TYO: Sex With the Korean Princess, A Novella

Here is a long-read about a short girl. She is the third girl I fucked on this trip. This story is about some aspects of game. And the story starts in 2014, so it is also about long game. It is a story from my most recent daygame trip to Tokyo, but it is not about daygame. And while the story takes place in Japan, it’s about a Korean girl. A Korean Princess.

And like a lot of what I am trying to do via game right now… the larger point is about what kind of man I want to be, what kind of life I am building for myself, and the role of women in that life.


I met the Korean Princess in 2014. It was my first trip to Japan and it was about six months before I ran my first daygame approach.

In 2014 I was terrified of the idea of approaching girls, sober, in the daylight, and on the street. I thought (then) that going to clubs every night and getting shitfaced was a better strategy for sexual opportunity. I ran that (failed) strategy quite a bit on my first two trips here. I ran that (foolish) strategy most of my adult life.

The night I met this girl in 2014, I was only moderately shitfaced.

It was my 2nd to last night in Tokyo. I was in a club called Womb, in Shibuya. It’s small and loud. The music sucked and the room was smokier than an ashtray. I was hanging out with some Chinese guy I met in the club, chatting a bit… and I would occasionally excuse myself to go approach. I wasn’t good… but I had talked to over two thousand girls in clubs/bars, and I knew the basics of night game.

I was something like an “advanced beginner,” and I remember feeling so badass about walking across the mostly empty club to open cute, young girls. My Chinese friend was impressed. And that night… I was a little high on myself.

“Look at me… I approached three real-live girls in one night.”

This ^ is the old me. It was a step in the right direction… but I am so glad I found daygame.


As for this particular episode of my night game history….

Approach #3 on this night was a young, short girl, with long hair. She was in all black, wearing tight jeans… and boots that came up just below her knees. She had a great ass. She still does.

I know I opened her with, “Do you speak English,” because that is my opening line for every girl in Japan. And she did speak English… not perfect English, but pretty good. And as you might have guessed, she was from Korea. A visitor to Japan, like I was.

This girl and I spent a few hours together that night. Just the two of us. We had a drink or two. She was with a couple of friends, but never introduced me to them.

My physical escalation and kino skills weren’t then what they are now… but I know I touched her some. And I remember sitting next to her, telling her a story, and trying to casually slide my finger into the top of her boot. To me… it was hardly a “big move.” But she slapped my hand away. And I rolled my eyes.

I figured her prudish reaction meant she was a dead-end… and I had had enough to drink… so a minute later, I told her I liked her, that it had been fun, but I was going to go home.

And… I asked her to come with me. She said no.

But she stopped me. She put her hands on me, told me she liked me too, and that she wanted me to stay. Hmmm, okay. One more drink, she said. So we had another drink. And then it was after 27:00, so I was really ready to leave. I told her again I wanted her to come home with me, and she declined softly…

And then she did something interesting:

She said she wanted to get my contact information… and she had me stand next to her… and she held the phone so I could see it, and she typed out:

HER: [on her phone] I want to go home with you, but I don’t want my friends to know.

I remember being shocked at how smooth this was of her. Standing there, with her friends, her finding a covert way to say she wanted to go home without saying it out loud. As I type this, it occurs to me she could have whispered it my ear, but perhaps the fact that we were standing in the middle of her friends had inspired her to get creative.

It was also true that her phone was dying, so we needed a meeting spot. She continued:

HER: [also typing this out on her phone] Let’s meet tonight, 4:30 AM, at the train station. After I leave my friends I’ll come meet you. We’ll meet at Hachiko.

This girl was 22 at the time… I was 40 years old. I talk a lot these days about how sexually sophisticated young girls can be, and I never think of this story when I say that… but this is an excellent example.

I left the club.

And if you think we met up that night and fucked… you have too much faith in the follow-through of young, drunk club girls.


I did go to the station that night… after I had a 2nd dinner to kill some of the booze. And after I had gone back to my place, showered off, and then dressed again. And after I had a Redbull on the walk to the station to keep my eyes open. I did all that. And then I stood around the station at the meeting point for 15 minutes, in the wee hours of the morning in the nippy Nipon air.

And then I went home. Alone, of course.

And I laughed. I wasn’t mad at all. It was a good adventure. I had very low expectations about results back then…. and I had assumed she would flake… but it was still a fun night.

I slept. And I woke up in the morning. The hangover wasn’t too bad. It was my last day. And I had a message from this girl on Facebook.

