TYO: Final Stats from my Tokyo Daygame Trip

Here are my final stats from my Tokyo daygame trip from earlier this year, 2017.

It took me forever to write this post. Wow. I don’t know why, but I just wouldn’t do the work I needed to get this done… tons of resistance to doing this final post. I had to comb through all my notes, and there were a lot of notes (preview: 23 days of approaching and 386 girls). Had to get everything in a spreadsheet so I could count and sort, put things into “piles.” Tally it all up.

I was right. It was a lot of work. But it’s done.

“On my way to lunch, short, beautiful, Raven hair, precious. Quiet, almost tranquilized. She couldn’t understand and was looking unenthused. I let her go.”
— 1st approach of the trip, Jan 10, 2017

^ Not a great set, but this is an example from my notes. She was my first approach of the trip. I’ll sample those notes throughout this post.

And now that this post is written… I have to say, it was really fun to go through the notes. God, that was an awesome time. When I’m old(er) and crusty, memories of that trip will be part of the truth that I really “lived.” It was a “one of kind” trip for me, but one I hope to repeat surpass next year.

My 2017 trip was a full “peg up” from my previous daygame experience in Japan in 2015. And it marked a turning point in my game… as I continued the trend of progress from the Fall, graduated out of “beginner” class, and earned the experience to set me up for the “intermediate” stage of my journey.

“Big IOI, so I opened. She loved it. Made her shake my hand and she held it forever… English was not good. She was a great set to show me girls like it here too. I felt very at home.”
— 2nd set of the trip, Jan 10, 2017

Let’s get into it.

First… a summary of the overall numbers (the TL/DR version), and then I’ll go into more detail.

— Days Out Approaching: 23 days
— Total Approaches: 386 girls
— Blowouts: 116 girls
— No English: 68 girls
— Leads: 66 girls
— Approaches per Day: 16.8
— Gutter Game Approaches: 15 girls
— Dates (individual girls): 9 girls
— Boyfriends/Husbands: 8 total, in all those approaches
— iDates: 8 girls
— Girls in my Bed: 5 total
— Lays: 3 girls

Raw numbers. We’ve seen Krauser keep stats like this. And Roy Walker is doing this kind of accounting on his current Euro trip. I did it before for my last trip. It’s a very “male” phenomenon to count and analyze like this.

Sometimes it was about my goals and my numbers. Sometimes, it was about the experience:

“Kyoko, cute, funky teeth, so fun. No English, chattering at me in Japanese. Rode the train together. Line close. Held hands. I kissed her. She wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of anything.”
— 1st approach of the day, Jan 17, 2017

Now, let’s break it down a little more… line by line.

== Days Out Approaching: 23 days

I was in Japan for about 39 days, exclusively in Tokyo. I approached something like 23 of those days.

I had two serious colds while I was there, including my first week, and then again on the 3rd week. That sucked. My initial plan was to start gaming my 2nd day in the country (after my first night’s rest)… but I couldn’t game at all for several days, I was a snotty, coughing mess, and had a fever. And then, I got knocked down by another serious cold just as I started to build momentum. I was coughing the entire trip. Even went to the hospital (going to hospital was one my favorite parts of the trip, interesting experience) to see if I could put that last cold to bed… they gave me an inhaler, and that helped, but I was still coughing as of my last night and into my first week back home.

When I was healthy, it was super fun to approach. I loved it. It wasn’t work. I would have done even more, but I did maintain my client workload while I was there… so I had to work some of the time. In addition to breaking all kinds of personal records in terms of girls and game, I took care of my clients, did some good work, and earned a proper living during those weeks.

But the girls were a real distraction from everything else…

== Total Approaches: 386 girls

These are the ones I took notes on… but I took notes on almost all of them. Unless I was out with Stealth or Root, I took notes on almost every one. These stats should be pretty accurate.

I have a writing app on my phone, and I would enter them into a new “sheet” each day I would go out. I would stop about every 3 girls to enter the notes… too many girls, and too many per day, to try to hold them in my head.

