Day Out with Pancake || 13 More

Another fun adventure in the Days of Game. This time, out with a guy I just met named Pancake.

There is this daygamer, his name is Krauser… Perhaps you’ve heard of him? Some time back, Pancake posted on Krauser’s site, mentioned the city I live in, and I replied with some details of what I knew of the local daygame scene. Pancake then commented on my blog, and we exchanged emails and set up a time to approach some lucky girls here in this city. It was fun.

Pancake is solid. Great guy and an excellent wing.

If you want to impress a guy in game, as you meet up… Approach quickly. Pancake and I had barely had time to say hello, we’d walked maybe 50 yards, and he ran off and approached a girl with a world class ass. Amazing ass. Dammit. Wow. No warning, no warm up, bang. He was in an interaction. Solid. This was not going to be a chat session, we were out to hunt, and with Miss Amazing Ass in play, the day had already begun.

Pancake has picked up during the day, but hasn’t run a lot of LDM-style number farming sessions. I couldn’t tell, he looked pro to me right away. If he told me he was a coach I’d believe that too.

After Pancake got started so quickly, I had that feeling I have around new wings, where I want to make sure I’m not dead-weight. I know I have good days and bad days, but with a new wing… I don’t want to look like a fraud. I wanted to earn my place in the day’s hunt.

Didn’t take me long to get started. 5 sets, one after another, little Asian girls, and both Pancake and I had numbers on the board. Nice.

Pancake did great. He has a masculine vibe, good style, strong front stops. Very persistent, he walks with girls more than I do. He is a confident dude, sure of himself, not a hint of approach nervousness. Every girl I saw him with engaged him. He took several numbers. One girl randomly hugged him.

One point of difference between he and I is his thought that a man’s face is a big part of our success rate. He rates both he and I as “average” guys, that’s probably about right. I think our faces are probably 5% of our appeal, and if we were model-perfect, maybe 8%? That’s my thought. And Krauser makes a very interesting point in his video product “Womanizers Bible” that a lot of facial attractiveness is inner game shining through. I believe that. Either way, both of us have seduction skills to offer so we got to work.

He is into volume, says “its a numbers game,” and I agree. I think he did 8+ sets that I saw. He’s not into Asian girls, and left most of them to me. I talked to about 13 more yesterday. I didn’t take notes, I wanted to focus on chatting with Pancake and flipping stones.

Set of the day… was a girl from Turkmenistan. Very much my type, even without being east Asian. I was thinking she was maybe Latin? Hair to her ass and a snappy walk. Great body. Big, yellow eyes like a cat.

I started after her, but I was a little intimidated. I almost upgraded switched to a little Asian girl mid-approach, but when I reversed direction for the Asian girl, I saw Pancake, knew I was weaseling off the first girl, and recommitted to the first girl after all.

She stopped… And bloomed into a beautiful, feminine smile right away. I commented on the fast-walk, and she said she was late for her train. I never walk with girls, but I was inspired by Pancake so I said, “let’s go” and we walked together.

HER: You’re so kind
NASH: Oh no, I’m selfish… This is about me
HER: It takes guts…
NASH: To be honest, taking to women isn’t that hard for me…
NASH: Unless there is good chemistry… And I blush
NASH: And you… almost have me

That is all true. And she did almost “get me.” So charming. Full tingle in the air between us.

We get down to the train and I tell her I want to see her again and she says she cannot give me her number because she is in love with another man. I believe her. Good for her. I tell her that. And I tell her to leave before she breaks my heart. And she thanks me and I smile.


Not all girls with boyfriends or husbands are going-out on their man. Even after a spicy street stop with real chemistry. Warms up that little, black raisin I call my heart. Ha.

I go back up to the street and rejoin Pancake.

13 girls. I tried for the number 3 times, no luck with any of those girls. The girl from Turkmenistan was the only magic of the day. Full day. No leads. Some days are like that.

Great time with Pancake. Cool guy. Obviously good at the game… And probably a lot more than that.

Viva daygame.