A Close Call with a Married Woman

She just left my place. I am covered in her perfume. And I am definitely a little sexually frustrated… but I am smiling. It was a good time.

I will post soon about doing 30+ days of daygame in a row. Today… was day 33. She was one of the last girls of the day.

It was a glorious day on the street. It’s a Saturday here in my city, and that means it was a complete circus of daygamers on the prowl once again. I meet up with Vicar and YoungGuns. The three of us ran into a new guy (“Philly”) that has become a good wing after spotting Sundance and I a few weeks back. And we ran into another guy I’ve known for almost a year now, and he had an old wing with him as well. All solid guys. We collected a couple of lower-tier randoms that wanted to join the wolf pack. And each time we’d run into each other, we’d make a conscious effort to split back into smaller hunting packs.

Too many dudes… typical Saturday. It was a scene.

But the weather was very nice, lots of girls out, and we all got to work. I think I talked to 10+ girls. Several lovely, charming ones… including the one that is at the center of this story.

She is a “conservative” looking, high-end Chinese girl… my favorite type (for now). She was wearing flats, a flowy skirt that came down almost to her ankles, a silky shirt that ran from her neck to open sleeves at her wrists. There was some kind of jewelry on her neck that I have seen many girls wear… I can’t name the designer, but I bet many upper class girls would know it immediately. I bet I have dated 10 girls that have worn that same design on dates with me.

I approached her, got the compliment out, and planted my feet. She smiled, but never really stopped moving, so she slipped past me. This is commonly how it goes for my style of approach.

I don’t properly front stop, not exactly (I rarely do full front stops). As I approach from the side, girls commonly slide past me… and then they have to make a choice. Stay or go? I like it that it way. All this is very normal for me when I approach. A big gap between us in those short seconds as she is considering her options… and then… if it’s on… the space between us slowly closes.

That is a classic moment for me on the street. Many times, I smile, inwardly, as I watch her make the careful, tentative choice to stay in set with me. Watching her and I square up. Watching her relax and shift from caution to curiosity to attraction. Watching her accept me as I move in closer and stare into her eyes.

I see this every day I talk to girls. Even when I’m not getting laid, it’s a beautiful part of this lifestyle.

But that didn’t really happen with this stop.

She got past me, and it was peak Saturday afternoon traffic and she was a little too far away… maybe six feet. I can work with that, but there was an exceptionally thick crowd around us… they were all watching the pickup, trying to part around us like water around a boulder in a stream. This was too much for her. She smiled. She dropped her eyes. She turned and walked into Uniqlo.

She was gone. But… I wanted to try again.

I don’t always do this (in fact I rarely do), but I went back after her. I don’t know what you call this… but I call it a Double Stop.

Open a girl. And if she likes you but the circumstances kept the first stop from sticking… immediately approach again. This is something Yad taught me when I took my lesson with him. I rarely do it, but there is a lot of utility in that technique.

The point is not to re-approach a girl that isn’t into you. This isn’t “pushing against resistance,” as Yohami would say. This isn’t a technique to try on “no” girls. But for “strong maybes” that drift away… or even girls that are very curious, but manage to slide by… sometimes it’s worth double stopping her. It was this time.

In this case, as I reopen her in Uniqlo, she took it well. Off the street, we had a slower pace. We chatted. She is in my city on vacation, by herself for now, and meeting a friend in a couple of days in another city. She works with “Luxury Brands” – which means she sells the kinds of clothes she was wearing when I picked her up.

We’ll call her Miss Luxury.

I did not have a plan for tonight. I made sure my house was presentable (as usual) as I set out to run game today, hoping for a insta-pull from the day’s hunt. And that is something I hope for all the time… even though I have never been able to make happen in the US.

As it was… I asked what she was doing “tonight?” She said nothing… which is a type of “yes” to a man like me. I asked if she’d like to join me for dinner. As I said it, I shut up and stared at her. She beamed back with interest. It felt pretty on.

I took her WeChat. I told her I would message her and then she could take her time and decide. I smiled and left. Spicy set.

As the guys and I finished up the day… I started messaging back and forth with her. And the strong signals from her distracted me enough that I didn’t approach much after that, and I wasn’t a terribly attentive wing.

