TYO: Making Out with a Japanese Mormon Virgin

Tonight… was an extraordinary night. My second date with a 23 year old Japanese girl… a virgin… a Mormon virgin… a Japanese Mormon virgin.

We had a really hot makeout on a patch of sidewalk in Tokyo tonight. And then again, a minute later, in a dark enclave of a closed clothing shop. And a few doors down, I got up on that girl again, on the elevated landing of another store. And then, once more, in the shadows of a hotel, by the train station. And one last time… because it was delicious… and because by then I was compulsive about it… in the last few steps before I put her on the train.

Amazing. Extraordinary. Sugoi.


I will say more about the girl, and the night, but first:

QUESTION: If you could fuck a completely naïve girl… would you do it?

It’s not a moral question (not in this instance). It’s a personal question. Personal, as in, what would you personally do?

Let say, she was one of the most naïve girls you’ve ever met. And let’s assume you have met hundreds (or in my case, thousands) of girls. And with all that experience, a particular girl seemed to be in the “top ten” most naïve girls of your life. And in particular, naïve with a combination of childish innocence and compliance.

QUESTION: If you met that ^ girl… if she was virgin… if you had the opportunity… would you do it?

QUESTION: If it was going to be like most seductions, and you had to “run some game” to get it done, how hard would you work to make it happen? Would her innocence make a difference?

QUESTION: The most innocent girl you have ever met… would you “take her?” If you could?


Let’s call her Miss Naïve.

I’m the second “boy” she’s kissed. Usually I’m not always certain about stats like that, but with this girl… that is easier to believe than most. Not because of the basic description of her religion and her sexual history. More so because of the specific qualities of what it is like to be with her.

I picked her up one night on the street, maybe two or three weeks ago. It was after dark. She was the 14th of 27 approaches and the 2nd of eight leads I took that that day.

She stopped easily and loved the stop. She is the kind of Asian girl that giggles a lot, and covers her mouth while she does it. She did that that night, on the street. Big eyes, showing surprise. And giggles. And compliance. In my notes from that stop I called her “goofy.” I wouldn’t call her that now, but that detail might help you imagine what kind of girl she is in person.

When I stopped her, I thought she was an artist, maybe… because her clothes were a little odd (art girls often dress a little strange). We can begin there… on the surface, with the odd clothes… as we start out on the trail of trying to understand her personality.

Her clothes were a little odd… because she’s a very conservative, sheltered girl, from a strict religious background. She is one of four kids in her family… I saw a picture, they are all reasonably good looking, wholesome folks. She lives with her sister, who is a couple years older. Her sister is a “childminder.” They share a one bedroom apartment, somewhere in the city.

Miss Naïve went to vocational college. She has a skill-based job in a hospital, working with patients.

I wasn’t that excited about her when I took her number. I sometimes date some edgy girls and some smart girls and some sophisticated girls, and this girl was none of the above. But I tend to work every lead. In part, as I get horny. Or I lack options. Or because the Daygame Gods (often enough) starve me for love and affection. And in part as…

You never know what will happen when you initiate an arc with a given girl. You never know what a girl is like… and even if you have an idea of what a girl might be like… I don’t always know what it would be like to share time with her? Or to share a kiss. Or to share a bed. I am so curious.

When we met, I took her line. And I ran my game, using a rather generic opener:

NASH: Miss Naïve.
NASH: Very cool to meet you yesterday.
NASH: Are you always so friendly to cool boys form California?

And what I got in response was… a modest “wall of text” in return.

(The “wall of text” is increasingly of interest to me. And I’ll post more about this soon.)

MISS NAÏVE: How are you doing?
MISS NAÏVE: I was talked to California man who I don’t know for the first time.
MISS NAÏVE: So, You are the first time!

We chit chat some more, and then I move in for a date:

NASH: I will be here for several weeks.
NASH: I want to see you again. When are you free?

(This ^ is a variant of Yohami’s text line, BTW.)

MISS NAÏVE: I’m happy to help me study English!
MISS NAÏVE: There is no schedule during the day 16th.
MISS NAÏVE: At what time do you have time?

