TYO: Three Dates, Spinning Plates, and Double-Booking

As I write this I am eight days (of active game) into my latest siege on the girls of Tokyo. My trip had a wobbly start, and I am beginning to think that wobbly starts are to be expected. Since then, 50+ approaches. Many leads. Three instant dates. And three proper dates, with three different girls. It is near freezing outside tonight, but things are heating up for this daygamer in the Pussy Paradise that is Tokyo, Japan.

It took me a day or two to get used to just how many girls do NOT speak English here. And while I know it’s not essential at all (I have fucked girls that barely speak English several times), sometimes basic communication DOES matter. I’m used to it (again) now, but it added to my initial awkwardness. Mild culture shock.

And then, four days ago, I was supposedly “warmed up,” and I did 10 approaches and never even had a good moment. Some girls stopped, but I never felt cool, never felt any hint of a bubble forming for me and a given girl.

My friend and wing Sundance likes to say, “One. Good. Set.” That is a reasonable goal for a day out chatting with nubiles. Versus that standard, on this particular day, I failed. Not even a good set. It was awkward. I was awkward.

You ever hit the street and people with their back to you are turning around to look because they can “feel you coming?’ They smell the stink of your vibe that day… it’s giving them the creeps, so they turn around and look? Four days ago, I was that guy. I was so “tight” that I was sending psychic shockwaves through the air. I (wisely) gave up and went off to finish my Jordan Peterson masculinity piece.

Sometimes you have to know when to quit.

But the next day, Friday, was better. Two instant-dates in one afternoon. Three leads total. I had been hustling for a date for that night and it didn’t happen. And yet, it was my first really “solid day” of this trip.

Up until then, I had been having “nightmares” “fantasies” that I would write a post about how I got through this whole eight-week trip, and “never even had a good day.” That is classic daygamer paranoia.

Rust is normal. And needing time to settle into a new city is normal for me as well (even without dumb goals like I set for my daygame trip to NYC). I know I am not excellent, but I am a solid daygamer. Ups and downs, yeah… but I should know that the Day Game Gods can’t hold me down forever.

I had to pay tribute. I had to sacrifice my ego on the altar of my own expectations. I may have to go through that again on this trip. We’ll see.

But, for now, that penance is over. I have atoned (= “at one”). And the Day Game Gods have pulled back the clouds. And let the sunlight of possibility shine on the girls and me.

Let’s get into the dates:


I’ll rewind a bit, back to Jan13. That was actually my first real day on the street. I did 11 approaches and I took exactly one number. I had no expectations (yet) and it was fun to be out warming up. I had taken one other lead already, but this was my first street lead of the trip. And she wasn’t my favorite girl of the day, but…

As I was waiting at an intersection she shot me an involuntary IOI (which caught my attention). And then another one (which was why approached).

I chased her down, opened her… and she surrendered immediately. Her English was pretty good. I told her I noticed her eyes, and that she had looked at me, and that is why I came to talk to her. And as she agreed to all that, it was like most of the air suddenly drained out of her balloon. I’m not convinced I read it right, but the moment had a vaguely “sad” feeling to it. (I probably didn’t read it right.) It almost made me like her less. It was an odd moment and an interesting reference experience.

My wings Sundance and YoungGuns were asking about my trip, so I sent them the profile pic of her from her LINE account. They both responded with the same line: “She’s hot.”

But for me it was like this: In person, she was cute, more than cute, sexier than that, but a mid-/high- 7 girl. Maybe “strong 7” is better. Most guys would look at her with some level of desire. But the pic was full makeup, classic “Instagram” type of shot, what I would call “paper hot”… which I am not attracted to at all. A lot of the girls I date wear little/no makeup. I wouldn’t claim the girl was “hot” at this point.

But we’ll call her Miss Hot Pic… in case we have to refer to her again.

I wasn’t that into her, and wasn’t even slightly over-eager about it. So when I didn’t message her right away, she pinged me. Sent me a cartoon image of a super hero. I got to work from there: leading, setting up the date. It was to be my first date of the trip.

