TYO: First Date with a 23 Yr Old Nurse

Wow. Great day today. I am sitting in a pub, post date, having an American style IPA as I write this post. I am a brilliant mix of eastern inspiration and American drunk.

I woke up with no plans for the evening, and ended up at dinner in the company of a girl 20 years younger than me.

That is daygame. And it feels good.

I am pleasantly surprised, I am, but not that surprised. I specifically told myself this morning that this was the plan. “You can find a date today, go do it.” It is increasingly in my reality that I can wake up with no woman on my calendar of any significant intimacy, hit the street, and summon some love from the concrete. Magic.

I did not have sex with this girl… not yet. We’ll see. One step at a time.

The true foundation of my reality in game has been is built on reference experiences. A reference experience is something that happens to you (or better yet, that you make happen), that proves a certain idea is possible. Theory becomes reality, you pick up some new experience, because you have first-hand knowledge of something. The incarnation of a dream. Manifesting a date out of thin air is a dream, until you’ve done it often enough, consciously, and then it becomes your reality. You’re one of “those guys,” and you have the internal reference experiences to know it.

In late December, I was having the busiest dating week of my life. I dated 8 daygame girls in 9 days. In the middle of that week, in a fit of entitled greed, I had one free night and I wanted to source a date off the street. I did it. And the intentionality of it all was a massive reference experience for me.

I can make a date happen, with a complete stranger, a cold lead from a cold approach, almost in real time. Not super consistently — in poker, you still need to catch good cards — but often enough it’s clearly an unusual skill. Its purposeful. Today was like that.

I had just sobered up from the rush of chemicals flowing thru my body from my first insta-date. I was starting to de-spazz enough to concentrate and get back to work when she passed me.

She was strolling along. Little boots. Ankle-length flowing dress. Nice hips, with magic in their sway. Arms crossed. And a dreamy/slow walk. Many of the characteristics Krauser would describe as the classic, feminine introvert.

Examples from my list:

  • High oestrogen – long silky hair, bright eyes, wide hips, radiant skin
  • Feminine essence – lilting walk, shows her shape through clothes, often bare legged, girly clothes, soft body language
  • 18-25 years old – smooth skin, inexpensive clothes, signs of her identity subculture / hobbies in her dress and accessories
  • Introversion / thoughfulness – alone, preoccupied in thought, slow aimless walk, carrying a book, muted colours, lack of makeup
  • Respect for male authority – looking down or around, absence of any outward display of defiance (e.g. look-at-me slogan t-shirts)
  • Krauser

    I approached, and her face wasn’t as cute as many of the girls I’ve approached this week, but she was immediately charming in a low-volume way. I was half way thru my open, and despite her quiet nature, the vibe got slow and intense. She is a classically feminine one, and I was genuinely enthused. It was on, in a slow, intimate way. I liked her.

    As I went to close, I was mentioning seeing her for dinner, or a drink, and she said, “tonight?” Her English is about 5 out of 10. Totally workable, but clearly not great. She was confused about the offer, but I pounced on her misinterpretation. This girl was open to the idea of meeting up tonight. Okay, yes.

    We start talking about location/time. I took her Line App and told her I will msg her and she can think about it and decide.

    Part of this was to give her the chance to think clearly about the idea. Maybe that is shit game on my part as I’m giving her forebrain time to derail my love connection. Or maybe it was good game in that I wasn’t desperate or over eager or pressuring her to decide on the spot?? I’m not desperate or over eager, even though I haven’t been laid on this trip. I had my hands on a different young Japanese girl 15 minutes earlier on my i-date.

    As we are working out the logistics of the date, she sort of randomly says that she will bring her friend too. And I dance around that for one second before I say no, just she and I. And there is that look of “are you an axe murderer?” in her young eyes. And I say, “It’s dinner, no big deal, nice place, maaaaannnny people, you’ll be fine,” and that moment passes.

    ^ That is a familiar type of test. It happened in another set in the last week with a Chinese girl I picked up who also suggested she would bring a friend. In that case I asked if her friend was cute? Was she single? And smiled so she knew I was teasing.

    I wonder if these girls are ever serious about that, or if that is, in fact, just a test? A test where if you agree she knows you don’t have any strength and you’re done. Or you get weird and that’s all she needs to screen you out? So to answer the test you don’t let that happen, you just smile and insist that this is just you and her. (Remind me to bring this up when I do my review of Tom’s new product.)

