Baby Jesus and 14 Girls

So, a few weeks ago, I felt pretty much on top of the world.  I have a special girl I’ve been seeing for a while, she is awesome.  I was dating a very young cute girl that I was excited about.  I had a few other leads in the pipeline.  Girls from my “constellation” were pinging me.  I had a hot random bar kiss.  And… I was having a roaringly good time at daygame, with decent closes.  I am old wise enough to know that that kind of bliss can’t last.

I said at the time, “This too shall pass.”  Just like every terrible streak of bleakness and rejection has an end, so too does every bubble of glossy-haired, sexy-walking awesomeness.

This week… the bubble burst. My streak has ended. The little one I was excited about moved away, and didn’t bother to say goodbye on her last days here.  One of the leads I was working turned into a second date, but a miserably boring dinner-only date, w/ a 2nd round of LJBF via text the next day.  Totally fine w/ me, but stings a little.  I’ve daygamed twice this week, and both days were all work, no love.

Here’s a brief recap of the day game.

Yesterday: Coming off of the state-killing bad date the night before, too much chatting with my wing, but 5 approaches in the session.  I think it was an equal mix of girls that were married, and girls that barely stopped, if at all.  Not fun.  I was really ready for a beer this time yesterday.  I had two.  They were delicious!

Today: In order… 1.) Very cute Asian girl, good set, she was charming, married… not wearing her ring.  Okay.  2.) Somewhat ugly white girl I thought I’d try for laughs (she had some attractive qualities), she made a few puke faces, punctuated w/ “what?!!!” and on her way, didn’t really stop… so much for trying.  3.) Such a bad set I can’t even remember it, which is probably a good thing.  Tea and cookie break (arguably the best part of the day).  4.) After tea, great body, flakey man face… that’s what I get for approaching without seeing her face (I do not recommend that).  5.) Awesome white girl, actually fun set.  She was testing me a bit, but I was comfortable, I liked her… wouldn’t let me have her number.  Fine.  Fair.  6.) Girl I’ve opened before… she’s still very pretty, and I’m a consistent bastard, and thankfully, she let me know I’ve talked to her before (I knew this would happen eventually, and tried to pass her to my wing, as I had a feeling I’ve talked w/ her before).  7.) Blonde Asian girl that *both* had to go *and* was engaged.  Babe, one rejection is plenty.  You’re working to hard.  That’s overkill.  Told her I liked her hair as she ran off… I bet the blonde comes from her mom’s side.  8.) Gorgeous little short one… was not into it, ran for her train.  9.) Super beautiful little art girl, so personable, would not give me the number, but was charming.  Tempted to think she might be into girls… that is likely my ego trying it’s damned best to protect me.  Thank you, ego.  10.) Girl that wouldn’t really stop… “you’re in a hurry,” she smiled, agreed, and ran off.


Upside…  I opened girls 8.) and 9.) within a minute of each other… never done that before.  I also opened girls in a part of town I’ve never worked before… which is good, as I am potentially over-saturating my favorite corners a bit.

Troubleshooting… hmm.  I don’t do frontal approaches, I only approach from the side.  -1 point for me there, but I still like side approaches.  I was pretty calm, pretty “slow,” but not as “present” as I’d like to be.  My two best sets (ironically the white girls), gave me lots to work with, I missed those cues… I was moving a little too quick in those sets.  I don’t think my intent and raw desire were that “on” – I’m in post bubble blues a bit.  I didn’t do much challenging.  I was a little mechanical today, but not terrible.

Bigger picture… Baby Jesus just ain’t havin’ it right now.  You feel me?  If the Baby Jesus just doesn’t want you to win… there is no arguing w/ the Son of God.

(* No diss to anyone’s religious believes.  I’m using “Baby Jesus” in the “that big spiritual force” sense.  Insert your own spiritual equivalent here.)

Yesterday the sweet Baby Jesus could find nothing better to do than to put very attractive married women in my path.  Today, lots of approaches, most of them brief, and/or awkward, and/or rejected on the close.  I thought this kind of wrath was saved for Roman Soldiers?

I had my glossy bubble for a couple of weeks.  Now… it’s back to raw work and paying dues.  It’s just how the Baby Jesus rolls.  I accept.  I will work through the next plague of locusts or whatever… I, am a very persistent and committed daygamer.