The Super Day, 5 Leads || 13 More

These notes are from months ago, but I never posted them (I’m backdating them to the day I picked these girls up). I thought I’d lost them, but they were on my old phone… it’s odd I never posted these notes, as I ended up dating 3 of these girls.

I dated #9. I really liked her. She was one of the girls I dated this Fall that let me stop her, loved it, let me take her number, went out with me… and she had a BF. She wouldn’t kiss me, and never responded to another text… but it was good date, by my standards.

I have dated #8 several times. In my notes I said she didn’t have good skin, but her skin turned out to be fine… the problem is, I can get her clothes off (mostly, down to the panties), had this girl in my bed 5 times at least… but she won’t fuck me. She has had my cock in her mouth, on three separate occasions, but won’t let me take her panties off. I think I’m done with her… we’ll see how horny I am when I get back from Japan. I want to get so busy I don’t have time for her. Too bad… I’d really like to fuck this girl. Super skinny, but such an interesting body. I’m not sure this girl is ever turned on… I’ve never seen it. I don’t understand her… huh.

And finally, there is #13… who turned out be Firecracker, my 2nd daygame lay. I love the notes I took about her. She is very much like that comment where she said “maybe I am more dangerous than you?!” I love that she said that. We’ve had sex several times, despite the BF in China. She is with him now, I believe. We’ll see if she and I still connect when we are back at our home city in February. She is an interesting girl. I like her. But what a strange little lover she is, what a strange relationship we have… ha.

Here are the notes.


1. Yellow shirt, passing out flyers, bad skin, awk, I bailed.

2. Korean student, big lips, curvy, freckles, had BF.

3. Asian girl, in a dress, with boots, taking pictures of a piano, took #. [That girl never responded to my texts… it was a weak approach, but even though it was over 3 months ago, I still remember her.]

4. White girl, in town for a business conference, bad open, she barely stopped.

5. Chinese, all black clothes, sexy girl… had to go.

6. 2 set… which I never do. [I think this was the only one I’ve ever done], from Taiwan… didn’t go anywhere.

7. I nick-named this girl “Hip Hop.” Cute Korean girl, called me “mister,” made me remember her # – which I did – and she ran off. We texted once/twice but she dropped off.

8. Thai Girl, not great skin, eyes really lit up, #close. She called it to be sure she had it.

9. Chinese girl, super fem, great walk… I think she was ovulating. Tried to idate. # close.

10. Korean at Saks. Bitchface. I ejected.

11. Calm, Chinese… shook me off.

12. Nurse, wouldn’t stop.

13. Little Chinese girl, great skin, big eyes behind nerdy glasses, little hands… she was perfect for me. Goes to fashion school. Has a BF in China. At one point I made a comment that I am “dangerous, and she said, “maybe I’m more dangerous than you?” Ummm.

Viva daygame.