Another 15 Daytime Approaches in Tokyo

Week 3 of daygame in The Land of the Rising Sun, running down a range of Shibuya girls, from office workers to shopping princesses. I’ll be out at least once more before I head back to my foggy city across the Pacific.

“Trying to do a daygame jaunt to a far off land is the biggest test of your state control and inner reserves.”
— Tom Torero, Torero Travels

I’ve been reading Tom’s book for inspiration while I’m in Japan, and finding some similar sensations as I work on my craft, one set at a time.

I think I’m at about 50+ approaches for the trip, will easily hit 60+ before I leave. Lot of good experience on this trip… adding about 10+% to my lifetime daygame experience while I’m here, plus another 20-some girls from coffee shop game and clubs. I haven’t been laid in a week and the BEAST is working hard to change that. Just closed the 22 yr old sitting next to me at the coffee place… frustration is wonderful motivation.

— 15 girls (tied my personal record, which I set last week)
— 2 before lunch, a few in a row, a break, a few more
— Hooked 4
— I really liked at least 2
— Contact info with 2
— Notes for each girl are below

It was actually a fun day today, I was excited to get to work. After my humiliating defeat last week, I had said that I was beaten up, but not in the emotionally exhausting way I am back home after a long day — where my interactions go longer and are more intense, as I don’t have as much of a language barrier and get deeper w/ the girls. Today was different, as *I* was hooked by some of the girls more than the previous days out.

You get that difference? Her hooking, and me hooking (where I’m into her, usually for more than her looks), are different metrics. I hook the girl all the time where I’m not really that into her, and she just likes the approach. Today I was into some of these girls.

The other day when I basically got blown out 15 times, it was emotionally easy for me. Nothing gained, nothing lost. But today I really liked 2 of the girls, and had nice semi-intense interactions with at least 2 more. And it wore me out. Maybe I’ll grow out of this “emotional exhaustion” bit… but I hope not. To me, the emotional expenditure happens when the interactions means something to me. And I hope I retain that quality to the sets as I get better. Intense, sober, daytime interactions with girls is a wonderful part of daygame.

The one that got me the most (set #12 in the notes below), didn’t really hook. But I left her knowing I was close to what I want, in terms of chemistry with a girl. And while a good set is always fun, that kind of chemistry was rare. She got me. I really liked her… at a surface level, but even more once I opened her. She was sparkly.

Another note: The same “chaos” that ruins sets in the US, is alive and well in Shibuya. The “noise” that blocks the “signal” of the pickup. Sometimes that’s actual noise, the suitcase rattling down the sidewalk that muddied up #13. Or the guys handing out “napkins” (whatever those are), which are basically doing weak approaches on every girl that walks by, so my approach looks like just another hassle. Or the guys that are approaching only girls for some business that I can’t figure out (one of them has really good game, though, I’ve told him so… we’re street friends now, even though we can’t really understand each other).

That’s why, after a few days in the neighborhood trying different spots, I’ve been working outside of the main shopping frenzy a little more. That means fewer girls, but a better atmosphere for the pickup. The approaches closer to my apartment, or back in the neighborhood at this place I like to eat… are much more solid than the ones by the Scramble — which is a masterpiece of chaos and distractions. I like the bridges that lead away from the station at least as much as the busy sidewalks. I’ve been trying lots of spots, and that’s what I see.

I’ve also been opening more “randomly” in Tokyo than I do at home – outside of structured time set aside for daygame — and I like that. I’d like to bring that habit back home.

I’ll do at least another 10+ sets before I leave next week, hopefully 20. We’ll see. Great experience. I know my daygame skills are growing on this trip (which isn’t just about game, but has been a great chance to hit on girls I’m really attracted to), and I’m stoked to kick off 2015 with good learning and dedication.

Here are the girls of the day:

1. Pretty one on my way to lunch. Not sure if she spoke English, was running late, but smiled.

2. Little one before lunch. She was cute, and the kind of girl I figured would look +1 better if she liked me. And she did, she was suddenly very cute as she bloomed with the approach. Good English. Guessed I was Canadian. Was really shocked when I asked her to meet me for a drink “tonight.” Couldn’t believe it. LINE closed her. We’ll see… she seemed pretty shy, but was a very fun pickup.

