88 Lines About 44 women

It had been rainy in the Big City this Fall. Lots of rain, and lots of excuses why I couldn’t game like I did before the long days went away.

I’ll skip the excuses, but I *have* been running some daygame. I’ve been forcing myself to find some time, and keep at it, no matter what. Not as much as I want, but dammit… I’m committed to holding on to this skill. It’s not women in my life — I have a lot of women in my life — it’s about this skill, and this lifestyle. Both are important to me. I’m trying to keep that at the top of my list.

So with that said, here are 88 lines about 44 women.* I’ll work backwards from tonight thru the Fall.

The Tokyo Queen. I picked her up at the gym in late 2013. I wouldn’t call it “daygame”, which to me is “street game,” but I guess she counts. In February of 2014, when I got back from traveling, my wing was asking me if I was coming back as his “single wing,” or as the “boyfriend of Tokyo Queen.” I said I was convinced I was still single, even as I was into her — I wanted both. It’s been almost a year since then. She… has been a high-quality kind of wonderful in my life. I have been gaming all the same. I dated more this year than probably any year of my life. Proper daygame took off for me in summer of 2014, but she has been at the center of my year in terms of women, certainly. I haven’t told her I’m seeing other women (I’m convinced “don’t ask, don’t tell” is the best option), but I have been, and I think she knows. I’ve pushed myself to continue to learn about mating/dating. I’ve definitely had some sex outside of her… but she’s been a mainstay, and I’m grateful and appreciative. And yet, I’m especially grateful for continuing my passion and my education with girls and having other relationships on the side. I don’t want to “guess” about this, I want to know. This has been a real goal of mine — experiential knowing — and this year I had the richest taste of it yet. She is wonderful… but regular sex w/ a girl you really like can impede your work ethic a bit. She’s a blessing to my day to day, and a curse to my education. A delicious curse.

Dr NYU. She will graduate from her PhD program in a few months. She’s an ex, back here visiting for winter break, and she and I had drinks tonight. I met her in a coffee place. The first time we met, I was playfully hitting on her mom and her at the same time (which was for show, and something I used to do, is tons of fun, but something I don’t do as much anymore). She was the 2nd relationship I had after I had really internalized game. In fact, our relationship began as I laid out the concept of game to her, verbally, explicitly, literally demonstrating bits I was sure of for her… and she hooked. We ended our relationship as she left to begin this doctoral program a few years ago. She was sweet tonight, leaning into my arms, nuzzling under my chin, as we had drinks and talked about relationships. Her lips were very close to mine. I sent her home in a cab, and had a beer by myself to close the night.

New Year’s Daygame. As I get ready to travel again this January, I am committed to cementing this daygame skillset. I don’t know that I’ll run that many daygame sets in Japan — will the language barrier make that impossible?? We’ll see. Until then, I want to grind out some sets to make sure I have this in my “longterm memory” before I leave. I ran a few sets w/ my wing today, 3 total… felt very natural. Best set of the day was a young beauty. Probably Russian?? Fast walker. I watched her go, and gave chase. She crossed against the light, and I was caught waiting for traffic before I could continue after her. My inner weasel wanted to give up, but I caught her almost a full block from where I’d seen her, her ponytail bouncing like a beacon. I opened w/ “hi” – which is my new favorite opener. She looked over, tightened up, and looked away. I was still breathing hard from the run. I started my opening lines, and her head snapped away from me to shut me out. I laughed, and leaned back, and said, “Are you okay? Do you not want to say hi???” I smiled and felt relaxed. He icy exterior cracked a little. She gave me a big “Hi” and smiled w/ a mix of interest and distrust. I ran my pre-opener, no compliment beyond saying that I’d chased her for a block and that she was walking soooo fast, *smile*, where was she off to??? She lit up, and just then the light at the intersection changed… “to work!” and she was in full bloom now, and I smiled and watched her ponytail bounce across the street. She was amazing… but yes, intersections aren’t the most ideal places to stop girls. Ahhhh, loved melting her ice a little bit.

