Notes from Tuesday Street Game

There were 8 today, but 3 I remember.

The rest where “late” for someplace, or married, or just slipped past me like drop of water down a shop window… you can see it moving, but you can’t stop it.  You can’t force things in this game, and “gravity” wins more times than not.

Speaking of not stopping… there was this white girl.  And she’s not really my type, but really beautiful all the same.  She was tempting me, and then ducked into a store.  My weasel is in charge when ever a girl is in a store (have yet to follow a girl in and open), but I have a good track record of picking up girls that come back out while I’m still around… this one did.  She lit up right away.  I planted my feet.  She felt “the blow” of the approach, but wouldn’t surrender.  She was tempted, but kept flowing.  I had gravity too, but not enough.  Like a drop of water, she was a glimmering smile… and then she was gone.


I have been trying to move from the “shoppy” part of town to the “worker bee” part of town — even as my wing mocked me because the two are about 3 blocks apart.  As I move into “afterwork” game, I’m hearing more “I’m late,” with busy and tired girls running for the trains.  I know that’s something I can get past at least 50% of the time — of course she can stop for a minute or two.  But that test is new to me and I still let those girls go too easily.  Today, about 1/2 my sets “where late” and wouldn’t stop.  Part of that is because I open from the side, I think.  I don’t like the frontal stop (aka, “The Yad stop.”), but that could very well be a limiting belief.  Not all of the girls had to go, however.

1.) 1st really good one of the day was a lovely Asian girl, maybe late twenties.  She had her arms folded… and to be honest, I was looking for the ring, she had that look to her a bit (it’s odd how you can kind tell the married ones).  So she stopped, and smiled, and was even more beautiful, all the way up until she showed me the ring.  Even then, lovely.  I told her so.  And we both smiled and I slipped away.  Maybe someday I’ll give married girls more of a chance to play with me, but for now, I’m happy to let them go.  She was super charming though… great state pumper.

2.) We were further downtown now.  Worker bees dumping out of the hives.  I saw a cute Asian girl, showing a fair amount of skin and carrying two bags, I figured she was going to the gym.  I opened, she stopped, hooked, was into it.  Was giving me lots to work with right away, totally helping the pickup.  I started to feel like I was running out of things to say… but I stayed in.  She was still into it.  Then I realized I didn’t really want to see her again.  She was cute, but… forgetting what the girl thinks for a minute, I know what it’s like when *I* hook, and this wasn’t it.  I told her I needed to get back to my friend and told her again that I thought she was cute.  She smiled, but the “that’s it???” look was definitely in there.  I just didn’t want to date her… but she’s still hot and that was a fun set, just low on “real” chemistry.

(I’ve been listening to an old Jon Sinn daygame program called “Sinn’s A to Z Day Game Mastery Program.”  It’s an old program, and it’s fun to compare his comments on day game to the “modern” London guys, etc.  Jon is a very smart guy.  Anyway, he is talking about “direct” approach and how even though you are opening w/ a compliment, it’s important to retain a “screening” frame.  That set above was very much that for me.  Yes, she was hot.  Yes, she liked the pickup.  But this is my pickup, and part of the realness of daygame is meaning it.  I didn’t close her, and she was closeable, because I didn’t feel it.  This is a nice milestone for me.  I’m doing what I should be doing here, meeting, and screening girls.)

3.) My wing bailed and I had some time to run a couple sets on my own – which I’m trying to do more of.  The first of those solo sets was the best of the day… and with a white girl at that.  She was little, maybe even actually a natural blonde (believe me, blonde white girls are not my thing, but this one was playing it all so well… lovely).  I chased her across an intersection and opened.  She was the 7th girl of the day, was checking her phone over and over as I approached, and I felt very comfortable.  She popped open, and when she did, that smile, could crack a safe.  Ahhh, hurts to remember her.  I have hooked harder in my life, but she got me.  I put my hand to my chest and told her that now that she was smiling she was breaking my heart… I was being playfully dramatic, but slow, and we both liked it.  Ummm, adorable.  Hot set.  She also had to go, and she had a better excuse than most… still checking her phone she smiled once more and told me she had 1 minute to make it to some event she was going to.  I believed her… but hate myself for not taking her number anyway.  Ahhh, frustration is a good teacher.

Good day out there… not a lot of results to show, but another solid in the series of Days of Game.