Back from the Dead (first 50+ sets)

I’m back. Grrrrr!!!

I wouldn’t let myself post until I’d put in some real time on the street. I still suck, but we’re moving in the right direction. I hit the 50+ set mark this week, and it’s time to get my blog back online. Here we are.

I was a zombie for most of the last year… complete, sad, walking dead. It was partly blue-pill disease of being semi-serious and monogamous with the Tokyo Queen. But mostly nervous breakdown. Truth. Oh well… it’s over. I survived the mental plague and I get another chance at life and ladies. I am, sofa king, happy, to be, back, to life, to myself, and to girls and game.

(It was a serious booster-shot to red pill commitment, too. If I’m gonna live, I’m gonna live on this side of the matrix, my brothers.)

Funny thing is… I think I’m as good as I’ve ever been on the street. I’m more intense. More direct. More sure of myself. My game is still warming up, but my instincts are coming alive.

Now’s a good time to confess that I STILL haven’t been laid from daygame. Super honest… I think I’m at near 900 sets. Wow. Wow!… those stats suck! I know, but I’m not going to fucking lie or pretty it up. That’s where I’m at.

I know daygame has bumped up my game in a real way. Pre-meltdown, I was getting laid more than ever, with more girls than ever, faster than ever, but not from daygame girls (which I was dating, lots of, and making out with, but still, have never sexed). This is me being honest.

Now… the funnel is happening. I’m approaching (see below). I’m getting numbers (6 sets of contact info, most in the last week). I had my first date from this new crop of girls last week (and it was pretty good). I have 4 open threads with new girls for dates in the next few days (mostly weak leads, but it’s in motion). The sex will happen. This is how I learn everything… it’s not daygame’s fault. Just like skateboarding… it took 1 billion bails for me to find my flow, but then… shroup-shroup. It’ll happen here too.

Notes from the first 50+ sets are below.

Damn it feels good to be back to these Days of Game.


(In reverse order…)

Apr14. Wasn’t a game day… I was working on my laptop at the Mall though, drinking tea, enjoying the view… thin, very young, long red hair. I said if she walked past me again I’d leave my computer and go after her. I did. She was wonderful. E, from Finland. Here visiting her brother. I went to work on logistics, ASAP. Here for 4 more days. Tonight, theatre w/ her brother (shit, I was free). Fri/Sat, going to some cabin w/ the bro. Leaving Monday. I told her I wanted to take her out… but it didn’t look like we had time. We soul-gazed a bit. She wandered off to find her brother… but lingered. I went back in, “How about Sunday?” She smiled, but no… She said I was sweet. I said I was not, I was greedy, she was beautiful, I wanted to spend time w/ her. She smiled (she was a pretty cool-head for being face to face w/ a wolf). I said, “I tried… twice!” She said, “Twice.” We stared. I bet I’m 20+ years older than her. Compare this to C (girl #1 below)… almost in the same spot, 1 month ago. I’m heating up. It’s gonna be a good summer.

Apr13. 1. Sun, from Nepal. I had seen her in the mall and we had EC several times on Sunday, but I was working and never approached. I saw her again today, no EC, but I approached. Curvy, big lips, delicious. She was nervous. She had to get back to work, I asked for the number, and she suggested FB. She helped me spell her name, I went back to FB, and there was no way to add her. I msg’d her. I doubt anything will come of it. 2. Young Chinese art student, Chelsey. I spotted the bag from the fabric shop and knew she was a fashion student. Nice set. Her English wasn’t great. She added me to FB and I took her number. Not bad. 3. Short white girl, very cute. Stopped fine, had a BF. 4. Small Ukrainian girl, K. Lovely, nice style. I followed 2 blocks before I approached. She opened well. Good conversation. I liked her. Took her number with plans to get tea. 5.) Cute Chinese girl… she stopped, smiled, took the compliment and said, “Yes… but…” and was struggling w/ English, I let her go. 6. ??? 7. High-end Chinese Girl. Stopped well, but I didn’t like her face up close. I let her go. 8. Cute Asian girl, A. Nice thin ass/legs. Opened, she took it well. Good conversation. I went for number close and she thought about it and said, “Yeah… let’s hang out.”