Gale Force Winds Game. The Big City is dry this week, but it has been windy. Tuesday was so windy, trash and tree branches were blowing sideways thru the air. Ahhh, what a terrible day to run game. But, I did my first daygame sets ever in the Mall months ago, and that was still an option, and I am COMMITTED to owning this skillset, even though I’m not working at it enough. I went to the Mall. I bought a cup of tea, and sat in busy crossway, listening to an audio book, and surveying the scene. This lovely Asian woman was in the Microsoft store. She was clearly lighting up the room… not perfect, but quite shiny by my standards. I watched, sipped my tea. As she left w/ her purchase, I chased her down. First set of the day, and the first set in the Mall in months. She hooked. She gave this wonderful mix of healthy fear and wide-eyed attraction. Just when I thought I’d lost her, she’d add value and tease me. Great set, I blushed, and liked her more when it was over than before I’d opened her. I told her I’ll be traveling, but took her number. We’ve exchanged a few texts… hers was long and invested, mine was sexy and teasing. I’ll try to get her out when I’m back.

Best Kisser Ever. This one is an old flame of mine. I used to be her boss, back when I had a normal day job (and was just barely introduced to Game), although I didn’t hire her, she was assigned to me, and we didn’t work together long. She had a huge crush on me back then, but I wasn’t into her and gave her the straight-arm. We’ve hooked up several times since then, including a bunch of sex. I like her more each time… she opened up, gives me more and more of her. She’s like a book I’ve been working on for years that keeps surprising me. The sex just gets better too, even though I only sleep w/ her a couple times a year. As of today, I think she might be the best kisser in the entire Universe. We had drinks last week. She smelled wonderful and showed me her bra a few times, and it’s true, it was unusual and sexy. We made out in the bar and I pulled her hair. It was ecstatic. Kissing this girl almost hurts me, it’s so amazing. I’m nostalgic when I kiss her, but what for?? I have no idea. Her mouth makes me emotional. Uhhhh. Sweet Baby Jesus. I could have gone back to her place, but I’ve been well sexed lately, and kissed her once more in the cold and walked to my favorite beer bar and knocked down the love-drunk feelings before I went home to smoke and sleep.

Tiny Dancer. This girl I picked up during the day in August 2013. It was a direct approach, but before I was really calling myself a daygamer. We dated 4 times that year. She is an epic flighty pain in the ass, and a masterful shit-tester (without knowing it), and she got the better of me emotionally (= I failed the tests). After two nights in my bed I couldn’t sex her. I fucking tried. I dug in, she was all about this other BF, we had a standoff, and we didn’t speak for a year. Fine. I was defeated by her, but oh well. This Holiday I got a very “mass text” kind of “Happy Holidays” msg from her. I bet you dollars to doughnuts it was a mass text to her entire phone – that’s retarded, but I bet she did that. I responded (testing the water), but teased her about “spamming her entire phone.” She responded with “huh?” — which I ignored. A few minutes later, she sent me something more invested. We pinged a few times, and she was very receptive. I teased her. This girl already beat me, but… a man should always lead. I told her I was leaving in a few days, but if she had time we should meet for a drink. She said she was busy. I said “okay.” Oh well. When in doubt, hang some bait out. Done and done. I tried.

Vampire Painter. The painter I picked up this Fall. And we had a few dates, and I wrote about them. We did end up having sex (I didn’t write about that), and it was not great, but I really like her. She’s great… In fact, she’s one of my current stories about why I like Game so much… so, many, interesting, girls!!!!!!! Wow. Who knew?! That’s why I’m in game… to learn about me and to learn about girls. So, she and I met up for dinner. She wants a solid BF, she knows that’s not me, but she likes me anyway. We had a great dinner. She was dead-sexy and so richly amazing. I touched her over/over. I kissed her playfully all over her face and neck. We finished dinner and I kissed her goodbye, and told her I was off for a beer. She smiled, and drifted away down the sidewalk. I don’t know that I really need to have sex w/ her (mostly because the Tokyo Queen has me rather satisfied), but I love that girl. She’s fascinating. She’s traveling too, and I know we’ll meet up again next Spring.

