TYO: SDL with A Japanese Idol, +1 Tokyo

I had one of my favorite sexual experiences of my life last night. Met her yesterday daytime, sex last night. A 24 year old “Idol.” I am still love drunk from the experience.

One of the bits of reality I am beginning to see as the Girl Tornados teach me about mating and dating, is that getting a same day date is very possible. Realistically, I think I can get a same day date about 30% of the times I try for one. Obvious to some, but is now becoming true for me and where I am with game.

I had a same day date with the Korean girl last Fall. I wasn’t aiming for it, she popped up in a typical daygame session. And then I was actually aiming for it in Dec and I got it done with Miss Taiyuan. That one was very intentional, so it meant something to me. The Nurse I had sex with on this trip also started with a same day date.

This time, I had been dating for several nights in a row – Saturday thru Tuesday. It was now Wednesday, and I wanted to run some more street approaches. While I also had dates set up for Thursday and Friday, I could not seem to put together a date for Wednesday night. I was purposefully not messaging a couple of girls as I was curious as to what the street could provide. I am glad I did.

(BTW, this kind of abundance is similar to what hot girls have. If you wonder how they can be so carefree and dismissive of our offers, slow to respond even when it’s obvious they have fun with you, etc., it’s because they have million options. I am working hard, my game is adequate, I have a ton of leads, new ones every time I go out, so I can act like a “hot girl” for now. And I am acting like a hot girl. I’ve said “no” and blown off a few opportunities on this trip. This is mostly new to me.)

My idol was the 8th girl of the day. As she strolled by, texting, with a girly smile on her face, the word that came to my mind was “sunny.” I stopped her, and told her so. Nice, comfortable, graceful reaction to the stop. Like most girls here, she denied that she could speak English, but we limped along well enough.

As I asked what she was doing in that neighborhood, she said she was on Holiday from Nagoya. When I asked what she did for work she said:

HER: I am idol.

Now I know what the word idol means in English, but I was uncertain what it meant in Japanese culture. And as I am a big fan of J-porn, I’d also heard pornstars called adult video (JAV) idols, but I assumed this girl was no porn star. In set, I didn’t show much interest in her job. She didn’t make a big deal out of it.

She was here for a few more days, and I know a girl on vacation can often be down for sex. I had sex last trip with a married woman from Nagoya I picked up at a restaurant.

As I went to take my idol’s number to “have a drink sometime,” she said “now?” And while I already knew she was on her way to hang out with some friends, I could tell she was interested. I took her Line contact and we left it that we might have a drink that same night. She double checked the time as we parted ways, to be sure we had it settled. Again, I took that as real interest.

I ended up picking up two “idols” that day, but I liked this one best. I took 4 leads altogether, from 14 approaches, she was my favorite lead of the day. Good, high-ROI daygame session.

About the “idol” thing, I messaged my new friend Stealth, a local daygame king, to get more details on what I should assume:

NASH: What is an “idol” exactly? Like a model, sort of, that dances??
NASH: Took numbers from two “idols” today. I want to know what that means.
STEALTH: Hehe idols are basically young girls who sings and acts cute in public. But most of them are girls who are in denial thinking they’re top stars lol
STEALTH: Basically like wannabe celebrities lol

That is about what I thought. No disrespect, but no big deal either… unless the girl herself is a big deal. The second girl definitely thinks she is a celebrity, so I am running more aggressive game with her. This one, was chill and charming. Nice girl.

I finished my session, messaging all the new girls and several others to keep the tornado spinning. I pinged her:

NASH: Hello Sunny Girl
HER: Oh!thank you!! : )
today’s 22:00 Shibuya?

Felt pretty on. I was a little surprised, but ready. I set the “Gelato Trap,” had some dinner, did some work and ran out to meet her.

She was early. I have now met six girls at this spot so I texted her and told her to come to me. She did, and she looked pretty cute, maybe a little cautious.

We get outside and she is increasing cautious. She wants to know where we are going, and is making sure there are non-alcoholic options. I love the spot I’m taking her to as it is cool, but will easily pass this kind of inspection. Great, versatile spot. I have taken three girls there so far.

I say it is close (two blocks), many people there, but almost all Japanese, has food, has many kinds of drinks, that it’s relatively quiet and totally cool spot. Good music. All that is true.

Her lips are slightly pulled back, in a fear gesture. I am usually surprised in the other direction, at how trusting girls are with “a bad man like me” they barely know. But she is surprisingly worried, and we are in a very populated, well-lit area.

I show her the drink spot on the map on my phone, and she looks up the place on her own phone, and we finally get her moving. I tell her I know that she doesn’t know me, and she needs to stay safe, but that maybe she is dangerous too! She laughs.

Once she sees the place, she is cool. I tease her again about her caution. Making a big show of making sure she thinks the place is safe. She laughs. We take a four-person seat, so we can get side-by-side. I tell her to scoot over, and she does, no hesitation.

She orders tea, I have a whiskey. We’re underway.

Her English is not great. But… This overachiever added a second translator to his phone this same day, the Microsoft app, and had the offline language pack for Japanese installed so I was fucking good to go, even in this old warehouse space with poor cell reception. That preparation might be why I got laid. Many factors contribute to a proper seduction. Me adding a good “offline” language app was part of tonight’s success.

In terms of her English, she was about 90% translator app, very little comprehension at all.

And she does this very cute thing… “Very cute thing?”… Where she repeats whatever you say or type in the translator… “Type in the translator?”… But turns each line into a question as she repeats it… “A question as she repeats it?”

