5 More || Talking to Hot Girls is Normal

Some quick notes here, just to remind me I did a short sessions with 4 more set this day, and 1 the day before.

I did not want to run game. I had my last appointment with the dermo the next day, and I knew my face was going to be messed up, and approaching felt pointless. I thought I’d have a dead week while my face healed yup – turned out the doctor didn’t do much damage, but I didn’t know that at the time. Mostly, I was just feeling sorry for myself.

Rough day… I think 4 for 4 blew me out, or were super-brief. I was still proud of myself for doing a few more sets. I can own my dedication. Yes to that.

The one the day before was also a blow out… I wasn’t on a session, nor was I in the mood, but she was my type so I forced myself to approach. I’m trying to make approaching “a part of my life,” where I approach mid-day, whenever, and not just during proper daygame sessions.

Putting this note here, to help me keep count of my approaches… eventually, I’ll count them all up.

Here is my usual disclaimer: I still have not been laid from daygame. Ha. I’m keeping count, as I want to know how many approaches is takes me to get my first sex from a street approach. I think I’m at about 100 since I “came back to life.” Maybe 700 daygame approaches lifetime? 800?

Last week, a told a friend I was lonely. I put in a lot of work in May, and had almost nothing to show for it. I did get another date w/ a Japanese girl I picked up 2 months ago (it was meh), and a bunch of numbers/Facebook closes, but not much more than that. About 1/2 the numbers have no response at all, the others… not much better.

As I thought about it, though… I’m not lonely. I’m not. I’m disappointed. That’s what it is.

But… and this was clear to me on this day with the blowouts and all… talking to hot girls, is becoming very normal for me. I have very little approach anxiety, and standing in front of a hot girl on the street during a cold approach, is almost standard for me now.

That… is something.

Fucking A, I’m tempted to try online dating. Stupid fucking online dating. Fuck you, online dating. Ha.

For now, I think I’ll soak up all the glory of another month on the street. Yes to that. Maybe stingy Baby Jesus will kick down some lovin’ this month. Prudish, contrarian, nun-like Baby Jesus… loosen up, dude! Somewhere, a nice, deserving girl is praying to your 8.5 oz omnipotent Son-of-Godness, wanting a white beast to ravish her with some oral sex and a good pounding. Hook her up, man. Not for me… no, no… do it for her, Baby Jesus. Do it, for her.

Viva Daygame.