Day3 and Wednesday Packed With Game

Wednesday began with Tuesday night actually, and ties into a Tuesday night from a year ago, from my first trip to Tokyo.

In 2014, I fucked a Korean girl, also just visiting Tokyo, 18 years younger than myself, that I picked up at a club. We were supposed to meet up same night, but she got too drunk. Facebooked me in the AM, I arranged a dinner date, we were completely sober as I marched her back to my apartment for some sex. She was a terrible lover, but I loved giving her a good experience… she was very into it, changing her plans to sleep over with me before we both flew home to separate countries. Imagine her… visiting Japan, having sex w/ a *much* older white guy. Watching her relax and really enjoy the experience was a proud moment for me as a man, and as a seducer. When I came she asked, “Was it good??!,” with a big, excited smile. Yeah, it was pretty good.

So this year, she’s been here for the last week, definitely in part to see me, but has been a Princess all year as I worked longgame, punishing her several times for being a high-maintenance jerk. I was kind of avoiding her, as I wanted to build some better options. So we’re trying to arrange a meet, and I’m working on “desert at my place,” she gets very close to coming over late night on Tuesday, but won’t. Okay, I go to bed.

Next morning I get up and set a plan to meet her for lunch. I try to get her to come back to my apartment “for a movie,”… she won’t. Doing a good job of derailing the lay. We split up so she can go shopping, and plan to meet for dinner/drinks later.

I was supposed to work… but I went daygaming instead!

And my fucking state was awesome. I was sure I was going to get laid the night before, and was up until 2 trying to get her over. I woke up so horny, thinking I’d get laid that afternoon maybe. No! Okay, fine. I took that energy to the streets… good day out there! Very fun day.

— 11 sets that day
— Notes are below
— Got a number of a girl I’ve already had a day2 with… (I’ll write about that later)
— I have a day3 scheduled w/ that girl for tomorrow

I was a monster that day. Eye-fucking every girl I saw, and I saw a million girls. When I was at Shinjuku waiting for the Korean Princess, I felt like a horny-psychopath… so turned on and alive and loving the women around me, forcing IOIs left and right. Amazing feeling.

So that night, we had a drink at the Tokyo Park Hyatt (where the scene from Lost in Translation was shot), and it was cheesy, but a great experience, and something we both wanted to do. Then a fun dinner/drinks at my favorite chill late night place — her texting her BF back in Korea, off and on the whole night, saying he was mad she was out with me. We debated the “desert” bit again. Didn’t happen. I kissed her mildly, her blushing, as we’d kind of had a tug-of-war when we had to either go to my apartment, or put her on the train. She was still texting me at 2 AM, saying she wanted to come over… and in the morning said she really regretted not doing it. Oh well.

I went to a bar, and it was super on. Set after set, fun girls. Number closed a little Punk Rock Shibuya girl, reopening her in a 4 set w/ 3 guys. The Frenchy was a prick, but I ran great game. Other guys were cool, took her number, tried to msg her to leave with me… wouldn’t do it. We’re texting today about a date for Sunday, my last night. We’ll see.

Went to another bar, did 4 more sets. Fun!

Went to club, and had a fucking great night. 99% all Japanese, shitty music, but nice club. Everyone was so nice to me. Hugs, handshakes. Looks from girls, but not much else. Another 4 sets maybe. Just fun.

Went home with nothing but leads, but what an amazing day for game, loving Tokyo.

Here are the daygame sets:

1. Right by my apartment, working on my front stop… She was a little freaked out, waved me off.

2. In Tokyu dept store, lovely girl, heels and torn jeans. Didn’t speak English, but was very into the pickup, eyes popping… 2 mins later, I met my Korean Princess outside. Felt amazing picking up in the minutes before a girl was coming to meet me.

NOTE: Getting very comfortable with having other folks around, or watching, or listening, while I run game. I don’t care. Paul Janka says something like, “They are there now, but won’t be when you’re having sex,” and I’m feeling that logic now.

4. Simple, big eyes… followed her down escalator, tried to open her twice as we approached the Scramble, lowered her eyes and quickly walked past. Don’t know if she spoke English.

5. In line for a table at Starbucks, super cute one gave me some eyecontact. I came back and opened. “Cute? Beautiful?,” she didn’t speak English but eventually got the point. She was clearly feeling attraction, but we couldn’t communicate, and I had her trapped in line, so I let her go.

5. 1 minute after the set above… tall, curveier, mature. Brief eye contact, chased her down an escalator, did my new “rolling backward approach”… Huge smile, she got it, but bailed. She was hot. It was kind of on. Felt married to me, but i didn’t notice a ring. I could see set #5 above, in the background, as I did this one.

6. Tall, sharp daggers for nails, opened her… Big blushing smile, shook me off saying no English.

7. Little, slow sexy walk… Stopped took the compliment, lit up, waved me off.

8. Tall, maybe brief eye, followed her into a store. As she waited for the escalator, I tried to open, she kind of ignored me. I pressed a bit, trying again, hand out, “Excuse me, do you speak English?” She looked at me, kinda serious, shake of her head for “no.” I said okay, and backed off, and she relaxed… I left.

9. Tall, very interesting face, floppy wrists, no makeup, very attractive. Rolled up, she glanced over, straight face. Blew by me. Felt very public… blowout! I laughed.

10. Good looking girl, nicely dressed, fancy coat w/ fur around the collar, and a bag w/ bright pink stripes. Stopped her, pretty solid front stop. She was 10% alarmed, then a bit confused, then got it. She hooked. Started asking me questions. Was on her way to dance. No LINE. Okay. No Facebook. Dammit. Email? Yes. She took my email, me punching it in w/o a proper keyboard, “1,2,3” hits to each key to get to the proper letter… got it done. She added me. We talked about a date. She emailed me then, her name, with kitten emojis on either side. She was busy “tomorrow” but was available for Saturday. She said lunch. I said drinks. She said dinner. I said, okay. I emailed her since. She replied — she was taking a pole dancing class that day… cool. A couple more emails back/forth since then… she’s into Burlesque. Trying to get her out tomorrow night. We’ll see.

11. Short, long pretty hair, funky leggings. A little eye contact IOI. I stopped her, great English, and… nice teeth. Homerun! She hooked well. I kept spiking her. Calling myself the strong man, her the pretty girl. She loved it. Laughing constantly. Very real, totally connected set. Long talk. Closed her to LINE. Set a dinner for Thu — it happened (more on that later). I like this girl. Have a day3 for Saturday afternoon.