TYO: Taking a Girl’s Virginity, +1 Tokyo

It has been a strange theme of my time as a daygamer that I would have so much contact with virgins. I have dated so many. I have had a few in my bed. In those times, there was a lot of sexual contact, but there was never any proper sex – I never fucked any of those girls. And beyond being able to claim a notch from a virgin, I have been increasingly curious about what it would be like to take a girl through that process psychologically. It has become something I really wanted. The novelty and the responsibility – both. And this week it finally happened. I fucked a 27 year old Chinese virgin while I was here in Japan.

As with any period of intense game, this trip to Tokyo has been another chance to learn at an accelerated pace. I’ll begin this story with an idea of why I seem to meet so many virgins:

I am not that into girls that wear a lot of makeup. A girl wearing a lot of makeup isn’t “hot” for me. But it’s bigger than that.

I love sex. I like the excitement of fast sex with a new girl. And I really like the deep sex that comes over time with a lover. But while I’m pro-sex, I’m not really into girls that put on obvious sexual displays. I like bad sex with “good girls.” And good girls don’t advertise sex in the way “bad girls” do.

Realizing I don’t really approach girls that wear much makeup was a small breakthrough as I try to understand myself, and to understand the girls I tend to pickup.

This is the best explanation I have for how I end up on dates with so many virgins. I pick up shy, introverted, traditional Asian girls, and those girls don’t tend to project a lot of sexual displays. And those girls, quite often, turn out to have limited sexual histories. Quite often, they have almost no sexual history at all.

Because of my taste in women, I approach more virgins, date more virgins, and have a developing specialty in that specific psychological type. That specialty didn’t including fucking them (until now), but I have had a lot of practice in talking to them, seeing how they think, seducing them, and taking (some of) them through the beginning stages of sex.

The first virgin I remember dating was a 19 year old Chinese art student (one date, never kissed her). A few years ago here in Tokyo, I had two dates with another Chinese girl, a different 27 year old virgin. I got her shirt off, kissed her, molested her quite a bit, but didn’t have enough time to take her any further than that. I remember picking up a really beautiful Chinese girl in late December 2017 (she was 25, a law student, never been fucked). Another time, I picked up an 18 year old language student (also Chinese, from the same city as The Siren). I had three dates with that girl, two of them ended in my bed. On the last one, I ate her pussy and she squirted all over my face. A virgin squirter, but I never fucked her (never saw her again, actually). In 2018 in Japan, I dated the Mormon Virgin. And I didn’t take her virginity, but I did fuck her ass (which was amazing). She was a very passionate girl, she really liked me (it was an incredible experience to be with her), but she was very committed to maintaining her virginity. On my Fall 2018 daygame trip to Shangahi, I had one date (and tons of texting) with a 19 year old virgin I call Pixie girl (she still messages me all the time). And then, all of the extended drama and deliciousness as I got 19 year old Baby Dragon naked (several times), ate her pussy (and her ass), gave her an orgasm, shot my load all over her chest a couple of times… but again, not enough time in China to close the deal with her either.

“The Virgin… This is part of what the Daygame Gods are teaching me. I’m not supposed to have access to these girls, but I do. A redpill lesson in a bluepill world. This is coming up over and over for me. A leitmotif in my education as a seducer.”

This ^ is something I said in another post. The emphasis on virgins has been a theme of mine for a long time. Many men have more experience with virgins than me, but I’m well on my way to earning some expertise here.

It is interesting to note that most of those girls are Chinese. I approach and date a lot of Chinese girls, as my city has a lot of Chinese tourists and students. I think there are specific reasons why Chinese girls might be more likely to be virgins than other Asian girls, but as always, I will double down and say “psychology trumps geography.” I meet virgins because they are my type. It is not because they are Asian or Chinese for that matter. I like and target a certain personality type. The girl’s psychology is always more predictive of her behavior than her country of origin.

So it is no surprise that this girl is also Chinese, wears very little makeup (except lipstick, which she always wears, and she has fantastic lips), that she dresses conservative (very little sexual display), that she comes from a good family, that she is successful and conscientious, and… that she was a virgin… at least until a few days ago when I picked her flower and cured her of that particular affliction.

