14 More || 3 Numbers

I woke up today, terribly, terribly horny.

My masturbation “starvation diet” continues, and I haven’t had an orgasm in over 2 weeks. It’s working — I’m going a bit crazy and it’s really motivating me. I was not planning on running game, but my cock was scheming away, trying to figure out how to get laid today. If you’re not working as hard as you want, if you’re not as aggressive as you want… try going a few days without a wank. Very effective, in my experience.

So today, I tried messaging the girl with the boyfriend (Monday’s date), and I got… exactly nothing in response. Hmmm, maybe that is over. In any case, having sex w/ her tonight was not an option.

I decided to hit the streets again. I wanted an insta-date, SDL… I’ve never even i-dated, but that was the goal. If nothing else, I could maybe drum up another round of leads, as I’m working thru all my leads from last Thursday. I only did 6 approaches yesterday, and I’m not planning on going out again this week, as I’m out of town early Friday to camp and surf with my college buddies.

I was getting a lot of eye contact as I walked thru the first 1/2 of my day. I was keyed-up and I think folks could tell. It was hard not to approach the first few cute girls I saw. I did a bit of client work (not enough), saw my daygame window was shrinking, and I hit the street.

The first approaches were rough. My lustiness had turned to something like being over-eager. Or maybe I was over caffeinated? I know I was talking a bit too fast. I probably wasn’t smiling enough. I was repeating myself in my first interactions. I was a bit stiff and awkward. There was nothing of the slow and sexy vibe I like to feel when things were going well.

But, there were many, many opportunities today. Baby Jesus was feeling generous, throwing me bone after bone. Even as I weaseled out of a couple of situations, I was still opening quickly, any direction I went. But the vibe wasn’t there. First 8-9 girls (which is close to a full day for me), no solid sets, no numbers, nothing.

And then… something shifted. I could feel myself loosen up.

Ask any man experienced at picking up girls and he’ll tell you, the difference between a good night and a bad night can be talking to just one more girl.
— LaidNYC

Love this quote (Riv, I think I know that name from something you posted…).

All of a sudden, I felt more grounded. Maybe some of the caffeine had worn off? Maybe I’d just warmed up? The air started to smell better. I felt… at home, and ready to hunt. I was enjoying being out. And the sets suddenly got better as well.

Set of the day? Well, I guess it was the last one.

I was done… I had gone to the gym, picked up my bag, and was headed off to meet a friend for dinner. I was literally typing up these notes, and this girl gets on the train with me. It’s pretty crowded. She ends up facing me, as I lean against the wall. I look up from taking the notes below, and smile at her a bit. I think she smiles back. And then this big, clumbsy dude and his buddy get on the train. And they wedge themselves between me and the girl, kind of stepping on my feet, and fucking up my view of her. In between typing my notes and smiling about the day, I am a bit irritated about these guys.

Doors open and she gets off the train. I was planning on going one more stop, but we’re close to where I am meeting my friend… so I go after her.

While I liked this girl’s face and hair, very much, I hadn’t really seen her body as she and I were too close, I could only see her from chest up. Now, getting a look at her body, I was less certain. She was fine, but not fantastic. But knowing how fucking crazy-horny I have been lately, I know I would sex this girl if I could, so I decided to go for it.

I follow her up the stairs, and out onto the street. She’s with a wave of people going home from work, and gets stuck at the intersection. I linger 10 feet back, not wanting to open her up at the light, in front of all those folks. I follow her as the light changes… wondering if this is going to feel creepy for me, let alone her. It’s dark, but there’s a well-lit area up ahead and I open. Goes well.

She’s a white girl. Nice, simple, conservative-length red hair, and nice smooth skin, tinted a similar color red. I’ve always liked red-heads when their skin/hair sort of match. I stop her, and she smiles. I think she did recognize me from the train, but I’m still a little surprised she’s not concerned that it’s been 3-4 minutes since she got off the train, and I’m just now talking to her. You never know.

She feels Russian to me, and I’m surprised when she has no accent. She says she’s gets that a lot. We chat a little. It’s easy. She lives nearby, probably 2 miles from my house, which is also nearby. When know a few of the same folks from a nearby café. I say I have to go to dinner, tell her we should get a drink next week, and she agrees. Number close.

She’s no beauty queen. But some rainy night this Fall, it could be fun have a couple of drinks and give her some cock. Her, or a girl like her, I’m working on it. Some cock needs to be given out. That’s my kind of generous.

Simple approach, but I liked it because I’ve never done a stop quite like this before. Post-session, jumped off the train to get after her, followed her a couple minutes until the time was right.

And I liked it… because after a hard bunch of approaches, she becomes my 3rd number of the day as I wrap things up. I go off to dinner a proud, happy daygamer. I didn’t get laid, but I’m working the funnel for next week. Yes to that.