HER: Im sorry i couldnt go to hachiko since i was so drunk

We exchanged more Facebook messages that day, and I did some more “comfort” work. She was getting into the examples of my artwork in my profile. I could tell she was impressed. Whatever she liked about me the night before was now magnified by the hints value she could see in my profile. I could feel her warming up. She was starting to feel like a “yes” girl to me.

HER: Wow ! I feel kind of something in the drawing

Here from FB… ^ commenting on some of my art.

I tried to get her out that night…

NASH: Tonight… 6:30, at the Starbucks, Shibuya Station, by where you pay. I’ll meet you there and we’ll have a drink before dinner.

…and she agreed.

We met in Shibuya about 8 PM. I asked if she wanted a drink and she said she was too hungover to drink anything. I took her to dinner… to the same spot I have taken many girls this trip.
We ate. She drank nothing. I had a whiskey. She didn’t want desert.

When she didn’t drink, and didn’t want desert, I had no idea where to take her next. This was before I found daygame, and before I had dated dozens of girls that don’t drink at all. I was out of ideas of how to bounce her, so I suggest the pull with no pretense:

NASH: Let’s go back to my place.
HER: What would we do there?

This ^ is a classic shit congruency test from a girl. I am a better man now, but even then, I passed with ease. I said this:

NASH: We’ll listen to music… and I will definitely kiss you.

Yohami hates it when I say stuff like that… but this works for me again and again. My first lay of this trip, the girl asked me the same thing as I was about to walk her into my building, I said the same thing in response to her as well… and good times were had in both cases (and in many other examples).

Girls are fine with this kind of answer. I think it’s strong, actually… particularly when this is a response to a shit test. The strength comes not from the line, but from the lack of retreat. She was testing for boldness and leadership and congruence. That’s what I gave her.

She liked it. She said was ready to come home with me.

We walked to my place. I gave her the 10-sec tour. And I put on some music. And I got us a glass of water and then…

I started making moves on her. I stepped in. And I laid hands on the little girl. And I tried to kiss her, and… She didn’t resist at all. She smiled. But her eyes glossed over. And she was stiff as a mannequin.

In the fight/flight/freeze/fuck range of responses to intense interpersonal encounters… she was in “freeze” mode. At the time, I’d never seen anything like it. I’d had seen girls run or reject me. And I has seen them fuck me. But I’d never seen one “freeze” before. She was overwhelmed.

She liked what was going on. She wanted to be there. There was no LMR, just a painful, unsexy stiffness to her.

Earlier in the night I had asked, and she told me she wasn’t a virgin. But in the moment, it seemed very much to me like it was her first kiss. And with that painfully stiff kiss…. my expectations for the night instantly changed.

I dragged her across the room and pushed her back into my sheets. I was very conscious about wanting to loosen her up. I started to play with her. And as I did that… it was, in fact, playful. And then sexy… as I would show some dominance, kiss her with some fierceness, all that. And then… a bit playful again. Back and forth. Like that.

She slowly relaxed and loosened up. I wasn’t trying to get past LMR (there was none)… I wanted her to relax so we would both have a better time. And it was working.

And I have talked some on this blog about how when a girl is really not “melting into you”… if she is very nervous, or unsure… I sometimes have her “do things” to me. In this case, I rolled onto my back, and pulled her on top of me, and had her kiss me… I directed her to take over the escalation. And that woke her up, it really worked. It gave her enough “power” to get her to start coming towards me, rather than just “being taken.” This was about making her a participant, rather than a spectator, in her own seduction.

As we progressed sexually, she was calmed down but still didn’t seem particularly aroused. I wasn’t sure this was “giving her a good experience.” I had even decided I wasn’t going to try to fuck her. She had to take the last train home, she wasn’t comfortable yet, we didn’t have much time left before I would walk her to her train that night… I didn’t want to rush her (or me) into a fast fuck. I was just going to focus on giving her a good experience. That was my plan in the moment.

And I did. I got her naked. Took my time touching her, and trying to raise her level of excitement. I eventually ate her pussy. I kissed her over and over and everywhere. She was hardly passionate… but she got into it, in certain moments.

And then it was late. And by this point she was very happy. Relaxed. And smiling. And affectionate. And laying on my chest and hugging me. She was being very cute. She was finally completely comfortable with me.

And then she said…

HER: I am going to take the early train instead…
HER: I want to stay with you.

Okay. Looks like she was hooked… and wanted more.

This was four years ago, I had a lot less experience then, but… I had done exactly what I intended to do. She was emotionally leaning into the seduction now, and I was proud of the effect I had had on her. I had taken a very nervous, stiff, inexperienced girl, and I had given her a good time. And she came back to me in that moment with joy, wanting to invest more, wanted to take more risks with me. She was a happy girl. Suddenly sure of herself and the situation. And all this was tremendous validation for the flavor of game I wanted to master.