This girl is Miss Compliant. I wrote about her in my last post. She is not completely “compliant,” but she has been a “yes” girl for me, from the start and mostly accepting of my lead. She is a really lovely girl. I am very attached to her. And I’ll say more about her psychology as this story progresses.

The first time I got my cock inside this girl (on the sixth date), I only slid inside her for second, and then she pushed me off. While I had technically deflowered her, it was not satisfying in any way. And that led to some complications, in my mind, as to whether she and I had really “had sex.”

I didn’t think so. I called it “+0” at the time. Sex with a virgin, an experience I have wanted for a long time, “kind of” happened. It “almost” happened. I got my cock inside her, but only for a moment.

There is much more to my interest in game than collecting notches, but in this case, I felt as if I could not say that I had really fucked her… I did not take the notch.

Was it sex? Well, I penetrated her. If that is your standard, then I met it that first time. But if your standard is any measure of pleasure for either of us, then no… it wasn’t sex.

And more interesting to me: Had she surrendered her body to my trust? Well, kind of. But when she pushed me off, squeezing her legs together and rolling away, she was nowhere close to surrender. If sex means a woman surrendering her body to a man (which is a pretty good definition), I hadn’t achieved that either.

When a woman surrenders to you, that is a strong indication of how she evaluates you as a man. If a man gets his cock inside a girl without her properly surrendering – through force (which is always wrong) or by accident (it “slipped in”) – I’d argue that it’s not “sex” then either. Not in a way that matters to me. Aside from force or mistakes, when she voluntarily takes you inside her body… she has surrendered. And that is proper sex from the POV of a seducer.

This idea of creating surrender in a woman was reason enough to disqualify my first time inside her. And since I have been a fan of Krauser’s “two strokes” rule for a long time, I had a second, more technical reason that that initial penetration didn’t “officially” count.

“When I got back to the house, I called a meeting with the RSG gang. There was an important policy issue to decide – would two strokes be considered a “notch”? They had me describe the event from beginning to end, and afterwards we held a vote. Thus the two-stroke rule was born. As long as you got two strokes in, you could consider yourself laid.”
— Krauser, from Balls Deep

“Two strokes” is an absurd technicality… but one that I happen to find compelling. And my first time trying to fuck Miss Compliant was a perfect example of the utility of the “rule.” She hadn’t properly surrendered to the seduction. She was not voluntarily taking me into her over and over in the way that happens when you’re fucking a girl. The Rock Solid Game “two strokes” standard is a clarifying point in this kind of situation.

This is an absurd way to look at intimacy, but it was clear to me. And if I want to be a real seducer, I would have to do better than that.

No, she did not really surrender… and for a variety of reasons.

She was nervous. While she was very turned on, losing her virginity was something meaningful to her. She wouldn’t let it go lightly. She “fought” to keep it.

She fought (perhaps mostly in her own mind) to maintain something that has likely been a part of her identity for a long time. She was 27 and had never been fucked… she was very consciously “a virgin.” It was no accident to her.

Another reason she wasn’t properly surrendering to me was that she specifically likes “the fighting” part. Fighting is part of sex for her. I have seen this before.

If you’re in bed with a girl for the first time (or some early occasion in your relationship) and she is resisting your escalation (physically or psychologically), I think you owe it to her to take her resistance very seriously. Force is never okay (I feel retarded to have to say that, but there it is again). Yohami would say only “Bottom Guy” tries to push past resistance (that is also true, in a sense). He might say last minute resistance is a call for more arousal (that is a very helpful note). True, true.

But some girls also like the fight. It’s part of the turn on. And it’s also an evolutionary screening mechanism that keeps men of low mettle from having any chance of getting a girl pregnant. There is a biological reason for this quality in girls. If he can’t show some strength, she won’t want his seed.

Again, especially on our first time in bed with a girl, I think we need to take a girl’s resistance at face value.

But, if you are clear about your sexual intent, and you have demonstrated that you will touch, and paw, and kiss, and suck, and potentially fuck a girl to the best of your ability each time you’re alone together… if you have done all that on a subsequent date (or dates)… and she keeps coming back for more… I think she is signaling that she does, in fact, want more of exactly that kind of behavior from you.