When she showed up on the date… she was hotter (for me) than either when we met or that overly-made up face in her LINE pic. She’s too short to be “super hot” for most guys, but I was inspired.

I took her to a favorite spot in Shibuya, but they gave me a bad table (across from each other, interview style)… and that was my fault. I should have asked for “side by side.”

Conversation was very good, though. Some sex talk. She is 19 or 20. She is a student, and has a part-time job as a hostess at a Karaoke bar. Her last BF was… a 35 year old guy. That is likely why she shot me the IOI… older guys seem to be her type. And she is not that into her family… maybe some dad issues here? She wants to get out of Japan. In general, this girl is looking for “something different.” Hmmm.

After the date she had to run off to study. I meant to try to kiss her on the street, even took a better route back to the station that was quieter and more secluded… but I didn’t even try… just wasn’t on my game.

I made her hug me at the train station and it was a terrible hug. For some reason, that made the whole date kind of suck for me… even though I know she was into me based on her body language and the conversation. She likes me. I just didn’t like myself that night.

She messaged me later:

HER: I had a great time today. Thank you:)

She is a polite and feminine girl. I like her. A little basic, but I’d take her out again, for sure. And she liked me. But I was still busy being hard on myself for my relative weak game.. and I was wishing I had done a better job.

I messaged back:

NASH: Yeah. You are a little bit charming.
NASH: I think I need to teach you how to give a more “juicy” hug…

This was almost like a neg… and it was more about my frustration with myself than anything this girl did or didn’t do. That word “juicy” wasn’t bad, it was better (and less bitter) than saying she gave me a “bad” hug (even though she did… the Japanese don’t hug much).

NASH: …but as we say in America, “practice makes perfect.”
NASH: Sleep well. Dream of warm places.

She ^ likes hot weather.

Ehh. I was frustrated. And my street game wasn’t going great yet. I figured she and I would fizzle, but we haven’t.

Lots of messages back and forth with her. She has finals, so I’ll see her this weekend. Maybe. We’ll see.

She is a good girl and very attractive, even if she is my least favorite of the three dates I’ll write about in this post. The sub-par game I ran here got to me a bit… as you can see, lots of expectations.

But every big trip begins somewhere. And I was off and running.


The second date was with a Chinese girl. Picked her up on Jan16. She was girl #14 of 14 approaches that day. Great slow walk. As I stopped her, she looked a lot like the Siren.

She is one of at least four or five Chinese girls I’ve stopped in my 50+ approaches here so far. I am definitely targeting Chinese girls. I know it is strange to go after Chinese girls in Japan… but my home city (and daygame) has gifted me with so many great experiences with Chinese girls, that I officially have a “thing” for them.

May the Daygame Gods bless the Chinese girls. May it be so.

This girl was a little surprised at the stop. I thought she wasn’t into it, but I didn’t run off right away. She would look away… and I know now (as I know her better), that she was translating from English to Chinese in her head in those moments.

Reading the signals a girl will give you, on the street or otherwise, can be more difficult than we admit to sometimes.

Her English is not bad. She was surprised, and a bit nervous, but a lot of the distracted/disinterested look I was seeing was simply “translation-lag” in her head.

I took her WeChat. It felt pretty good. I opened her via message later that night while I ate dinner. She came back, consistently, with brief responses.

If you could look at the back and forth between she and I in our very first messages, it’s terribly one-sided, and would look like I am over investing versus her short answers. (I do that all the time… I don’t know if that is a confession or a strength.) But she is very affirmative, and replies quickly… she just doesn’t speak English well, so she keeps it brief.

I’m leading, she is soaking it up, and it’s going well. We scheduled a lunch date for Saturday:

NASH: Come to Omotesando and have lunch with me.
HER: After 17:00
HER: Weekend is better
NASH: Umm, okay. Cool.
HER: : )
NASH: Saturday, I’ll take you to lunch.
HER: Confirm it on Friday.
HER: Ok?

Alright, good. I agreed.