I loved it. Charming. : ]

She also says “wow.” A lot. She is like a subdued anime girl. Not dumb, just very positive and feminine. Addictively charming.

She is just ending her idol thing, ready for “the next stage” of her life. She said all that with a proud, simple smile. She plays guitar. She is doing some music reviews for publications. Studied broadcast journalism at a junior college. Lives at home. Loves cats. I liked her. Nice little date.

This date was not very sexual, other than me making it clear I think she is cute, telling her I want to bite her, pulling her hair, etc. All lighthearted. Same physical stuff I’ve done on all my dates. I had not kissed her.

And the moment of truth…

I say, “Do you like gelato?” She does, so I say, “I have some really delicious gelato. Let’s go to my place and we’ll have some gelato and listen to some music and I’ll show you some of my art.” No argument, she said “okay.”

Damn, that was easy.

I know from Tom Torero’s Stealth Seduction videos that he doesn’t say where they are going, he just pulls. No reference to “my house.” I know my Tokyo buddy Stealth does this too. Leads toward the sex location. Maybe someday I will do that, but for now I like the transparency of saying where we are going. I threw her in a cab to make it quick and warm, and we were at my place 10 minutes later.

As we walked in, I showed her “comfortable?” on the app, and she said “yes!” She was fine. Interesting how she was sooooo careful before the drink spot, but going back to my house was fine, no nerves at all. She had already screened me, I was safe and “in.”

Music, some gelato, and I said “come her” and stepped in and kissed her. She still had the gelato spoon in her hand, but kissed me back mildly. More gelato, and kissing, and it seemed on.

Moved her to the bed, started undressing her as we made out. No resistance at all.

That is when I was sure I was going to sex this little girl.

Sex. Including the best blowjob I have had in years. I figured she had had plenty of experience. It was so good. Rhythmic, well timed, fantastic. I licked every part of her young body. She was delicious and compliant. I put on the world’s best condom and fucked her for 15-20 minutes. A very good deal.

+1 Tokyo. My 2nd lay on this trip, and my 6th daygame lay, all since August. My first SDL from daygame.

I’ll stop here and say my goal for this trip was two new girls. Done and done. 23 and 24, both lovely girls. Good deal. I have 11 days left, we’ll see what else I can do before I leave.

Post sex she looked like she didn’t know what to do next. I pulled her in and cuddled her. We started working the translator and I explained the word “lover” to her, told her she was now my lover. Gave her a bunch of affection, which was easy. She was more adorable with each moment.

She was relaxing and the whole mess was getting juicier and better as we settled down with each other. We’d fucked. Pressures was off. Time to relax and enjoy each other.

I told her to please spend the night if she would like that. She was as compliant as any other part of the night. Cuddled into me.

If the Chinese Virgin is -0.5 points with her clothes off, this one was maybe +1 point naked. Oishii desu. I told her so all night.

She does not think she is pretty or sexy, and she is both. Her face may be a little plain, but her body was phenomenal. Trim, perfect skin, excellent muscle tone as she dances three days a week and works out as well. Not a hard body, just well sculpted. When I fucked her from behind, in addition to her perfect little ass, I could see all the smooth muscles of her back. Great body. Not a bit of body hair, and a trimmed bush (which I don’t care about… Japanese girls can go full natural and I might even like them more).

And… Dripping wet pussy at all times, all night. Amazing. Wow.


She knew I was safe about 5 minutes after we got to the drink spot.

She assumed there was a 50/50 chance we would have sex if we came back to my place.

I asked if she had a BF, and she does. Here in Tokyo, not back home in Nagoya. She wasn’t shy about telling me. She has “a feeling” that he is seeing another girl. (Maybe sex with me was revenge for that?) He is a “cool” guy, but a bit cold. He was too busy to see her on this trip… he works a lot, she said. She was staying in a hotel and with friends while she is here.

I asked about the world’s best blowjob, and if she has had a lot of experience with men. She swears I am the second guy she has fucked. She says the BF was the first, six months ago. I told her I am a lover, not a BF, she could be honest. I told her to confess! No way she could be that good with only one partner. She swore over and over, and we laughed together.

She says she got a “late start.” That she was very “careful” when she was younger. That the idol group she was in has a rule about no BFs. Etc. She is perfectly fuckable, very charming. She is a even a little bit famous. Hmmm. Very hard to believe that story but I almost do at this point. Yohami thinks I am gullible. I think he is right.

She slept over and it was wonderful. It was what I wish for myself. Tender, sexy, dreamy and fun all night.

We slept for maybe two hours, and she woke me up, touching me to keep me awake, and we fooled around for another hour. More talking via the translator. I didn’t fuck her again, despite my obvious inspiration, because I wanted to save some drive for The Nurse, whom I was to date the next night.

Back to sleep, up at 7:30 and I walked her to the train so she could check out of her hotel by 10. I was so reluctant to let her put her clothes back on. She is my type.

I will confess… The vibe of sex and affection was so strong, the flood of hormones so powerful, I had to fight not to telling her I loved her all night. I know better. I get it. I know what body chemicals can do to a man’s sanity. I am just stating the facts here.

Wow. Amazing. Those words were on repeat, as we didn’t need a translator to say any of that.

I love that girl. She is busy until she leaves. I am tempted to try and get her back to Tokyo before I go.

From later today:

HER: thank you, lover.

Wow. Amazing.

Viva daygame.