TYO: Sex with The Nurse, +1 Tokyo

She just left. I would have loved to have had that little girl spend the night, but she shook her head “no” and gave me a cute little smile. She is 23 and she was delicious. Very good night.

Rough math: 8 days from meet to sex. 3rd date. She was my “60th” approach of the trip (rough estimate).

I met her Jan19, it was a Thursday, right after my first insta-date with a different girl. I took her out that night, we had a great time. Tried to kiss her, but she tucked her chin, took some soft kissing, but wouldn’t really kiss me back, and wouldn’t come back to my place.

We had another date two nights later, Saturday night. I loved that date, one of my favorites of my life, really nice time with a sweet, charming, simple girl. She had work the next morning early. Wouldn’t come back to my place, didn’t want a drink after dinner. More soft little kisses, great vibe, and she was off on a Tokyo train.

She was saying she might not see me for a week, but her English isn’t great and I wasn’t sure. A few texts this week. I thought she had to work tonight, but I offered Fri or Sun (she was my first choice, over any other girls in the current TYO Tornado), but I casually added, “and you have to work Thursday, yeah?” And she said:

HER: I’m free on Thursday :)

So I booked her.

Awesome… and then I went to work filling the other nights. I wanted to give her first choice, and was glad that was sorted. When I have a Girl Tornado going (and I think I officially do at this point, and some sex just flew out of it), there is always a girl I like best, and I try to book her so my nights don’t fill up and I miss a chance to be with her, perhaps because I’ve made a commitment to a girl I like half as much. This one is my favorite of the trip so far.

Ahhh… I can still smell the sex in here.

She shows up tonight, on time to the minute. Looking very cute and simple and conservative. I took her to the place I took Business Girl the other night (haven’t written about that one yet), a great, hip/artsy little spot. I walked over there and booked a reservation yesterday. The manager likes me and he and I are now FB friends, and he might come stay with me at my place next year. He was charming, and I’m sure helped my comfort with her. I don’t know what he says to the girls I bring there… I don’t speak Japanese. I’ll smile a bit when I bring a third girl there. And perhaps a forth.

At dinner, I was talking about the songs I sent her via text this last week. She is a cute, rather innocent looking thing. Again tonight, did not show an inch of skin, covered from toe to neck to wrist. Simple, conservative. Big sweater so I couldn’t see her body even when I got her coat off. But she did wear the perfume I asked her to wear as a favor to me, and she smelled delicious and I was kissing her behind her ear a bit during dinner. She would giggle.

So as I brought up the songs, I didn’t know if she knew how “dirty” they were. Nasty, sexy R&B. Talking about fucking and drugs. Anyway, her English is not great, and I’m trying to ask her if she can tell there are “bad words” in the songs. And at one point, I say, “he says dick.” And she is a complete blank, so I look her in the eyes, and I say, “dick” and put my hand on my dick. And she blushes a bit and giggles and it’s cool. And I tell her I prefer the word cock, as “dick” means “a guy you don’t like” in the US as well as cock. I say the word “ching ching,” which I don’t totally understand, but I understand from the Tokyo Queen is a pretty raunchy word for cock. And then I move my hand to hover over her box and I say doctors call this a “vagina”… and she grabs my wrist and giggles before I get too far, and I roll of and say, “but I call it pussy.” “Cock and pussy,” in her ear. And she’s smiling and we’re cool.

And I tell her I know I am making her a little uncomfortable, but I keep rolling off to show her I am never going to go “too far.” And I say something I said on my date with The Siren which I like very much, which is, “I want to make you comfortable.” And I hold her dominantly as I say this. Serious look, stare her in the eyes as I repeat, “comfortable.” Purposely intimidate her, but mean the comfort part. This is a bodyguard look. “But,” I say, and give her a wolfy grin, “but,” another grin, she’s smiling too, “comfortable, but also… excited.” And I snap back to serious and make a move like I’m gonna take her. And then roll off and give her a lot of space. Look away. Look back. “Comfortable,” I say with soft eyes, giving her lots of room, “but also excited,” and I move in again and give her some sexual threat. And I roll off. And smile. Siren loved this. So did The Nurse.

I’m loving this as a way to set something up. It’s trust, and threat, at the same time. I think it’s effective. Feels good in the field, really natural to me. I know I’ve done it a few times in the last couple months.

Another thing. I ask about her ex boyfriend as Yohami made a very interesting comment about that on my blog some time ago. I ask how they met. And then I ask when he tried to kiss her (2nd date). And then I ask when she kissed him back… “many, many, many dates,” she said. And I told her I will never wait that long. I tell her she is going to kiss me soon, and I know it. And she just stares. I did this the other night with Business Girl. I am trying to set up the frame that I am not that kind of guy, and they should not expect that kind of pace with me. Experimenting with that. I also like to hear how other guys make moves, that’s good intel. And Yohami’s original reasoning is she will tell you how to game her, and I think Yohami is correct there.

So dinner is great. I kiss her neck, touch her, we chat, roll off, eat a bit. She drinks little and slowly on each date. She is a careful girl. K-select grade. We stare into each others eyes and she gets me hard each time she puts that “deepness” she’s got into her stare. I tell her the eye-thing she does is amazing. I think she gets it. I tell her I think she is cute, yes, cute, but also sexy. She likes it.

