Bogus # and Heartbreak || 11 more

It was another good one in the Days of Game. 11 interactions with young, cute girls. 4 numbers. I am here for spicy, novel experiences. Today was a such a day.

I am in the middle of another one of those periods of progress that feels like I’m in a “girl tornado.” I have a stack of leads (some of them good), and fresh leads week over week (not as many as I want). I’m dating a lot. Maybe as much as I ever have. I feel like I am on the edge of “breaking thru” again. And I had some fun and delicious sex with a girl 18 years younger than me last Friday. Yes to all this.

And all this courtesy of daygame. Some effort and skill on my part, but it’s the London Daygame Model that is the structure that is fueling my growth with women right now. I am on the edge of having some abundance. Thank you, daygame. Let’s keep this going. I have a lot to learn.

This morning I woke up, deadly-horny again, as I’m doing another “masturbation starvation diet” since my lay last week. I was just starting to feel the pent-up-ness, and then I had my 2nd date with the Thai girl last night – no sex, but some time in my bed. Hands all over her. I put her hand on my cock several times. She is a lot of fun, but won’t let me take her clothes off… yet. She is a fascinating young one, and she gave my testosterone another kick in the ass. I could feel it all day.

Today, all I wanted to do was game. I pinged a bunch of leads, and set up another date with Miss Hong Kong for Friday — goddamn she is so fucking funny. Funny and smart are often the same thing. What a firecracker. She is getting to me a little. Her BF may derail our affair… but Sweet Baby Jesus, I hope not. She’s awesome.

Meanwhile, I met up with some of my college buddies this weekend, and we surfed some big Northern California waves. Then, and again today, I noticed the similarities between daygame and surfing.

My sensei Yohami hates daygame. He says girls want cool guys, and cool guys don’t waste hour after hour “chasing girls that don’t like them.” I heard that again here (from an interesting MGTOW guy). In some ways, I get that. In other ways… daygame is how I like to spend my time. It’s my preference. Which is to say, I like spending my time talking to hot girls (which Yohami *does* approve of, it’s the only thing he likes about daygame).

If girls ever start lining up in front of my apartment, I will run game from home. Until then, I got love for the streets. Great to be out there, right now.

So I was out surfing Saturday on a nice, heavy day. A big swell coming from Japan. And I heard the voice in my head counting the waves I got up on… just like approaches. And like surfing, the girls aren’t there to stoke your ego. Just like the waves, you make it happen or you do not. It’s up to you. Proper “marketplace” with real-time feedback. Keeps you sharp. This is what I want. This is good for me(n).

Ummm, there’s one. Pursue, work into position, hop on, whew – fun! Yes. Scan the horizon for the next one, move into position… here comes… nope, can’t get it. “She walked on by.” A moment of disappointment. Wait, here’s another. Whoa, I’m intimidated. Go for it anyway. Rough start, but it’s on… wow! Nice ride. That’s two. Where is number three? There she is…. go get her…. wipeout. Anther wipeout. Then number three is smooth and easy. And so on… 6 nice waves that day.

So similar, actually.

And some guys might say that surfing is a waste of a quality man’s time. Or fishing for that matter. Or whatever you’re into. But that’s just about preference. My preference, right now, is girls. I wish I could do all this full-time. It’s certainly something like a part-time job, as it is. I’m enjoying my work, very much.

Okay… so, set of the day… turns out to be a “sad story.”

She was, Asian. No surprise there. Simple approach, she opened easily. Perfect skin, short hair framing her beautiful face. Beautiful. Neiman Marcus bag in her hand, she’s a little on the fancy side. Stop, hook, vibe… uhhh, she’s lovely. We have nice rapport. She’s Chinese, from Shanghai. Moved here from Boston. I take her number and say we’ll see each other again. I don’t really want to run game anymore after her, she was #11 of 11 that day, and I liked her a lot. Full crush on her, for sure. Who knows why? I start trying to figure out how I can make room in my schedule to see her…

And I text her number after I hit the gym. Feeling like she was a solid lead and eager to start playing with her. And… it’s a landline. I get an error message back from that text. Oh? Okay.