Daygame Grind. A few day before Christmas… it was rainy, and dark, and a crazy pre-Christmas shopping frenzy downtown. My wing was away, and I had something to prove to myself. I ground out 6 sets. Most, were pretty terrible… but I MUST stick w/ my training here. 3rd set was good… cute white girl, had to run, but she liked it, and so did I. Last set of the day was a really little, cute Asian girl. She was cool w/ my rap, but rejected the idea of seeing each other again. Oh well. Commitment. Grind on toward mastery.

Taiwanese Lolita. Mid Dec daygame. I was just warming up, and had been blown off by a girl that I thought was into me (fuck eye contact, during daygame, I swear it’s not your friend). I stopped a girl that was easily 20 yrs younger than me, she hooked. Ahhh, painfully erotic situation… me, this big, ugly, older beast. Her, lovely, little, young. She was an art student, and looked the part. When I asked her what kind of art, she said fashion, and when I pressed the point, she said “Lolita.” So I’m this much older man, and she’s this pretty young thing, and she brings up the topic of “Lolita,” and I ask her if she knows the story, and she does. And I say “young girl” and point to her, and then “older guy” and self point… and she smiles. Fake contact lens, knee high socks… I can’t believe this is my “hobby.” And she’s amazing, but like a child… a child w/ bad teeth, unfortunately. I know I won’t want to date her. But I can feel how hot the whole thing is… and it’s fucking hot… and I tell she’s adorable and exit. And as I back away she was stunned, and in a trance, rooted in place, and just watched me and I laughed… oh my god. She just stood there, sexy and confused and happy. As far as I know… she’s still standing there. Wow. Jesus.

Nepalese girl. Like the Russian Beauty above, I opened this one at a crosswalk. That’s a bad idea, as the change of lights tends to signal her to run off. This one, I walked with, running my opening lines as we crossed the intersection. She was attentive, but screening me. As we hit the other sidewalk, I got to the point where I told her I thought she was cute and she hooked hard. This was my 3rd set of the day (right after Lolita above), and I haven’t been running much game, but I slowed down, took my time, nailed my pacing… it was getting sexy/cozy. I felt awesome. And she tells me she’s from Nepal, and that explains the curious Indian-but-Asian looking features. Wow… she is fucking beautiful! And I am quizzing her about how long she’s been here, and she says a year, and I say but why… and she says she moved her w/ her husband. Oh! She’s not at all incongruent with telling me this – still very into the pickup. And I remind her that I’ve already told her how cute I think she is, over and over, and that I don’t mean to be rude, and I started to excuse myself. (I’ve never had sex w/ a married women, that I know of, but I bet you 1$ American that that happens in 2015 — I know it will, it’s about time to see that side of coin.) She then kind of exploded w/ joy on me. It was amazing, and I wish I could show her face to newbies to daygame. She LOVED being picked up. And as she felt me moving away from her, she jumped forward, and shook my hand w/ both hands, and passionately thanked me over and over. And I felt like a million bucks. And goddamn she was beautiful. Ugggg.

Random White Girl. In case you haven’t noticed… I really like Asian women. So when this pretty, short, blondie walked by (I also love short girls), I pounced, kind of for fun. She was coolish, but hooked. She was actually a “travelling salesman.” Ha, that still makes me laugh. She lives in Arizona, but comes to the Big City as part of her territory, once a month. Hmmmm. I randomly told her to take out her phone, gave her my number, and told her that I would be traveling, but that I would take her out in February when she was here. Lame of me to give her my number, I know better. But… she sent me a text me later that night. Hmmm. investing. It was dry, but that’s real interest. She might be a little simple/boring… but with skin like ice cream. And a “once a month” visit is a perfect scenario of sex and adventure for both of us. I told her not to lose her job, and that I’d connect with her in February when I get back. My plan is to ping her again in January when she’s here (even though I’ll be several timezones away), to surprise her and warm up the interaction. I bet another 1$ that if she responds to that text, that we’ll meet up when I’m back. I will confess I have fantasized many times about having sex w/ that little blonde thing. We’ll see.