“…where every third girl was fuckable…”
— Krauser

I used that snippit from Krauser’s book Adventure Sex in my first post from that trip… and that line was in my head all the time.

It’s true. In the right part of town, I could be into almost one in three girls on the street. So many girls to hit on, at times, it was hard to pick one. My head would literally spin as they passed me on the sidewalk. Sometimes I had trouble singling one out from crowd… there were so many delicious girls.

“I talked to 19 cute girls on my third day out. That was a personal record (which I have since beat). It was pretty effortless. This is a ‘target rich’ location for a man with my tastes. Some very ripe sets with very special girls.”
— Nash, from my first post in Tokyo on this trip

Turns out there is a word for daygame in Japan — “nanpa.” And nanpa is actually more common in Japan than here, I’m told. It’s not that weird to approach during the day, maybe less weird than back in the States. And there were a lot of other guys out running nanpa. I met some very cool guys and saw some decent game going on around me.

Make no mistake about Japanese men and their game… it felt like the big leagues. Just like “girls are the same everywhere,” the same logic applies… Players are the same everywhere.

At 386 girls… I got my nanpa on, no doubt about that.

== Blowouts: 116 girls

I got blown out a lot. Like, 116 times. Win some… lose some.

Here are some of the notes I wrote about blowouts.

“1. Dead sexy. Full blowout.
7. Very fine girl, gentle blowout.
17. Short hair, great lips, proper blowout
11. Stopped, wasn’t into it, polite blowout
16. Blowout, juicebox
7. Teenage midget, cold blowout
19. Blueberry girl, super harsh blowout
21. Smile, blowout
12. Harsh blowout
18. Full blowout”
— From my notes, various days

Every flavor of blowout. All you can eat blowouts. Two-for-one blowouts for gaijin.

I coined the phrase “blowout artist” while I was there. BOA. I was a BOA in Japan. The best that’s ever lived!

I also had some of the best interactions of my life… but more on that later. For now… this was part of the story. Part of the “wholeness” of being a street seducer is getting rejected. Getting blown out. It’s all part of the game.

== No English: 68 girls

International players will always ask “do you have to know the language?” The answer is no. It’s always fucking “no.” You do NOT need to speak the local language. Even to date. And even to have sex. Two of the girls I had sex with could barely speak English.

“I do all my approaches in English.”
Tom Torerro talking about daygame in Japan

(^ That talk from Tom is really good, I recommend it.)

You do run into a lot of girls that don’t speak any English at all:

“4. Cute girl, hip style, no English.
5. More mature girl, no English.
6. Office girl, slow walk, no English.
7. Red heels, bow in her hair, no English.”
— From my notes, Jan 16, 2017

Here ^ is a sample of girls from one day, all in a row… that didn’t speak English. The language barrier was a big deal, for sure… but it’s not the thing to focus on. The opportunity is huge, despite the language barrier.

Their skill with English, and our ability to connect, were independent variables.

68 of my 386 approaches had such bad English I wrote “no English” in my notes. And I was generous with what I considered “workable English” — where we could not communicate at all. They were unplowable. And some of them really liked me.

Some girls really do like you… and you just cannot communicate with them. This was true for me on both trips. I lost several girls, or just gave up on them, because talking with them was too hard. Some girls were clearly “in love,” but there was no getting a point across to them. I used a lot of non-verbals, etc., but for some reason, with some girls, the language barrier was impenetrable.

There is a phrase that sounds something like “nanduro,” and it means something like, “ummmm…” Girls would say it constantly to me in set, as they tried to think of what they wanted to say in English… but couldn’t find the words. I started saying it before they could… they’d get that look in their eyes and I’d say, “nanduro, nanduro…” and smile and they’d laugh. So many really tried — they tried hard — but we just could not get past the language difference.

“Little girl, pretty bad English, but good chat, 1/2 of which was her talking to herself in Japanese, trying to find the English words she wanted. From Chiba. I didn’t bother trying to take her number.”
— 9th approach on Jan 16, 2017

And in some cases, it does cause some negative friction. It’s not that you can’t talk, it’s that she’s rejecting you, because you’re too foreign, or talking to you is too hard.

