TYO: First Date with Chinese Virgin

As I said in my post about Miss Taiyuan, I dated three virgins in that season (two in the same week in Dec). One was 19 and the other two were 25 years of age. All were one date only, and I had no chance to cure any of them of their… condition. But as I said in that post, I assume I will be having sex with some virgins this year.

As I sit in my now routine post-date beer bar here in Tokyo, I have a proper case of blue balls (oh, the vicious ache of it). And I think there is a solid 50/50 chance I will deflowering this girl before I leave.

She was an insta-date from last weekend. I only had time for a couple of approaches on Saturday, as I had a haircut that turned into a date (and it went long), and that cut my daygame hunting short, and then I had what would turn out to be the “ass-slap date” scheduled for later that night. Not much time. She was my only lead from that session.

This girl was the second approach of the day. I didn’t consciously realize she was Chinese, but perhaps some part of me did… I have grown very fond of Chinese girls in the last year. I am in J-girl paradise, but maybe her Chinese-ness was a call from home. I have 13 days left.

I stopped her, she liked it, asked why I was in that neighborhood… Not wanting to say I was out hunting girls, I said I was on my way to Starbucks, which was true, if not a bit illusive. As I had my first insta-date a few days earlier I was now “super pro,” so I invited her to join me and she jumped on it.

We hit it off right away. Both love cats. She told me she was an artist before I could bring up stickers, so my art landed well also. Instantly comfortable together.

Great i-date. The best (of two) I’ve ever had. And surprisingly sexual. I was telling her I wanted to kiss her as an SOI in the first couple minutes — I did want to kiss her, it was on. We talked dating. As I left her on the street to go run a couple more approaches, I was still framing a future date as sexual, and she said:

HER: I will kiss you but I won’t have sex with you.

Okay. And that with a huge smile on her face. And I never said anything about having sex. I like sexual framing, but I am trying to tone down the porno-talk. Hmmm.

I have had dates every night since we met, but pitched her on my first open night the next week, a Tuesday date (tonight). She was enthusiastic. Very cute about it.

Tonight she shows up, without the nerdy glasses that first attracted me. She is cute. She looks very much like Miss Shanghai from back home… Which is a good thing.

Took her to a place I have taken two other girls. Sat in what is becoming “my” booth seat. The manager and I are friends on FB (he is a very cool guy). And I keep bringing different young girls through his place. I wonder what story he tells himself about who I am and where I am getting these girls?

She is great at dinner. And we have some interesting conversation. About sex… It’s my favorite topic.

I know she isn’t experienced. But she is not shy, she was fucking snappy and awesome on the i-date, “fake punching” me when I would say something overtly sexual. Big, goofy, but very intelligent smile on her face, all the time.

She is very much like Firecracker (a hysterically funny, and sexy Chinese girl from back home, one of my favorites…). This one is less funny, but similarly fun, smart, more pliable… Firecracker is so smart, she is often a step or two ahead of me. Which is good and bad. This one is easier to manage.

I know at some point I wanted to clarify if she had ever had sex. So I asked her. And she gave me that deadpan Chinese look and said “uhh, yes, no.” She is constantly translating what I say in her head (her head is mix of English and Japanese, on a base of Mandarin), so it came out weird. I clarified. The answer is, no, she has never fucked.

27 year old virgin. Okay.

She had at least one BF. Two years. They never fucked, just talked about mobile games a lot. I know she sucked his cock at some point. I asked.

In high school and college, she was “like a guy,” had short hair, “like a brother” she said, so the guys she knew never hit on her. I think her face is beautiful (mostly when she is not smiling), but her body is classic skinny Asian girl, not exactly a sex pot. She does not think she is sexy, but I do, and yet I’m not surprised she never got hit on back then.

I am mixing in some light physical escalation on this date. Also telling her I want to kiss her (which I am now convinced is not good game in general, thanks Yohami, but I know this is all good with her). Hand across her shoulders as we sit in the booth seat. Running up and down her back. Up into her semi-long hair. Hand on her thigh. Held her hand… Did that on the i-date too. She is pretty compliant. All good signs.

She is very comfortable with me and this talk, so I ask if she touches herself. And she says yes. (But she has also admitted she only understands 50-70% of what I am saying, so who knows.) She has never had an orgasm.

She then goes on to tell me she has also played with some girls… This girl is not a racecar. But she has hooked up with some friends. She says they would talk about sex, and what it is like, and she would then suggest they “try it.” She has kissed several friends. Sucked on a girls ear until she shuddered. Played with some pussy, “to see what it’s like.” Sounds like “just the tip” to me. I know one of those girls was a roommate.

She says she wondered a long time if she was gay or straight, but now knows she is straight. I take that to mean she is strongly bi-sexual, but leans toward boys.

By the end of the date I knew she really loves to sleep curled up together. It had been years since she has done that… But she loves it. She is so sincere there. One of her “girlfriends” she has hooked up with spent the night with her, but doesn’t like to spoon. She was disappointed. She really misses it, sleeping, wrapped up together. All this almost breaks my heart.