Now that she was “all in,” and had invited herself to stay the night, I said:

NASH: You can stay here… I want you to.
NASH: But I’m definitely going to put my cock inside you.

And she just smiled. And cuddled into me.

So I did. I fucked her.

And… in terms of the raw physicality of it… it was some of the worst sex I’d ever had. That is true.

She was still stiff, again, as I fucked her. When we talk about a girl acting like a “starfish” in bed… that was this girl… even though I knew at that point she was into me and the night and the sex… all of it. Spread wide, wet, willing… but inanimate. It was like she was passed out, but with her eyes wide open, and she stared at me, and smiled in an almost disconnected way… while I fucked her very tender, young body.

She slept over that night, for the few hours we had left before the trains began to run again. We woke early, well before daylight. I walked her to the train, wrapping her in my down vest so she was warm in the cold Tokyo air.

Later that day, as the rest of Tokyo woke up, she and I both went home to our respective countries. I had scored a surprise lay… on my last night of the trip.


All these weird details, and yet… it is still one of my favorite sexual experiences of all time. There is no contradiction there, not for me. Even years later… I love this story.

And I am happy to tell this story now, because that night was a significant influence on how I want to seduce… and my goals as a player. I was “winging it” that night. At least half the things I’d done with that girl I had never done before… or never done with a girl like her. But much of what we did that night became standard moves in my playbook… some of the most important sexual reference experiences of my life. I have reused the moves and the mindsets I established that night many times.

I’d never been with a girl that inexperienced before. I’d never had the skill to get a girl back to place that quickly before. And sober. It was so quick… she was less sure of herself and what we would do. That meant new challenges for me… and new things to learn.

She was then (and is now), 19 years younger than me. This affair was a very good introduction for me to “seducing younger girls.” I learned a lot.


After we’d returned home, we continued to talk. Often at first. She would call me on the LINE app. We’d have somewhat long, voice-to-voice calls (maybe once every month or so). We would talk about boys she liked. And about what she was studying.

That long game was mostly rapport… but not entirely. I was happy to talk about her life, but my interest in her was as a “cute young girl.” Of course. And I would punctuate our conversation with sexual comments. She would often try to block that talk.

It was important to me to keep it man-to-woman between she and I, or to cut it off. I used sexual comments to signal to her so she could not forget that I am a sexual man. I wanted her to know it… but she often fought that frame. She was difficult and prudish sometimes. She would call me out, try to shame me into being “proper,” or to censor my sense of the sexual connection between her and me. She would tell me I was being disrespectful. I would always double down, never retreat.

I wasn’t looking for compliance from her. I was maintaining my own space… this was about boundaries. And it was not easy to hold that position with her.

I call her the Princess for a reason.


My use of “princess” here is not intended to flatter the girl. Princess qualities in a girl are not attractive to me. Mostly not. Almost never.

Our time together in Japan was fast and exciting… and I didn’t get the full flavor of who she was until later. And the truth about her is… she is a pampered, spoiled, strong-willed girl from a wealthy family. A bratty, entitled, rich girl. It shows up in her lifestyle in many ways.

Like the night I fucked her in 2014, she showed up for our date dressed like an “old lady.” Not badly dressed, just inappropriately for a girl of her age. Based on her outfit, I could tell she spent a lot of time with her mom… I told her that. And she confirmed it.

Her mom is a wealthy lady. And the Korean Princess takes style cues from her mom. Too much Barney’s. Not enough Forever21. Her clothes are very nice and very expensive, but boring. And I bet her style isn’t the only way in which she takes after Mom. As the Queen, so goes the Princess.

I could tell from her lifestyle that her family had money. In part, as she can bounce over to Japan whenever she wants. She spends cash freely… but doesn’t seem to work much, if at all.

And she is a student… but has changed her field of study many times, remaining a student… year after year. She complains that this or that is “too hard,” or that she doesn’t like it. And she switches again.

Her dad runs a successful medical practice in Seoul. I wonder if he “loves his little princess”… or sees her as a “hole in his wallet.” (Probably both.) She lives at home, but even so… I’m sure he has to keep his client load up, in part, to keep her in Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

She is an entitled, selfish little thing. It’s not cute. I didn’t really see this side of her until after we’d fucked, but I saw in our long game, and I don’t like that part of her at all. And it’s been part of our relationship for me to keep firm boundaries around her to keep her in a place where I can enjoy her… or far away when I cannot.

It’s been part of our relationship… for me to keep an eye on the frame… and on my boundaries.