Here’s a note on this topic:

“A large portion of the more, kind of I guess, ‘socialite,’ or like party girls, have no interest in English at all in Japan, and if you try to open them in English they will literally ignore you and walk faster. ”
— From a podcast by AttractionJapan.com

This happens too… but it’s not worth worrying about.

We get blown out for so many reason, you’ll never know why. But guys that have gamed in Japan know it’s more than possible to kill it without a word of Japanese.

With all this said, I started almost every approached with, “Do you speak English?” And they always say “no.” And that doesn’t mean anything… I would just plow. And plowing — and, talking, very, slowly — was often fine.

“Uooooko, 20, delicious, fertile, perfect, blushed like crazy, no English, I let her go. I need a cold shower… looking at her was a drug.”
— 2nd approach, Jan 25, 2017

I love this note… she was “like a drug.” Amazing chemistry in Japan, with so many girls.

I used translator apps a lot.

Yeah, the translators on my phone were almost mandatory. Not usually on the pickup, but maybe. More so on dates. And a tip for you here… get one that works OFFLINE as well. If you’re downstairs in a club or a restaurant on a date, without service, that offline translator will be your only option. I used two apps (Google Translate and Microsoft’s app for the offline stuff), consistently, throughout that trip.

== Leads: 66 girls

66 leads. I think my lay count on this trip is not as good as it could have been, and not that impressive. I was impressed — I hit my goal — but I know the open-to-lay ratio kind of sucks (we’ll get to that below). Even considering the language barrier.

But I certainly showed some success in terms of the number farming.

“Yui. Line Close. Took a picture with me…. Her idea. No English, but still a very fun interaction.”
19th approach, Jan 17, 2017

My ability to harvest leads was not bad at all. That’s a lot of leads. With 386 approaches, 66 leads is 5.8 approaches per lead.

5.8 approaches per lead. That is… maybe a little better than here at home. Or nearly the same. At home, I get more “boyfriend” objections, much more (more on this below). And I think I did have some “shiney” status there, so maybe getting the lead was a little easier in some ways. And then the language issue made things a little harder. It balances out.

I didn’t have a local phone, so I did all apps:
— 60 Line App
— 4 Facebook
— 2 WeChat

“Sayaka… 2nd ‘Idol’ of the day. Bubbly. Knows she hot. Does Comicon, etc. I did a pretty good job not being too interested in her job. Line close. She messaged me first, and right away. Good lazer eyes with that girl. Some guys watched, gave me props after I took her number.”
— 14th approach, Feb 01, 2017

66 leads. That is a lot. There were more. A few I botched… didn’t discover them until after I got home, caught up in Line App in some “approval process” I still don’t understand. I “worked” almost every lead. It was a TON of messaging. Many went nowhere, or didn’t respond… but many did. This was a lot of work.

“Then… very hot girl, fierce walk. Great stop, my best in TYO. She stood so close to me, she was cool, non-reactive. Russian minute. I was as strong as I have ever been in set. A breaking rapport look in my eyes. She took it, and then softened. Lovely. Told me she was a model. Beauty marks. Line close. Msg’d me on her own. Solid. We’re chatting.”
— 19th approach, Jan 24, 2017

^ This girl was fucking-A hot, hot, hot, hot, hot… couldn’t get her out. Over text she told me the first time she could see me was two weeks away… I laughed at her, and went back to working my other leads.

Another thing that was true there — and true at home — is that the fresh leads were the best leads. Some leads need time to “ripen,” or the girls are busy, but it was mostly true that if I didn’t have them excited right away, it wasn’t going to happen.

That’s a good rule of thumb for game… “fresh leads are the best leads.”

In fact, Stealth convinced me that I should be going for same day lays. And I did that, a lot. Especially toward the final days of the trip.

Final note here… with 66 leads, and about 3 new leads per day, I was so busy, and had so many options (relative to any other time in my life), that I got to say “no” to several girls. And it felt good. It felt abundant. With that many girls in my life, I felt like what a hot girl must feel… to be “in demand.” And I got to do what hot girls get to do… turn away offers. To tell those girls “no.”