She is the virgin girl, that sometimes hooks up with girls and loves to spoon. What a profile. What an experience to set up a night together where she could share all this with me. What an education.

This was so real, so full of pathos… I was really blown away. I have had a lot of talks like this with girls, but it’s been a while since I’ve heard this kind of story. I felt like I was at home in some ways, hearing this all again.

I told her some other stories I know like this… like one of my all-time favorite lovers that learned to orgasm at 9 years old, from other girls her age, after school, taking turns using a stream of water from a bathtub facet to hit their clits and make their toes curl. Girls, and their sexualities, so interesting.

So this is what I think… she is a girl (all girl parts), likes boys (mostly), but has some masculine energy… Like maybe 30% masculine. She doesn’t come off butch at all, not bossy, but she is attracted to the feminine enough to be into girls.

I have been with many girls like this. They like me. I know the type. I have had three ex-girlfriends “go gay” — they are always the femmy part of those relationship. I bet she is like them. I bet she would love a sexy, dom girl in her life.

So, post dinner, I try to use one of Yohami’s “ramps” to get her moving towards my place. I am just starting to understand this “ramp concept, but Yohami coached me on this today…

— Get her going on a high note (a ramp)
— Then escalate

In this case, I asked if she liked gelato. The Cheesecake Trap has morphed into gelato-baiting. She was a yes to “ice cream,” so I tried to use that momentum to get her moving towards my place. This is a primitive “I barely know how this concept is applied” version of a ramp, but I tried.

(BTW: In terms of the kind of thing I did here with the “do you like gelato?,” Yohami said, that “can possibly backfire when posed as a question, but it’s a ramp.” In conversation I told him I love to “ramp” a date with “do you like ramen,” and that it works very well, but he cautioned me about the question format. I assume that is because the question can invite a “no,” and then you are in a downward spiral and cannot escalate as well.)

I told her we’d go to my place, I would definitely try to kiss her, but would not take my pants off, unless she asked me to. She squirmed and protested. I promised to make sure she was comfortable, and to get her back to the train on time. There was some back/forth, but she was in after some time. Done.

That is not perfect execution, but another idea I like is that girls are actually gaming us, and we just have to avoid fucking it up.

“She’s been the one seducing you the whole time”
— Yohami

My play-by-play above was not perfect, but I did lead, I did give her good emotions, I used a little ramp, I was confident, I had a plan. If she is “seducing me,” I did what I was supposed to do make this happen.

“The girl is in front of you because she’s saying ‘yes’ to something.
“She’s in front of you interacting with you because she wants something.”
— Yohami

So, it’s on. My place, some tea, and our first kiss.

She has very little experience. She said she doesn’t really know how to kiss, and it showed. I took my time, and it got better and better. I put her on my bed. She would squirm some more, but she took it. Arms pinned back, makeout, and the change in her breathing showed she was getting into it.

Pause for more tea and some gelato, then back to it. Taking my time. I started this date at 7 PM for a reason. On/off, as Tom would say. I was in no rush.

At the end, I had her shirt off, bra off, had sucked her nipples, and had my hand down her jeans, but over her panties. This girls skin is not great, and I’ll keep it real and say she is hotter with clothes on than without, down half a point as I got her closer to naked. But I was still into it enough to have a great time with her and to be hard much of the night.

I have the aching balls to prove it.

She got properly hot at some points, and could suddenly kiss for real at that level of passion. I put her hand on my cock, multiple times, over my jeans and some “pyco* game. She declined the offer to suck it… which is too bad, as we know, it is not going to suck itself. If I see her again, I’ll make her do it. This is about her being childish. It’s cool. She’s compliant. She’ll do it.

As it got real, she told me she was on her “special time.” I can verify she was wearing a pad from the miscellaneous molestation that went down.

We laid around for a while, her getting the spooning she wants, and some time on my chest. She loved it. Nuzzling into me. Very happy girl. She was telling me she wanted to spend the night with me, but she could not. Japanese language class very early the next morning.

I told her if she spent the night, she would definitely loose her virginity. She said she is not at all attached to it… She wants to lose it. I believe her. She knows it is unusual to be a virgin at this age. Period sex is not my thing, and I don’t know that that is the best first time for her, or I would have pushed it (so to speak).

It was time to go. We were both happy and reluctant to end it, but we put on our clothes and I walked her to the train and then I went alone to the beer bar where I am now… Cooling off.

We have a soft plan for food/art/virgin-sex on Saturday day. We’ll see.

As I sit here, I got this:

HER: I arrived
HER: My hair and clothes are full of your smelling
HER: I like it

That girl had a good experience. I am proud of that.

And she is not a hot girl, but I had a great experience too. I might fuck the virgin off of her in the next week or so, who knows. Good deal.

Viva daygame.