14 more || Miss Set Destroyer

Hmmm, the last week… was rough. I’m chalking it all up to Newbie Hell, and trying to work thru it.

Last Thursday, I was all fired up. Had a great day the previous Tues that was cut short by an appointment, I was ready to really go at it hard on Thu and Fri. I really want this to work.

I hit the street on Thu and… fuck. Very few sets. And even fewer that I could open. My state hit a near record low — I’m a thirsty man right now and super outcome dependent, I know it. I opened one girl. And she mostly blew me out. It was demoralizing. I’ve had a few days like this one, but it hurt. I went to the pool for a workout, and my ex the Tokyo Queen was there… I just grabbed my stuff and split.

Only a beer could fix that day, and it did. Thank you, Baby Jesus, for alcohol.

Thu surprised me. And the lack of results in general has also surprised me. It’s like flipping a coin and get “tails” every time. I may be kidding myself… but I don’t think I’m as bad as my stats would indicate.

Friday… it was all about getting back on the horse. Hit the street, pretty nervous, shaken from Thu. Did 5 sets. Nothing magical, but some nice, “pleasant” sets. (Fuck “pleasant,” thou… that’s not “living big,” which is what I’m after.) But it put me back on my feet.

Did a tiny bit of nightgame on Sat… including a somewhat sloppy, somewhat sexy Latin girl at the bar, where I opened w/ talking about her lips. A sexy few moments. She was waaaaay kissable. Okay.

So then this week, Monday was okay. The set of the week was awkward, but memorable:

She… was a young, fresh faced Asian girl, walking and trying to text at the same time (#6 below). I opened and she was surprised. She’s much younger than me, but she stopped. Nervous, but she stood there. As the set started to get rolling, a friend of hers, a girl, comes over. We can call her Miss Set Destroyer.

They greet each other, but even that is weird as I’m standing there and we can all feel it. Friend finished saying hello, and then backs off about 3-4 feet. I say hi. She sort of says hi back. There’s a shitstorm of eye coding going on. I step forward and shake her hand, trying to treat her like I would a guy at a bar that knows the girl I like.

She’s not blowing me out, she’s not really in the set, but she’s not leaving us alone either — fucking go away, girl. I tell the interloping Set Destroyer that I am trying to hit on the target. Blank stare from her. Damn. I think we might have been at the bus stop… maybe that’s why all this went down like it did.

I try to get back to the cute girl, she has such a pretty face. I ask if she’s Korean… and she is. I say I’m not good at guessing (which I’m not), but that kind of white skin is very Korean to me. I ask the friend if she thinks the cute one looks Korean — trying to involve her, so she’s not a GD spectator to my set — she sort of nods vacantly. The set drags on a bit, I’m embarrassed at this point, and I blush, Korean girl blushes, and I point out all the blushing going on, and the cute girl laughs a bit.

After a while, I tell them both this whole set is too awkward, and I bail. Such a train wreck, that one.

As I leave, Ms Destroyer is standing where the set happened, the cutie is walking up the street, and another one gets away.

Baby Jesus, always testing a player. One, awkward, reference experience at a time. We march on.

Here are the sets from Monday.

1. Wow, super beautiful “put together” Asian girl. I open, telling her that. She’s playing along, tells me she’s going home for a run — makes sense, she has sexy calves. We go back/forth a bit. I think it was a good set, but I wasn’t warmed up, and I didn’t try to close her. She might have been dateable, that one… and so lovely. Okay.

2. Curvy Asian, beautiful black curls. Opened well. Meeting BF for dinner. I said some stupid shit after she said she had a BF… trying to joke. Oh well.

3. Bright-eyed skinny young Asian girl, didn’t really understand me, I let her go.

4. Turkish girl. I was going to open with some push/pull about how she was cute and feminine, but had an edgy look in her eyes. She stopped well, claimed to not speak much English, but seemed to hook anyway. She was not as cute up close, I let her go.

5. Was following a really cute Asian girl, upgraded to a little Euro girl… I was hoping for another Russian. She reacted on high alert and sorted waved me off and picked up her pace. Okay.

6. This is the story from above about the Cute Korean.

7. Short, Asian woman. Very cute. She stopped well. I could tell when I shook her hand that she was a bit older than I thought… it was the quality of her skin. Maybe early 30s? After I opened, I asked if she was 5 ft tall. She confirmed. Adorable. She was late and said she had to keep walking. I offer to walk w/ her, she declined… okay, cool.

8. One more.. can’t remember.

Keeping count here… viva Daygame.