2015 was the first time I daygamed in Tokyo. I did that trip soon after I started this blog. And the Korean Princess and I were still talking. And she was to be in town the same time I was… again. There were hints of a sexual reunion.

I sucked at daygame at that time. I didn’t have the sexual options I have now… nor the hope that I could produce sexual opportunity, fast, and consistently, on the street. If she and I were going to be in the same city… I wanted to see her again. I was undersexed and wanted to fuck. When you don’t have that many options… a selfish princess has more appeal than she should.

But I knew she was a princess by that point, and I didn’t want any bullshit. I had only done 80 approaches that trip, but I was loving daygame. I had some dates from that work (three dates, with two girls, kissed them both). And I was still clubbing hard on that trip… thinking that might also turn up some pussy…. so I put her off, and dodged her first attempts to see me. Daygame had given me some sense of the possibility of a future where I had more options than her particular flavor of brattiness.

Eventually I found some free time and set up a date. I saw her for lunch… and tried to get her to come back to my place for “a movie” one afternoon. She declined. It was clear in her look she knew what I meant. And she brought up a boyfriend… which I vaguely knew was in the picture, but I mostly didn’t consider. And we made plans to see each other that night.

We met up for a 2nd time that day, and had a drink at the bar that is in the movie Lost in Translation (in Shinkuju). The seating was bad and I couldn’t get next to her… no physical touch, no intimacy. She was on her phone the whole time.

I wrapped up the drink quickly, and I took her by train back to Shibuya, my home turf. I walked her through backstreets to a very cool restaurant (which is no longer there). On the way back toward the train, I moved into kiss her… she rejected it. But she loved it. She was laughing and loving the vibe and pushing me away and it was all kind of fun.

I wanted to fuck her. I invited her back to my place. She said no. I kept that up… kissing her neck and all that… and she complained that it was public… but she wouldn’t come home and eventually I sent her off on a train.

She messaged me that night saying she regretted not coming to my place. It was after 1 AM. I was horny and dying to fuck. And I offered to pay for a cab for her to come over. I was almost sure she would do it, and I even showered in preparation… but she did not.

She told me later she regretted not taking the cab over as well.

All tension. No release.


I didn’t come to Tokyo in 2016, but we talked some. We were a bit like friends at this point. Her, a rather non-generous princess. Me, a horny cad… and one with increasingly good daygame skills and options.

She travels a lot. Often with her mom. And she came to the US that year, but not to my city. She might have even been in California… but we didn’t see each other.

And that was the year I got much better with women. I got my first daygame lay in September of that year. And two more by the end of the year.

It had been a long time since I’d seen the Princess. She was cool and all, but I mostly didn’t concern myself with her, or spend any energy trying to keep the connection alive.

I was pretty sure I’d never see her again.


In 2017 I was back in Tokyo for trip #3… and I was beginning to look like the man you guys know now… a proper daygamer… the one that writes this blog. And the Korean Princess and I had some back and forth while I was on that trip…

I messaged her on Jan06, soon after I arrived. She read the message (LINE has read receipts), but didn’t respond. That is part of what I take to be “princess” behavior.

I messaged her again on Jan14… also no response. I wasn’t getting laid yet, so I was happy to keep trying.

I tried her once more on Jan17:

NASH: Do you know this place?

I sent her a pic from the same restaurant I had taken her to back in 2014. I was eating there that night, working some leads, and wanted to see if I could wake her up. She responded.

HER: Nope
HER: What is that place?
NASH: You DO know it!
NASH: One time a cute American man took you there
HER: Haha, yes he was cute

She was sweet and complimentary. She can be like that… sometimes. I like this side of her.

NASH: The manager remembered me…
NASH: Showed me a pic on his phone of the sticker I gave him last time I was here
HER: Everyone remembers you ! Maybe becuz you’re nice with good manner .

I am a sucker for compliments… I liked it. I pushed it on:

NASH: I am always nice… unless you don’t treat me well.
NASH: [and I sent a pic of young boy, frowning and pulling a girls pigtail]
HER: Hahaha nice pic

I was running a lot of game by this point. I wasn’t getting laid on that trip (yet), but I was hopeful and not over-eager. I had not asked her to come see me, but she volunteered this:

HER: I was planning to come to Tokyo, but I went there 7-8 times already…
HER: [some more about money]
HER: I will consider more, but my possibility is about 30-40 percent :(
NASH: Don’t come.
HER: Hahaha

This was me ^ with a push. Decent game, and the right flavor of play with this girl, I figured. I was gaming her, but I mean it when I say I don’t like princesses. I don’t. So some of this push was real.