Okay. I’ve never been hustled for “English lessons,” but I’ve heard the Brits talk about it. In this case, I wanted to be direct so the intention of the date was clear:

NASH: Hey… I am a smart man with a lot of experience… and I can teach you many things…
NASH: But I am not your English teacher.
NASH: I like you because you are cute…
NASH: And friendly…
NASH: And girly.
NASH: [And I sent an over the top girly anime gif]

This isn’t saying, “Hey, wanna fuck?,” but it is direct. I love the freedom and clarity of being direct. It may chase some girls off, but it puts the dates you do go on squarely on the tracks toward “man to woman.”

Her response was remarkable. And even now, I’m amazed at how perfect it was:

MISS NAÏVE: I am learning English conversation online.
MISS NAÏVE: So I don’t wanna teach English, I wanna talk with you!
MISS NAÏVE: Because you are cool boy from California!
NASH: That is a perfect answer.

And it was.

So we have painted the basic outline of the scene: An older, white man from America… picks up a young, inexperienced Japanese girl on the street. The man is direct, but not overly sexual. The girl is sweet, and is clearly showing interest.

She liked the pickup. So I took her out.


On the first date I had her meet me at my favorite coffee place near my apartment… about five minutes from my place.

In person, she was cuter than I remembered. An imperfect, but very young face. Those same awkward clothes, terminating in tights and trainers. I made her hug me. She was very nervous… visibly shaking. I took her by the arm and led her along, walking her to my “regular spot” for dinner. We sat side by side. I have taken six or seven girls to this spot so far.

When she told me she didn’t drink (very common for me), I had enough clues to assume she might be a virgin. I asked about her history of boyfriends. Her English is not great, and it took her a long time to respond, but she told me “one.” And I asked if they had kissed (because with this girl, it was not obvious), and she shyly said “yes,” a little shocked. And I asked about sex… and she said no.

A virgin. Another one. Maybe.


An interesting part for me was asking if she ever wonders what it would be like to have sex? I ask virgins this all the time. I’m genuinely curious, especially for girls past 18. And they never confess to being interested in sex at all. I would expect them to be curious, but (with the exception of the Chinese Virgin) they mostly claim they are not. This one also easily dismissed the question.

In this case, I said, “Well, sex is all around you. It’s in so many songs. It’s in all the movies we watch…” And while she is mostly silent and smiley and attentive with me, only speaking to answer my questions, in this case, she jumped forward with, “I only watch Disney movies.”

I swear that is what she said. Okay, virgin girl… you got me there.



We finish dinner that night, I walk her outside and ask her if she’d like to go to Starbucks with me before she goes home? She agrees. We walk about 50 paces and I pull her in. And I give her a kiss on her soft lips. She is quite tense, and stares afterwards, but she took the first kiss. And the second. And the third. Her lips still unparted.

I acknowledge the kiss, smile, walk her another 50 paces toward Starbucks (which is very close), and I kiss her again. This time, prying her lips apart with mine. And I am tasting the mouth of naïve virgin girl. And it’s actually a good kiss. I’m being dominant and going for it. And her mouth is soft and wet and it’s hot. And my cock gets hard. Fucking hot.

I break it off, and she’s stunned. Shoulders slightly hunched up toward her ears. She’s holding my hand with no strength in her grip… like she is asleep. Her eyes are huge and her body is stiff, like she’s in a trance. And she’s 10% mistrusting, and 20% confused, and 70% swept off her feet. She’s not happy. She’s not sad. She’s overwhelmed.

It’s lovely. It’s real. It’s vulnerable. It’s not pretty. It’s sexy. To me… it was erotic… and a little amusing. I felt powerful. And turned on. It was all of that.

At Starbucks she orders… chocolate milk.

We chat a bit. I keep it light. I almost get her out of her trance… but she has a slightly PTSD look on her face for the rest of the night.

I walk her to the train. I tried to kiss her again, and she finds her voice and tells me no. I tell her that I am dangerous. I say it in Japanese, “abunai.” And I give her a little shove. And I laugh. And she laughs too, a real laugh, and she agrees. She smiles at me. At the station I give her a hug. She gives me big warm eyes and thanks me and she is gone.