On an early date, she can claim she was surprised or didn’t understand your intent. On a 2nd, 3rd, 4th date (assuming you are escalating), she can no longer claim ignorance or naivete. If you have been sexual the whole time, working within her boundaries, and she keeps voluntarily coming back to your bed, I think you have indirect encouragement from the girl to continue to seriously press those boundaries in ways that feel good to both of you.

Miss Compliant put up a fight at every stage. She was “resistant” at every turn. But she really liked me. And she kept coming out on dates with me, coming back to my place, allowing herself to be touched and disrobed despite my very persistent threats and predictable wolfish escalation. This was not a girl enduring abuse. This was how she likes to participate in her own seduction.

As I continue to learn and explore women’s minds and bodies, I continue to see this is as a clear flavor of sexuality that many, many women exhibit. It’s “fucked up,” but it is very common behavior from women (and animals), and it’s hot in its own way. It is frustrating at times, but I actually like it in many ways.

I am interested in girls. They are so interesting. Their fake boundaries. The faux-fight. This is real sexuality. We need to be very, very careful here (legally, but even more so, in terms of actual “care” for the girl), but this is how sex goes a lot of time.

So she put up a fight that first time. Before I got my cock in her. And after. That was what it was like as I held her legs back and push myself inside her… and was subsequently bucked off of her. One stroke. No notch.

And after I was in, and back out again… she got mad. And she cried.

She had a look on her face like she was angry indeed. I saw that look many times in our seduction, but it was most convincing just then. Sometimes that look was very sincere. And sometimes it was only a role she was playing. And the only way to know the difference was to move forward slowly, pay attention, learn to read her displays and feel out her heart, and then proceed to lead (based on what I knew about her and girls in general). This is a kind of sexual maturity… it’s not for beginners.

But, yeah, she cried. And she was mad (it seemed). And the small pools of tears made dark, little wet spots on my pillows and on the bed. And she said she would leave. And she gave me a threatening look.

While she looked furious at the time, to me, this was a girl feeling strong emotions. It was an emotional moment, and I don’t blame her one bit. I was expecting tears (although more from pain than anger). And I was ready for this part of the experience. More and more I am very ready to embrace the whole package of the feminine experience, including the soggy and tempestuous emotional parts.

My cock had gone soft and this was no longer sexual for me at all. I gave her all of my attention. I switched gears, and turned that attention toward showing her care. But I didn’t stop leading. The same strength that had brought her this close to sex would now bring her closer to being calm, to reestablishing a peaceful union between us. To reconnect.

I put my hand on her chest, almost holding her down, but not quite. I was firm. I told her it was okay. I told her she was okay. I told her I understood. I told her it was okay to cry. I told her I could handle her tears. I told I knew I had hurt her when I put my cock inside her. I told her I was interested in this side of her too, this emotional side. I told her to show me this side of her… that I wanted to see it.

That was all true. I reassured her. I led her. I quieted her. And it worked.

Soon she was calm, and staring at me. First, with a bit of anger. But then, only a kind of seriousness. And then that seriousness was just her role playing, her being the happy victim to me, the Bad Man (this was her most common nickname for me). And then… there was obvious comfort. And then… happiness. And finally, an almost childlike joy.

She was fine. It was wild, but this whole post-penetration emotional episode lasted only about 10 minutes. Then she was better than fine. We had transformed the pain into something deeper. We had changed the meaning of the whole event. We had gone through something very emotional together.

When she had calmed down I told her we would shower and I’d take her for breakfast. And we did. And the breakfast was delicious. And the mood was light. And she and I were back to our well established plane of connection, affection, and mutual interest. And I was back to talking to her in a sexual way. Telling her how much I love her body… how much she turns me on… how great the orgasm was that she had given me the night before.

I reminded her that I had fucked her that morning. And she smiled. We had gone through the experience. We had managed the negative parts of it (the insecurity, the pain). We’d maintained a connection beyond our bodies (I’d made sure of it). And we had come out the other side. For what it was, it was perfect.

There are better way to handle situations like this, I am sure. And I will get better with more practice and experience. But for now, if I could do it all again, I would do it in much the same way.

That first time didn’t count as a “notch” for me… it wasn’t sex (for the reasons I have already explained)… but she was no longer a virgin in the physical sense. That part of her was gone. I had taken it.

