Almost Insta-Date with the Womb-Guarder

(I love that title… womb-guarder! © Nash. Ha! I’ll use that term again.)

I did 4 days of daygame this week. Because… I’m thirsty, dammit. (I love calling myself thirsty, it’s so honest.) And because I know I need to put in the time if I want to get good at this (and I do). And, because I love it (yes to that). Gonna do a little night game tonight with my wing, and hoping to work in some “gutter sets” if I can remember to try… never done night-time daygame before.

The story for this batch of girls was about a near insta-date.

I was standing around near the ritzy shops, listening to this Mexican guy belt out songs in Spanish. He is probably about 50, rugged dude, ill-fitting clothes, very blue-collar. I had just dropped a dollar into his shaggy cardboard box, I think I am the only guy that gives this guy money. His guitar playing sucks, but I love his voice. Super raw and lo-fi. When he stops playing, and goes to hit the high notes, you don’t think he’s going to get there, but he does. He’s good. Rich, beautiful voice. He looks like does construction work during the day, and stops to belt out a few tunes on his way home… I imagine because he loves the music, and to hustle some beer money. He’s so out of place next to Louis Vuitton. Why he picks this spot, I have no idea… but I love it when he’s there. He is one of the side-benefits of the street hustle.

So this girl is next to me on the corner as I listen, she’s waiting for the light to change. She’s a tall, white girl. Not super fine, but attractive.

She has a name tag on her back, high up, by her shoulder – almost as out of place as the Mexican guy. I’m not actually trying to hit on her. I’m just warmed up, in the flow, and don’t hesitate to get mixed up w/ her a bit. I point out the name tag, and she smiles, blaming her pesky co-workers. I tell her, “It almost matches your hair, but not quite.” Her hair, and the tag, are orange. She’s funny and friendly, with a great smile.

She asks me if I’m listening to the guy sing. I tell her I think he’s great. She is surprised, and says, “well, I guess, if that’s your thing.” And I say it’s not my thing, but I like it very much anyway. It’s all real smooth. We’re close, great eye contact, she’s got a very pretty face. Hmmm, I like her. It’s not a proper approach, but it’s definitely street game.

The light changes and she crosses and walks off. Hmmm, I can’t let that go.

I chase her across to the other side of the street and fall into step next to her. I don’t say anything for a few steps, just relax, entitled, and wait for her to recognize what’s going on… she smiles knowingly.

I say, “Are you busy?” She’s like, “yeah… gotta get home and buy some stuff at the store before it closes.” Then we basically haggle over an insta-date (which I still have never done). It’s pretty on between us. I give up on the insta, and try to number close for another time. She is resisting, test after test with this one… cause she does like me. Offers to take my card. I say “no” (I’ve given out two cards recently, and it’s no surprise I never heard from those girls). She tells me she’s not “in the market” right now. I point out she’s still standing there. Huge smile from this girl. She loves all this. She says, “I should say no, this sounds like trouble.” I agree, “yeah, the good kind of trouble.” It’s still very on. Long negotiation. She commits to leaving without giving me her number, and we give each other a long, hot, sex-ful stare… she wins, womb successfully guarded, once again.

Girls gots to guard that womb. If they don’t… they’d be pregos all the time.

This girl liked me, but did a very good job of guarding her womb. Uhhh, if I had 5% better game, she and I would have insta-dated. I’m getting there. That was a fun one.

Here are the rest of the notes from the day.

May19: 7 today.

1. She was on the train w/ me. We ended up getting off at the same stop. Short, lovely Asian girl. Turned out to be Vietnamese. I get a few lines out, she likes it, and announces that she’s married. She doesn’t wear a ring because she’s a dentist and rings aren’t sanitary. I congratulated her on her marriage, we laughed, and off I went. Good start.

2. Serious Asian girl, walking fast. I loved her face. She opened… but was drifting… looked very much to actually be in hurry, she said so, I told her to “get out of here!” I love saying that to girls.

3. Asian girl, obviously just done w/ work, thought I had an IOI… chased her down, I could tell by the look on her face that her English wasn’t great. She was smiling, but nervous… and too old for me. I let her go.

4. Very good looking white girl w/ backpack… I was hoping for Euro-tourist. The approach was terrible, everyone was in the way, couldn’t really get in front of her. She was like “what?” in this half paying attention, half irritated way. I got out “I noticed you…” and she was already walking away. That was a pretty solid blowout… bad approach, plus a “no” girl. Uggg.

5. This is the near insta-date, womb-guarder from above. Lovely girl, fun interaction.

6. Asian girl w/ great legs… I can’t tell if she’s on the phone. I post up next to her, ask if she’s on the phone, she lies and says she is. I say, okay, not into her skin, pedal off.

7. “Searching for Melanie” (I’ll explain what that means some other time), I see a middle-of-the-road white girl, w/ big boobs and nice legs. I think, yes, I would. So I open… she drifts quickly, huge smile on her face, loving it, and I can tell that doesn’t happen to her often. She mentions something about a BF, thanks me, and disappears into the train system.

Viva Daygame.