Aug21 – Another in the Days of Game

It’s been a week since I day gamed.  I had a rough day yesterday with girls, and it’s been a week since I’ve been laid, so I hit the streets a little frustrated.  Out with my wing… we planned a long-ish session (3.5 hours).  I had another friend I wanted to join us, but he weaseled… I know he’ll love day game, if he can commit.  ‘Tis not for everyone.

Here’s today’s story:

Hit the street, talking, hitting our usually corners.  I like corners, as you can see traffic coming from two directions.  More to see, more to get excited about, more to approach.

1.) Tall, edgy Asian girl.  About 5’10”.  That’s as tall as I am.  She was dressed in all black, gauge in her ears, very interesting “double braid” going down her back.  She looked “difficult,” and that’s part of why I went after her.  Trying to grow here.  Opened w/ the usual, “Can I say something to you?”  She stopped, leaned back, took out her headphones… (I remember when headphones were an unbeatable barrier to me, now, I never think twice about headphones… if she’s going to stop, she will have no problem taking them out).  She was leaning back, but I stepped up and shook her hand, and she hooked.  I told her I liked her look, “all black” clothes, and told her it was the double braid that hooked me.  She was cool.  We chatted.  She was amused, a bit, but the chemistry was low.  She said she had to go, and I wasn’t really warmed up, and I was a bit intimidated (although the set was smooth), so I said okay, and let her go.  Great warm up.

2.) Best set of the day… 1/2 Asian girl.  Small, very tiny, freckles, very cute.  Dressed in workout clothes.  I followed her for a bit, opened as usual.  I have been working on slowing down… delivering my opening lines, very, slowly, with lots, of, pauses… the more I do this, the better they hook.  It’s not the pauses, it the composure that comes with effectively talking slowly that hooks them.  I tell her I thought she was cute and I wanted to meet her.  And she… exploded w/ joy.  Fuck yes.  After glowing for a moment, she let me know she was engaged.  I congratulated her, told her she was beautiful.  She said I made her day (classic day game response), and we walked off in different directions.  She was… adorable.  She made me blush… that’s always a sign to me that I really like the girl.  I saw her later in the day w/ a guy… I’m cooler than he is.  Just saying.  :  ]

3.) Quiet Asian Girl.  Opened her, figured out right away she was she, barely spoke English.  She hooked, but she was a little too “simple” and sexually neutral.  She was very cute, but no “heat.”  I told her again I thought she was cute, and I let her go.

4.) and 5.) Pretty quick blow outs.  First one had really pretty hair, purple pants.  She stopped, smiled a huge smile, waved me off, and I let her go.  The second also smiled, but never stopped moving.  Fair.  Fair.  I can handle it.  Rejection is my bread and butter.  Ha.

6.) Little Asian Girl.  Chased her around the corner, opened her, she said “yes” I could say something to her, but at that point, I always plant my feet… she kept walking, and I was already turned off.  Too “business-y” and serious.  I told her, “you look busy, I’ll let you go” and went back to my wing.  No fun.

7.) Very sexy Asian Girl.  She looked “straight from Asia.”  She had stopped in front of me and asked a random for directions… I followed her for a bit, and opened.  She stopped.  An interesting mix of confused, a bit scared, and a bit interested.  I planted my feet, she slowed, but kept going.  I was going to leave, but she looked back… a mix of interest and confusion.  I started toward her again, then stopped, asked her if she wanted to say hi, and pointed near me.  Same mix of confusion and interest.  She looked back like 4 more times, and I let her go.  Interesting one.  Never had one like that before.

8.) Cute Little Asian Girl in workout pants.  She just made it across the intersection, and I ran to catch her.  On the other side, she stopped to mess w/ her phone.  I started to open her, she was moving slightly.  I don’t know if she could tell I was trying to talk to her, but she seemed oblivious or like she was ignoring me.  I pushed it a tiny bit, tried again, I was opening from the side (did that all day today, that’s my favorite way to open), and she looked over a bit.  I opened for the 3rd time.  She took out her headphones.  Stopped her phone.  Took off her sunglasses… and then… I saw the wedding ring.  Ahh!  Now that she could finally hear me, she said “what?,” was smiling, and I said… “Well, to be honest, I came over here to hit on you, but I see the wedding ring.”  She smiled, and lit up, and laughed.  I said, “Okay, it’s time for me to go.”  And she laughed again, very comfortable.  I said, “You’re beautiful.”  And she said thanks for stopping her… and I rolled back to my wing.  I’m usually better at spotting rings, but she really didn’t look “married”, if you know what I mean.

9.) (this tied my record for most sets in a day) Serious little Asian girl.  She was rocking big headphones, walking serious, moving fast.  I chased her down.  She slid off the headphones and I opened.  She lit up like a Christmas tree.  She loved it.  As soon as I had the opening lines out, she said, “Okay, wow, but… I have a boyfriend.”  I believed her.  And I made a comment about her edgy jewelry and her great style, and leaned back.  And she said I made her day, and grinned like a 3 yr old.  Done and done.

10.) (NEW RECORD!)  Very little Asian girl.  I thought I made eye contact as I walked by, so I doubled back to check her out.  She looked like an art student.  I opened her, and she liked it… a little nervous.  However, she was holding a binder, and it had a very “childish” sticker on it, so I immediately asked… “You are very lovely, but… you’re not in highschool, are you?”  She immediately qualified with, “I’m 18… but yes, I’m in highschool.”  I said I was quite a bit older than her, but she was cute, and I should go.  She smiled.  Very interesting how she wanted to qualify herself.  She was really too young for me (braces and all), but I was tempted to see if she wanted to flirt some more.

10 sets.  New record for a session.  I was proud of that.  I probably weaseled on 4 other sets I wanted to open, and I did three approaches where I pulled back once I got a better look at her face — I really like the fact that I only open girls I’m actually attracted to, and those 3 weren’t quite what I wanted.  Could have been 17 sets… which would have been a monster day.

Other than good experience, not very productive… no numbers.  I could have tried to number close the the first girl, although there was not really chemistry.  I only really liked the 2nd girl, the engaged one… she/I were on.  Hmmm.  That’s all Baby Jesus had in store for me today.  Good hunting!  Thank you, Baby Jesus.