Asked Me to Drinks || Reference Experience

Catching up on some notes from the street.

I did a lot of work this week… have nothing to show for it… except (and this is real for me) I did score a ton of reference experiences. I’m (eh-hem) penetrating this daygame thing more and more every day. Going out again in a minute, but before I do, here are the notes from Monday.

The raw notes are below, but this was the set of the day, and I have more to say about her:

She was a sexy Asian girl, wearing torn jeans and heels, pulling a suitcase w/ baggage stickers on it… tourist, I thought, I hoped. I particularly want some tourist sex this summer. It’s a goal: 3 lays from tourists before Oct. I think it can be done.

So I let her get some space, the light changed, and I chased her down. I was just about to get in front of her when she turned to go down a tight alley. I was behind her, so I opened from behind before I had to follow down the alley with “excuse me,” pretty loud, no response, once more, “excuse me” and she turned and I opened.

I was pretty well composed on the open, felt solid, despite opening from behind. I said something about noticing her, and she looked me up and down and then gave a very interesting and meaningful “ah-hahahaha”, rather slow, and then seemed to have hooked. This was somehow very meaningful for me. This was my big reference experience for the week. I think this was her way of saying she was a “yes” girl. I know it’s hard to read that over this report, but that’s what I think about it having been there.

There was intent and communication in the laugh as I opened her… I can see that now, but didn’t quite read it fast enough in the set. That was a special moment for me… I got another peak at the matrix, as I’m still learning to read it. I think she was saying “yes” in the way she laughed and looked at me.

I asked about her suitcase — “did you just get here?” — and she said she’s a hairdresser and that was all “her shit.” “Oh, you’re local?,” I said. And then she says, yes, and that she is on her way to meet some friends for drinks and I could join her. Oh?! I… was surprised. It was this offer to join her for drinks — all in the first minute of the set — that makes her opening laugh/look mean something to me.

To be honest, all the years of game kicked in and I knew I didn’t want to drinks w/ the friends… never a good way to get to know a girl — her terms, her friends, you the guy she met 5 seconds earlier on the street. But… I was also very surprised to be asked, and combined w/ the friends being there, I flinched. I really didn’t want to go into that particular situation, but my flinch was enough that she felt it before I could say anything and she turned to go. Some other time she said, and turned. She knew I wasn’t speaking her language. I know I am beginning to get it.

She leaned forward… I leaned back. Classic, how that works.

That one could have been same day sex, I bet. Something like that. A hot lead, but I threw it away. I’m not used to dating girls like her, but she was ready for the style of game I was running. I’m getting closer. My game is dragging me with it. As I got close, her skin was not what I’m into, even buried under a thick layer of makeup, so I had backed off in my interest even before she invited me, that was part of the context of the set, but… but I’m still weaseling the way I’m telling this story. I was intimated. Afraid to succeed.

That’s never happened to me before — the drink invite AND/OR the intent behind it. If I could do it over, I’d go for it, just for the adventure. (This is actually very close to the vibe from my first/only 3some, which was also an invite for drinks from a girl I’d just met, that turned into a 3some that night.) Hmmm, very good, rich reference experience. I bet the friends would have made it hard to make anything happen, but I think that girl was sex-ready, I’m was just too lightweight to take advantage of it.

Great reference moment. Had several this week.

Here are the rest of the sets.

May16. 5 today.

1. Asian girl, made eye contact, but she kept moving, kinda said some stuff, “in a hurry,” blah. Okay, first one, worst one.

2. Really beautiful, young Chinese girl. Walked right past me as I tried to open. Gave me a brief, beautiful look. Damn, she was ripe. One of the rare girls that is much prettier as you get closer… she had perfect skin. I love good skin… but it’s rare.

3. I was on a call when a very well put together Asian girl in thigh-high boots walked by. Baby Jesus knows I have the weakness for thigh-high anything (boots, stockings, tube socks… grrrr). My call ended and I headed in that directions, and… there she was, standing around, on her phone. I walked by, not sure I could open her. Came back, posted up in front of her, she looked up, game ensued. She wasn’t sure of me, but there were several moments when she was being real/expressive and getting into the set, or at least that moment. I stayed in for 2-3 minutes, and then bailed. I really don’t know about that one… maybe I could have closed. I really wished I had insta-dated her, or tried. I was in the mood to try that, but didn’t. Didn’t feel like there was any magic, but it went okay overall. I’m getting used to talking to hot, sexy girls, that’s for sure.

4. This is the one above… that invited me for the drink.

5. Very good looking Asian girl, about 5’5″, with long legs and a very nice ass (for anyone, but especially an Asian girl). Opened, and she was not good with English at all, but liked it, but really had to go. Damn, she was delicious.

Viva daygame!