if they are very different girls, I am playing her almost exactly like I played Baby Dragon (which was a “uuuuge” set of reference experiences for me).

She was nervous, but also high self-esteem. She is comfortable saying no (in a charming way), so it was a “high school” makeout that afternoon, nothing more. But as she and I are “moving forward and having fun,” I have every reason to want to see where this goes.

I can lead her into sexuality. I will escalate as quickly as she can “open” herself to me. This is my new standard for LMR… and I have never felt more clean and comfortable with this process.

Beautiful day. She is fantastic. Time with her was an incredibly high-quality experience.

Back to Miss Serious:

In the middle of lunch with Miss Compliant, I got a Line message from Miss Serious:

MISS SERIOUS: Let’s meet tonight

I was running enough game, with enough girls, that I had forgotten about seeing her… so her message was a pleasant surprise.

And after all that push back… all that “I don’t want anything casual” and all the other tests… she was a “yes.” And she was opting for the earliest possible timeline… she wanted to see me “tonight.”

NASH: Okay. Cool.
NASH: How about 20:30 in Omotesando
NASH: I’ll take us to dinner
NASH: Cool
NASH: [Link to a meeting spot]
NASH: Let’s meet here

And it was on.

After I walked Miss Compliant to her train, I went home and cleaned up a little. I washed my hands and face, and I applied some cologne… the earlier makeout had me smelling like Miss Compliant’s lotion and the unique scent of her skin.

Miss Serious was right on time. As I walked up to her, she met me with a “serious” look. A cold look… the kind a “hot girl” would give you… but mixed with 10% “Bambi” eyes (there was some excitement in seeing me). She was at least a little bit into me, but it was well camouflaged and she was mostly stern and practiced. That is her way.

I knew to expect this, so I played up the masculine confidence. I led her to dinner, taking her umbrella from her and holding it over us as we walked. I joked with her. Bumped her with my hips. Teased her about some of the things she had tested me on over text.

She was giving me moments of softness in her eyes. She has a nice smile when she’s not being tough.

I took her to the same restaurant I had taken Miss Complaint seven hours earlier. And the same hostess sat us down. She knows I want to sit side-by-side, so she gave me a perfect table (for the second time that day). The same waitress as earlier in the day brought us the menus.

And Miss Serious was… “serious.” I can make this girl laugh. And I did, quite a bit. I did the same things I do with other girls… and it works in the same way. But it takes a tighter frame with this one. She plays it cool. I was ready for all that.

And I brought up my response to her last big shittest from the message we sent before this date:

NASH: But it is hard for you to trust a man

And she agreed.

And I talked about the same stuff I always talk about with girls, about the man I want to be, and about watching to see “if she is open,” and how I know that when I do my job well, she will have reason to feel safe with me. And she fell right into that. She should. I’m sincere.

The things I say to girls and my goals as a man are almost identical.

Like our first date, she drank a lot… three cocktails to my one and a half. She ordered her third while I was in the bathroom (which was weird). She drinks more than most girls I date. I couldn’t see any signs of the alcohol in her, but she may have an issue here. It is a type of red flag.

The dinner was solid. I felt cool. She was pretty. Serious, but pretty. And also like Baby Dragon, she was softening up her “tough outer shell” and showing me a little more surrender as I applied the charm and the leadership. It was good progress.

I paid the bill when she was in the bathroom. When she came back to the table I said “let’s go” and I helped he with her coat. We walked out.

I kissed on the escalator back down to the street. It was brief, and not enthusiastic, but she took it. I told her, “I’m going home to eat strawberries… come with me.” She said she had to work early and seemed cold and matter of fact about it. I was fine with this. I walked her to station, stopped, told her it was good to see her, and let her cross the intersection by herself.

I ended the date a little abruptly on purpose, but at the time, I felt like a flinched a bit. I wasn’t surprised at all that she wouldn’t come back, I wasn’t needy, but I noted that I would have liked to have felt “cooler” in that moment.

In the bigger picture, I wasn’t much worried at all. I am the train station… she is another train… passing through my life. Maybe she’ll stop. Maybe she won’t. I am the center, either way… and there will be other trains.

I walked home very pleased about my day.

But when I got home a few minutes later… I had a bunch of texts from her:

MISS SERIOUS: If you want you can visit my home

I didn’t see this… so three minutes later she sent:

MISS SERIOUS: But anyway it’s ok I’ll take a train
MISS SERIOUS: Never mind

Look at that. She had invited me over.