I don’t know how much I have exploited anything on that particular night. Have I exploited cultural differences? Was she being polite? Have I taken advantage of a girl that is so inexperienced, she can’t defend herself from the advances of a much older man? I walked home calmly thinking about all that. Pleased to be facing such questions at the end of a day’s work.

A part of me assumed I’d never hear from her again. But I did.


A few hours later that night I get this:

MISS NAÏVE: Thank you for today!
MISS NAÏVE: I was able to spending good time tonight.
MISS NAÏVE: But I am sorry I can’t speak well, and I can’t understand everything you say…
MISS NAÏVE: I am going to speak English more well when we meet again!
MISS NAÏVE: Thank you so much!
MISS NAÏVE: Good night.

Okay. She is a happy girl it seems.

NASH: Hey…
NASH: I had a great time with you.

It’s true, I did. It was an odd experience. But a good one. And kissing her was a complete turn on.

NASH: And I know you’re a good Mormon girl…
NASH: But I think you’re pretty, and sexy, and I really liked kissing you.

The way I said that makes me sound like I’m retarded. But it’s all true. And it’s positive feedback… which is essential to my version of game.

MISS NAÏVE: Thank you.
MISS NAÏVE: Sorry I cannot answer your hope…

If you don’t know what ^ that means… then you and I are on the same page. What does that mean? I have no idea.

MISS NAÏVE: But I like your personality.

(This is what we say to fat girls. Am I a “fat girl?!” to her? And if I am… is she a chubby chaser? If I hope so… does that make me weird?)

MISS NAÏVE: Please invite me for dinner if you like it!

Okay. This is a raging yes girl. I’m not sure I have ever seen one like this before.

So I did invite her for another dinner. There was a delay of a day until she responded. But when she did, it was a clear yes. And we had another date.

And since then, I have had several other dates. I’ve gotten laid with a Miss Athlete. I had the Korean Princess in my apartment twice, and kissed her (I fucked her four years ago… I think she is hotter now). I had another sleep-over with Miss Athlete last night, fucking her twice, the second time in the middle of the night. And then I had a date with a singer from a minor Japanese “girl band” today… she was also in my place. Wouldn’t kiss me, but it was a good date (she is an exciting girl).


So by the time I got around to my second date with the virgin tonight… I was feeling pretty chill. I’ve been recently laid. My “open-to-lay” ratio on this trip is off-the-scale miserable, but I have dated so many girls, and learned a ton, I’m not complaining. I’ve had a great trip. Within the context of all that, tonight’s date was very casual for me.

I met her at the train station. I took her to a pizza place I wanted to explore. She looked simple, but cute, again. Different colored trainers this time. I don’t think she’d washed her hair today. I felt playful when I saw her. She was very excited, and giggling, all the way to pizza.

Dinner was… unusual.

I like to talk about “Sexy Daddy.” For me that means embracing the age difference between myself and these younger girls. Embracing it, and making it a “feature.” I don’t talk about our ages, not at all, but I play up the differences between myself and these girls. It’s about dominance and mastery. About youth. And about contrast. All of that. I love “Sexy Daddy” as an archetype. I think I’ll have plenty of time in the next few years to grow into my Sexy Daddy role.

But this girl is so naïve… I actually felt genuinely fatherly towards her. I’m into all sorts of kink, but this wasn’t exactly kinky. Her naiveite is almost sobering. She seems so innocent, it makes me feel more “responsible.”

And that feeling of being “responsible” was a lot of why I had those QUESTIONS at the beginning of this post.

I like this girl. And I like what is going on between she and I. But she seems dead-simple. I’m not sure if she is very overwhelmed, or not that bright, or both. I like her, I really do. As a man of game, I am not trying to marry these girls… so that means I can love them for what they are, and the small space in my life that they require. And I do love this girl, precisely for what she is. I would freely and enthusiastically give her some space in my life. I am trying to do exactly that.

And I don’t think she has much money, and not because she has said so. She is in stark contrast to the wealthy, sharp, invigorating girls like the Siren and Miss Thick. Or the Chinese girl Miss Surprise that I fucked last month here in Tokyo. I think this girl comes from a simple, religious family.

