4 More || “I’m Young”

Four more yesterday – I’ll talk about my favorite of the day.

It was later in the day, I was with my wing, and she walked by – cute Asian girl, walking kind of fast. I ran after her, my tea, still hot, burning my hands a bit as I chased after her. Wind, fucking my hair up. She opened with big eyes, not certain what was going on. Ummm.

I tried my “are you okay?” thing with her. It worked, flowed naturally. It’s not really a technique, it’s just good social skills, but I like doing it in set. She responded, says she was fine, just surprised. I think that got us on the same page. I like this. This is something that is very “me,” and becoming part of my personal “stack.”

So then she says, “I’m young.” And stares at me.

Hmmm. Interesting. Why announce that? What is a little girl trying to say — to me, and herself — when she says something like that?

3 weeks ago, I opened an 18 year old. I wasn’t aiming for 18 year olds, I was just following what I was attracted to, so I opened her. Within 30 secs, she spit out, “I’m 18.” And then stared at me. Hmmm, there it is again.

I think both of those girls are basically saying “you’re old,” but in a cooler way. This isn’t rejection, they’re just perceptive enough to notice that there is a decade+ age difference going on. And the look on their faces, in both sets… they were into the pickup. That comment was definitely not a blow out. They’re just calibrating to the idea that a man much older than they are, is taking them serious in a sexual way.

The one yesterday, I hit her back with the same line I did w/ the 18 year old — “So, what does that mean to you?” And then vacuum. She just stared, interesting smile on her face. Damn, very interesting smile.

I think what is going on here, is that she is “tasting the hook.” She’s not rejecting me, but she’s not hooked. She knows what’s going on, and she’s calling it out, so everyone’s clear. She’s making sure **I’m** not confused, and that’s hysterical to me. Uhh, yes, I know you’re young and hot and tight. I get it. No, I’m not freaking out about your age.

I didn’t qualify myself in either set – which would be a big mistake. I think she is kind of handing me some rope here. A lot of guys would use that opportunity to hang themselves, by trying to defend their age or explain how it doesn’t matter. I could talk for a couple hours about how I think the age difference is ideal, perhaps over a drink in a dark lounge, and use that material to turn a young girl on, but in this case, no need to qualify. It’s not the time or the place.

When I say, “What does that mean to you?,” I’m stealing the frame. Her line “Don’t you know I’m a young girl” isn’t really much of a test, unless I freak out. With both girls, I returned the line with “What does that mean to you?” I was calm and unfazed, in both sets. And well, to be honest, they’re young girls, and these 2 were both at least a little into the pickup, so they don’t have much to say to that question. Which is perfect. Test passed. We just move on from there.

So, this particular girl invites me to walk w/ her a bit. She refers to me as “older” at least a couple times (which I never hear to be honest). We get down to the train, and I stop, telling her this is where I’m going to leave her. I tell her I want her number. She’s not sure. We read her face some more, and talk about how she looks a little uncertain about all this. Her eyes are enormous. She says, this has never happened to her before. I like her. She’s cute.

So I took her number.

She made some comment about setting me up w/ her older sister, which I blew off. I go back to talking about her phone number, asking her if she knows what I’m going to do with it? She plays dumb. I tell her, “I’m gonna text you and ask you out.” She smiles, eyes popping. And I will.

Okay… that was the big set of the day. A ton of great reference experiences. Another number close.

I did 3 more that day, including an approach before lunch.

Baby Jesus, you can’t deny me forever, can you, big guy. That’s right. Any day now, my 8.5 oz brother. Any day now, a cute girl is going to fall out of your pocket, and I’m gonna be there, to literally and figuratively “pick her up.”

Viva daygame.