4 days || 27 Girls || Working on “Stories”

It has been a mostly unproductive week – if results matter, and they do. Only 2 new leads, but I am working on a skill set and I can feel it coming together. I’m getting better at spitting stories on the fly… and this is worth the time. I know I’ll be a rare man when I master this skill.

A part of the LDM that I think Krauser is particularly gifted with, is the idea of the “mythology” or story that you might use in the stack.

“Every opener is different and should be tailored to the girl. My rule is to think “what is it that made me notice and approach her, rather than any other attractive girl”. That’s harder than you think because there are so many barriers in your mind between you and your sincerity… The best openers are spontanteous because she isn’t hearing the words, she’s feeling the fresh playful vibe.”

— Krauser, from this post.

Crafting stories on the fly is a remarkable skill. We know we’re supposed to “give value,” especially upfront. No interview questions. We stack w/ statements and assumptions. The “mythology” of the particular girl, why you noticed her, this inane backstory you construct to generate some attraction and fill the first minute or so with charm and content, does just that – it delivers value. Hopefully it’s self amusing as well, frees you up via your own creativity, where you game yourself into running better game for you, for the set.

I have been thinking about Lance Mason (the most underrated PUA in history… that guy is a genius, and no one ever mentions him):

“How many girls are ‘right for you?’ Maybe one a month? If you miss your chance with her, you have to wait another month before another ‘right one’ comes along. So we practice and play with lots of girls, and then, when that one girl comes along, we’re ready for her.”

— The world’s worst paraphrase of something Lance Mason might say

I feel like that is kind of what I’m doing. Maybe some of these girls are the ‘right one’ for me, and I just don’t have the skills/confidence to crack them open. Doesn’t matter, what is happening now is that I working out my story-telling muscles, and I will be well trained for a future round of “right girls.”

Here are 4 days worth of girls, with extra emphasis on the stories that came up as I approached:


1. Chinese girl. She was standoffish and awkward on the stop. She sort of hooked, but had this “stink face” on for most of the set. I eventually cut the set off, but noticed she sort of lit up as I walked away. Even after all this experience, I’m not certain I can tell when the girl is a little confused or shy vs when she doesn’t like me.

2. Ouuuu, love this one… she was a short, cute, white girl. The story was “what I noticed about you was this pretty blonde hair, this pink sweater, all so girly… and then… these army boots. I love the contrast.” I like using “contrast” as something to open with, I’ve been doing that a lot. She was very fun. Number closed her, had a great date w/ her last week, and have another set up this upcoming week. She’s the best lead I’ve had in forever… I genuinely like her.

3. Can’t remember…

4. Can’t remember…

5. Little blonde white girl, with a long neck. I was going to compare her to a greyhound (no reference to Krauser’s “greyhounds”), this one literally had a neck like the dog. She was not into the set. She was polite, but it was over quickly. I see her all the time now… she must get out of work during my normal daygame hours.

6. Yet another white girl, in all green. I caught her just before she headed down into the subway. I stopped her, told her I noticed her, and then said, “it was this all green outfit. You’re a pretty girl, but this outfit made me think of the military. If there is ever an all girl army, this is how they’ll dress!” She liked the opener. She was busy, but came back toward me to shake my hand, thanked me, and volunteered her name. Cute girl.


7. Short girl, maybe Latina. She was wearing a full winter parka in mid-summer. The story was going to be about that parka, and how cute she looked all buddle up in the middle of summer… but she didnt really stop. Smiled, flitted off.

8. Short, duck footed, Asian girl. Didn’t stop.

9. Wow, this girl… sweet Baby Jesus. She was a super beautiful redhead. The kind of girl that makes you “present,” because she of such overwhelmingly fine quality she sucks you into the moment. I have some dumb thing I’ve been meaning to try with redheads, but I dropped that as we locked eyes, and I asked if we’d met before. I really wasn’t sure… it was her reaction and my shock at being with her. I wasn’t nervous, I was enchanted. Anyway, she quickly let me know she had a BF. Uhh. I’ve thought about her several times since. Remarkable girl.

10. This was a fun one… Asian, chewing gum. I stopped her well, then, “you really caught my eye. You’re dressed… I don’t know… ‘mature’ [we both laughed, as that came out funny]… and I get it, you’re a ‘grown up’ [she is smiling like crazy now, wondering where this is going]… but then, you’re chewing your gum [I mimicked her], like a teenager. I imagined you in the back of the car, like a minivan, on vacation with your family, you, being a brat, chomping away!” She loved it. She commented that she liked that story. Ha. So we hook nicely, and chat for a bit. I go to close, and there is this long debate as to whether she is “allowed” to date me… I asked if she needed her mom’s permission or something, and she eventually said she’s seeing someone else. I bet 1$ he’s an online date. I blew it here… I could have gotten this girl out if I was more dominant and just told her what to do… anyway, I lost the debate, we both had a great time, and she went back to chomping her gum.