She doesn’t have a computer. Her sister has one, but this girl never uses it. She uses one at work, but it’s shared. I don’t know anyone in my “inner circle” that doesn’t have a computer. That’s a small thing, but it’s telling. Different worlds.

I asked if she watched TV and she said no… only movies. “Disney?,” I said, and I smiled. Earlier in the night I told her that I remembered this from our first date. And that I had told some of my friends about a very cute girl I’d dated that only watches Disney movies. I smiled again, and she became a little animated and said, yeah, “Disney!” And I asked if she watched other TV… and she said, no. Only Disney movies. On DVD, I said? She said, yeah.

This ^ is a world I can barely imagine.

You want to guess what kind of music she likes? I asked about Taylor Swift. It’s a fact that all virgins love Taylor Swift, and this one does too. But she also likes… Disney music. It’s like that. She is that kind of girl. No overly sugary, or bubbly, but the canon of great movies for her begins and ends with the Disney collection. Amazing.

All of this strikes me as having grown up in an almost dysfunctionally religious home. She’s introverted. And she seems to be horribly underexposed. But she also seems quite happy. And any notes of sadness in this story are from my viewpoint as a man that has seen the world… looking into her life with wonder, and perhaps some judgment. Not judgment of her, but at the very real contrast of my life and hers, from the viewpoint and intimacy of sharing time with a girl like this one.

She said she doesn’t have many friends. She wasn’t sad when she said it, but maybe I was, I little, for a minute. And then I sort of coached her on how to make friends. And she sat there, while I talked, full attention. Listening.

It sobered me up. I felt… again… responsible.

And I was talking to her about what a “lover” means to me. And as I talked about affection, I asked if her family was affectionate? Once she understood what I meant, she said no. I asked if her sister touched her, hugged her, etc. She said, no. I asked if her mom told her she loved her, hugged her, touched her… she said no. She was quiet and simple here too. Not sad. No shame. Just guileless and open and simple… and happy to be with me.

And I was touching her the whole time, as I said it. Kino… yeah. And also, genuine affection for a nice, young girl. I feel very warm towards her. She was affectionate in return. Not confident, but soft and easy to “reach” at the level of physical affection.

And I hadn’t given up the seduction at all. But I could do both. That is what I want with most girls. Give her some genuine “love” at one level, and move her toward sex at another.

That is… if I want to fuck her.

As we left the pizza place, I wrapped the extra pizza in some tinfoil. I stacked the chocolate chip cookie I’d bought her on top of it (I’d already eaten mine). I handed them both to her, and told her to put them in her purse. She smiled and did exactly as I told her.

And I wondered if I would try to take her home? At that point, I had no idea. It wasn’t yet time to decide.

As we hit the street, I still didn’t know… but I did know I wanted to taste her mouth again… so I grabbed her, pulled her in, kissed her, and it landed. And it was hot, again. Extremely hot kiss. And she was 30% more confident this time versus the last date. Still passive. But some of the shock was gone.

I kissed her several more times. And each time kissing her, I was hungry for more… a vampire, figuratively licking drops of blood off of a virgin’s neck… but somehow keeping his fangs from penetrating the juicer vein beneath the skin.

I was very turned on. As I kissed my little Disney virgin, her breathing changed. And while she was obviously nervous… she was getting turned on as well. I bet we made her virgin pussy wet. I was hard over and over… as I’d start and stop the makeout on our walk back to the train station.

Something about her really turns me on. Magically so.

I didn’t take her home. I know I could have. And I probably could have fucked my first virgin tonight. Maybe. I don’t know.


And I’m sure some of this is good judgment (at least for tonight). And some of it was me showing I am naïve too.

Maybe she is very ready to give up her v-card? I sometimes wonder if I am disappointing girls by not being even more aggressive than I feel I am. Tonight, this girl was not disappointed in me. Was I disappointed in myself?

My life is about me. And my game is about what I want. I recommend we all look at our lives and our seductions like that. This isn’t about what she wants. Of course she has a choice. But insofar as our thought processes go as men of game… our thinking should start with what we want.

Did I want to fuck her? Sort of.

