14 Girls on the Street (new PR)

Busy week this week — daygamed 3 days, had a few dates, went out almost every night (not necessarily to run game) and still managed to keep my clients happy and get to the gym a couple times.  This is the man I want to be.

14 girls yesterday, in one session (probably about 30 for the week).  That is a personal record for the day (and the week).  Not great game, no super magical sets, but some good experiences for me an my fearless wing, Mr Hurricane.

Before I go on… Hurricane and I started daygame together.  I have done more approaches, dated more girls, but he got the first kiss last week and his first lay from the same girl this week on his second date. Yes to that! We’ve both been in game for years, but he “proved the model” by meeting, dating and sexing a girl he met on the pavement via cold, direct, daygame approach. I hope to do the same in the next week or so (several dates scheduled), and I love seeing “a plan come together.” Yes!

Here’s a run-down on yesterday’s girls and game. 14 girls, mostly in a 2.5 hour session. I could have easily hit 20. I have never, ever, come close to 20 girls in night game, and certainly not of the caliber I talked to yesterday. Viva daygame, here goes:

1.) Vietnamese Solo Traveler at the mall. I thought she was Japanese, very short, adorable. I was working from the mall on my laptop — which I love to do, as the view is amazing, just teeming w/ lovelies. I was not trying to run game, but I saw her, left my laptop for a minute, and opened. It was C- game, I was cold, no magic, but I am beginning to run game more automatically, even when I’m not officially on the prowl. This set wasn’t magic, but Tom Torero’s stories of “the single girl traveling alone w/ just one night left in the city” have me inspired for some SDL game. That’s on my list of accomplishments I intend to check off.

2.) Asian worker bee. I was nervous on the approach, stiff, wanted to weasel, but I approached anyway. She was 2x more beautiful after I opened her — which I find common. Give a girl a good experience and she will bloom for you, and she’ll go from a “maybe” to a “yes” as you bring out her feminine. This one wouldn’t really stop, but smiled beautifully and helped warm me up.

3.) Searching for inspiration I catch myself saying “YES” and I go direct on a beautiful married Asian woman. She wasn’t wearing her ring, we joked about that, she gave me a genuine “you made my day, thank you!” And I was warmed up.

4.) Met my wing on a favorite corner, and immediately opened a short one. Great lips! She was into it, but had already made up her mind to leave, and I said “You look like you’re about to leave me already” and she said, “I am, as I’m on my way to see my BF, ha!” She loved the approached. I wanted to kiss her. Damn.

5.) Tall, lovely Asian girl. She was shy about the approach, and I called her out for being a bit nervous. She said she was okay, just really had to go. Wow, , beautiful hazel eyes on that one.

6.) Token white girl (ha!). Blonde, perfect body, amazing walk, wouldn’t stop but gave me a huge smile over her shoulder.

*Meanwhile… my wing and I are opening sooo many girls. Coming back to our corner, saying 1/2 a sentence, and then — bang — off after another one. We were on fire.

7.) Lovely white girl. Late for her plane, thought she was a tourist. Super beautiful. A bit of magic, but no time to work it.

My wing and I are good to each other about sharing the girls that float down the concrete stream towards us. We have been doing a coin toss when we both want a given one. We tossed again, I won (I always win!), and she was mine. Great state-booster. Always makes me laugh.

8.) Korean art girl, complete robot, wouldn’t acknowledge me. Ouch. I’m not front-stopping, but I rarely get this kind of response. Oh well.

9.) Two seconds after the “robot,” I see a very cute one and I want to do a comeback, redemption set to share off the ice from the last one. She’s a skinny Chinese girl, gave me “yeah, what’s up?” (which is masculine), drifted. I pointed down at the sidewalk, told her to stop and that I wouldn’t chase her. She gave me a weird look, bailed. Yuck. No redemption. Uhh.

10.) New corner. Tall Filipina girl. She loved it, had to go.

11.) Tall, elegant Korean woman. One of the fanciest ones I’ve ever opened, hot, sophisticated woman, dressed very nice. She had a slow, sexy, upscale walk. I opened, and she mostly sucked, but I tried. Here for another month, she hates SF, bored and “blah,” this one. I tried to close her, just for fun, and she rolled her eyes and shook it off. I bounced. Next!

12.) Super short girl, lovely. Smiled, looked me right in the eyes and said, “I’m not interested.” I actually love that rejection, as I know she’s comfortable. She was super confident. Good for her.

13.) Short girl in pink… Thanked me, but mentioned the BF right away, more confident than she looked.

14.) I was a bit exhausted, had set a personal record, but no magic sets, no numbers to show for all that work. Saw a very cute young one, carrying two drinks. I was expecting the “BF” line, but I opened anyway. She was cute and friendly, from China, art student. English was rough. Was taking some food home after school. Number closed her, and she loved it, wanted to make sure I called her ASAP so she had my number too. We made soft plans for a drink next week. Texted her, no response. Hmmm. I bet she responds on the date request… I’m seeing that pattern a lot. We’ll see.

The Baby Jesus gave me a ton of girls yesterday — thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus — but not a lot of flavor. The little Chinese girl is a beautiful, we’ll see if she comes out. However, despite a lack of ROI for that work, I’m feeling more and more like a proper daygamer. My wing is really turning it on, and I’m loving this game.

Last night some odd night game sets with girls that aren’t 1/2 as hot as the girls we’re meeting during the day – but the whiskey kept me warm! Tonight, date with my regular girl, she’s wonderful… and time for some sex. Tomorrow a big fun social party, with drinks/dancing and plenty of girls to play with. Date on Monday w/ DC girl. More street girls next week. Yes, yes, yes. This is the lifestyle.

Viva Daygame.