But… if I could get her in the right frame, it could be fun. So I continued:

NASH: Unless you want to be kissed.
NASH: !!!
NASH: By a man with good manners.
NASH: [and I sent a pic of some classic male movie icon in repose]

I am ^ calling back here to her comment ABOVE about my manners.

HER: 30-40 percent! I already went japan on late October :(

This is just boring… it wasn’t flirty or fun… it’s just “no.” I hadn’t been laid in a few weeks, but I didn’t want to chase. I was trying to game myself. To trust in daygame. To retain my frame. So I kept going:

NASH: So don’t come!!
NASH: I didn’t even say I wanted you to come. : ]
HER: Okay then . I won’t

I was obviously teasing, but I had probably gone too far here. Maybe.

I said all this then… because I wanted to stay away from the version of me that would have tried to persuade her… the version of me that would have been over eager. I would have chased… and she still wouldn’t have come… and I would have had that sour taste of having clearly been “bottom guy” once again.

I had done the push, maybe too much push. I tried some pull:

NASH: But…
NASH: >: ]
NASH: And we have fun together.

There I was pulling… but with a sexual edge. This is Octopus Game (I think). It’s flattering. It shows strong interest. It’s pull. But it’s selfish and intentionally base in a way that embraces the sexual.

But she spit it back. And I think this is also her being a princess.

HER: Why me ? You also met Korean girl in us
HER: And you can meet other Japanese in Tokyo
HER: pout

Now we have princess pride in full bloom. It’s negative. Not attractive. And I don’t like this energy. In this kind of situation, I’ll either walk away… or try to smash the frame. Here, I doubled down:

NASH: I don’t care about “Korean.”
NASH: You and I have good chemistry…
NASH: And you know it.
NASH: ….
NASH: If you come… You cannot be a “princess”
NASH: That’s not what I want
NASH But if you come…
NASH: Stay for two nights… and you can stay with me.
NASH: In my tiny, but nice apartment.
NASH: Only 2 nights… If you stay longer we will fight!
NASH: [and I sent a pic of a 3 year old with and angry face making a fist]

As I read all this now… I like it.

In the first part, I come over the top and dominate her with certainty. Then I go further, and make it clear I don’t want any princess shit (she knows I think she acts like a bratty princess sometimes). And then… I went back to more “pull” with the offer to stay. And that is leadership… cleaning up ambiguity with a clear plan. And then… another “push” with the limit on how long she can stay and the playful reference to the idea that we might fight.

That last part — “only 2 nights” — is about boundaries. I think I read the potential of this girl pretty well… that she and I have some chemistry… that we can get along, in small doses… but that I will get irritated with her easily. Two nights is a “long date” in almost any circumstances. And I am wise enough to know not to set up an overly long date with a difficult girl.

And do you know what she said in response??

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Okay, good. I may have lost some sex. But I had dodged a pain in the ass. And that gave me time to run daygame. And time to concentrate on new, fresh leads.

And my inner game about it all felt solid.


And I never saw her that trip… but I fucked three girls from daygame. All of them as cute as her, or more so. And two of the three were younger. YHT.

Not bad.

And then… towards the end of my trip… three weeks later… she came back, on her own… no chasing from me… and said:

HER: Hey im missing you suddenly

Hmmm. Was this a result of the game I’d run?

I had given her a combination of boundaries and dominance and Octopus game… had all that increased attraction? I had been very willing walk away when I made my offer. I had given her conditions. I had pushed back when she gave me her complaints and that “30-40 percent” effort with me. I had called her princess bluff.

Had all that won her over? Or was it that she liked me enough… that she could forgive the “mistakes” I might have made in playing her in the text exchanges above?

I don’t know.

And I didn’t see her on that trip… but she was messaging me again before I left… and she was showing interest.

NASH: Hello ; ]
HER: I was watching Mistress
HER: And there’s austriallian guy
HER: *Hansome*
HER: Like you

Big pull from her here. How much of this interested from her was good game on my part? How much was independent needs or wants in her own psychology? We never know. And it’s likely a mix.

NASH: Ou… You are missing me
NASH: : ]
NASH: I like it.

Positive ^ feedback, rewarding good behavior… to encourage more of it.

HER: Little
HER: [she sent a cartoon that shows thumb and fore finger with a “little” space between them]
HER: [and she sent a cartoon of a teasing, happy face]

And there is her “push.” Some banter. She can play the game too. Good for her.

She was being fun here… THIS is closer to what is attractive for a man like me… a cute, young girl complimenting me and flirting with me. That’s what I want. That will encourage me to keep playing.


So that bring us up to 2018… to this trip.