As for “lunch date”… when we met on the street, she was slow, and quiet, and conservative looking (which I like), but I didn’t want to give her one of my nights… I wanted to reserve those in case I found a “racier” date.

This ^ is the sort of “date prioritization gambling” that you do when you have a lot of early-stage leads and a mild Girl Tornado in the works. You have to guess where to put a girl, based on her/your schedule and the likelihood of a good time… or fast sex (depending on how desperately horny I am).

The more dates you successfully schedule… the harder it gets… as you run out of free time… which makes you less flexible… and makes it harder for the girls to date you.

You make offers… and you don’t even know if she’ll get back to you at all… or accept the offer for the slot you’ve made available. I am currently trying to hold Wednesday night for the girl in the next story, but she hasn’t gotten back to me, and that means I’m putting off other girls (I have yet another girl that wants that night) as I try to prioritize the girl below.

This is what spinning plates looks like. This is exactly what it looks like. And it’s hard work.

I have been talking with Magnum, another guy I know from my city, another “International playboy” type. As I read him, he is a very alpha dude. Sort of strong-silent-still superhero type. And he is killing it with online game, even though he is nearly as old as me. And when I say killing it, I don’t mean 35 year old cat ladies (no diss to cats, cats are cool). He just did a tour of Asia and cleaned up. He’s been sharing photos with me… some really beautiful girls. Top shelf, young, feminine beauties. Girls he actually likes and is willing to put some effort into. That is quality. That is what we want.

Magnum is doing very well.

And Magnum double-books a lot… two girls for the same time, assuming someone will flake. I know that is standard procedure. Or how guys like Janka would do three dates in a night… 7 PM, 9 PM, 11 PM. Lance Mason would do an 8 PM and a 10 PM all the time. All this to combat flakes and/or maximize opportunity.

We know girls have no problem cancelling on us:

It happens.

But I still haven’t taken my plate spinning to that level yet… even times like now, when I could potentially do it, as I have a lot of girls in the works.

I think guys that double-book are very smart, no challenge to their motives or methods. I just don’t want to end up flaking on girls.

We are vulnerable in this game, and getting cancelled on sucks. I don’t like getting cancelled on… it’s almost always a blow to my self-esteem (even in very small ways). So I’d like the “cancellation buck” to stop with me. I don’t double book. I never cancel dates, even when I’m sick. It’s a type of karma thing for me. I know I lose lays and opportunities because of that… but so be it. That’s the way I want to run my game.


So back to this girl…

I pinged her on Friday, and she confirmed the date. And I get her out. And she’s on time. And cute.

She shows up dressed in flats, tights, a skirt and a very nice cashmere sweater. She is wearing some kind of incredible perfume and she smells delicious (she says “smell is important”). She seems comfortable right away and I lead her off down the sidewalk into Shibuya, to the same restaurant I took half of my dates last year when I was here.

We sit down side by side and she has me order for both of us. I like that. It happens all the time on my dates… girls always ask me to order for them.

Conversation is what I am used to, mostly me leading the whole time, asking questions and peppering that with personal stories. She claims to be outgoing, but says she doesn’t have that many close friends (maybe because she “studies too much”). She had a hard time answering my question about who her “best friend” might be, saying something like she mostly “goes out in groups.”

She also spends a lot of time alone. I called her an introvert but she rejected that label.

She is in Japan studying Japanese, and plans to be here for three years. When I asked what she might do with that, she said she will likely end up working with her dad. They seem to have a good relationship. Her dad seems to be a successful business guy. Of course he is: he is paying for his daughter to hang out in Tokyo for three years post-college.

As we ordered, she was quick to point to gin and tonic on the menu, which surprised me. She says she drinks a lot, by herself, at home. We each had one drink at lunch, and she wasn’t over eager. I got no signs of her being an alcoholic. I think all that is about her being 22… I’m not sure she knows what heavy drinking is all about.

And she has a tattoo somewhere. Hmmm. Another surprise… many things about this girl surprise me.

We’ll call her Miss Surprise. That fits.

