Daygame Isn’t About Daygame || 9 More

First day of the month and I did what a daygamers does, I hit the streets.

It was a long minute before I could get myself to open. I might have weaseled a bit, but there wasn’t a lot that inspired me out there. A slow start used to be a “bad omen” — and I still prefer to tear into the session and open quickly — but I don’t mind slow starts these days.

Over time, daygame will beat the superstition out of you.

I will keep this post a little brief… but I will say this:

I am seeing my daygame skills spilling over into approaches beyond my street game sessions… and I like that very much.

Daygame… isn’t just about daygame.

I picked up Miss Researcher at the airport. I picked up the Filipina at night, out with the guys. First set today was while I was working, just left my computer and ran her down (#1 below). And this Asian Blonde in the notes below (#10) was when I was done for the day, off the clock, but had to pounce anyway as I was inspired.

The daygame drill — hitting the street, approaching, spinning stories, spiking attraction, scoring reference experiences, trying to connect a little to make it all real — is radical training. My two sessions a week have me in pretty good shape. And all the dates (I’ve never dated this much), working out all the scheduling, all the logistics…

Very few men have these skills. I am only getting better. On the street, or wherever my prey may roam.

Here are the sets:


1. First girl of the day was before I had officially started my session. She walked by me as I was sitting at the mall, doing some client work from my computer. Nice IOI, big smile. Thai girl, with huge cartoon eyes. Full time artist. She gave me her card, on the pretext of me being into her art. I corrected her, told her I was interested in her, but took the card anyway.

2. White girl, big butt. Coming back from the dentist. Little chat but she wasn’t into it.

3. Taiwanese girl, funky style. Not that cute up close, but I tried to play through. Nice chat. I tried to #close, she resisted. I tried again, BF. Not sure I believe her.

4. Sophisticated, beautiful Asian woman… had to go. A little older but one of the hottest girls I talked to that day.

5. Lovely, fast walker, late for the train.

6. Asian, great style. Stopped, “but” was hanging in the air… BF. Cool.

7. Asian girl, tall. Stopped nice. Good spark. Late to see a friend… Boosted my state.

8. Chinese girl, lovely, very big boobs on this one. From central China. Oiwing?? Good chat. Beautiful girl. She seemed to suddenly lose interest… I tried to close but she said “next time we meet.” I hear that line all the time. That is a pretty smooth way to let a guy down.

9. My session was over and I had my stuff that I stashed at the gym and I was on my way home for a date with Miss Philippines. This one was a blonde Asian girl, powerful walk. She’s American. Fun stop, but I was a bit over eager and hyper for some reason. Going to art class. I Pancaked-walked her to her class. When I asked if she was an artist she said, “I do many things.” Novelist. Etc. Interesting girl. I bet she’s an only child. #close It felt weak at the time, but as I write this, it feels solid. She was a pretty strong yes to seeing me again. We’re texting at this point.

Viva daygame.