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My dates canceled on me this week (2 of them) and I’m not getting laid (all the art girls are in finals and won’t come out). The tornado is there, but it’s a big disorganized mess. Blah. This is a lot of work… to watch a messy tornado stumble around.

Can you sense my frustration? Having my date cancel on me today sucked. My ego is throwing a tantrum. My jaw is a little tighter than usual. This is reactive. This is not ideal. This is real.

This ^ is my bitterness.

All I have to talk about now is discipline, so that’s what I’ll talk about. A man with time on his hands and with an “empty belly” (or overly full balls) can go hunting. So he does. This was my 3rd day on the streets this week… that’s more than normal… but I’m not dating/fucking, so… time to work harder.

the hardest working man in daygame!
i read your blog and it makes me want to hit the streets.

Thanks, Riv.

And today… was rainy. Not the fun kind of rain, where it pours, and there is no way I’m going to try to chat up girls on the street. But the half-assed rain, the “heavy mist,” the kind that goes “up” and “sideways” as often as “down,” and makes a mockery of my big umbrella.

This ^ is my umbrella game.

Ha. It was not fun out there… but I was glad for the practice. I’m interested in “extra hard” daygame, because I want to grow. And “umbrella game” is extra difficult. I want to be very fucking good at this. An “all weather” daygamer. So I’ll take some “umbrella sessions” to help season me. All this makes me a stronger, more versatile, more “anti-fragile” man. That’s the man I want to be.

There was, in fact, a set of the day… but… she was the same set of the day from Monday. By that I mean, I ran into my “Dream” girl, Miss Siren, again.

I didn’t realize it was her at first. She is my type, so I was bounding off to hit on her — again — as if she was a different girl, then I realized it was her, and… I loved her all over again. This girl is amazing. She is not an 8… she’s not your 8, that’s for sure… but she an incredibly tempting, charming girl. She is an 8 for me.

(NASH’S NOTE: It’s a few days later as I clean up this post, so I have more info on her, and I’ll save that for another time).

This ^ is my Déjà vu.

So… in way of a different set of the day, let’s talk about #2.

She was a very short, cute girl. Stopped easily. I guessed she was Latin, and I was correct. Half Spanish, half Mexican. She chatted for a long time… not a great chat, just a long one.

EX: She was on her way to a doctors appointment of some kind… and she didn’t want to talk about it. Not specifically. I picked that up, and moved the convo in another direction. And then when I asked about her dark sunglasses (on a drippy wet, grey day), she said she’s not wearing any eye makeup, and she doesn’t want anyone to see, thus the glasses. So I said, “You’re very cute, but also incredibly vain.” This made me laugh, and was a little push/pull, attraction bit. She was fine with it, gave me a little flat chuckle, no real spike, no real aversion. This is what the whole conversation was like with her. Whitebread.

Anyway, she is ready to move on to her mysterious appointment, and I tried to number close as we wound down the interaction. I think it’s clear I didn’t like her that much, but I know some girls are a little stunned, and their better side comes out later. I was wondering if she’d be more fun on a date? And she was cute, so fuck it.

As I ask for her number, her jaw tightens up… her comes the “but”.. and she says she lives with her BF.

This is interesting to me.

Why do these girls chat so long? These girls with BFs or husbands? Are they just being polite? Probably true some of the time. Is it because they are self-centered and bored, and like being the center of attention and being entertained by a dangerous man? Sure, I bet that is true. I am fucking entertaining, increasingly so.

Or is it because we’re doing a good job leading, and they are doing their part in being lead? I bet that’s true too. And I like that answer the best. Not because it’s “more true,” but because it has more implications to understanding female psychology and the “results” of daygame than the other theories above.

This ^ is my leadership.

In terms of female psychology, femininity, how it responds to dominance and masculinity, yes… I think some of these girls, who are not available, not even trying to hide their BF/husband, will stand there on the sidewalk with a strange, dangerous man, and do the dance. They do it… because it’s their job to follow that kind of energy. The feminine wants strong masculine energy. If you show them that, they will “obey” their instincts even when the logistics are impossible. She stood there, not even completely comfortable, not even that into me, for no reason, other than I was doing my job as a masculine man at that moment. I think that is true.

In terms of results… this is where a lot of the “dead numbers” and cancelled dates come from. And all the girls I end up dating that tell me later (or never tell me) that they have a BF. They are sucked into the dance. They are obeying their biology. They have no choice. Nature loves this dance (in humans and animals). When you do your part very well, she will do hers, with very little thought. So of course you’ll get great interactions that end with nothing… when her thought kicks in as you go for the number. Or numbers that go dead… as she gets some distance from your physical masculine presence, and she sobers up, and cannot in fact, explain to herself why she would go out with you. Or she makes the date… still a little high from the dance… but then as the chemistry drains out of her body over a few days… she cancels.

That’s all on my mind. I think that helps me understand that little girl and why she reacted to me the way she did.

Here are the rest of the sets.


1. She reminded me of my ex Jules (best lover of my life, who happened to get married last weekend, I saw the fotos on Facebook… She looked amazing). Great eyes, “fertile” hair, and very kissable lips. As I opened I saw the ring. She was still figuring out what was going on as I was excusing myself. I think she was a little disappointed to see me go. Hot girl.

2. Set of the day… the one that wanted to dance with the masculine man.

3. Little Asian, red lips. Huge smile, wouldn’t stop. Some randoms were next to me as I ended that interaction, and I started walking and ended up next to them, and it was obvious they saw the approach. I said, “she wasn’t having it,” and we all laughed. It’s true… she wasn’t having it.

4. Asian… very cute… not sure she got it. Didn’t stop.

5. Persian girl? Very fucking attractive. I stopped her. She was unsure… but I got her to warm up. She gave me some great smiles, totally real. I asked where she was going and she said she was on her way to a date (she said that with no emphasis, very matter of fact). I said, Oh!, do you like him? She said, it’s my BF. Ha, cool. Later, pretty girl.

6. This was my Dream. Wow… I love this girl. She remembered me and my name, in part as I had emailed her after I picked her up on Monday. She never responded, but was still super warm and amazing on the sidewalk this second time. I’ll post more about her soon, but this was a very lucky break in terms of trying to seduce this girl. She is so compelling for me.

7. Odd looking Chinese girl with interesting clothes on. She walked into a store at the mall… I never follow girls into stores, but this time I did. Trying to add this to my game, occasionally. I was cool, and subtle, as I slide up next to her and said hello… she checked me out… then turned her back. She was clearly not interested, so I split.

8. Tall, cute Chinese girl with a felt hat in a conservative style, but with felted horns built into it… the end result being something like a German, girlish-Devil hat, sort of. High end girl. Friendly, easy to stop. Here for 8 days, but no US phone, no Line app, no Facebook. I let her go… but I pledge to get WeChat on my phone soon. If 70% of your dates are girls from China, you should probably have WeChat on your phone. Even if it’s a privacy nightmare. I might as well get the FB app too… I’m all in for “ease of communication”… fuck privacy, I’m trying to get laid here. My cock is my CEO… and my CEO doesn’t give a shit about my privacy. He just wants to close deals. I love that about my CEO.

Viva daygame.