Interesting experience.

== Approaches per Day: 16.8

That is some heavy approaching. I had some light days… of like five to eight approaches. So to have an average of 16.8, there had to be some big days to offset the low-volume ones.

And there were. Biggest day was 34 girls. There were a few days of over 30 approaches. That might sound crazy, but it was “easy” a lot of the time.

“Now, that was her name. Artsy. So cute. Too busy to see me this trip.”
— 8th approach, Feb 04, 2017

So, so, so many cute girls. I think my daygame sessions were slightly longer than they are here at home, but not that much more… I could just do so many more girls per hour. In part, because a lot of the sets were very short… some of those were blowouts, and many were positive, but the language barrier was too thick, so they ended quickly.

“Little, cute. First girl to really hook all day. Same name as The Nurse. Chatted for a bit, would not give me her number. Giggled like fool the whole time. Over and over, could hardly look at me. But would not let me close her. Kept shaking her head no and laughing.”
— 15th approach, Jan 24, 2017… great set

The main reason I could do that many girls… is because there were that many girls I was into. I was really, really into those girls. I like Japanese girls. It was easy to approach — sincerely, with passion — 30 girls a day. Not that hard.

Even with that many girls per day, I still squeezed in several idates. And I was conflicted about that, because that meant that time would keep me from approaching more girls… More on those idates below.

== Gutter Game Approaches: 15 girls

So, I hear there is thing called “gutter game.” I really know almost nothing about it… but I gave it a shot on this trip.

One night… I got stood up. She didn’t cancel, she just didn’t show up at all. That was the first and only time that has ever happened to me. I’m a big softy… and it hurt. It was in the middle of a lot of other disappointment that week, and it hurt, and it shook me. Killed my state.

I had a reservation for she and I, so I kept it, had dinner by myself. Afterwards, I was still a bitter man… but I tried to use what I had, which was extra time, to test gutter game.

“Gutter game… not wholesome. Did some gutter game in Shibuya. I was uncomfortable, but it wasn’t that bad. 15 approaches, eight stops, no real hook.”
— Nash, my notes from my night of guttergame

Wasn’t much of a test. I still claim to know nothing about it… but I gave it a proper try. I’m sure it has some potential, but I need to give this more time.

I bet state is a big deal in making this feel good and come off smooth as you’re approach girls in the dark late at night… overall, I didn’t feel comfortable… but it was a rough night for me.

== Dates (individual girls): 9 girls

I had probably 20 dates. I had two days where I dated three girls in one day. But I only dated 9 individual girls.

I wrote about most of these. Including Business Girl (dated her three times, never even kissed her, but I certainly tried). My dates with the Nurse. My dates with the Chinese Virgin. The dates with Jafrica.

I had a couple of lunch dates with “odd” girls I never wrote about…

There was a 20 year old virgin that really liked me, but I didn’t see her until about two days before I left (she also took too weeks to get a date with). Wouldn’t kiss me, but seemed very into it. That girl liked me.

And a 36 year old (I was guessing 27). Here are some notes on that date:

“Great date. So nervous she was physically shaking, I calmed her down.
Texting forever to get her to comfort before the date… it worked.
She had sweaty palms as I held her hand… such a turn on. (True… that does turn me on)
A flash of a kiss, and then she was a hard no. Would not come back with me.
Hot date…. The bunny and the wolf.”
— From one lunch date with the older girl, Feb 02, 2017

Another date was with a cute young girl I dated at home just before I left for Japan. She is Japanese, and moved back to Tokyo just before the end of my time there. We met up in my last week of my trip. I had a good date with her, but she wouldn’t even kiss me. Cute girl. Typing this makes me miss her.