She and I had talked recently about me coming back to Japan. And she happened to have a friend getting married this year while I was here. It was a perfect storm of circumstances… an opportunity to see each other again without too much effort from either of us.

HER: hey im going to tokyo at last.. haha
NASH: Tell me when you’re coming out with me.

She had told me she would be staying with the wedding party while she was in Tokyo. And just like last year, I didn’t want to give her too much of my time… I assumed I would be busy with daygame girls (and I was).

I was happy to see her, at least once, as long as she was cool. And I was happy to fuck her… if I could get the vibe right.

HER: this is my schedule :)
HER: [sent me her itinerary]
NASH: Pick a night before/after the wedding and I’ll take us out
HER: What is your schedule on the 19th?
NASH: 19th is good
NASH: Plan on dinner, and drinks after. I have some cool places to take you.
HER: What kind of places do you know :)
NASH: Delicious ones
NASH: We’ll talk more when you get closer to being here

But before she arrived… daygame happened. And if you read my saga of Miss Athlete… you know “the 19th” was at the center of her and my seduction. So I pushed the Korean Princess off:

NASH: Hey… I think I am busy on the 19th.
NASH: Can we do another day?
HER: Hum… all day busy?

But I was so busy, in fact, I didn’t respond at all to this message. She came back on her own, a day or so later:

HER: How’s 21st sound?
HER: I have only 4 days…
HER: I have plans for other days
HER: I am available 19th lunch time, and 21st lunch time !!!

Okay… small window. That was fine. I wasn’t killing it in daygame (yet), but I was happy to concentrate there.

NASH: I want you for dinner!
NASH: : ]

This ^ is me, still angling for a night time date and a greater opportunity for sex.

NASH: But let’s do lunch on the 19th…
NASH: Maybe we’ll see each other on 21st too.

Afternoon sex works for me too. And that was a good time for a date, as it left my evenings open for the daygame girls.

NASH: For now… 19th, daytime is mine.

But then… she changed the pace of our plans. We had a plan for the 19th… but on Feb16, she sent this:

HER: Are you also available tmr ?

The Korean was now suggesting Feb17. Miss Athlete had booked me for that afternoon for lunch… and I ended up fucking her that day (for the first time). I didn’t know I would take a notch that day as we made these plans…

NASH: Are you here? Tmrw??
HER: Yes finally leaving tmr !!!
NASH: Dinner tomorrow night?
NASH: Let me know and I’ll make a reservation someplace cool
HER: Sounds great!
HER: Or can i put my luggage in your place for a while and be around in omotesando ?

Now I had some logistical challenges ^. I planned on bringing Miss Athlete back to my place that afternoon… and I didn’t want them running into each other when I was picking up and delivering girls to the train stations.

So I had the Princess go to one station… I met, dated, and fucked the Athlete… we showered off, and I walked the Athlete off to the station (she had to teach classes that night)… and was in a post-sex daze from the new notch as I set out to pick up the Princess from the other station.

I felt a bit frazzled, but it was a good day.


I met the Princess at the station… and she… looked pretty good. It had been three years since I’d seen her.

She was now 26, and had lost her obvious “young girl” status. But she had also been working out a lot, she was leaner, had lost some weight… she is not a super beautiful girl… and she had lost some of her “cuteness” as she had matured… but she was still hot to me.

She told me I looked exactly the same. As she said it… I could see attraction flash across her eyes. She was happy to see me.

I helped get her crazy-heavy bags upstairs, and into a cab, and over to my apartment. She loved it. I fooled around on my computer and she fussed with her luggage (making a huge girl-mess), then she changed clothes, and then I took her for a drink.

At the bar, things got more complicated…

She was to go to her friends that night (the wedding was the next day)… but it wasn’t clear when she would leave… and I could tell some of that was up to me. I could see how open she was to me leading. And then…

Over drinks she wanted to know if she could stay at my house Monday through Wednesday… three nights. She had gone from “one lunch” (on the 21st) to wanting to stay with me for several days.

As she was pushing to claim my time and my apartment… I became focused on boundaries (just like our text exchanges in 2017). I wanted to fuck her, but I also wanted to keep this little Princess Virus contained.

I told her that we needed to see how we “felt” together. That I was happy to see her, I wanted to see her after the wedding, but that I wasn’t going to suggest a long, multi-day date for us… as we hadn’t seen each other in years.

And I told her she should be careful inviting herself into my home. I reminded her I was dangerous. I told her that if she stayed with me… I wanted it to be clear it was not a “friendly thing.” She seemed to get that. And she seemed to like the sexual spike.