    I’m at a place in my game where I have the experience to have seen that test before, but I’m still trying to know how best to handle it. And what it means.

    And we smile. And it feels very on. We say our goodbyes with long eye contact and I have my third lead of the day. And possibly a date.

    And now, with the insta-date and her in the last hour I’m a little emotionally fried, so I have a snack to cool out. Wago beef sandwich and the best chocolate cookie I have had in Tokyo so far.

    And then I go back to hitting on girls like a daygamer does. And I wait a bit, grab a tea at Starbucks to warm my hands, and msg her with a ping. She responded quickly and she’s warm. I knew then it was on.

    She’s not the witty, or sexy, or slutty “on.” She is the young, quiet, sincere “on.” We’d trade mags and she’s in.

    HER: Sure!
    HER: I’m looking forward to it.

    That’s on.

    I roll up and she is right where I told her to be. She’s in the same outfit she wore earlier. They really don’t hug here, so my plan is to take her hands and give us some lazer eyes. I say hello, tell her to give me her hands, she is confused and the whole thing is a bit awkward. Oh well.

    I take her to the same place I take the semi-bitchy Business Girl, and that spot is as charming as always. I am going to beat that spot to death before I leave — I love it there. If I lived in this town for real, that would become one of my regular spots, even for dinners out on my own.

    We sit side by side, feet under the counter into that sunken floor area that Japanese places can have, and everything is pretty fucking awesome from there on out.

    She is 23. I know this because she asked how old I was, and I deftly said, “at least 10 years older than you,” which is true… Even though I am 20 years older than her.

    She went to university in Tokyo, and has been a nurse for about 10 months. She lives by herself, not far away. It’s her first time living by herself, and she likes it.

    I asked if she has a BF (and I assumed she did not, even though many of my dates I meet on the street do), and she is in fact single… for all of one week. I am that boy that hit on her one week after she dumped her BF. Right place, right time, gentlemen. No way to time this, just do your job and these opportunities will pop up. She broke up with him because he works too much and couldn’t see her often enough. He was 33.

    I know what I know about her because I asked. She never volunteered anything, and asked maybe 2-3 questions over the whole date, one of which was my age. I am fine with that, the passiveness. Welcome to feminine girls.

    And when my beer got near the bottom of the glass… She was very concerned. She asked if I needed another, and called out to the guy working his station in front of us at the counter to make sure I had another right away. That, my friends, makes her a keeper. That is feminine grace, and caretaking, and charm.

    I hand my hands all over her all night. Arm on her shoulder. Cheek against hers as I looked over her shoulder and talked into her ear. She is very good about leaning into me. Hand on her knee under the table. And I took her polite little hand, moved it off her lap and onto my leg and we crossed fingers.

    I kissed her on the cheek at one point.

    She nursed her beer through dinner and I asked if she’d rather have something else and she said no. As dinner ended, she finished it, her cheeks a nice rosy pink.

    Great date.

    As I paid the bill, she reached for her wallet, and I pushed it away and thanked her for joining me and gave her a long minute of eye contact. Brilliant eye contact from this one. She is incredibly deep, and powerful in those eyes, in the way that soft, sweet little girls can be.

    On the stairs going back up to the street, I stopped her with the now routine “come here” (Thanks, Yohami for insisting that is how it’s done) and I moved to kiss her. She pulled back, but only vaguely, tucked her chin, but took a light kiss. Then another. Mouth closed, but definitely not a rejection. Chin tucked the whole time.

    Back at my apartment, I had the cheesecake trap set. As we got to the station (my apartment is on the other side), I asked if she liked cheesecake and she gave me a big enthusiastic yes. I offered cheesecake at my apartment and she demurred as she understood what I meant. Ha. “Back to my house.” Next time, I said. Next time, she said.

    I gave her three or four more closed mouth kisses and turned and left.

    Great date.

    We have tentative plans for an early date on Saturday. 6, is my plan, so we’ll have time to come back to my place for some sex and she can still be at the hospital for work at 7 AM the next morning.

    We’ll see.

    As I left her I had Line App messages from two other girls. Bragging is a waste of time, but I have enough experience to bet that a girl tornado is on the horizon.

    It’s not a coincidence. I did four consecutive DAYS OF GAME this week.

    Girl tornados are made, not born.

    We’ll see.

    Viva daygame.