I also dated the Stylist I met last time I was in Tokyo. Took her out three times this trip, but never wrote about her. First date, I kissed her. It was fun. Second time too, but it was even less on. Third time… she cut my hair, and then I took her to lunch, but I didn’t bother trying to kiss her. I was bitter she took up most of my day… I needed that hair cut (and she is high-end stylist, fanciest haircut of my life), but I wanted to run game and had already decided she didn’t count. When I met her running daygame in 2015, she was one of my favorite girls I’ve ever dated… and we had a very good time (even if she wouldn’t come home with me). This time… she had aged, in body and mind, not nearly as cool. And… as she still lives with her BF, maybe that was on her mind.

My favorite date was probably The Nurse. Didn’t end well with her, but I loved her at the time. She was fantastic, really got me on that second date in particular. Such a charming, young girl.

== iDates: 8 girls

I could only identify seven in my notes, but I’m pretty certain there were eight total. Toward the end of the trip, I was confident I could idate every day if that’s what I wanted. I was always a bit paranoid that I would get fewer leads if I spend too much time idating a given girl.

“Ai… First insta date. Said no English, but she was at least as good as avg. I was right by a Starbucks, so I offered and she was quick to say yes. All pink. Knew what fem means. Says her older sister is butch. I wanted to make out with her right away. Compliant. Date for Monday, maybe.. cock was hard.”
— 4th approach, Jan 19, 2017… first daygame idate of my life

This was a real break-thru for me, as I had never idated before this trip. And I was super comfortable doing this in Tokyo. As I got home, I was comfortable asking, but still have had almost no takers… I think I’ve asked for 10 idates since I’ve been back (which means I’m asking much less often than I was there), and I’ve had one idate since I’ve been home. So that’s one in America, total, and eight in Japan.

“Rina, great hair, big eyes, juicy lips. Idate. Took her to a bench. Line close. Tried to pull. Busy. Tied to kiss her, would not. Busy, plans every day. Ran off. Very pliant, bunny-fem girl.”
— 3rd approach, Feb 11, 2017, idate

My new wing here in the US — The Cigar — has been really stressing the utility of idates. I’m not certain about that, but I’m interested. I don’t know if there is a right answer as to the usefulness of idates… or maybe, I don’t have enough experience to have good intuition about this yet?

A few idates really standout… I met the Chinese Virgin on an idate. She is maybe my favorite girl of the trip. I insta-dated an older girl, and she was so nervous, she was shaking the whole time… but she liked it, and I almost got her to come home with me… it was hot. I made out with a 20 year old on one of those idates… she was considering coming home with me, but… she had to go meet her boyfriend. And I idated a 19 year old later that same week.

The guys that work at the Starbucks that I took these girls too had the funniest look in their eyes as I would bring in a different girl (that I obviously didn’t know) every day. They were awesome. I called all the people and locations that I took all these girls my “Sexual Industrial Complex” — some of the working parts of my game in Japan.

“Write a post about: ‘Amateurs talk tactics, pros talk logistics.’ You are really getting that as you go for more same-day stuff. You’re screening very well, and quickly.”
— Nash

^ This comment was also in my notes. I did a lot of logistical screening, especially toward the end as I was running out of time. I did a lot of this on the later idates… screening to see if they had good logistics and if there was any possibility to take them home right away.

And I did feel “pro” as I could take a girl I had just met, and screen in her in the first 3 minutes to know if I should spend more time with her (idate), take her number for later (lead) or move on to meet other girls.

I brought this skill back home, as well. In part, screening for idates, and spotting girls for same-day dates and quick tourist pulls (especially as it is tourist season, proper tourist game is a skill worth developing). I have never had a proper tourist pull… that’s a goal for this summer.

== Boyfriends/Husbands: 8 total, in all those approaches

Eight. A total of eight girls in 386 approaches said they had BF or were married. That is barely over 2%. I hear almost eight “BFs” per day here in this city. I still don’t know why this is… you never have girls saying they have a BF in Japan. Maybe it’s part of them being polite… they will blow you out, but they won’t mention the BF.