NASH: Hey lady
NASH: Very nice to meet you
NASH: You’re a little bit charming

This ^ is a typical opening ping for me.

HER: Hey Nash
HER: I am flattered
NASH: If you’re free tonight, come have dinner with me.
HER: Haha okay I’m free
HER: FYI I am married. If you want to make friend, we should share the bill. : )


I didn’t notice a ring when we talked. And she didn’t mention her husband when we were in set together. Only later, as I moved to make something of our meeting did I hear about her relationship.

My friend and wing Pancake is surprised when I tell him stories like this one… about girls that don’t mention BFs or husbands until much later (sometimes on the date). But this happens to me a lot. I am often very deep into the set before she says she’s is involved. Happened four times today, actually.

EX: A different girl from today… long chat, it was clearly “man-to-woman.” I went to number close her, and took her WeChat. Like many Chinese girls, she has an “American name.” I was asking her about how/why she chose that name and she said… “my boyfriend gave it to me.” Oh. Five minutes into the set. And only then because I asked a question that sort of trapped her into mentioning him. Hmmm.

Anyway… back to this girl.

NASH: Okay
NASH: I am not worried about the bill
NASH: I am a tiny bit dangerous for a married woman…
NASH: : ]
NASH: But yeah, I’d like to see you again

It’s true, I don’t care about the bill… but I am not interested at all in agreeing to a frame where this is about “friends.” Fuck that.

But the truth is… she is a charming high-end girl and I had a free night. That is exactly the kind of girl I want in my life, even short-term, for an evening. Life… is a series of evenings. On this particular night, I would have dated her even if I was sure nothing would happen… but in this case, I wasn’t sure at all that “nothing would happen”… and there is only one way to find out.

I mentioned “dangerous” to keep away from the “friends” frame. Saying “I’m a tiny bit” takes most of the “threat” off the word, so it’s all symbolism, no adrenaline. But even then it does help reestablish the frame. And it’s also a sexual spike (a “soft” spike). I add the smileys for more comfort.

HER: Are you

Can you imaging the smile on her face as she plays with me here?

She likes the frame I set. She has told me she is married and I have come back with even more intent. She has done her part of making sure I know she’s married (so now, of course, nothing that happens is “her fault”). And I did my part of letting her know I don’t care. And I raised the stakes with that light sexual threat. And she bats at me, playing along.

Looks good. Fun girl.

NASH: Maybe a little bit : ]
NASH: I can get us a table at a delicious place for 8:30
NASH: Does that work for you, Charming Girl?

She didn’t say yes right away.

Instead… she quizzed me here, briefly, about what I do for work. That was her looking to make me a little more “real.” Look at the timing: She was already in, but asking me about what I do at this point in the conversation was a chance to watch me dance. The answers matter… but more so… she gave herself a chance to watch me for a few more moments where she could decide if she wanted to take any risks with me… and I passed.

She agreed to the plan. We were on for 8:30.

I left the guys, went home, cleaned up a bit more, changed clothes, and walked out the door toward the restaurant.

I got there a minute before she did, confirmed they had my reservation, and that they would sit us side by side… “no problem,” they said. When I walked outside again, she was there. Tiny, cute, dressed in black.

Over dinner she surprised me many times. That is one of the greatest parts of being a player in this game… all the surprises.

To begin with, I had called her “conservative.” I told her that when we talked in Uniqlo. I have been telling girls on the street lately that I noticed them, that they look a little conservative, and that that is very attractive to a man like me (that last bit of the phrasing is lifted from Krauser).

Since we know she is a married woman, and she came out on a date with an American man that calls himself “dangerous”… I guess we could already assume she isn’t as tightly-bound and conservative as I might have initially thought.

All of us have an exterior… and then somewhere beneath that, there is the truth of who we are. Wise men can read that truth through all the layers of pretense and subterfuge. Men like Yohami can see this much quicker than me, and even I am quicker than most. But more of her truth came out on the date.