I didn’t know at the time that (as our Tokyo romance continued) I would get the notch later. And having come so close and failed to “complete” the sex with her, some part of me was tempted to be disappointed. Getting the notch is as symbolic as it is real. I am very aware at how much skill and expertise there is to the art of seduction, but as I explained above, when a woman allows herself to be seduced (to be fucked), it is a symbol of her really giving you something. It is a substantive claim of progress as a seducer at my stage of game. That (and more) is what taking the notch means to me.

So some small part of me, a part that would (in fact) like to brag, the part that is (in fact) a “notch hyena,” a somewhat immature part of my persona as a seducer that is still proving my ability to conquer (to myself, as well as to this community of men), felt a sense of deflation at having failed to properly fuck her.

That is real. That is true. That is part of what I felt.

But more so… I had a great sense of victory. I had added a lot of detail to my exploration of virgins in general. That theme of my life was now richer.

There was pride and accomplishment at gaining new experience in “the category of virgins.” This time with her was wonderful in many ways (I could say more about her uniqueness as a person as well), but in terms of the experience, of my dedication to mastery as a seducer, to my particular fascination with the sexual mechanics of virgins, to my pursuit of the details of their minds, and my sincere curiosity in the nuances of their hearts and emotions as they give up something they have held for so long… I was thrilled. It was a great experience. With her, in a romantic sense, yes. But in a particular way, as another chapter in my “book of girls”… this was all precious territory to me.

And I would get something much closer to a proper fuck on the seventh date. Here is the full escalation, top to bottom:

First date was tea, in the day. We sat next to each other on a couch at a cafe. We talked and I touched her as much as I thought I could get away with in public. She blushed. She was enjoying herself. She had a great time. So did I. I really liked her. It was a very cute date… and it definitely had a sexual undercurrent. She let me walk her to my house, but wouldn’t come in. She looked absolutely beautiful as the wind tossed her hair around her otherwise slightly nerdy face. I made a pass at kissing her, which she rejected in a excited, light-hearted way. I walked her to her train.

Second date was lunch. After lunch, I walked her to my place again. She was nervous, but I talked her inside. I made tea… and started to escalate. She was very “tight,” both physically (muscles were tight, arms up against her body, lips were even tight) and emotionally (she was nervous, and not connected to her body at all). She was excited. I tried to get her to connect, to get her heart to soften, to get her to begin to “let me in.” We kissed over and over, standing up in the kitchen area of my small apartment. She wouldn’t let me drag her to the bed… I tried.

Third date was the night of Valentine’s Day. She said she was available on “Thursday,” and I teased her that she intentionally picked that day as she wanted to be my Valentine’s date. She denied that, but she did bring me chocolates (which is a Japanese tradition). Great dinner and back to my house. Got her into bed and sex inched along. Kissing was slightly better, her mouth loosening up as I taught her what I wanted. I pinned her arms over her head and managed to get my hand up her shirt. I hooked a finger under her bra and grazed a nipple, but this was met with lots of “fight.”

Toward the end of night I casually unbuckled her belt, and unzipped her pants, while I kissed her and we talked. I slipped my hand down into her pubic hair… she wouldn’t let me go any further than that, but she was much more comfortable than when I tried to take off her bra. I pointed out that inconsistency to her. She agreed. I asked why? She said,

“I don’t know! I don’t even understand my own body.”
— Miss Compliant

This ^ is one of the most fascinating comments I have ever heard from a woman’s lips. And it was true. She was a 27 year old virgin… of course not understanding her body had something to do with that. Excellent reference experiences here. A very interesting situation for a man pursing the education I am after.

Forth date was on a Saturday. She had a funny look on her face when we met up (at our usually place, the same coffee spot as our first date). When I asked, she said she didn’t have a great day. I changed the subject, took her to dinner… she loved it. Back to my place and back in bed. Kissing her, starting to push it, and she said, “I’m on my period.” Okay, fine. I got her shirt off right anyway. And then her bra. She has small boobs and very small nipples, but a fantastic little body. Great, fit belly. Nice round ass. She wouldn’t let me get her pants off. I pulled my cock out and it excited her. I made her touch me until I was hard and starting to heat up. I threatened her with my cock, asked if she wanted to be fucked (mostly just to acclimate her to talking like this) and if she wanted to suck it (she did not!). She was confident and bold as she touched me, a very different side of her versus when I was touching her. We cooled off. She wouldn’t spend the night, so I walked her to her train.