Here are the rest of the sets:


(I accidentally deleted all my notes, but here’s what I am able to reconstruct.)

1. I hadn’t really started my session, I was on my way, but was ready to get started. Followed this girl out of the mall and onto the sidewalk. She stopped, said hello, but said she was in a hurry to get back to work. Cool. The day had begun.

2. She was a tall Chinese girl, walking fast. I caught her just before she got into some big office building. She looked at me very suspicious, kind of listened, didn’t really stop.

3. She was a little Asian girl, out running errands for work, with a serious look on her face, but kinda cute. I told her all that. No magic. I let her go.

4. This one had such an unusual face, I was very interested. She’s pretty tiny, with short pixie-length hair, a flat chest and a pretty face. Maybe 30? She opens okay. Stands there, chats with me. She used to live here, but moved to NYC. She’s an attorney, and recently passed the bar. Visiting friends, here for a couple more days, has plans… Her interesting face is because she’s a mix of European and Japanese. Ummm, yes, love it. It’s really not on, which is too bad, as I was totally attracted to her. I let her go.

5. Can’t remember this one…

6. This girl was crazy beautiful. I post up near her, waiting for her to cross the street. She does, I jump in front of her, trying to get properly around, I end up very close to her, but she is dead calm, never looks at me, breezes right past me. Okay, fine. Blowout.

7. This girl I wasn’t sure of, but I went after her. Asian, weaving thru the touristy area. She heads out to the bus platform. I normally don’t approach there, but I did this time. She’s really not that cute, has an enormous set of teeth. She’s reasonably chatty, from Japan, been her 10 years. Probably a little too old for me. Her bus comes and we say goodbye. Cool with me… I wouldn’t want to date this girl.

8. Super lovely Chinese girl, kinda fancy, huge dark contact lens making her pupils bigger than they would be otherwise. I approach her. Her English is not great, she kind of gets it, but isn’t interested. Waves me off and leaves. Fine. The day is feeling kind of rough at this point.

9. Can’t remember… I know it was nothing special, as I was feeling almost burnt out. I had the LaidNYC quote in mind as I carried on.

10. Cute Chinese girl, walking kind of fast, on the opposite side of the street. I hustle along to get in front of her. I know I can approach from behind (not advised), or head on (which I’ve never really done), but I still like the LDM style where you let her pass and then circle round to open. That’s what I did. She’s a little alarmed, but gets it, her pretty dark eyes popping a bit as she feels the vibe. She blurts out that she’s married. Fine. I ask if she had been singing… because that’s what it looked like as I paced her down the street. She says she was practicing a speech. Cool. One more compliment, she smiles, we split. But… this felt like a turning point. Vibe had turned around. 10 sets. 10 sets… and it started to work.

11. Cute, simple Asian girl with a backpack and headphones. She takes them out, and smiles, and says she has a BF right away. We both smile, vibe is great, and I head off. Feeling much better.

12. This girl was with a guy, so I wasn’t going to talk to her. Then I look up, and I can see him coming toward me, but she’s gone… walking away from us. I approach. She’s very cute, young and Chinese. From Xi’an (I am learning a lot about China these days). Been here 3 years. Just finished design school. Looking for a job. I run some “sticker game” on her, she likes it. I try to i-date her, but she’s on the way to meet some friends. I try for the number, she’s unsure. I tell her we’ll have tea. We haggle. She softens, and I take the number. She makes sure it’s in her phone (good sign). We’ve exchanged a couple texts already… not a great lead, but she’s lovely. We’ll see what I can do.

13. I’m done, I think, when I make eye contact w/ a dark skinned girl as we pass each other in the intersection. Solid eye contact. I double back, and open her. She’s Indian… I have never gotten anywhere with an Indian girl before… no number, no date, nothing. This one and I lock eyes. She’s very calm, and we’re pretty close to each other. It’s the kind of thing where it’s intense, and I ask if we know each other. We don’t. We’re in the bubble pretty quick. Chat, feels good. We talk about my art, and more sticker game with this one too. I tell her I have to go, but, “Drink next week?” Yeah, she says. Number, she enters it into my phone including her name. I hit save… and my phone dies immediately after. But I got it. Cool. She’s not gorgeous, but we’ll see where this goes… first Indian close. Another first.

14. At this point I’m done, on the way home… and then the story from above. Another number.

14 girls. That’s good work. That ties my record for this city (I have done more in Tokyo, but Tokyo is fantastically target-rich, and the sets are quick, as many of those girls don’t speak English).

And I got through 9 love-less sets, and then had a good day and took home 3 more leads. Yes to that.

I did not get laid today… but I am on the path. Hard-working, proud daygamer.

Viva daygame.