As I saw these I was feeling a bit of my second whiskey… and as she had one drink more than me, I wondered how drunk she was as she made this offer? Was she sober enough to be a good date for the night? Would she fall asleep when I was halfway to her place? I didn’t know her well enough to know.

But I am a bachelor. And bachelors should take some risks. So I agreed.

NASH: Okay… I’ll come
MISS SERIOUS: I can’t sex tonight
MISS SERIOUS: Today is become period
MISS SERIOUS: I told u honestly
NASH: Okay
NASH: If you want company
NASH: I’ll come spend time with you

Who knows how serious she was, or if she was even really on her period. I didn’t care. If she wasn’t ready for sex, we’d makeout and escalate, and that would set us up for sex in a few days.

I left my place and took a very expensive taxi half-way across Tokyo. It magically dropped me off right on her doorstep. She texted that minute with her apartment number. Smooth as pie. She buzzed me in… and I was inside.

Her place was messy… she said it was because she was lazy. She didn’t greet me with much enthusiasm. She was buzzing around her tiny place, bright lights on, terrible American reality TV playing, while she attempted to put her room into order.

Despite my initial impressions of this “hot girl” with this “glamorous” exterior and a tough outer shell… she was just another messy girl. With a bunch of girly junk in her place. A little mermaid doll on one shelf… a stuffed monkey in her messy bed.

I was comfortable, but less certain than normal about how to lead. This wasn’t my place and it wasn’t my plan. I never expect a girl to lead, but she didn’t seem excited to have me there. I sat on her bed and let her settle down.

Eventually she had the place somewhat straightened and she joined me on the bed. I let a moment or two pass.. and then I started escalating. I pulled her down on her back and kissed her. She was emotionally flat about it. Not resisting at all, but not getting into it. It was like kissing a dead body. I calibrated as best I could. Chatted. She shifted some of her attention back to her inane TV show.

It was a strange start, but she had work pretty early the next morning and I knew she would sleep soon. If she didn’t want to makeout, I would sleep next to her… and I am experienced enough to know that having our bodies that close would have an effect on us… and it did. I almost nodded off to sleep at one point… still fully dressed, with her in pajamas, still cold and serious… but I could feel her stirring. I put my arms around her and she rolled over toward me.

To pause here: I haven’t been in this position in a very long time. I know very well how to put the moves on a girl, but she was almost non-reactive. I kissed her neck… nothing. I wasn’t sure how drunk she was, and she is a “different kind of girl” than I am used to. The whole experience was so strange, but I was happy to ride it out.

It reminded me of doing drugs with girls when I was in college and had relatively little game. In those days we would trip and lie next to each other in a surreal space. Sometimes we would make out. This time in her place was almost exactly like that.

But as we lay there, she would “twitch” toward me and I could feel her warming up. I could feel her “need” of something. I tried to kiss her a bit, but more of that non-enthusiastic nothing from her.

So I held her. And breathed with her, matching her pace. And I gripped her, and pulled her in. And she leaned into it. She seemed to respond well to being held very tight.

Perhaps this is an example of what Yohami means when he says “swing your dick” and “give her more of what he wants,” and “less of what she doesn’t want.” It was very weird, but I can handle myself. And lead, even when she gives me very little feedback. I was trying things. And leading. And seeing where I got the best response. This is what I did with her.

No neediness. No expectation. I held the space.

But then, she turned a corner. And her hips would “inch” at me. And she was wrapping her legs around me. So I gave her more. And I got up, took my shirt off. And then hers. Chest to chest. I sucked her nipples (also, not much of a reaction). More of that tight grip. More controlling her body.

I think this girl does need to be “held.” Both physically and psychologically. So I did that. She is a sexy girl, but under that cold exterior, she needs care. Maybe. It seemed that way.

And while I could feel her getting turned on, I could also feel that she was wearing a pad – she really was on her period. And I wasn’t sure what being turned on would do to her given the circumstances. I am never overly eager for period sex (not my favorite thing at all)… but it was heading that way.

She was on top of me now, grinding into me, and then she said it:

MISS SERIOUS: I want to fuck

Despite the weird lack of passion earlier, she was now turned on. Maybe the physical comfort shook something loose in her… as now she wanted it. Time to get messy.