There is a very edgy server at this restaurant, and I always point her out to my dates. Tonight, the server was wearing fishnets and little denim shorts. And through the fishnets, you could see one of many tattoos on her thighs. And Miss Luxury mentioned the tats right away. And I asked if she had any. Actually, what I said was, “you have several.” Stating it that way is good way to turn a question into an assumptive statement. I didn’t think this girl had any tattoos… I expected her to say she had none, but I was wrong. She has several.

She rolled up her sleeve to show me a big, relatively fresh one on the inside of her elbow. A flower design… very nice work, actually. I’m really not that into girls having tattoos (I like them less and less each year), but this one suited her well. More than that… her soft, creamy skin up her arm was more interesting to me than the ink. Beautiful skin. The temperature between us was heating up.

By the way… she wasn’t wearing any kind of a wedding ring on the date either. Beautiful little hands. A recent manicure. But no ring. I wonder if she has made some kind of conscious decision to be “a little bit single” for this trip to America?

I could feel some “edge” from her right away. I pointed out that she was surprising me and she said “everyone has nine personalities.” I’d never heard that, and she confessed she’d made it up. I told her I loved that she was tiny, and feminine, and sweet, and conservative… but that I could see her other personalities too. That I could tell she had a mean side. Good push/pull. All of this was flirty. We were enjoying each other.

Here ^ I was quipping with Troy Francis this week about dinner dates. He was advising against them. There is wisdom to that. But I love dinner dates, and this was a perfect example.

We were side by side. And it was very easy to touch her, all through dinner. I had my hands on her constantly. Grabbing her little, tiny wrists (she is maybe 90 lbs?). Turning my head past her to whisper in her ear. Resting my hands on her thighs… and she was resting her hands on my legs as well. Not bad for a dinner date.

The whole thing felt pretty on. After dinner, I said:

NASH: Hey, why don’t you come back to my place and I’ll make you a cup of tea?
NASH: I know you’re not that into cats…
NASH: But if you’re not too mean… if you promise to be nice to my cats…
NASH: You can come over and drink some tea.

This was maybe the most “indirect/direct” phrasing I have ever used to get a girl home. I think she was into me, she was already sold, but I like the wording.

The words… aren’t sexually explicit at all. But I was giving her a look like I was making fun of her the whole time. The words said “tea” and “don’t be mean to my cats.” But my look said “I’m making fun of you.” And the moment said, “this is about sex.” Of course it was. And because I was talking about tea and cats and teasing her… it was good Secret Society stuff. I am not trying to trick her, she knows what is up. All those extra parts were part of the show so she can see my razzle-dazzle in a classic moment when a man is trying to take a woman home.

Yes, she knows this is about sex. I touched her all through dinner. And while I like being super direct (I think it works well, much of the time)… this time, I was enjoying putting several layers of “art” around the sex offer… and each of the layers made the offer that much more obvious. It sounds complicated and ridiculous, and it is. But I’ve been in this situation now so many times, I’m getting better at the dance of it all.

She gave me a knowing smile and agreed to come with me. I called a car and we sat at our table as the restaurant closed around us.

A car ride to my house… less than 10 minutes from the restaurant (good logistics). Cats met us at the door. They liked her, flipped on their backs and showed her their furry bellies. Excellent Cat Game on their part… their ability to charm Asian girls is one of many reasons to love these beasts.

Upstairs. A little tour… and at one of the windows in a room of my house near the street… I stepped in… and kissed her. It was slow. A light kiss. But dominant, as I held her tiny face between my palms. After the first kiss, I hovered over her lips. She was compliant, and stayed with me in that frozen moment. And then I kissed her again.

I broke it off, led her through the house as if nothing had happened. I was thinking it was a pretty solid chance that I would fuck her…

I was wrong. Again.

Back in the kitchen, I saw her shake off the spell. She collected her purse, said she had to go. She was making moves like she would leave, but she wasn’t completely serious…

It is an interesting practice where you see a girl in this moment… just inches from sex… she is pretending to leave… and you want to lead… but you don’t want to seem over eager, overly horny… you don’t want to crush the sparrow. I rode that line very well tonight.