We talked about sex a bit. She has had four boyfriends, and seemed disappointed about that. Like she should have had more, in a vaguely irritated and impatient kind of way. Her first boyfriend, and first sex, was at 18 while she was still in high school.

And she could tell me what kind of girl she might pick out at strip club in Vegas (a question I often ask girls): she would pick a tall, blonde, white girl… but with small boobs, “maybe B cup.” She has kissed her girlfriends before while out drinking, but I don’t get any real sexual interest in other women from her. Who knows. Girls are mysterious.

It was easy to touch her, in a friendly/affectionate way… and also more than that. She would pull away and smile when I would lean towards the lascivious. I had my hand on her knee, all through lunch, each time her laughing and resisting my advances. One time I reached up to her throat and took her necklace in my hand as a form of a spike… She could see in my eyes that I did it on purpose and she gave me a series of tiny slaps on my arm.

I invited her back to my place to “drink tea and listen to music.,” She told me she had plans with friends, but first she said, “of course not!” and smiled, and gave me a knowing look. A little bit of spice there as I hinted at my intentions. She got the message. Smart girl.

She was still following my lead but I decided to ditch her so I could go daygame and source some new girls to feed the Tornado.

I walked her back toward her train and I made her give me a hug… which was much better than the one from Miss Hot Pic in the date story above.

She wasn’t trying to run off. So, I took her by the shoulders and pulled her in so I could talk into her ear, saying: I’m not going to kiss you here as I don’t want to embarrass you in front of all the people at the station… and I went to plant one on her cheek. Right at that minute I bet she had translated the word “kiss” in her head. She laughed and jumped back and smiled, proud of her quickness in the presence of a dangerous man.

Great dance with this girl. Fun date.

As I left her I was in a great mood and totally into her. Not in a “uuuge” way, but in the way dating should feel much of the time. When we are lucky. Playful and organic, but with a sexual undercurrent. And like I wanted to sink my teeth into her.


I walked off to my place and then headed out to do some afternoon daygame on the busy streets near my apartment. My logistics on this trip are very good.

I did 13 more approaches that afternoon. Maybe it was the drink clearing out of me, but I was exhausted. I have a nice route that takes me about 40 minutes for a complete loop. I forced myself to do one more lap as I had only taken one lead and it wasn’t that strong. Last girl of the day was a tall, pretty girl. She is the girl in the next story.

After that, I was low and out of gas. I took myself to dinner near my place. I waited until the food and beer had kicked it before I got back into my Girl Tornado maintenance. As the calories and alcohol had their effect on my mood (“don’t text when you’re a bad mood,” I told myself)… I started working my leads.

I had new girls. And I had pinged some of the open-connections from my last trip the night before… and my phone was lit up with unanswered messages.

For Sunday (the next day), I had a date scheduled with a girl I had picked up earlier in the week. Very cute young girl, dressed in all black. I had pinged her earlier in the day and she had messaged me while I ate to cancel our date. Her excuse being that she had a work dinner that came up. Hmmm.

I was a tiny bit disappointed, but things were going well and free time can mean more time for daygame… a chance to turn disappointment into opportunity… and the chance for more instant-dates (I’d had three already)… or the possibly to pickup someone new for a replacement date… and maybe even a SDL. I had met a girl on a Sunday in these streets before… and taken her, via a couple of bounces, to my house, and fucked her. It can happen.

Not bad for a days work. I walked home and went to bed.


It was now Sunday morning and it was beautiful out. I had had a great night sleep. I went off to Starbucks to do some work. As I sat down I pinged a few more leads and chatted with folks back in my city on WhatsApp. I also pinged the girl whose number I’d taken on that last, exhausted lap through the streets the night before…

We’ll call her Tall Girl.

My message to this girl was something light to get us started. And then I went back to working on some client business.

As I sat on my “throne” in a very comfortable Starbucks in the middle of a department store, a girl walked in… and there was just something about her. She was over 30 but there was something very on between us as she gobbled up my eye contact. She initially did a double-take on me as I stared her down, and then as she was sure I was eye-fucking her, she glanced back and gave me a little smile.