I took her pajamas pants off and walked across the room to get a condom from the pocket of my coat. She got all her period gear out of the way. It took me a bit to get my cock hard (I really wasn’t that turned on, the night was more strange than sexy thus far) but I stoked myself hard while I leaned over her, slipped on one of the world’s best condoms and…

+1 daygame.

And to my surprise… the sex was incredibly good.

Not the best I’ve had, but really, really good sex. She was much more connected to me once my cock was inside her. She looked me right in the eyes. She was more relaxed. Smiled more. And she could suddenly really kiss me back. Her tongue was as much in my mouth as in her own. And it was hot. And I fucked her for a while… a little reluctant to switch positions so I wouldn’t have to see the horror show of period sex… but it was great. I came inside her. And she was still “there,” “available” to me (even after I had come)… the sweetest I’d ever seen her.

Can’t say I have ever had a sexual experience quite like that one.

I rinsed the blood off my cock and balls at her bathroom sink (it wasn’t that bad) while she showered. And we got back in bed. And we slept super close, all night. She was a bit restless and always reaching for more of me. Not really “loving on me” as much as holding on.

It was easy to be with her. It was “deep”… after all. I told you it wouldn’t be “causal.”

And it was very intense. It was a very intense night.

I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I slept terrible. Her and I, in a twin bed. Her weird girly blankets barely covering me. She had put all her pajamas back on. Trains running in the background (close enough to her apartment I could feel them as much as hear them). She is one of those girls that wants to be close, but will pull her arms and legs up against you so she is all “knees and elbows.”

It was weird… I would rather have been in my bed, in my awesome apartment… but I was glad for this strange time with her, in her messy place.

As the sun rose, she inched even closer. Moving her hips into me. I forced her off my chest and onto her side, made her assume the position of “little spoon.” And I reached around and pushed my hand up under her shirt and grabbed one of her boobs. I gripped her tight, in that style she seems to like… and I tried to get a bit more sleep. It wasn’t happening. She was pushing her full, soft ass into me… her sexuality waking up again. So after a bit, I molested her one last time, and whispered in her ear that I would go. I didn’t especially want a morning session nor a second run at period sex.

As I got dressed and prepared to leave… she never said a word.

I kissed her again, thanked her, and I let myself out into the cold Tokyo air for the “walk of shame” in the early morning hours. I grabbed some juice and a snack from a nearby 7-Eleven. I found a train back to Shibuya. And I was on my way home after an amazing experience.

Totally wild night.

So that… is a day in the life of a daygamer. These are my thoughts and themes as I work toward some level of mastery in seduction.

I really want to get good at this. What an amazing adventure.

And as I compare those two girls:

The two dates were from the same day. That long makeout with the nervous, conservative Chinese virgin. A small break as the sun went down. Then a second date with a testy, not-so-conservative hot Japanese girl. Baby steps toward sex with a girl with very little experience in the afternoon. Taking the notch from a bleeding girl in a strange Tokyo apartment that night.

All one day.

(I wrote this ^ a few days before the events in this story.)

These girls are so different. And notice the differences in tone in the way I write about Miss Compliant vs Miss Serious.

I am very interested in Miss Serious, and the sex was fantastic, but I am so much more joyful about Miss Compliant. Not because she is a virgin, but because she is a such a clean, lovable little spirit. In a head-to-head “taste test,” I like Miss Compliant more. She is a more lovely girl all around. Even though she is not as hot, she is a better experience (for many reasons).

But as I hope you can tell, I really enjoyed the experience with both girls. And both of them share that they need to be led. They both gave me opportunities to probe into their lives, to feel out their psychologies, and to meet them where they are… and then drag them forward into romance and seduction.

What a beautiful game.

I like the time on the street, the pickup, the hunt. But the experience only gets better for me as I get deeper in their lives, their soft bodies, their tender souls. Such a privilege to know girls in this way. To “take them deeper than they can take themselves.”

And yeah… I’m exhausted. I didn’t sleep enough. And all this work, “carrying the girls” through each step, burns a lot of emotional and psychological calories.

Tonight I will have dinner alone. And a beer (I found a place with a really good, creamy IPA). And I’ll proof read this story one more time. And sleep. And dream of sex, words and sidewalk.

May we have good experiences. May we give the girls good experiences.

Viva daygame.