8 dates in 9 days, 3 Lays || 15 More

It’s been over a week since I did these sets. Not much to say about them, mostly just want to log them in… I am about to count to see if I hit my goal of 200 sets in Oct-Dec.

I assume I am well over.

I know I wanted to score a date for Thursday, which was the day after this day. I’d had my most epic week of dating ever – 6 girls in 5 days, sex with two of them (one new girl, and some recurring revenue from the delicious Firecracker) and I would date two more girls that week (with 1 more lay, repeat sex with the Velvet Mouthed mom). I had a date set up for Friday, but in glorious glutinous form, was looking to fill an open spot for Thursday. I was out hunting for that date (which I ended up finding).

Here are the rest of the sets.


1. Great style, boots, in a hurry. Bailed.

2. Very cute, eating a hotdog. We chatted for a bit. Asked who she was shopping for… told me her BF. I split. Nice girl.

3. Lovely high-end Chinese… Paused, then shook me off.

4. Chinese girl, conservative, cute, hurry, liked the stop.

5. She was a blonde Asian girl… also in a hurry. Everyone was that day.

6. Short, white, cute face, huge ring on her finger… Very cute. Let her go.

7. Beautiful Asian girl, works at Tiffany’s, on her lunch break. Stopped, chatted, split. Wasn’t going any where.

8. White girl young, hi… Basically a blow out.

9. Little Asian, cute, had a dinner reservation. I saw an emotional spike, but she had to go.

10. White girl, intense, said “what’s up?” as I opened. That is a super masculine response… Always turns me off. A girl that says that is almost disqualified right there. No matter, in this case… She said hi, but didn’t stop.

11. Really suspicious local Canton girl… She was warming up, but I let her go.

12. Tiny, beautiful face.. charming, had to go.

13. Very sexy girl walking toward me… I stopped her as we got close, instead of the usual Yad stop (95% of my approaches are Yad stops). Brief exchange, but she had to go. Very cute.

14. Blow out.

15. This girl… I opened her in early November, number closed, really liked her. I didn’t recognise her as I started talking, but had a hunch. When she said her name, I remember it all. Tried to sell her on dinner. She is so cute. Awesome dance between us on the street… She is a challenging one. She shot me down the next day… We’re scratching her off the list.

Viva daygame.