11. Tall Chinese girl.. awk open, blow out.

12. White girl, with a ponytail. I opened her, but then noticed some kind of unattractive scar near her mouth, which took a lot of my power and interest out of the set. I went on anyway, “Yeah, so I noticed this ponytail of yours, as you bounced down the street. I think ponytails usually make girls look plain, but on you, looks nice. That’s hard to do.” Blah, whatever. Some chit chat, but neither of us were into it. We ejected.

13. She was a very cute, tiny Asian girl. She was walking quickly, and I stop with her “Hey, I saw you walk by… and you have this very serious walk [and I’m clowning a serious face] and then this cute/girly hair… you look like an angry 2 year old.” She popped open. Then I guessed that she was 5′ tall, and I was right. “Ouu, I love that, tiny is cute.” We had a brief chat, and she had to go. I tried to close but she wouldn’t give me the number. Maybe the set was too quick? Anyway, fun set.


14. Tall Asian girl that walks on the balls of her feet a bit. I was planning on saying “rushing around, and walking on your toes… you’re like a serious ballerina.” Didn’t get that far… she blew me out.

15. Short Asian girl in platform shoes. I had a canned line about how she looks like she was “dreaming about what’s for dinner.” Didn’t get that far, blew me out.

16. She was a tall Indian woman (one of the first times I’ve approached an Indian girl). I think I just said I liked her look… I didn’t have a story for her, in part as I followed her for a while so I didn’t have to open at an intersection. My stories suck if they “sit” for too long… they’re much better when I open quickly and they flow out without much forethought. She stopped, though, liked the attention. She’s an intern, in an MBA program. She was fun to flirt with, disagreeing w/ me a lot (ahh, cute girls breaking rapport… what are the chances?!!), and I said, “ha, you just argue with anything I say.” She was on her way to get her hair cut, and I teased her about getting that “side part of her head shaved” — she’s definitely not that kind of girl, and she got the joke. I was too far away from her, physically, and I could hear Krauser in my head saying the set sucked because of that… yep, that was one of my problems in that set. I tried to close, and she declined. Fun set, but my vibe wasn’t really there… just need to get better.

17. A bouncy little Asian girl with freckles. I have this canned story I have been thinking of for girls with freckles (I love freckles). I spit it out, “Did you know that this city had native Americans living here, before the techies and hippies and gold miners? Yeah, they were called the Miwok. And the Miwok thought freckles were a sign of good luck… and LOTS OF BABIES.” Uggg. She chuckled a bit, but the story sounded canned. I always want to go all “full rapport” and just tell girls I love their freckles, but I’m trying to do that in a way that serves the pickup. This didn’t really work. Maybe I can just shorten it a bit? In general, I know spontaneous stories are better… but a little story vocab will help. Weak set, we split.

*. And then these two rougher black girls are next to me at the intersection. Both have neck tattoos, stuff like that. I’m guessing they were lesbians. (Side note… black girl lesbians, the “hip hop” kind, are fucking cool to me. Gangster lesbian chicks. Rad. Tarantino should make a movie about girls like that). And one of them opens me, saying, “Hey, I seen you walking around for a while, what you up to?” So I look at them, smile, and say I’m out hitting on girls. The girl that opened me liked that, gave me a big smile, asked how I was doing? Not great, I said, but I’m practicing, having fun. She liked it. “I’m peepin’ you,” she said, smiled, and I rolled off.


18. This wasn’t a street stop, but it was a good set, and decent game on my part, I think. This very cute white girl sits next to me in the mall, as I’m hanging out doing some work on my laptop. She smells fantastic. After a few moments I take out my headphones in a big way that I think she’ll notice and look at her. She looks over, smiling. I ask if she’s wearing perfume. She doesn’t speak that much English. I repeat what I said about perfume, and she gets it, and says “vanilla?” Yes, “like cookies” I say. She’s into it. I ask where she’s from, and she’s Swiss, here for 1 month. We chat a bit, and I go back to work. After a bit, I ask if she has headphones? She does. I pull a headphone splitter out of my bag, and offer to share what I’m listening to with her… I’ve done this before with random girls in cafes and on airplanes. She’s into it, and I go back to work, and she and I sharing my RnB. I finish up, and make a “it’s over” gesture and she takes out her headphones and smiles. I ask if the person she is staying with a guy… “no, no, no,” she says, “my friend is a girl.” I take her Facebook, and she’s since accepted. I’ll try to her her out next week. She is… 19 years younger than me, and lovely. I mostly don’t care about YHT, I just care what I like… but this girl would make most guys radar, for sure. Ummm.