Fifth date was Thursday again. Dinner. My place. My bed. Escalating hard… I thought this might be the night. There was more fight, but I got her completely naked quickly (and she was marvelous to look at)… she said it was her first time ever completely naked with a man (Baby Dragon said the same thing). Her period was over so (after a shower) I ate her pussy (that was also her first time). She said it “hurt,” but I think it was simply too intense. Tried to fuck her. Rubbing my cock on her pussy, all that. She was a mix of a serious no, that fightiness, and a playful dare for me to take her further. But it wasn’t happening. I ended up letting her stroke my cock and balls with her hand (she still wouldn’t suck my cock) and it was amazing.

Her attitude was completely different when we would change roles and she was touching me. She would become very bold and more sensual (and she isn’t really a sensual girl). Looking me in the eyes, using both hands, getting into it… she loved it. Even the way she kissed me was 100% different, more passionate, more engaged when she was playing the role of the aggressor. After a while, kneeling between her legs, I leaned over her and shot a burly load all across her tits, her face, and up into her hair. Excellent orgasm and very fucking hot.

I asked her to spend the night and she matter-of-factly told me she had brought everything she needed to sleep over. She assumed it. Interesting. She is not the first girl to assume this with me (I have stories like this going back to when I was 19). We slept pretty well. In the morning, after a business call and another shower, I ate her pussy again and (for the first time) she showed some signs of genuine pleasure as I lapped between her thighs. And I again I tried to fuck her, even got a condom out, but she snatched it off the bed and kept it away from me. I took her to breakfast… the vibe was fantastic. I wasn’t at all eager to get rid of her… I was really enjoying the “girlfriend experience” I was having with her.

Sixth date was Saturday… yet again. I was really enjoying this girl, so we met earlier in the day. I took her to an art museum in Ueno (very cool date). Then a big dinner. Then back to my place. We watch an episode of Sherlock Holmes in my bed while we let the food digest. I made her get naked for that. I spooned her little body, pushing my cock against her ass and nipping at her ears as we watched the show. Then a shower. I was sure I was going to fuck her. Ate her pussy and she was starting to get into it. I put on a condom a couple of times, but she wasn’t going to let it happen. I pushed it extensively. I was over-teased at this point and full animal… but it wasn’t happening. Again, she gave me handjob… and again it was mind-blowingly good. I shot my load and hosed down her body and her face (again getting it in her hair and all over the pillows). We slept much closer that night. In the morning, again, a shower (she insisted). More oral sex for her, and she was making some great noises this time… clearly starting to enjoy it. And this was the time I stuck it in her. Then the emotional session and the crying. We recovered. Great lunch. Dragged her into a doorway and gave her some proper after-lunch kissing (she got lipstick all over me). I really wanted to fuck her and offered to take her back to my place… but she smiled, called me a “Bad Man” and I walked her to her train.

Great girl… what a great time.

Seventh and final date was Tuesday (two nights before I would leave Tokyo). Took her to a different museum, one near my place – it was a very cute date. I would pin her to the wall of the elevator and kiss her in between floors. Then my house, a little makeout. And then dinner. My house again. She was a little emotional and I took some time after dinner, making her look me in the eyes, breathing together, “getting connected.” Then a shower. After kissing her for a while I climbed up on her chest, pinned her little arms back to the bed and forced my cock into her juicy mouth (another “first time” for her). And then I ate her pussy again and she was very, very into it… seemed like she might be at or near an orgasm (I didn’t ask). And (as we had broken her seal the previous session), I slipped a finger in her and she seemed to respond well to that also.

And then… over and over I stuck my cock in her. And I properly fucked her… or at least as much as her body could handle at the time.

This comment came between the first time I penetrated her and this last date. It was very instructive for me.

My thanks to ThatDayGameDude, as his description was exactly what my next round of sex with this girl was like. He taught me something in his comment that helped me know how to proceed with this girl. Little bits and pieces. This is how we learn.