“3. Cute little one, braces. Working, busy. Had a BF.
1. So cute, very on, going to see her BF…
30. Big eyes, terrible English, but she loved it. I went to Line close her, BF. Mimed “broken heart,” we both laughed. She was awesome.”
— Some notes about boyfriends, various days

When I was in Tokyo in 2015, I had sex with a married woman I met at dinner, pulled her home. This year, the Stylist was living with her BF, but dating me and we were making out some. The Idol I fucked had a BF. I’m sure more of the girls I fooled around with had boyfriends… these are just the ones I know about. I had my “wake up call” about girls with BFs/husbands being willing to fool around long ago… I saw more of that on this trip.

== Girls in my Bed: 5 total

The three lays below… and two other girls in my bed. That’s 5 total.

One of the non-lays that I had in my bed was The Chinese Virgin. I tried. I really tried. Had her in my bed twice. Had her shirt off both times, and my hands down her pants. She got sick, and that made it more complicated. And she had finals, and that made it harder too. She was not event that hot, but was maybe my favorite girl of the trip… I really liked that girl. She started as an idate, then a proper date, and then another date. In my bed… but could never get her pants off. She was so awesome.

NASH: You are a very interesting girl, and I had a great time with you.
NASH: And you’re very talented and smart.
NASH: I like you!
NASH: Even though you didn’t fuck me!
NASH: You should have fucked me!!!
HER: ???
NASH: You are still a virgin, but it’s not my fault!
HER: My fault
HER: My fault
HER: Hope I’m not a virgin next I meet you if we will
NASH: Now you have to wait…
NASH: I want to do it

This was typical of her and I. Such a cool, interesting girl. Great artist. We had a great connection.

And then there was Jafrica. This is the girl that I pushed too far, and she got mad. We had three dates. Great makeout on the 2nd date. She told me she didn’t want sex, but… we’ve all heard that before. Back to my house on the 3rd date… had her 100% naked. Licked and sucked every part of her body… We did more than that, even. But she would not fuck. And she left mad that night and I never saw her again. I wrote about her in my “failures” post. She is maybe the low-point of my entire time in game… I didn’t do anything “wrong,” but I pushed too hard and I’m not proud. I learned from the experience. She was extremely beautiful, and had one of the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen… but it was not for me to have.

== Lays: 3 girls

“My goal is to get laid twice while I’m here. At the point of this writing I have 4 weeks to do it.”
— Nash, from my first post on this trip

There were three… all great experiences.

The Nurse, which was five dates altogether. Sex on the third date. An unreal handjob on the forth (she was on her period). And then, on the 5th date… which was otherwise awesome… she had to go see her brother after dinner, and it was like a bucket of cold water in my face. Not only no sex, but a pretty cold end to a pretty great little mini-relationship. She never responded to another text of mine. Hmmm.

“I know I am a womanizing anti-hero… And I spent the afternoon taking to 30+ other girls… And I had my hands on a 19 yr old just hours ago… And I told a virgin she needs to come fuck me… And I have 2 dates tomorrow… And had 2 yesterday… But I still deserve better than this!”
— Nash, some angry notes

I wrote this ^ as I cooled out after my last date with the Nurse.

Next was the Idol. Hottest body… Jesus. Had sex with her the day I met her, but not right away. We schedule a drink for 22:00 that night. She was very nervous about where I would take her as we walked to have a non-alcoholic drink that night… but after that… it was 100% on. After the drink (which had no alcohol in it), my place and sex. And one of the most “dreamy” nights I’ve ever had. We slept so close. I was “in love,” for sure. Amazing girl. After I was back she texted me, “Did you use a condom right? Is it remembered?” What that was about I don’t know. I did use a condom. Hmmm, who knows.

And then, the Yoga Instructor… on my last day. Long daygame session, she was the last girl I approached in Japan… IOI, approach, idate, then dinner, then my place… and sex. Great night. And she was very into the night and into me. She left her earrings in my place, so I mailed them back to her when I got home, along with some chocolate and some other little dumb things. And she loved it. She was more than hinting that she wanted to come here to see me… but I didn’t do it. I was fucking Siren. And hitting on other girls. And dating. Didn’t make sense to bring a girl over from Japan. She sent me a present after I sent her her earrings. Super cute package, with some drawings she did of my cats… she really likes me. I never invited her to visit… and to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll reach out to her if I go back.

