Daygame Stats from Tokyo

I’ve been back home for a little over a week. Ran daygame the last two days here at home. It’s good to be back. Before I get to writing about new local girls, I want to wrap up Japan by going thru my stats.

First, a few general comments about running daygame in Tokyo. Stats are below.

— 80 sets, and not a single girl told me she had a boyfriend or was married. Weird. I wonder if anyone else has noticed that. Back at home, I would have gotten at least 20 “BFs” (I got 4 “BFs” just today, from 11 girls here in my city). Some of the blowouts could have been BFs, but I stopped a lot of girls, and never heard that. I know one of the girls I dated has a BF, but she didn’t tell me until we were mid-dinner and my hands were all over her.

— Language barrier was manageable. The Japanese really don’t speak that much English, but this is doable. And girls that like you will work hard to help you get it done once they hook. Google Translate or similar apps on your phone, worked excellent. And you can be very seductive with a combination of eye contact and a translator. I still lost some girls that were very into me, because we just couldn’t communicate at all… but not speaking Japanese didn’t stop me from having a great time.

— Game is about volume. I love my city, it’s very solid, but Tokyo’s greater numbers and high level of girls I’m super attracted to meant I could open many more girls per day. And since a lot of the sets were quick because of the language problems, you can run a million sets in a proper day. I did a few days of around 15, but 20+ would be easily doable. And if you sprinkle them in, then break for a tea, or a snack, you can keep your energy up and go for long sessions. I did all of this solo… having a fun wing would make this even easier.

— Get your number farming in early in your trip. You’re likely to be tired, and/or nervous if you’re not too experienced, but you have to start early, as it takes time to work thru the leads and escalation. I think 2-3 more girls would have dated me if I had more time. I was here for 5 weeks, but having the girl from home with me and work for the first 2 weeks means I didn’t get into this right away. I also warmed up as the trip went on, and I would have been a monster if I started a week earlier. I wish I was more aggressive about approaching with volume, earlier in the trip… that’s my only regret.

— Eye contact and body language are huge. This is true everywhere, but most definitely in Japan. In part, as you have to compensate for lower verbals, and in part because there is a lot of femininity out there and strong masculine non-verbals get a lot of attention. My night game is just okay, but I was getting massive IOIs in the clubs at night. One more bit here, I did a lot of theatricals, hamming up the points I was trying to communicate and the emotions I was trying express. For instance, I did a lot of clapping — which is a good state boost, and everyone gets that, very effective. Fun, and effective. In fact, I’m sure the time in Japan has made my non-verbals better, and I can use those skills at home.

Here are my stats:

— 10 sets before I started taking notes
— Jan23, first proper day, 9 sets (maybe one more that night, LINE close??)
— Jan26: 7 sets
— Jan27: 15 sets
— Feb02: 13+ sets
— Feb04: 11 sets (dated two girls I met on this day)
— Feb06: 15 sets

80 sets. Yeah. My goal was 40, but I really pushed myself. And there are a million girls in Tokyo that I’m into. And… I was loving it, running so much game I almost couldn’t stop. My last few days (desperately horny), I was on fire.

20% increase in my daygame career total stops in this trip alone… putting me around 500+ now, I think. Tons of new reference points. My game is definitely better now, I felt it on the street today.

CONTACTS: Including night game and coffee shop pickups
— 11 LINE contacts (not counting guys I met, obviously)
— 1 email
— 3 Facebooks
— and I gave my contacts to 4 girls and none of them looked me up

— 1 with a girl I picked up at a club last year (long game)
— 2 dates with the heartbreaker I picked up during daygame
— 1 with the singer from daygame

MAKEOUTS: 4 or 5??, including nightgame and dates, but not my lay.

— 1, not counting her in the “dates”
Picked her up at dinner… not really “street game” so I don’t count her as a daygame lay

— First time daygaming girls in a foreign country
— First stop inside a store (she was so charming)
— First time following a girl into a store (different girl)
— First time I had sex with a married woman
— First time I kissed two girls in one day
— First time I’ve “spun” a girl

Fucking excellent trip. Been trying to keep my momentum up since I’ve been back. I’m doing okay, but not quite the daygame-fool I was in “paradise.” I approached 17+ girls in the last two days on the street. All solo. Tokyo definitely bumped up my skills and my courage.

Viva daygame!