Aug15 – Another in the Days of Game

Hmmm, another really great day of game today.

Coming off of a good date last night, my wing and I are planning on some night game tonight (something I do less now…) and we thought we’d warm up w/ some more day game.  I am sexually frustrated right now, and had a lot of intent. We chatted, drank some tea/coffee, but eventually I got a little bit busy.

1.) Cute Haircut and Knee Highs girl.  Standing a corner and a cute Latin girl walks by… short, “fancy” hair cut, great style in a skirt, and knee high stalkings.  I think she made brief eye contact, which I usually don’t like, but this time it felt good.  She’s not my usually type, but I went after her.  I opened w/ the usual “Can I say something to you?”  I was trying to be slow today, that was one my goals… talk/move slowly.  And I opened really well, pacing, my words, and slowly got out, the… “I was standing on the corner and saw you walk by, and, you’re cute, and have great style, so, I wanted, to say… hi.”  And I was looking her up/down wolfishly (which I do all the time), so much so that she looked herself up/down!  I then made a comment about the style, and how “one stalking is a little higher than the other… but that just adds to the cuteness.”  She hooked hard.  Offered me her hand, right away.  We rapped for a bit, I was slow, dominant, good sexy vibe.  I told her I should let her go… but I hoped to see her around, and I let her be.  Didn’t try to close, but it would have happened, I’m quite sure.  Great, fun, very man/woman vibe.  Good set.  In retrospect, I was a fool not to close that one… she was very sexy.

2.) Suspicious Big Eyed Girl… she walked by, little, dressed well, maybe 27-30 yrs old.  I saw her as she crossed the intersection.  No eye contact, that I was aware of.  I was on the fence.  My wing asked me if she was cute (he told me tonight, he was about to open her… which is interesting… sometimes you comment on a girl to show your wing that he seemed to really notice her, and other times, because you are interested.  In this case, I had no idea he was interested.), I said “Yes” and I turned and chased her down.  What was interesting about her was, she knew she was being pursued — she sped up (in my perception), and she walked pinned to the wall, almost shoulder touching.  Maybe that’s bad on me?  She “heard footsteps,” or so I thought.  As I approached, I walked up giving her lots of space, maybe too much caution in my approach?  I opened in my usual way, and she stopped, nervous, back away and up the street, but stopped.  Talking to me, almost in a whisper, from about 7 ft away.  So I did my usual, “you want to stop and talk to me?” (which to be clear, is about consent more than is about “good game.”  I only say it here, as she’s walking away, and I find a lot of success in not being aggressive in these moments.)  She didn’t close the space so I advanced, gently.  As I got closer I changed my body angle so I opened up away from her… all trying to make her take the edge off.  Her eyes were huge, and clearly interested, despite the healthy distrust.  She asked where I was from.  I told her I was local.  I asked if she was Chinese, she was.  I asked for her number, she asked for my card.  Nervous, but happy/excited looks on her face.  I said, you’re pretty protective of your phone number, huh?  And laughed.  She laughed too.  I told her I don’t have a card… but I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.  She said, “How about my email?”  I laughed, and took it.  Email is a terrible close.  Paul Janka might have said something like, “We already know each other face to face and now we’re going to go to email???” with a big smile… uh… email usual sucks, although I have had success when I was younger in getting dates by giving a woman my email or card.  Cute big eyes, and she did a good job handling me, I have some respect for her, for sure.  I’ve emailed her a couple times at this point, had one reply (asking me to send her pics of this party I went to).  I asked her out, no reply.  I’ll try again.

3.) Meta Confrontational Girl… we were crossing the street.  One great thing about day game is that is teaches you to look, and once you look, you start to see.  And this girl I saw from a while a way, I told my wing I’d meet him at the coffee place, and I rolled off after her.  I paced her onto a block, away from the intersection, and I opened, “Can I say something to you?”  She stopped, serious, confident Asian woman.  She took out her headphones, and I dropped my “I saw you walk by, I thought you were cute, I liked your style,” and she hooked.  She was stopped, interested, “attracted,” I would say, but challenging.  She is the kind of girl that would have left if she wasn’t interested, and the challenging was literally a test after she was already sold on the initial presentation.  [I know her a little better now, and she is 100% challenge.]  I slowly offered her my hand, hers was little, and I introduced myself.  I had said I was with a friend and she asked where he was… and I said the coffee place, which was true.  She said something like, “Wow.  You are really bold to come up to me like this.”  I blushed a little, she got me.  I told her so.  I was even more interested at that point.  I recovered, and said, “To be honest with you, this isn’t my first time walking up to a cute girl on the street.”  She said, “I bet not.”  This set was heating up.  Good chemistry.  We went back and forth and at one point I said, “You’re impressed!”  And she managed to find a way to say she wasn’t, but she smiled, and it was on.  Amazing set, total firecracker of a girl.  She asked immediately where I was from (the last girl did too).  I told her local.  She asked me how old I was… and to be honest, I have so many fun, bullshit stories for how to deal w/ that question, but In this case, I rocked back and told her the truth… it turns out I’m 10+ yrs older than her.  I didn’t know her age yet, but she didn’t flinch.  I talked with her about her birth order (good psychology), asking her if she was a “first born,” I was right.  She volunteered her age, I already knew she was in an attractive age group for me.  I got to the point where I said I should let her go, and I put my hand on my pocket and pointed to it with the other hand, and said, “You know what I’m going to do, right?”  And she laughed.  And I took her number.  I asked if I’d asked for her name previously, I hadn’t, so I took that too.

And I started to walk away, and she called me back…  “Can I ask you something?”  I was like, sure.  I’m not married, I said, cocky w/ a smile (I’m not).  She said, “I would never ask you that.”  I said, well, you could.  More cocky smiles.  She asked, “What’s your close rate?  Like, for every girl you talk to, how many do you go farther with.”  She is going meta on me, calling me out.  And I smiled, and gave her a relative honest answer.  And she walked off as tough as any other part of the set.  I already texted, she replied… looking good.  I’ve been out w/ her once at this point… she is still quite the toothy one.  More later on her… we’re still texting and I think I have a solid date for next week.

Viva el Day Game!