“Nash : )
Thank you very much!
you were a very gentleman and lovery…
last night was a very good time✨”
— Yoga Instructor

I was so frustrated my last few days… that final lay saved my self-esteem… which is dumb, but true. It was an epic and dramatic ending to a wild trip.

My approach-to-lay ratio sucks… but all these girls were younger, hotter, tighter. I was 43 at the time… and they were 23, 24 and 26 respectively. I was all about quality on this trip.


Alright. So, there it is.

I think… I think those numbers kind of suck. That is a lot of approaching for three lays. If you’ve never done anything like this, and you’re shaking your head saying that it all seems a bit ridiculous, you’re right… it was ridiculous.

Three lays in almost 400 approaches does suck… but our standards are fucking high. From the standards of a “normal guy,” even one that gets laid here/there… my overall action in Japan was amazing.

I fucked three new girls, from cold approach, in four weeks.

But for our tight community… I think it’s fair to put me on the knife’s edge between beginner and intermediate.

But this was about the learning as much as the results.

And battling it out in a foreign country is not really the place to get laid. I know Krauser can do it. And I know Roy Walker is killing it… even now, as I write this post.

For most of us, the real battle is at home. Which makes sense. Don’t kid yourself into thinking some country is going to rain pussy on you. It’s not. There is no “pussy paradise.” What Roy is doing now… very, very few guys can do. I don’t know that I’ll ever be that good.

We know from Krauser’s background that he didn’t figure this out on the road. He honed his craft in his hometown. That is the place to learn, to practice, to get good… and to put this all together. You should fuck where you live. If you can’t do that, you’re not that good and going on holiday won’t magically help your game.

Consistent pussy at home (I mean having options, as well as regular trim) is much more real and rewarding than fighting on foreign territory. In sports and seduction — “away games” have higher difficulty.

But for me, it was exciting. I love the girls in Japan, I do… probably more than at home (although, I’m not complaining about what I have going on here).

For me… it was about “proof.” It was about going someplace where I knew nobody. Had no advantage. No warm leads. No social standing. And I built something from scratch.

I did that.

Many of those days were hard, were painful…

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. It has been a long week. Two girls in my bed, but couldn’t get my cock in either of them. Dated 5 girls this week, plus two insta dates… No sex. 70 approaches this week. No sex. Fuck I tried.”
— Nash, obviously frustrated

But I proved something to myself out there. I learned a ton. On the streets, and going over the dates/stories with Yohami and Stealth and Rivelino and the rest of the guys on this blog. I earned a lot experience with this hard work. I did learn. I want to learn this “game.” I really do.

And I’m more solid now.

“The term we point to is “internally validated.” I had a public goal of two lays on this trip, but a secret goal of three. And I hit it. But internal validation is the more worthy goal. The part of me that is truly internally validated comes from when I look at the work I did on this trip.”
— Nash, from my post about sex with the Yoga Instructor

Yeah… those numbers barely make sense. 386 girls to fuck three of them? 120 approaches per new lay? That’s not where my pride comes from.

I’m tempted to say I had some bad luck. Not just the colds that fucked up my momentum or made dates awkward and uncomfortable. But some of my choices where I mis-called the toss and missed something that would have added another lay or two to my total.

Who knows.

“I will write some more later about the last week here, but it was not an easy time for me. There was a lot of what I am tempted to call “disappointment.” A double-barreled kick in the balls on Thursday, unmet expectation on Friday night, and then again Saturday night, and then once more Sunday morning… I was frustrated, as my last week was not yielding the fruit I had hoped to harvest. Not any fruit at all, for that matter.”
— Nash

Yeah, it was hard…

But I loved it. I’d do it all again. And I plan to.

And I came home a more confident man. With 386 more reference experiences. Three new notches. And I put all that to work back home… and I’m a much better daygamer.

We’ll see if I can put a trip together for 2018. And we’ll see what I can do next time, if that happens.

But this trip, was oishii-desu… I’m grateful for every minute of it.

My thanks and love to all those girls. From the blowout to the blowjobs… it was a great time.

Viva daygame.