I told her to stay with her friends, and that she could come to my place on Wednesday (one night, instead of three). That I’d take her to dinner that night. And that she could spend her last night with me… and then head back to Korea the following day.

She haggled a bit… seeming to want more nights… but I was firm. All of this was better for me, and for daygame potential.

I told her part of me being a good leader, was keeping her out of situations where she would be uncomfortable. I told her she would be safe and happy with her friends. And that one night with a dangerous man like me might be wonderful… but if it wasn’t… she could escape the next morning.

This was all true. And I was doing a solid job of showing prudence and leadership. For her… and for me.


I showed excellent boundaries here… and this is the part of the story that makes me the most proud. I was being smart. And it was still looking very likely that I would fuck her.

She took all this very well. And I think that is natural. I was wise, I showed restraint… but I was also very much a sexual threat. She was getting the sober, measured part of “sexy daddy.” And that can make a girl feel safe. It’s not flashy and indulgent, but can create a different flavor of attraction. I was adding order to her world. My plan was better, and smarter, than the one she suggested.

Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisper) says dogs like “rules, boundaries and limitations.” And he says people do too. And of course he is right. I think that is part of what this Princess needs. It’s part of what she wants… “deep inside.”

The Princess feels safe… when the King is in charge. She feels safe, because his plans feel solid, consistently. And she feels safe… as she never has to be in charge. She never suffers when she “lets go” around the King. She can rest… in his protection and good judgment. This is a natural relationship between a man in a woman. This is Patriarchy.

I was very proud of myself for how I handled her. And how I handled myself. This is the man I want to be.


After our drink I took her to eat. And back to my place for her to get what she needed for the wedding. And then… before she could leave…

I tried to kiss her. And she rejected it.

She squirmed. And pushed me away. And said no.

But I grabbed her by the hair on the back of her neck, pushed her against the cabinet, and tried again… and it landed. And she went floppy. And it was a great kiss. She loved it… and it turned me on.

I walked her to the train and she was gone. Another round of Princess Wrestling… handled.


That was Saturday night. I had fucked Miss Athlete at lunch. Then received and dated the Princess that afternoon and evening. Forcefully kissing her into submission before she left.

On Sunday, I dated two girls… at the same time. I had picked them up together, an indirect pickup… so I ended up dating them together, as well.

And on Monday the 19th… I had an incredible date with Miss Athlete. Best date we had. Fantastic sex, twice.

And then, on Tuesday, I had my first date with Miss Pop Band… she is a very hot, interesting, young girl… got her back to my place.

And then, Tuesday night… “honey slow” kisses on 2nd date with the Virgin.

And then… finally, Wednesday, Feb21…


Back to the Princess.

On Wednesday, the plan was to meet at 6 PM. She was 30 minutes late. We went back to my place, and she changed clothes, and “got fancy” and I took her to dinner. Dinner was fine and I relaxed as we ate and sipped drinks.

Mid-dinner, she leaned back, took a deep breath, and she said:

HER: I think now we should have a little kiss

This ^ request came out of nowhere, and it was strange, but also very cute of her. I bet she was a little buzzed from the wine. She sort of folded her hands in this dramatic way as she said it.

I think the affair between she and I was (is?) a kind of fantasy that was playing out in her head. I was playing my role well. An older man (a previous lover), with a great little apartment, in an excellent neighborhood, in a fantastic foreign city, at a perfect bistro… time for the romantic touch of “a little kiss.” That’s what she wanted for her fantasy. I gave it to her.

And then, a few minutes later, as we left the restaurant, in the elevator… I gave her a much more serious kiss. Which she only slightly resisted. And then melted into. And then we walked home.

At my place… it was time for sex. And she fucked around forever. Packing. And taking a bath.

And it was time for bed… no romantic vibe at all. Just chores, getting ready for bed. She wasn’t the slightly bit sexual. And then we got in bed. I put on a movie. And… I proceed to escalate.

She said, “no, no.” She put up a decent front. She told me she was tired. She had dressed for bed in shorts and a big sweatshirt. I fished around the edges of her clothes for access to her soft skin. She turned her back to me, saying, “we should sleep.” She would knock my hands away as they wandered over her body.

LMR. I would get some brief, non-enthusiastic kisses from her, here and there. She was telling me “no”… that she had to get up early… all that. Resistance… but she was smiling the whole time… giving me clear clues that she wasn’t serious.

So… I pinned her down. And I put my full weight on top of her. And forced my mouth over hers. And… she melted again. She completely surrendered.

Good kissing. But beyond that, she was back to that “stiff doll” feel she had four years earlier in my apartment in Shibuya. But as I said above… that night back then in 2014 had taught me a lot. And I have seen bits of this kind of behavior since then with other girls. So I kept leading. And escalating. And her LMR was completely gone.