3. Post lunch, she gave me killer eye contact, but was kind serious. I chased her down. She said hi, but had to go, and sped off.

4. High-end, fancy Shibuya girl, walking slow and sexy in ridiculous thigh-high boots. Approach was okay, but maybe not enough front stop? She nodded that she spoke English, but never broke stride and slowly walked away. I laughed. I have gotten nowhere w/ the fancy ones, for the most part.

5. Cute little one, double take eye contact with me amidst the shops. I usually avoid eye contact during daygame, but today I was eating it up. She could feel me coming after and I think she made a little effort to ditch me in the crowd as we weaved between people. I got her attention and a smile exploded across her face, and she nervously waved me off, signaling “no, no” and grinning.

6. Another fancy highend Shibuya girl. Serious/brief eye conact. I wanted a very solid approach, so I looped around and got well in front of her, and she still blew right past me, headphones in her ears. Brrrrrr, frosty one. It was also a very public pickup, and public blowout, and I laughed at that one. Ha! Good for her. I can take it.

7. Beautiful young thing. Said no to English, but I pushed. Really couldn’t understand me, but got the compliment and she hooked hard. Very sexy, very beautiful. She was gushing and blushed. Standing there, not understanding me. I wanted to hug her, she was so precious… but the pickup was defeated by the language issue. Sometimes, you can still communicate, even without the words. This time, she wanted to, we just didn’t have that kind of connection. I walked off shaking my head.

8. Working a mall area, I spotted a beautiful little girl on an escalator — she was going down, I was going up. Tiny, beautiful, young. I got up to the top, spun around chased her back down, and then down a second escalator. She had her headphones in, looked at me briefly as I had my hand out to stop her, blew right by.

9. Same escalator, 30 seconds later, great eye contact from tall girl with amazing black eyes. Full stare from her, and I mouthed “hi” and she spazzed a little. Again, her going down, me going up. Same thing, chased her down two escalators, opened from the escalator, me one step below her so we were eye to eye. English wasn’t good. I planted my feet as we hit the bottom. She drifted, but then stayed, hooking it seemed. I felt no spark and the language was tough, so I dismissed her and split.

10. Finally made it to the top of that escalator, and 1 minute later, a tiny cuddly one on the covered bridge heading into the station. Wouldn’t stop. She was so cute. 4’10”??

11. Exiting a mall area, a very cute office girl. I opened, her English wasn’t great, but she really hooked. On an afternoon break. Compliment went well. When I repeated it, she turned the reddest I’ve ever made any girl. We talked about her job and working late and I accused her of being the President, and I bowed over and over and she laughed hysterically. Tried to close… doesn’t have a smart phone so no LINE. Gave her my email address and a sticker… She loved the pickup. We got it across that if she can email me, we’ll have a drink. We’ll see… doubt it, but it was the best set I think I’ve had in Japan. That girl loved it, a little more than set #2 today.

12.). Ouuuu, this one. Ummmm, I loved her. Great style, skinny… nice gap between her thighs as she had wide hips but skinny legs, in crazy french-blue jeans and sneakers. I gave chase. She tried to step around me – I’m not sure she knew I was going to open her — then she popped open with an “ooooo!” as she squared up with me. I fell a little bit in love, right then. Top 3 girls of the whole trip, day or night game, and that is saying a lot (the other two were girls of my dreams, one in a coffee place, the other a waitress I will never forget). There was a real spark, she took the compliment, but denied she could speak English. She understood what was up, though. We debated her English skills but she won the debate and sped off… Favorite girl of the day.

13. Funny pants, cute girl. Worst logistics for an approach yet, busy sidewalk, competing hustle going on around us, “napkin” guys had just done their bit on her, noisy suitcase girl fucking things up, total chaos. Smiled sweetly with interest, but kept going.

And… I hit a wall. I was exhausted at this point and needed to get to the coffee place and put in some work for my clients.

14. Saw one and pushed myself to try. Thought she looked Hawaiian, was hoping to get that line out. I felt a surge of energy as I did a pretty solid front stop… she dropped her eyes and squirmed around me. Boom.

15. Beautiful one by the Scramble. Brief eye contact. I mustered the last of the gas in my tank, opened strong, well out in front of her, brief look and… blowout! Goodnight, Shibuya… I’m done.

Viva Daygame.