Blushing Married Girl, 2 Leads || 10 More

I ended a 10 day break from daygame today. With Thanksgiving behind me, I hit the street. It was good to be out.

Last night I had yet another date with the Thai Girl, with more “high school escalation” (great makeout, she sucked my cock a bit, but no P in the V, as they say). That included a long talk about her not wanting to be “easy.” She is clearly putting me in a boyfriend category, despite my constant efforts to take her clothes off since the first date. She told me she told her mom about me, that we are “not boyfriend and girlfriend, but dating.” Ehhh, I want to fuck this girl, I do, but it was a great date. She is calming down, is more real, I like her more each time. I’m looking fwd to seeing her again.

With no sex and the masturbation starvation diet in full effect I am very focused on trying to fire up the girl tornado and see if some sex will fly out of it.

Lots of spinning plates.

Had 4 dates set up for this week (including a new Filipina girl I picked up on the sidewalk on Saturday, after dark, when I had a couple strong beers in me — reverse gutter game?). 2 of those dates canceled, including Firecracker (she’s in finals at art school), with Miss Researcher rescheduled for Friday. Both those girls have boyfriends.

I had a very long text exchange with Miss Sincere, trying to get her out. She was true to form… very sincere. After some back/forth she said she is looking for something serious, and I am older and “Caucasian,” so we likely won’t get married. I agreed. I told her that she and I should date until some nice Korean boy puts a ring on it. We might be on for Saturday… but it was work. I like that girl, though… I’d love to get her out again. She’s compelling.

And with all this ^… it still feels like the tornado has calmed down. Some time off for the holiday meant no new leads and the leads I couldn’t get out have gone stale.

But! My trip to Japan is on!! 5 weeks in Tokyo, starting in early January. Goddammit, I am excited. Central Shibuya, a paradise of Japanese girls. I’m going to hit it hard. I have much more experience that last time. I can’t fucking wait.

But for now… 4 more weeks here, some tornado girls to service, and more daygame to have me well-seasoned for Japan. As much as I love Tokyo-game, I am a big believer that you should focus most of your game where you live. I am doing that. And I’m looking fwd to some more action here in my city before I take off.

Today was fun. 10 approaches, 2 leads.

Set of the day was a serious looking girl with cute style, all bundled up against the Fall chill, her little chin partially borrowed into the folds of her coat. She wasn’t inviting, but I immediately felt some excitement for her that I hadn’t felt for any other girls that day. I jumped in after her.

She looked like a white girl, maybe European. As she started to speak I thought she was Russian. She said she gets that all the time. She is actually from Argentina. I told her “Oh, I have heard of it!” And she laughed. I used that same joke with the Cowgirl (#9) an hour later. I don’t use routines, but I recycle my own stuff all the time.

She opened: A mix of cautious, confused and interested… but quite femininely so, and the polarity was roaring along. It was “on” between us right away. Her seriousness phased through caution and into a nervous, demure smile, and we both hooked.

She was this amazing mix of “mature meets school girl.” Mature because she is probably mid- to late-20s, not a silly-young one, and she had a high-end feel to her. And school girl… because she was girling-out as a dangerous daygamer was pressing her buttons and she was clearly loving it. She blushed the entire length of the interaction.

She was playing along, still trying to figure me out, and I could sense that “but” that sometimes hangs in the air when the set is solid but there is some X-factor that is going to keep it from going where Baby Jesus wants it to go.

At one point I asked if she was confused and she said, “Nooooooo, but, I am trying to figure out your intentions???” Bullshit, Lady. You know exactly what is going on. So I said, “I’m checking you out,” with a look… And she went pure scarlet. God, it was hot.

So she keeps trying to disqualify what is going on. She is throwing out excuse after excuse, with a ridiculous grin on her face. She has to go shopping, she only has an hour, she can’t date me. I say “not now!” And she eventually says… “I am married.”

Oh. Okay.

I am not sure that is real at this point, as she has been an excuse factory, so I ask, “are you sure you’re married?,” and I step in a little closer. She is clearly turned on now. And she says, “Yeeeeehhssss!” And she smiles, and shows me a little gold ring. ” I wouldn’t lie to you!”

Okay. Ha.

So I tell her that I want to respect that, and I back off a little, taking her “but” seriously.

And she says, “Yeehhhsss… That is why I can’t date you. Otherwise, I would want to see you. Maybe have coffee… or something. In another life.” Wow.

And just like that, I let that beautiful girl go. And I walked off, with swollen balls, clapping my hands at the performance she and I had just shared. She will not be one of my lovers, but it was a beautiful daygame moment.

Here are the rest of the sets.


1. India girl, short, cute. Squirmed around me, stalled, said hello… and kept going.

2. Tall, brown girl of some kind, maybe Latin. Don’t really remember. I do remember her super bouncy walk, that was my story as I opened. Gave me her name, but it wasn’t quite on. She was warming up, thou…

3. Serious Chinese girl, dressed business-y, had to go back to work.

4. This was the red hot set of the day from above. Damn. That was a great time.

5. Chinese girl dressed in a mix of high-end and fetish. Thigh-high stockings, mostly black, and little gold studs on everything. She might have been wearing a collar. I wasn’t sold at first, but as she passed, I was getting that strong sense of “sex” from her. I doubled back and opened. She said no English, but I gave up too easily. Ummm. Wish I had tried harder.

6. Odd, but hot Asian girl… in the mall. She was very nervous. Let her go.

7. Asian girl, very cute, but very confused by the whole thing.

8. Can’t remember this one…

9. Little white girl, walking and texting, almost bumped into me. When I stopped her, she just stared for a while. We stood close. She figured it out, said she was late for her bus… So I “Pancaked” her and walked with her for a couple mins, I told her I was going to split when we got to her stop. #close but it wasn’t a strong interaction.

10. Older, maybe 30, Asian woman, well dressed, kind of powerful looking. Got well out in front of her and she was looking at her phone, was surprised/shocked about the stop. I was calm and smiled. Started to talk, and she was hyper cautious, circled around me. She figured out what was going on, but never stopped. Later, Lady.

Viva Daygame.