Conjure a Date, 4 Leads, The Italian Model || 12 More

I woke up wanting sex and I had nothing on call. One solution… hit the streets.

Daygame is elegant in that it’s a portable skill that allows you a chance (but not a guarantee) of creating some magic, at will, whenever you apply it. That’s what I was trying to do today. To exploit that chance.

I had a free night, and I wanted to conjure up a date, and maybe some sex. I was able to do the first part, but not the latter. I had a quick, but wonderful date with a girl I met on this day. I couldn’t get her panties off, but I’m still a proud and happy daygamer.

It is still somewhat ludicrous to me that we can do any of this at all. That’s it’s learnable. That I was able to learn it. This works. I have proof.

It was a very good day. 12 girls (27 for the week). 4 fresh leads today. A same-day date. And the experience of willing my desires into being. I feel like a mother fucking wizard.

The set of the day was not #12 — my same day date, the virgin from Taiyuan, a girl that captured my imagination. My set of the day was #5.

She was tiny, and she popped out of a shop right in front to me as I prowled the streets. A lovely Asian girl, great little body, light orange freckles on her cheeks. Perhaps she noticed my swagger as she touched the sidewalk, because she glanced at me and then immediately looked down, a perfectly feminine IOI that caught my attention.

We were walking the same direction, and I felt myself drop into a lower gear as we caught each other’s vibe. I slowed down and circled around her to get a better look. I was feeling cocky. I could tell she could feel the presence of a wolf in her midst. I think we were both turned on already.

I also saw her ring. She’s married. Okay, cool. I unlocked from her to free up my radar for the next one.

I approached another girl almost immediately (#4), a girl in leather pants with a great ass. Basically a blow out. I wasn’t paying attention to my set of the day at that moment, but I wonder if she saw me approach??

I noticed the feminine one again just after my blowout from #4. As I marched down the sidewalk, I saw her out of the corner of my eye and felt the familiar energy as we continued to move along together.

At the next intersection I was stopped at the light, I turned around to face the crowd and scan for something charming to chat up… And there she was again, at the back of the crowd, about 10 ft away, looking right at me.

We lock eyes, and she looks down. I smile. She looks up at me again, I am confidently staring her down and enjoying it. And then a third time. Fuck the ring, I want to meet her. She obviously wants to meet me.

So that was my opening line:

NASH: Hi. I saw your ring, and I know you’re married, but I wanted to meet you anyway.

She went submissive and compliant right away. And… it was super on. She blushed, and did 100 other super feminine things that set off the animal in me, all of which made me want to take her right there.

It was over quickly, but it was fun to approach and acknowledge the heat.

As we wrapped it up, I asked “Are you serious about your husband?” That is a decidedly caddish thing to ask, but I am at least a bit caddish at this point in my life, and I wanted to feel that out. She went even more demure, looked down, but kept her eyes on mine, and nodded yes. Okay.

She is serious about her husband, but that girl wanted to be taken. Very hot little reference experience for me.

The Prince has been in my ear about me dating girls with boyfriends or husbands. He has a line for those situations:

THE PRINCE: What are your agreements with your husband?

The Prince would also say that he does not like to help a woman break her agreements. That’s noble, and I like that.

But unlike the Prince, I am interested in exploring that side of life, and of women, when they have a primary relationship, but are running around on the side. I want to understand that. Not as a spectator that “guesses,” but as someone who knows.

So when the Prince says, “what are your agreements?,” he is setting up a situation where you might be able to fuck the girl, assuming there is space for that in her current relationship.

Perhaps the relationship is explicitly open? And the agreement is, “we fuck other people.” Or maybe they have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” arrangement, which is not so much an agreement, as a silent allowance for the reality that the relationship does not in fact satisfy all of the needs of those involved.

I call the latter “The Italian Model,” where a man has a wife and a family, but most certainly a mistress on the side. And his wife, reduced to the “Madonna” side of the Madonna-Whore spectrum… is fucking the gardener, or the mailman, etc. I truly believe in the Italian Model. It is the way of the world. If you’re in a “monogamous” relationship, and are not fucking someone on the side… I believe it is a truism that you are not fucking at all. That’s true for most long term relationships I have seen.

To make this personal… this is why I am not married. But if I ever make that choice, I will assume a “don’t ask, don’t tell” arrangement. It is also why I am not surprised that about 1/2 the girls I meet, talk to me, date me, makeout with me, fuck me… even though they are in a relationship.

This is the way of the world.

So when I asked her “are you serious about your husband,” that was a stupid question. For her to move fwd with me after that question, she would have to verbally agree she is a “cheater” (which is a word I almost never use, because if “everyone” does it it cannot be “cheating”). I should have used the Prince’s line here (“What are your agreements?”), or did what I have done elsewhere, and said, “Okay… I know you are married, but I want to see you anyway.” That’s how I ended up fucking the Firecracker.

This one is gone. But, ahhhh… That girl was ready for a daygamer between her thighs. It would have been complicated, but it’s true. I wish I had fished a bit more for an opening (…so to speak) with her.

As I said goodbye, I made a final declaration about her girly-feminine loveliness, and she said, “you totally made my day.” I know I did, it was all over her face.

Deliciously feminine girl, great chemistry, and that’s why she was the set of the day.

Here are the rest of the sets:


1. The Swede, dragging a suitcase. Here looking for work as a graphic artist. Last night in this city… adventure sex??? Took her card. Said she doesn’t like Sweden because they are not open minded. Very on… I thought I’d found the one for my SDL. Tried to get her out that tonight…

* Met Rauker, a fellow daygamer, he saw me open the Swede and came up to me. Cool guy. I like him.

2. Married… but feminine and delicious.

3. Alternative Asian girl, piercings. Hot, 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 native. Curvy. Pierced. Tats. Wow. Should have tried to get her out tonight. #close… And she called me to make sure I had it. Cool.

4. White girl, great cheek bones… Leather pants. Wasn’t having it.

5. Super feminine Asian girl… The set of the day.

6. Japanese girl, very cute, Line app close.

7. Chinese… I don’t have many notes about this one.

8. Cute Korean girl from Philly. Open easy, was loving it. She mentioned meeting someone. When I asked who she was here to see she said her BF. Ha.

9. Cute Asian girl, on her way to a date. I walked with her and chatted her up about the date. She wasn’t sure about me. When I said goodbye she seemed disappointed.

10. Asian, cute, huge smile wouldn’t stop.

11. Little, beautiful, short hair. Smiled, but kept going, little look back. I reopened, she loved it but wouldn’t stop. I learned to reopen from Yad… That’s a good skill. She was a perfect example of when that it the right thing to do.

12. This was my beautiful “elvish” Chinese girl I closed and then got out for a same-day date…. The 25 year old Virgin from Taiyuan. Wow… Great set, and very good experience for me.

Viva daygame.