As I strive to be a great man and an aspiring Patriarch… and… a self-serving rake… this is how I take a girls wellbeing into consideration:

If my stated goals are to 1.) Have good experiences and, 2.) Give girls good experiences… would fucking her TONIGHT be the experience I want to give her? One more time: If I fucked her tonight, and she felt “some kind of way,” and I was sensitive enough to feel that in her, would THAT be a good experience FOR ME? And again: Would it be a better experience FOR ME, if I waited another night, let trust build, so she had a better experience, and then I HAD A BETTER EXPERIENCE because of that?

Romantic calculous ^… and the internal struggle calculations of an aspiring Casanova.

My answer that night was… maybe.

That was where I left it. And I did some of this thinking out loud… while I was with her… telling her that if I took her home, I’d end up taking her clothes off and fucking her. And I tugged on the hem of her skirt as I said it. I wasn’t asking. It was communication. And mostly testing myself to see if I was ready. She is a very compliant girl… maybe the most compliant girl I’ve dated…


She is so passive. At least now she knows, explicitly, beyond any cloud of Disney infantilization what will happen if she comes back to my house. She has been warned. I’m not sure she has enough of a voice to stop me if I tried to have sex with her and she didn’t fully want it. I think she might be shy, and mousey, and overwhelmed enough that she would take it if I moved toward sex… almost no matter what. And that might not be a good thing. Not even for me.

As I write this… for me… it comes down to “what kinds of sounds she will make?” That is a great guideline. And it’s consistent with the theme of “arousal” that Yohami’s teaching has given me.

Will the little noises she makes as I escalate be muffled and meek? Or will they be breathy and warm? Perhaps that is how I would know if taking her was only about my selfishness… or if I could give her a good experience as well. I am happy to be selfish… particularly when the girl and I can both be selfish, at the same time, together.

If she is indeed a virgin… and I fuck her… I think it’ll hurt her, in relatively small ways, physically. I think she’ll bleed. The only other virgin I fucked cried. I am okay with that. But I want her to know it’s coming. And I want her to be relaxed enough to enjoy the lead up, if not the act of being split open for the first time.

So… I probably gave up a notch tonight. And I missed another chance to walk a virgin across the threshold of adult sexuality… which I really want to do. And I have seen a lot of girls that have seemed to really like me… and then disappear… even after good dates like tonight. But I don’t think this girl is going to run off.

And I think I can fuck her next time. But that won’t be the goal.

The goal will be… arousal. For her. And for me. I want to make her purr. And I want to extend that enough that she can feel some genuine pleasure, even if she is very nervous, which I am sure she will be.

And then… maybe I’ll fuck her. Even if it hurts.

Maybe I’ll fuck her, even if she’s naïve. Even if she’s off the scale sheltered and innocent. Even if she’s simple.

I don’t know.


It was an amazing night. What a great experience for me. I am sure she had an amazing time. These are the nights that make me legitimately proud of myself as a seducer.

And I walked home with all these questions in my head. And I walked slow. I felt good. I had been laid twice in the last 24 hours (Miss Athlete, both times), so I wasn’t desperate. I’m sure that helped me to be so relaxed and contemplative, even as I had a tempting, delicious virgin within my reach.

These aren’t specifically moral questions… but there is some of that too.

I think I have picked very good goals for myself. They shield me, in many ways. And they keep me on a path where I can feel proud.

Would I have had a good experience tonight? I don’t know. I think it’ll be better if it happens next time. I think she’ll be less overwhelmed. I think her trust will be higher, and she’ll have a better time. I think she will have had some time to think about it, so she’ll be a more informed participant in her deflowering. In my judgment as a man, all of that will lead to her having a good experience. And all of that will make for a better experience for me.

I feel good about this. Quite good. Confident. I am sure I am still a bit naive (more than “a bit”), but I am growing up. At 45 years old… I am still growing up.

And I am left with a kind of profound “respect” for how different she is.. for what she is like… for where she is at in her life… versus my life. And I smile to think of how turned on I got tonight as I pushed her up against the walls of various buildings… to squeeze her little-soft wrists… and to suck on her mouth.

Unbelievable hot.

Next time… I don’t know. But tonight, was a very good experience.

Viva daygame.