I got her naked and ate her pussy. I got mild reactions out of her, but she wasn’t fun about it. She told me later, I am the only boy that has ever done that to her (and I’ve done it both times she was in my bed). And I tried to get her to suck my cock, but she refused. I kind of wish I had made her do it. Had forced her to suck it… “breaking down” the Princess still further… but I did not.

After that… I put on one of the world’s best condoms (0.01s this time)… and I fucked her.

The best part was turning her over, and fucking her from behind. Her ass is great. Maybe her best feature. And she seemed to like it most form behind as well. But she was complaining (typical her), saying it hurt. And I couldn’t tell if that was real… or more princess bullshit. She is a difficult girl… even in bed.

I rolled her over onto her back…. sat up, and leaned over her, and fucked her some more. More noisy princess complaints. So I pushed her legs back, put her hand on my balls, and I stroked my cock… and shot a robust load all over her tits, her tiny pink nipples, up into her face, and across her neck. She said, “oh!, oh!, oh!” with each blast. She was shocked, but smiled, and loved it.

No +1 here… this notch was mine years ago.

It was a good time, but the sex was… not great.

It’s been years… she has had at least two boyfriends since I fucked her last… but she hasn’t gotten any better in bed. She is a selfish girl… self-absorbed. And not particularly passionate. You can get her to surrender, and she is genuinely sexy in that role, but she is not a sexual girl (not that I have ever seen). She likes the experience… she likes the overall story… but she is a bit of a dead fish in the sheets… one that complains while you fuck her. Not a good lay at all.

Coming all over her was precious, though. A great orgasm, physically and visual and emotionally. I’m 45. I can’t always spray a girl down… but I did this time. I drenched the little thing in come.

I was proud… and ready for sleep.

We slept on separate parts of the bed (no “lovers vibe”). I wasn’t temped to kiss her at all, as we slept (and I always do that with good lovers). In the morning, we got up early… 6 AM. She showered and packed up. I took her to the train. And I was happy to be free of her and her selfishness and requirements.


She likes me. I think she wanted to fuck me. Fucking her wasn’t the challenge here… it was keeping her under control… keeping her shackled with terms that worked for me… that is where I ran good game in this saga.

I did fuck her. I did like the experience of “managing” her. I learned, again, from this girl. And it didn’t cost me much in terms of time… I was able to game girls all around her visits.

The game was keeping her in a box. I won that game. And because I won, she did too.

This girl… will make many men miserable in her lifetime. But I had her on my terms. And since it was my plan… and I am a good planner… it was a good date… despite how naturally hard-to-handle a girl like this one can be.


She and I talked about her coming to see me during this visit. I wasn’t encouraging it. I kept putting conditions on it. “Well see,” I said.

But she pressed hard.

HER: On the plane now.
HER: Thank you for yesterday and today.
HER: Had a wonderful night
HER: Surprised at your body

This ^ is her reacting to me being physically dominant. To me holding her down. She is bad lover, but she loved dominance… and I like that about her.

HER: Hope to catch up in CA:))

I responded with some nice, validating stuff. I like her. She’s a good girl, at some level. But she is the kind of project I don’t want. Too much work… for too little reward. She will tool the hell out of some rich Korean guy soon, I’m sure. I wish him luck.

And then I got this, unprompted, two days after I fucked her:

HER: [she sent me a very sexy shot of her from behind, in a dress]
HER: Haha was it worth working out?
HER: Will be back with this body in your city

Here ^ she is blatantly baiting me with sex. Which is unlike her. She has no passion, but she knows I’ll fuck her if I can (I have twice now). I think maybe she was still a little “high” herself from being fucked… this was “post-sex” glow and exuberance.

And it was all quite validating… as I know she had a great time… and she was plotting to set up a “next time.” I gave her the jet-set, rich girl, high-end fantasy she wanted. And even though I’m not convinced she likes sex all that much… I spanked her amazing ass as I pounded into her hips… so she got some sexy aspects too… and she got my come across her lips and chin and cheeks to finish it off. She got to feel some sexual dominance from a man with experience. She got her flavor of “50 shades” in Tokyo.

Good for her.

I won’t see her in my city. If she follows up, I’ll make an excuse. She is a nice girl. And I had fun with her all three times I saw her. And it’s a cool little chapter in my experience… but I think it’s over.

She was my third lay of this trip. She is a pain in the ass, but I had a good experience. And we know she did… specifically, I believe, because I gave her the dominance and boundaries that she craves.

Viva daygame.