How many of us are crystal clear what we want in a situation like this? Tough, solid, alpha men… maybe they are clear quite often. But little girls?? Come on. If she’s not a clear “no,” then she is probably not clear at all… and a man of skill has some room to maneuver.

More making out.

I was focused on Yohami’s instruction to use her level of arousal to make her want the sex so bad, there is no resistance. I worked at it. I kissed her several more times… and the kissing got better. I’d turn her head and bite her neck and suck on her ears. I wrapped an arm around her tiny waist, picked her up, set her on the tabletop. I push her thighs apart and stared into her eyes. I stepped in between her legs to kiss her once more. Hand on her little throat.

She was fucking turned on. I told her so. I was getting there myself… I wanted her.

But she stood up. And she “packed up her purse” again and again…. except there was nothing to pack up. It’s a purse. Everything was already in it. But she kept doing that. Fumbling with her purse and spending nervous energy that might have otherwise gone into sex. She opened and closed the flap… She is mature, but there was something young about those movements. There were moments where she was serious, and her want to go seemed real. Then moments when she would let my advances take over, she’d relax and let me molest her.

I slipped my hands down her cleavage and put my fingertips to a nipple and pinched it. She was starting to purr. Her smell changed, and hints of that “sexual pheromone” I love so much were beginning to compete with her perfume. Both of which were intoxicating.

But she stood up again… and worked her way down the hall toward the stairs that would lead her to freedom.

I stopped her, turned her around so her back was to my chest. I reached around and turned her mouth so I could kiss her. And I talked in her ear, telling her to imagine all the places I wanted my mouth to go, and I slid my hand down to her pussy, rubbing her over her skirt. She purred some more.

I took her by the wrist and pulled her toward my room and she went with it… I thought it was going to happen. But as soon as I got her around the doorway, she saw where she was headed and she woke up again and found the energy to break free and to turn away.

She was serious. It was over… but it was still hot, and juicy, and we were both into it.

I never really hit any “walls” in this seduction. She didn’t comply and I didn’t fuck her, but the escalation was smooth and sexy and fun for both of us. It was a good time.

I walked her down the stairs… pinning her to the wall every few steps. More tastes of her little mouth. My hand on her ass. She called a car. It probably took us 15 minutes to make it down my staircase.

On the street I reminded her that she would be here for a couple more nights. I actually have a date with a different conservative Chinese girl tomorrow, but I am free Monday night. I told her, “don’t make any plans for Monday night…. I want to see you again.”

She agreed… but with women, there is no such thing as “yes”…

Excuse me while I quote myself:

“In the land of girls, there is only ‘maybe.'”
— Nash

As I get deeper into game, I’m convinced that should be the primary rule of women. They are creatures of “maybe.” So I have a “maybe” for Monday night with a sexy, little, Chinese married woman.

We’ll see.

This is the second date this week with a married girl. On Monday I had an idate with a 22 year old that is married (also Chinese). And then last week, I had a date with a girl with a boyfriend (uhhh…. also Chinese). It’s been a while since I’ve found “involved” girls that want to play. I have some stories about girls like this from Japan I’ll tell soon, but here in the US… it’s been over a year since I’ve found girls like this… and now… so many in a row.

All of which is great experience for a man of my tastes. Good husbands, faithless wives and dangerous players are part of the ecosystem of the sexual marketplace. This is real.

Sundance says if she’s married and travelling… he is willing to play through. But if she’s married and local, he’s not interested… it’s a waste of time. That’s a pretty good standard. I like it.

For my part, I am happy to play with girls that are involved. I want to see life through their eyes, to poke into that realness. I am also happy when they reject me and try to stay “loyal-ish” to their men. For the last year, that is mostly what I’ve seen, even though I have tried my best to tempt them into sexual misconduct. For the most part, I have seen girls that — at least with me — tried to stay true.

This one let herself stray into making out with me, and getting pawed a bit. If the Daygame Gods are generous, perhaps I will split her thighs later this week. If my date finishes early tomorrow, I may try to surprise her and get her out again before Monday. She’s hot. Sexy vibe for her and I. I want to get her little body naked.

We’ll see.

Ahhh, I can still taste the perfume from her neck on my lips.

Close call. Hot date.

Viva daygame.