Nanjing 20 Something. After I said goodnight to my wing one night, I saw one more girl walking across the intersection. I gave chase. She popped open. 20 years younger than me, very cute, fobby, but fun and I liked her. Great style. I took her number. Pinged her, she pinged back. More texts, but she was leaving for China, as her school would be closed for Winter break. I told her I was traveling, but would connect w/ her I when I was back. (If you’re following this story, I have three semi-warm dates for when I get home… we’ll see. I give all that about 30% chance of sex with at least one of them.) We talked about connecting via Facebook, she gave me a different name for that, but hasn’t responded to my messages via FB — her FB pictures are beautiful. I’ll try to keep her warm via text when I’m in Japan and she’s back here.

Personal Banker. A few months ago I opened a really, A+ beautiful Asian girl. Wow. Daygame has exposed me to a level of real beauty I’ve rarely seen in bars, let alone talked to. This one was a long shot, but I went for it. I did okay, my performance was something like a 7 out of 10. I hadn’t even asked for her number yet, but she game me her card – ha! Lame. I didn’t argue. I followed up via email and she said she had a BF. Fine. So… this one night this Fall, I’m out w/ my wing, and this lovely-lovely girl goes by, and I think we maybe made eyes… and she’s a little more interested than most random girls are, so I’m surprised. Maybe she’s not looking at me?? I give chase. She’s on the phone, but I don’t care. She lights up, super big smile, and so beautiful… gets off the phone… I spit my game… it’s going a little too well. “We’ve met before,” I say, interrupting myself. She say, yeah, and mentioned the bank where she works. I says, “Yeah!” And I remember her name starts w/ an “S,” she confirms her name. I say, “If I remember, we left off w/ you having a BF? Still?” She confirms, but she is like a diamond, shining from within in the evening blackness. I say, “Want to have a drink w/ me anyway?” She gets kind of real, and serious, and says, “Next time you stop me… we’re going to have a drink.” And she meant it. She likes me. I tease her that she’s kind of begging me to stalk her, as I know where she works. We both laugh. I tell her she’s my type, and I’m sure I’ll stop her again… and we part ways. Fucking A. She’s gorgeous. And she’s feeling me. Stopping her twice is wearing her down. It’ll be at least a month before I find her on the street again… viva Daygame. She is amazing. And she likes my dance.

Gets It Girl. I am a big fan of the London Daygame Model. I owe those gents so much, for the education and inspiration. They, and Paul Janka, brought me into this stage of my game. Guys like Tom Torero and John Matrix will talk about the “cheeky smile,” and how the girl should know what that approach is about before you say anything because of that “bad” smile you give her. I get that. But I know that something about my approach makes them wait until I tell them they are cute, or whatever, before they fully get it. That’s a pattern in my game. This girl… she got it straight away. I was very warmed up one day, and I chased her down, and as soon as she saw me, she lit up and started shaking her head “no, no, no” in a very playful, adorable, knowing way. I was like “Uh huh!” w/ an even more obnoxious smile as I took her hand. I can’t remember how she got rid of me… probably let me know she had a BF… but that knowing smile was unforgettable. Beatuiful non-verbal flirting. And it was a milestone as I catch up to my daygame heroes. And it was another wonderful reference point in game for me… 2015 is going to be glorious. Ahhh, I almost feel bad for the delicious little morsels I’ll gobble up this year!

Okay… so there it is. I could have done more, but that’s some of the highlights from the Fall. I had some distractions — including making more clients than I’ve ever had before — but Game, she is precious to me, and I tried to pay some dues despite being the captain of the great ship “SS Excuses and Distractions.”

I’m still in this game. I’m still in this game. I’m still in this game.

And with that, I close with the inspiration for the title of this post….

88 Lines About 44 Women

Viva Daygame. And a beautiful 2015 to all the CHAMPIONS that walk this path.