So after dinner, I say, “Okay, so I want you to come back to my place,” and she shakes her little head no, just like the first two dates.

And I smile and roll off and say, “I know, I know.” “Here’s what we’re going to do. Come back. You know I will try to kiss you. You know I will kiss you, and touch you all over,” and I clown that a bit, and she laughs.

“But you know that when you say ‘no,’ I always listen, right?” And she gets it. And I make her teach me the word for “slow down.” And we practice, with me going to “too far,” and her saying, “slow down,” and me backing off. She is smiling. And she gets it. So I say again, we’re going to my house, and anytime you want, you can say “slow down,” and you know I will. And…

She’s a yes. I offered desert, I had the Cheesecake trap set, but I don’t even think I said the word cheesecake. Of course the desert was not the thing.

So we pay, and walk back thru the cold Tokyo air to my place, 4 blocks from my food spot. My apartment is less than 200 sq ft, so I can hardly give her the tour, but it’s nice and her first comment is “so clean.” Girls always say that to me, here and at home. Are you comfortable, I ask? Full yes.

So I put on some music and she comes over to look at my laptop with me, and she’s very close, and I should have been convinced at that moment. In retrospect, it was clearly a done deal.

But I took my time. Music. “Okay, come here.” And I kiss her standing up. And I grab her short hair, pull her head back so she can’t tuck her chin, I kiss her kind of rough, she kisses me back for the first time. She’s passionate. Are you comfortable, I ask? Full yes.

So then it’s the bed, and two steps forward, one step back. She would give me the signal to back off, maybe 5 times? And each time, one step back, two steps forward. Great deal. She had some kind of pad in her thong panties that made me think she might be on her period, but she was not. I think my ex the Tokyo Queen used to do that too. Maybe that is a Japanese girl thing?? I don’t know. She was not on her period.

Matching bra and panties, by the way. Red. But I think that’s the first time in a while I’ve actually seen that for a girl that I had sex with, but I know that’s supposed to be some kind of signal.

Her boobs were quite big, and I mentioned that in my last post about her. I had no idea when I picked her up… I don’t really care about boobs. I am an ass guy. I think they are the biggest I’ve been with in years, except my ex and her fake boobs last summer. Beautiful, full C+, young Japanese boobs. Perfect skin over her whole body, not a stitch of hair except her pussy. Marvelous.

She was moaning and loving the little bits of roughness and dominance I like to do as I molested her. No big deal, just hand on her throat, mock choke, pinning her arms down, roughly grabbing her arms, etc. Good fun.

I really took my time. Stopping to give her comfort here and there, in part because I like that pace. I stopped for water a lot. I had a couple of whiskeys at dinner, and my mouth was dry.

She asked me to kill the lights, which were dim, but she is shy about being naked. I turned on the bathroom lights and cracked the door so I could still see her body. I like looking at her. She’s hot and young.

I went down on the little girl, because I love to. We played with her for a bit. I was still fully clothed, she was completely naked and creamy (both her skin and her pussy). I took my clothes off. Laid back, made her kiss me. Then told her suck my cock and she did. It was not super pro, but great… got me nice and hard. World best condom and then…

+1 Tokyo.

Sex was great. Nothing epic, but really nice. I haven’t had an orgasm in at least 10 days, so I was very ready as I have been using the masturbation starvation diet to motivate me (which works). I was a happy man.

We laid around for a few minutes. I took the condom off, and got back in bed with her. She laid on my chest and I stoked her hair. Charming. I thought then she might fall asleep and spend the night.

I am actually fighting yet another goddamn cold, my 2nd since I’ve been here, and my third in 40 days. Sucks. Any resistance I had in the US doesn’t apply to Japan colds. I am clearing my throat as I write this. Not that bad, but I’m like 85% of healthy, and have a dry, wheezy cough. Did on my date last night too (which I didn’t write about, don’t think I will). I was cool for her to go, because of the cold, but was actually looking fwd to her soft, young body next me to all night. Even if I was coughing a bit… which was also true mid Jan, the night I had sex with the Siren the first time, when I had a different goddamn cold. It’s not crushing my game, but it’s about time I caught a few months of being healthy. I didn’t hustle the street today, and yesterday was a major effort to approach as I was dead on my feet. Jesus. Enough already.

After a bit, I got up, and cleaned up the mess. The condom wrappers. Our clothes, etc. Just straightened up. Then busted out the cheesecake, which she said she wanted, it was delicious, and she loved it. I showed her some art.

Then she stood up, wrapped my blanket around her (she is very shy about being seen naked, but she has a great body). I ask if she was getting dressed. Yes. I invited her stay. No. I invited her again, to make she knew I wanted that. No again. I smiled. And she walked the 4 ft to the bathroom to get changed.

I put my clothes back on, and walked her out the nearest real street to get her a cab. I offered to pay for it, but she pushed the Japanese bills away. I hugged her, gave her 10 rapid little kisses all over her face, and she was gone.

A man comes to Tokyo. He talks to some cute little girls on the street – which is a great pastime, even if it never goes further than that. But it does. Cute dates with young, lovely girls. Drinks and delicious Japanese food. A light kiss here and there. And some sex. In a strange town, where you don’t know the language, have no connections, but you know the art of cold approach, and that is a girl delivery system that is portable, that you can take anywhere, and with some luck and some work, build a Girl Tornado from scratch, where ever you land.


Viva daygame.