Daygame Will Provide, Said the Disciple. (Frustrated)

Here are some notes from this week… if I sound a little frustrated, it’s because I am.

Did 3 days of work since I last posted. Basically, nothing to show for it. I’m liking it, actually, just getting nowhere… for now.

I’m at about 70+ approaches since my reincarnation… that’s in 1 month exactly.

The set that stands out the most for me (from the notes below), is the one today that hooked, but oh-so-simply denied the idea of hanging out together. It is true, that just because a girl hooks doesn’t mean she “fancies” me (as the Brits would say). And she was a great example of that. It was a good set, not a great one. It was sound, and I got to display a lot of character, told some stories, DHV’d a bit, but there really wasn’t any magic. She was a strong yes for me, but in a shallow way — I liked her, I would have dated her, she was cute and charming, but it wasn’t on, not even for me.

Why was I so rocked/shocked by her saying she didn’t want to see me again when I asked? I shouldn’t be. This is not my first rodeo. I think most girls would have given me a number, and just not replied to my texts. Maybe that’s what I expected. This one, with no malice whatsoever, sweet as pie, just said no. I don’t think I’ve seen one quite like that before. Good for her, but it still knocked the wind out me a little bit. I need a snack and a tea after that one before I got back to work.

Mark Manson talks about “friction” — any element that makes connecting w/ a girl “harder” is friction. If she younger, a different race, a different religion, doesn’t know you, etc., all that will increase friction, makes things harder. I pretty much only hit on girls 10-20 years younger than me, all Asian vs my whiteness. I know this is high-friction approaching… but it was a rough week. Definitely not getting any pennies from heaven. Baby Jesus can be a stingy fuck sometimes. 8.5 ou. stingy fuck baby Jesus. (Ha! That makes me feel a little better.)

I’ve also lately been supplementing approaches by scouting good spots for insta-dates, etc. I’ve never actually done an insta-date before as a daygamer (I’ve done one in my life, when I first got into game, years ago). I’m getting to know the public spots that are hidden on rooftops of office buildings and the like. That should be good for tourist game. I have a new, nice tea place picked out. I have a cool bar, that I want to try.

It’s all investment at this point. Investing in myself. Gaining little bits of reference experience. Definitely feeling very comfortable approaching. Feels pretty natural.

If I think back to Japan, there was a day I did 15 sets and got blown out on every one. That was a rough day. And soon after that, I started getting good results there. I know I’ll get better over time, but sometimes… there’s no pattern to it. Just brick to face. Over and over. On purpose. What an insane way to spend my time. Ha.

I’m also not getting any traction on dates… which is where the real frustration is coming in. Working the leads at this point… and they’re starting to pile up… but not getting a lot of love on the dating front.

So… Still thirsty. That’s where I’m at.

Daygame will provide, said the disciple.


Apr15: I got rejected 4 times, no one stopped. Honestly, didn’t bother me a bit. I still had a nice day out the street, enjoying the street more and more, just for itself. Went out that night, great dance party. Lots of attractions from girls… which I still don’t know how to capitalize on.

Apr18: 1. Asian girl… didn’t really like her hair, but loved her face and her body. She’s 30+? She opened cautiously, but chatted well for a bit… gave me stuff to work with. She was off to a workout class, went for the number, she asked for my card, I rejected that. She offered me her card. I teased her and took it. Stalked her on LinkedIn, she’s a PHD in finance. 2. Curvy Asian girl w/ great lips. Stopped, took out her headphones, heard the line, and laughed and walked off. 3. Chinese art student. Asked me if we were being video taped (and we were not). Decent chat. Put my number in her phone, and she even double checked the name for the contact, but I don’t think I got her to call me… so I lost that lead. 4. Short, smiley, curvy, great energy… wouldn’t stop. 5. G, Asian girl, stopped well, decent chat, had to run off for drinks… it wasn’t on, I let her go. 6. Girl in Orange, sort of responded to my comment but wouldn’t stop, was so beautiful. 7. ???… I know she stopped, but it wasn’t magical, I assume, as I can’t remember this set. 8. Well dressed Asian girl, wouldn’t stop. Might have been a 9th… can’t remember.

Apr19. 1. First girl was an interesting white girl. Not my usual type, but sexy. She walked passed me, not interested, said she had to go to work. 2. Little Korean on vacation. Attractive by my standards, but not a “fine beauty.” Tiny. We chatted, but her English was really not good at all… couldn’t really communicate. 3. ???, I know she stopped. 4. Very cute Taiwanese girl. Good chat, lots of rapport. I said I wanted to see her again and she very simply, very femininely, with no baggage at all, said “no,” with a smile. Okay, I said, and left. That one stung a little bit. 5. Post snack, girl w/ a cool outfit and a bag from the fabric store… I guessed she was a fashion student, and yes, she was. Okay conversation. Took her number. 6. Strong attraction to a J-girl (I think). Followed her. Gave her an unusually sincere “I’m very attracted to you,” and she said she was on the phone w/ her boyfriend. I said, Well, I should probably leave you two alone then, and laughed. She thanked me.