2 More Numbers || 9 More Approaches

I met up with my old wing Hurricane today and ran some daygame.

Girl Tornadoes, like all of the wild weather systems, need “fuel” or they collapse into calm but boring stability. I want this Tornado to keep going. I am a goddamn storm chaser. So I’m out on the street, pumping “unstable” energy into my life… One Asian girl at a time.

Miss Sincere and I had a standoff yesterday when she said (again) that she doesn’t want to date me anymore. This time she said she feels “nothing” for me. That hurt a little. Even man-sluts have feelings. I was out with her on Sunday and that girl had a great time… it was obvious. She would say yes to a drink after dinner when she didn’t have to… She liked what was going on and she wanted to stay with me. She was almost moaning as I stroked her hair at the bar, but she would not kiss me. She has given a different reason to not date me every time, and that was her latest. Typically she ends up laughing and saying yes to me, but not this time. I don’t entirely trust her excuse… but that one is hard to refute. I said okay, and that I hope she changes her mind. Four days ago I was convinced she really liked me. Hmmm. I don’t know if I should contact her again or not… I think I’ll try again after I get back from DC.

So that means I don’t have a date for Sunday, so it was time to spin some plates. My favorite girl from the 18 approaches on Tuesday, was not the Virgin, but was Miss Freckles. She was smart, funny, very cute. Took her two days to respond to my text, but I was busy managing the tornado, so I didn’t have much time to be bothered (that’s the best thing about the tornado). She responded faster to the next round. And immediately to the third. I invited her out, gave her two choices, but didn’t offer tonight… even though I don’t have a date for tonight… tried to lean back a little bit… not smoother her (or this seduction) with over-eager energy. She said she’ll get back to me about Sunday vs Tuesday. We’ll see.

I hit the street, and had an hour and a half before my wing met me, so I did a bunch of approaches on my own. Two numbers for the day. My favorite girl was a new Thai Girl (we’ll give her a better name later if I get her out), great interaction, one of the number closes. She’s young and quite beautiful.

The set of the day was actually a different girl… a little, somewhat plain Korean girl, here on the tail end of business trip, staying in this city for two more nights before she goes home. Very cute. Totally charming, fresh, energetic, funny… I liked her.

She opened great and was a lot of fun. As I said, I don’t have a date for tonight, so I start checking her logistics. When I ask what she is doing tonight, she says, “well, it’s interesting… I was sad because I am here alone and don’t know anyone… but a different boy just introduced himself, said he likes Korean food, so we are having dinner tonight.”

Ahh! Another daygamer already opened her! And closed her. Are you reading this?? I was cursing you, bro.

So I ask what time, and she says 6:30, so I say we should have a drink at 10. I’m trying to steal his buying temperature. Unlikely to work out, but it was all I could do as I have a date with Firecracker tomorrow, which is this Korean girls last night in town. I took her WhatsApp. We connected.

We’ll see.

Here are the rest of the sets:


1. This is the Korean girl… set of the day.

2. Asian girl, big boobs. Suspicious, but warmed up. Walked with her a bit and ejected… didn’t feel like magic.

3. The new Thai girl… she is charming. She told me her name, and I learned from the other Thai girl that most Thai girls have nicknames, and this one confirmed it, saying they don’t call each other by their long names in Thailand. Here getting her masters in International Business. Number closed her. She is beautiful, great skin, perfect smile, sparky eyes. She is exciting.

4. Blowout… wouldn’t look at me.

5. A beautiful little Asian girl I have opened before, apparently. I could see something in her face, and I asked if we’d met before and she said yeah… I said, “Tell me about it,” she said “last week.” I told her this might happen again, and to just say “hi” next time.

6. Another blowout, wouldn’t acknowledge me.

7. Lovely Asian girl, engaged.

8. Very cute Asian girl with a squeaky voice… I could feel she was about to say “but…” And she did. She was on her way to meet her BF for dinner. Good for her.

9. Japanese girl… She was robotic and odd as we talked so I excused myself.

Viva daygame.