19. Oh man… so I start proper street game and go after this girl that is not my usual type as my first girl of the day. I circle around her, make eye contact, and she lights up in this way that makes me slow my roll a bit… she recognizes me. Uhh, it’s the girl from my faux-IOI story. That girl was bummed when I picked her up the first time, and she killed my state that day, but this time, acted like we were old friends. I immediately stopped the pickup, which I think was smart, but maybe I should have engaged her more? As it was, I was like, “Oh, ha, I was going to hit on you again… hi Carrie.” I remembered her name from 2 months ago. She responds, “Yeah, hey Nash,” remembering my name as well, with a big friendly smile. I rolled away… laughing. This town is pretty small. I’m going to burn out downtown at some point, I bet. I already see girls I recognize on the street everyday.

20. Tall beautiful tourist-looking white girl. I open about her outfit, she kinda stops, smiles, then tunes out, breaks eye contact and walks off.

21. Mature looking Indian woman… I was going in mostly for practice, and then at the last minute I saw the wedding ring… I 1/2-way said hi, she sort of said hi back, but it was super awkward at that point and I bailed.

22. I followed this little Asian girl, awkward stop, and blow out.

23. Not exactly my type, but very pretty face, big butt, white girl. I open. She looks shy and flinches a little, but stops and listens. “I’m not interested,” nice, femmy, but rejected. I saw her again on the same street an hour later and waved at her, gave her a big smile, and she lit up w/ a cute smile in return. Cool.

*. Then I stop for tea and a cookie and see the 19 year cafe girl (she’s #8 in that post). She’s a messy one, but clearly likes me. Another girl takes my order, but she helps get me what I want. I have heavy social proof in this café, everyone knows me and are cool to me. So then she and her other friend there are openly talking about me, and the 19 year old says, “the Silver Fox,” and then looks at me and says, “that’s what we call you.” Uggg. Not really how I want to be known, even though that’s a compliment. Sort of. I guess I should embrace that. I often wonder if girls know how old I am, but Silver Fox is pretty clear… that’s a grey hair reference. I am about 60% blonde, 40% grey. I blushed at all the attention, and that reference in particular. I nod at her and turn to leave and she says, “where you going?” “Outside, for tea,” and I stare at her. She looks deflated, wanting to chat with me. This girl would date me, but is so messy, I don’t want anything to do with her other than the flirting at the café. It’s nice to not be needy, for a change. I like her, she hugs me when she’s not behind the counter, but I don’t need to close this girl in any way… no thanks.

24. Curvy white girl, with a big butt and a funny outfit. I opened her, and she slides past me, but stopped, took the pre-opener, and liked it. She immediately said she had to go, but she came back to me to shake my hand and say a few words. The story was going to be “I love these fancy shorts and sandals, you look like you’re going to a Hawaiian wedding.” I could have worked w/ that story, but I didn’t get that far. She ran off.

25. Indian girl, little, very cute. Somewhat weak opener, but she stopped. Very quickly said she had to go, and I believed her… she had a very kissable mouth, that girl.

(Side note, 3 indian girls in one week… that’s more than all my other Indian girls sets combined. I’m trying to hit on any girl I like, and break out of my Asian’s only thing. I’m getting there.)

26. White girl, cute, slow walk. She opened, gave me a big, knowing smile. I mention the walk and that I’m surprised she’s not a tourist. She tells me she recovering from surgery, on her face… and I don’t know what to do w/ that, it kind of threw off my vibe. Set fell apart. I put her down in my notes as “surgery face.” Ha.

27. Short cute, Asian girl, with big, beautiful hair. She stopped. My story was a little forced and I was tired, but she liked it. She was late for a Soul Cycle class. I could see she was interested, and she blushed, and thanked me. I didn’t have the energy or the vibe to do anything in that short time frame, so I bailed.

Okay… there are bunch more reference experiences. I think 1 number and 1 Facebook in 27 sets. The number turned into a solid date, so yes to that, but my stats suck. Anyway… putting in my time, and enjoying it. I really am. It was nice to be out on the street this week… I’m going out again… right now.

Viva daygame.