So I call her… something I haven’t done with a girl I’m not already dating in probably 10 years. I’m ready to leave her a voicemail. Let’s do it… I want to see her.

The number is… disconnected! Shitballs. Ha. The number is from Boston, where she used to live. I bet it was her old number. I doubt she did that on accident. As my smart little cousin would say, “I got curved.” They look so sweet on the outside. Ha.

What a heartbreaker. I think she liked me… liked the experience… but wasn’t going to give this beast a chance to get after her. Grrrrr.

And I was surprised how much that stung. 3 more numbers from that day, dates lined up… but she got to me a little, and it stung.

Ahhhh… I’m a simple man. The “next one,” will make this one a distant memory. I know that. But she got me. A bit of one-itis there. Damn, we’re simple creatures.

Sheri… you were adorable. And you got me. Good for you, pretty girl.

Good for me for caring. Another experience.

Here are the rest of the sets.

Oct 18

1. Little Asian girl, pink shirt, going to Dr appt. I was slow and sexy with her, my horniness flowing into the approach. I let her go.

2. Asian girl, hair up, great neck, sleeveless. Sexy fucking walk, hips shifting back and forth like a heavy boat in the tide. Magical. As she passed me, I could see the tats down the back of her arms. Ummm, edgy. Turns out she is a psychologist, confident, going to see a patient. I let her go. Hot girl. Wow.

3. Tiny, serious Chinese, on her way to class. Wouldn’t really stop.

None of these girls were very warm with me… I could tell my vibe needed work. I probably need to smile more. Show more energy, maybe? Perhaps… just needed to warm up more.

4. White girl, European, with thick, dark curls, and skinny legs, a white bell-like dress, she looked like a lollipop. I told her so. She warmed up a bit, but quickly told me she had a BF. Cool. Bye, Lollipop.

5. Tall Euro tourist. Hot by most guys standards, but not really my type. I opened her up, just to push myself a bit, try something new. She stopped, but split soon after.

6. This girl’s name was something like Summer. She was fucking beautiful, dark skinned Asian girl, great walk. In a hurry. I said, “you’ve got 1 minute,” and she lingered with me for a time, but was so distracted we didn’t hook. I let her go. Wow. Very hot girl.

7. This girl made solid eye contact with me, so I turned around and went after her. Tall Filipina girl, with a long torso, tiny shoulders, but a thick ass and nice hips. She stopped. # closed her, but didn’t feel that solid. I’d love to see that girl naked. I have texted her already and no response. My schedule is completely packed, so I think I’ll blow that lead off… don’t think it’s going anywhere.

8. Super beautiful Korean tourist. She responded to my stop, as she was looking at her phone, but kept backing away from me as I’d lean toward her. Like she was concerned for her physical safety. Ha. I would calibrate quick each time, clown around that I wasn’t dangerous, giving her a “cute” vibe. She’d laugh. We’d repeat that dance. But I calmed her down, and she hooked. She took phone calls as we talked, trying to meet up w/ friend, but I hung in there. She didn’t have cell service, or a local number, so I gave her my Line App ID, but of course… that went nowhere. I got to stop doing that. She was beautiful. Oh well.

9. Little Beijing Girl. Software developer. I had a very awkward opening with her, I stuttered a bit – and I called myself out for that. But she hooked anyway. Nice girl, but nothing too special. # close. Texted her once, but no response. I’m not that interested.

10. Tall Korean girl, with short funky hair, colored at the tips. She was very “nervous-cute” the whole time… partially turned away from me (20 degrees?), and hugging her bag across her chest, in a protective stance. I liked her, and suggested the close. She was very hesitant, but I handed her my phone and she put her number in it. We’re texting. She is asking me “if I’m dangerous.” I am, but don’t want to push it. We’ll see. Trying to get her out for next week.

11. This was the heat-breaker from my story above. Uhhh, I something like “miss” this girl. Damn… she got me.

Fun day… horny daygamer out number farming and having a great time. Viva daygame.