I was barely able to get it inside her and she’d squirm away each time. I’d get three or four strokes in, about an inch or two deep, and she’d squeeze her legs together and push me away. But she really was surrendering this time. She was letting me fuck her. When I would tell her to relax, she would. After several attempts to really get it in there, I decided that was enough. Again, not really pleasurable for either of us, but progressing toward bringing her body closer to full sex. She was getting more and more pleasure over all (both of us were) so it wasn’t all “work.” And as for me… for the third time, she gave me a world class handjob and I came on her face. Jesus. Amazing. I will remember those hands for the rest of my life. Fucking A… marvelous.

In the morning… one more handjob for good measure… and I sent her off to school.


Prior to that last date I had basically conceded to the idea that I would not get the notch. I still had hope I would get it done, but I was ready to leave it incomplete, comfortable with the idea that I had had some great, pleasurable experiences with her, had introduced her to her body, to many aspects of sex (so many “firsts” for her), and she had given me invaluable lessons in seducing, and fucking, a virgin.

But in the end… I did fuck her. So I had that too. And it was small thing in larger scheme of the adventure with her, but with that… it was no longer “almost” and I could officially claim the notch. That aspect of the experience could be checked off, as well.

In addition to the bragging, and the general additions of reference experiences to my catalog of seducer knowledge… I really enjoyed this girl. So much. We saw each other a lot over the last three weeks. A lot of time “body to body.” I am flooded with pair bonding chemicals for her… and since I have left Tokyo, I miss her already.

She is an odd, interesting mix of qualities. While I almost always play the role of “the beast,” she was the first to use that phrase in this relationship – and she used it to refer to herself.

She sees herself as a tiger. She is simple, but very, very smart, and sees herself as fierce in some ways (more fierce than most Chinese boys). I would counter her force with a more dominant force of my own. I was kaibustsu (monster) to her shou (beast). Her power was in the way she held her boundaries with me (for as long as she could) and in that angry-serious look she would give me so many times in bed. I was able to “conquer” her (which she needed, this is what would unlock her heart), by overwhelming her (often physically) and returning that look with a calm surety. When I did all that, while escalating, I could shut off her brain, and unlock her body… show her a new side of herself. Of this, I am quite proud.

I was more romantic and sentimental about the affair than she was (that was my sense of her). She never once showed any remorse that I might leave or that we might not ever see each other again. I would not call her a cold girl, but she takes the default “practicality” of the Chinese as far as it will go. And while all this was true, in the same way that I slowly brought her around to the sexuality I wanted, I was bringing her around to an emotional relationship that met my needs as well.

What a great girl. What a fantastic lover. What an unforgettable experience.

She is, indeed an incredible chapter in my book of girls. There were lessons upon lessons from this affair (building upon the reference experiences from all the girls before her). It took me seven dates to properly fuck her. But with more time, came a wider range of things to learn. Leading and managing the dates. Teasing her and keeping the fires burning between dates via messages. Slowly bringing her through her sexual limitations. Validating her after each new step. Helping her navigate not just her body, but the meaning she took from all of the “first times” I gave her.

She is not actually the first virgin I have ever fucked. I fucked a 21 year old virgin when I was in college. She was my girlfriend of several weeks at the time – a time when I moved much slower, and with less skill, than I do now.

Miss Compliant wasn’t my first virgin, but she is the first virgin lover (former virgin, now) of my adult life. She is the first girl I took through a seduction to first-time sex since I’ve been conscious of game. She is my first virgin as a daygamer.

And while I took her virginity… in some ways, she took mine. The experience I had with her was something I had been thinking of for a long time. Something I had been close to, but never actually done. It was a sexual event that had a lot of anticipation for me. And one that has inspired a lot of thought as to the meaning of it all, and what it means for the future of my sexuality and my thoughts about mating and dating.

Thank you, Miss Compliant. For giving me such a wonderful gift. The gift of you, your body, and our time together.

I made it more than clear she is invited to come visit me whenever she wants. But even if I never see her again [UPDATE: I did see her again] … I will never forget her. Or the way she made this particular trip to Tokyo new and special for a much older man, playing a very old and delicious game. We played it together.

Amazing. Beautiful. Viva daygame.