Apr11. 1. Almost a blind stop, J. Business-y, laptop backpack, really great calves. Followed her into a hotel, hoping she was here on business trip… still wasn’t sure I’d open, but I saw her face and I walked over. She was very open, chatted me up, she’s local and… we’ve met before, at the gym (she’s a swimmer), 10 yrs ago. I blushed like crazy. Good set. Went for the number. BF. Damn. She had this lost/shocked/happy look on her face as I rolled away. It was emotional for both of us. 2. Adorable, carrying bags, moving fast, didn’t really stop but lit up, smiling. 3. Beautiful high-end business girl. Took the stop, chatted, but I could see the moment when she’d had enough. I let her go. Beautiful girl. 4. Spicy, hot one w/ piercings. Said she had to go, didn’t really stop. 5. Chased a girl into the subway, but upgraded to a different girl (ha!), O. Almost ejected when I saw a big ring, but it was the wrong hand.. She saw me turn away, and turn back, but she opened anyway. Gave me a lot to work with… She liked it. BF… very reluctantly to tell me that. FML. 6. Asian, slow walk, glasses, wouldn’t stop, had to go. 7.?? Can’t remember. 8. I’m guessing she was Korean, Z. Stopped well, hooked, she blushed (I called that out), she loved it. Did the crossed legs thing. We stood very close. Hot set. Went for the number, she made a face and said… BF. I was shocked. We stared at each other. Her eyes spazzed again. I was broken, devastated. I let her go. Damn it, damn it, damn it all to hell. Rough day… great sets, no leads. Grrrrr.

Apr08. 1. Very strong stop after an IOI. She was nervous, said she had to catch her ferry. She felt the sexual threat, it was real. 2. Cute Asian on a bike. Opened well, and I had nothing to say. I bailed 3. N, freckles, so beautiful. Jesuz god, beautiful. Good stop, but I had no flow. We both blushed. She said she had BF, so I let her go. I think she was a “no” girl, but was just being polite. 4. Thought she was Japanese, but I think Chinese now. A little awkward, but confident stop. I was too mechanical, but did alright. Great EC and she was eye spazzing, she loved it. Tried to number close, but she said BF.

Apr01. Felt great as I started the day, but fell apart. 1st girl (after a fucking hour, weasel-fest that day) , looked at me like I was on fire. I barely got my opener out. Blah. She was so hot, bejezuz. 2. Tall cute white girl. Asked if I could say something, and she said, “No.” Okay. I was soulless that day… 3.). Sweet Asian girl, made myself open her — pure will power, I had no mojo. My game was C- grade put she took it all very well. She was surprised when I didn’t try to close. I could see it in her eyes. Uhhh, I blew it with her. 4. Chinese, short hair, glasses. I was w/ “BD,” a wing (my only set w/ a wing in the first 50+ sets). Took the opener but had to go. Game over.

Mar29. 1. S, 30+ studying dentistry at UCSF, took her number. 2. Tall, blue dress, on her way to a presentation, offered to walk with her… let her go. Shit. 3. Conservative Asian girl, she drifted and I didn’t follow… Bad work on my part. 4. J, very cute, great smile, one town away girl, took her number. 5. Said “no!” 6. Tall beautiful, asked if I was selling something. She was hot, was basically blowing me out, because my game was so bad… but all of those moments could have been great if I was on. Very awkward set., let her go… bad on my part. 7. Short Russian girl, hot, IOI as she walked by, friend got in the way as I wanted to approach so I kept going. I saw her on the street 5 min later. Reopened. She rolled her eyes — I’d missed my chance. 8. A, white girl, super sexy, BF. Wow, she got me. (Ha… as I reread this, I can’t even remember her… so, many, girls!).

Mar24-28, 1. Lovely Asian girl, curvy, great hair, opened, no energy, let her go. 2. Chinese, white face, on phone, I let her go. 3. J, off of work, not bad, not on, I let her go. 4. Ninja/criminal, sexy girl. Stopped, thanked me and walked off, ha! 5. Curvy, married, very flattered. 6. Nose ring, BF, not into it. 7. Chinese, didn’t stop. 8. Fancy, Chinese, A… She liked it, I let her go. 9. C, Chinese, into it, bad teeth, boring, I let her go. 10. Tall gypsy girl, waved me off. 11. First 2-set ever. Target was short, curvy Asian, very cute, she loved it. Her friend hated it (I called her on that), and she dragged her away. Ha! 12. G, at intersection, awk, she drifted. 13. Short white girl, very cute. BF. Wished me happy Easter. 14. Chinese retail girl, boring, I walked away.

Mar22. 1. Short hair, great legs, didn’t stop. 2. German girl, confused, sent her to RadioShack to get something she needed. 3. L, small, beautiful, good stop, her perfect smile made me blush, she drifted off, door guy saw me roll up on her and gave me props! Ha. Cool. 4. Fancy purse, she stopped easy, thought she was a tourist, studying art, going back to China soon, took her number. 5. Tall, white girl. London, “S.” She loved it. 21 yrs. Only here for a few more days, plans and friends every day/night… I let her go (this was a near miss w/ some adventure sex… I will make this happen this summer). 6. Asian, huge boobs, great walk. Nice stop, had to go to class.

Mar20. Beautiful brown girl, maybe Indian??? Little. Coming off the train. I loved her, she got me. She didn’t really stop… but I could feel her start my motor, turning me from stone back to flesh.

Mar19. Mall girl, “feminine,” flat set, talking too fast, let her go. Embarrassing.

Mar18. My first girl in over a year… C, shy Chinese girl, braces, I had nothing to say. Let her go.