200 Days of Game

When I first started day game, I heard one of the Londoners said something like, “get your first 100 to 200 approaches done.”  This was like the over-under for newbie status.  If you could make it to 200, in my interpretation, that meant two things.  1.) You had 200 girls of experience more than where you started, which is a fair sample.  And 2.) You don’t quit easily.  Game is a marathon, 200 initial approaches shows you’re ready with the first steps.

Welcome to many Days of Game.

So today (this was written on Aug13, 2014), I think I metaphorically hit 200 day game approaches.  I’m not sure of the exact count, but I feel over that initiation.  This is a good day.  I’ve been in love with day game for a while, but now it’s starting to love me back.

Here’s today’s field report: 2 hour session, w/ my wing, crowded shopping district.  We met up, had coffee, and ran game, chatting a lot.

1.) First girl was an Asian girl, I guessed a tourist, young, great style, wealthy, walking super slow.  I offered her to my wing.  I then saw a second girl, glowing, even from a distance, short, big booty Latin girl, I liked her better.  I asked him to take his pick… he picked the bigger booty girl, I started toward the Asian girl, he changed his mind and didn’t want the Latin girl, I peeled off and went after her.  I had taken a week off, and I really missed day game.  I jumped into my first set, feeling pretty good, excited to be there.  No approach anxiety, no problem getting my words out, and I was quickly pretty deep into really concentrating on her, present.  I was pretty slow.  I made a comment on her facial expression.  I opened with “Can I say something to you?”.. she stopped, popped open, chatted with me for a minute, I liked her even more in person, I felt her shifting down the sidewalk slightly, she said she had to go, I rolled out.  Perfectly fine first set.  Felt very good to be back.

2.) So the Asian girl I originally saw had crossed the street twice and ended up on the same corner as me, so I opened her.  Now it occurs to me she could possibly have seen me open the Latin girl.  Same line, I approached from the side, kind of leaning back, “Can I say something to you?”  She calmly glanced over, waved me off casually and kept walking.  I said, “okay,” and smiled, and veered off toward my wing.  She drifted down the sidewalk, same slow pace as before.  She was cold, and seemed kind of royal in her slowness.  I still liked her.

* A really hot Asian girl in ridiculous shoes rolled by.  Ahhh, so lovely.  I said to my wing, “Hmmm, I bet she’s married, I can’t see that hand but I bet she is.”  The shoes were so crazy, she had to walk so slow, I had so much time to work it over and I was like, I don’t care, I want to see if I’m right.  So I walked after her, she turned down a very small street and I didn’t love the timing, I passed this big dude, I was around her side, about to open, but I saw the monster wedding ring… so I pulled back.  I knew it!  But at that moment, I was about to open… so I pulled back about 3 ft from her, and the big dude was a little creeped out.  So was I.  I don’t know how much the girl felt it, but it was a very awkward moment.  I like the definition of creepy as “wanting to say hi and not saying it.”  This was creepy for that reason, in that I’d kind of committed to opening her, I was already into her, and then, out of respect for the wedding ring, I bailed, and all that failed intent, on a dark side street… creepy!  Ha!  :  ]

3.) My wing and I are chatting about books and TV shows on the corner, and a very little White girl w/ great hair is across the intersection.  Very cute skirt.  Some line about her skirt looking like “Alice in Wonderland” jumped into my head.  She walked by, and I avoided eye contact.  As she made it past me, I checked her out, very cute… I went after her.  She had a bunch of people around her, so I followed for about 7 shops.  There was a break in the crowd, just one woman behind her, I opened from the side, “Can I say something to you?”  She had headphones in (I didn’t notice, that never bothers me in day game, for some reason).  She stopped, pulled out her phone, paused her music, pulled her headphones out… and I kept going.  She popped open.  I made the Alice in Wonderland comment.  She was 5 foot, but she says she’s 5’2″.  Nothing super magical, conversation was usual checking to see if she’s a tourist or local.  Went well.  I liked her.  Inspired by Paul Jenka, I cut it short, went for the close.  “Sure.”  I think she liked being closed.  She has perfect skin, beautiful straight hair, probably a little short and roundish… and adorable.  Simple girl.  I pulled out my phone and she entered the number.  I said one or two random things, fine, fine, and sent her on her way.  I said I’d call her.  I’ll text her.  I already did.

4.) Tall.  And platinum blonde, long, thick hair, nearly to her waist, which on a tall girl, is a long way.  Nice, feminine, but slightly kooky style, and boyish walk, sneakers.  Tall, not super thin, but very feminine, very attractive, the walk was in contrast to the rest of her.  I really thought she might be good for my wing, I said so, but her hadn’t seen her face, so I chased her down.  “Can I say something to you?”  She stopped.  And she was… wow, very interesting and beautiful.  Ahhh!  No accent, surprisingly.  I thought Russian, she says she gets that all the time.  Serbian.  She is Uma Therman hot, and she stopped to chat me up, and it’s going… pretty good.  And… for the only time all day, I get nervous.  So… I shake my head, drink in how amazing day game is, tell her once more how interesting she is.  She says something like “Wow, yeah, okay, cool… I really appreciate that.”  And I walk away.  Ha.  She got me.  I love day game.

5.) I already had a number, and the Serbian girl fried my circuits she was so amazing on so many levels, I was getting emotionally worn out.  But then… an adorable Asian girl, conservatively dressed, maybe her hair was in a bun, young… I see her across the street.  She is like “break my heart” cute, and I feel vulnerable, but convince myself to stay in the game.  I stay out of eye contact.  She passes by, I give her some space and then roll after her.  She stops.  We seem like we’re doing well.  I like her, she’s adding to the conversation, she’s interesting.  She says she has to go, I say I do to.  I go for the close.  She flinches, and I call it out, tell her I can see the look on her face, I’m not sure I want it now.  I lean back, we’re both smiling, we’re still in it.  Very real set.  She says something slightly positive.  I say that I have sisters, and I’m not into making girls uncomfortable, so I’ll leave it to her… but I also know I should lead.  So I let a moment hang… and then I say, okay, I’ll take your number and I’ll text you, don’t respond if you don’t want to.  She smiled and nodded.  As I looked in the phone, the Alice in Wonderland girls number was on the screen, I barely know how to take a contact number under pressure.  I tell her I know this is unusual to meet on the street, and she says no, it’s just that she just got out of work… qualifying a little bit.  Solid set, we’ll see if it goes anywhere.  I loved the calling out the discomfort part of it.  I take her number and she runs off, and I’m wiped out.  Whew.  I already texted her.

First time I’ve ever gotten two numbers in the same day… I used to be very picky about even thinking about asking.  I used to hate to “pop the bubble.”  It was a real problem w/ my game.  Day game got me over that.  Easily, somehow.  2 numbers in 5 sets.  Felt like another turning point.