I tried to work, but I was distracted…


Just then Tall Girl replied to my text. She said:

TALL GIRL: By the way, I am in Omotesando now

Hmm. Okay.

I felt the bait of “now,” but I was trying to work.

NASH: I am working, but I’d like to see you.
NASH: Are you free for dinner tonight? Or maybe tomorrow?
TALL GIRL: I’m free now


TALL GIRL: But not available tonight or tomorrow
TALL GIRL: I can have a tea free time now

Hmm. I got this strange feeling like she was trying to say she wanted to see me “now.”

NASH: Okay.
NASH: I am hungry.

There is that word again.

NASH: Meet me at this cafe in 20 minutes.
NASH: [sent a map link]
TALL GIRL: arrived!

I was compromising my work here… changing my plans because some girl was asking for some time. That is -1 for masculine integrity. But I was hoping this girl was shopping for some afternoon adventure sex… she was definitely pushing for a the meet up in a way I don’t see often. It was worth a shot.


But before I left Starbucks, I had this other girl to manage… the one right in front of me… the one that I had engaged in a staring contest a few moments ago… I still had her to wrangle.

I packed up my stuff, walked over and opened her. She popped open, and I squeezed into the space next to her and we chatted for about two minutes. Good vibe. The chemistry with this girl was so hot, I was less solid than I usually am… the sexual electricity in the air was making me something like nervous… more like “too excited.” I’m not always cool, but this was an unusual state for me.

I took her number and we talked about dinner for the next night, a Monday. She was into it. So was I. Even though the set was quick, it felt solid.

And I headed off to meet Tall Girl.


I show up to the cafe and she was sitting on the patio, two sips deep into a Corona. She looked lovely. Casual clothes, a mild unassuming attitude, but very fine, clean, good looks. Healthy hair and a clear, soft face. A high 7. I sat down and started my usually mix of stories and questions.

She is from northern Japan. She has a job doing marketing for a major beverage company. I am guessing she is 25-27. She is also a student. She is back in school taking classes of some kind. She was charming, simple and sweet.

She isn’t certain Tokyo is for her… she seems like she wants a quieter life. Reminds me of a Japanese version of a mild-mannered Southern Belle. Demure and charming. She’ll make a great wife and mother, someday. She is a k-selecting girl, I think, and I liked her for it.

And she’s sexy… maybe not “hot,” but only because she doesn’t push her sexuality out at all. Delicious to look at, but polite, mild, and passive.

And almost as tall as me. I checked her out as I led her out of the cafe, pushing her ahead of me to squeeze between tables. Thin-long legs and an inspiring ass in tight denim. I made a comment about her being tall… and mentioned her legs. Her eyes got a tiny bit bigger in recognition. Spike, spike.

After lunch, I asked what the rest of her day looked like… I was very sexually hungry, and fantasizing about sex, in the daylight of my apartment, with this tall classic beauty. But… she had plans that night (that’s why she couldn’t have dinner with me in the first place). I invited her back to my house to “talk and listen to music,” but she said she had to study… and showed me her homework. It was very cute. She wanted to study with me while I did some more work, but again… daygame and new girls were calling me.

I took her down the street for the best cookie in Tokyo. She loves chocolate. Good girl. I held her hand. She said she needs to finish her exams this week and then she can see me again. We shall see.

Good date. I like her… and I would love to see her naked. Curious to see what she is like when she relaxes… I am curious to know if we can make that sweet kitten purr.

I hit the street and did 16 more approaches. Some interesting sets, including the Russian model (I mentioned on Twitter), and a dazzlingly cute girl from Hong Kong (that was leaving the next day, and had plans for her last night) and… some more stories I’ll save for later.


There we go.

I was sick for a week. Then, a little coffee shop game and some unfocused incidental approaches and leads here/there. Then the proper street sessions. And some instant-dates. And then these proper dates.

Nice girls. Not even a makeout. But a good start.

And the Tornado is rumbling and getting noisy with the hum and whistle of feminine energy. I like it.

I have another story already for tomorrow… more then.

Viva daygame.